1. Alexandra K. Author

    Two of my favorite actresses. I met Jessica Chastain a few years ago and she talked with me for a good half hour about acting and asking where and what I was studying. Before she left, she said hope to work with you one day. Class act. Love these ladies! <3

  2. Baby Love Author

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  3. Marcos Moreira Author

    A director on director would be incredible… Imagine the potential. And would be great for me because I'm studying cinema, so a director's perspective it's all I'm looking for 🙂

  4. Floppy Bird Author

    its funny to compare this video to the old one with Jessica and Mark Ruffalo. Jessica changed a lot… not in a good way. From an innocent angel to a dark politician spreading her "wisdom". Sad.

  5. David Adams Author

    Holly Hunter has a deep understanding of character and possesses a marked intelligence. I love listening to her analyze Jessica's character, to such a depth that surpasses Jessica's own knowledge of her character.

  6. Olga Zoe Mendrinos Author

    I would love to see an Actors on Designers, I think the process of "making" and understand the script is different, would be cool to hear their different approaches etc!

  7. blakrumba Author

    This is such a great interview/ad for the film, because now I absolutely need to see it! Thank you for the recommendation Holly and Jessica 🙂 wink

  8. Jeff S. Author

    Women are more powerful than ever. Feminism changes policy now. Everyone bends to feminine needs now. I don't understand this patriarchy viewpoint in 2017. But i will say Jessica Chastain is a good actress. I started liking her when i saw The Help.

  9. Mitchell Murray Author

    Hunter would of course know what its like to play an inspired business woman.. just look at her terrific performance in Broadcast News

  10. soupistasty5 Author

    I would comment on both of these incredible women, but much of what I would say has been said already, below. What I do want to highlight, is the contrast between Aaron Sorkin & men like Harvey Weinstein, that we see so clearly thru the words and experiences of these strong, intelligent women who testify to this contrast. We need more relationships, between men & women, in all industries.

  11. Accidental Anarchist Author

    Both beautiful, intelligent and great actresses, but Holly Hunter is, and has always been a favorite of mine. Piano has a special place in my heart, and most certainly deserved the praise it got, not least because Hunter played the piano scenes herself..

  12. mitch3996 II Author

    Whats strange is even though i grew up with The Incredibles and love it, when i hear Hunter i either think of Broadcast News or O Brother Where Art Thou

  13. MonarchsFactory Author

    The way Holly Hunter keeps pointing the conversation back to Jessica with what is clearly genuine interest makes me like her even more. And the way she doesn't worry about pausing and finding the right words? What a cool woman. Both of them generous and intelligent and awesome.

  14. Johanna Stromberg Author

    I never knew holly hunter was the voice for the mom on the Incredibles until she opened her mouth, and started talking! lol!

  15. Comedybuff4000 2 Author

    This is such a great series, I love seeing actors you'd not normally see paired up together just having a chat. Julie Delpy needs to be in one, as does Woody Harrelson. If they could get Judi Dench or Maggie Smith that would be incredible to see!

  16. Henry Thoreau Author

    Chastain and Sorkin are idiots in a bubble. Not very interesting people. I can see them howling at the moon at every AntiFa "protest"/attack. Hunter is the real deal though. She's an actor, not an activist. There are enough John Wilkes Booth's in Hollywood. They need more Holly Hunters.

  17. Antonio Torres Author

    I have such admiration and respect for Jessica Chastain mainly because everything she has done for her fellow actresses, for herself and for society all over the world. I hope one day I can tell her that and I know that she is a person that would sit with me for a minute or two just to listen to what I have to say to her. Of course I would take the chance to also tell her how gorgeous and amazing she is 😍

  18. alex noel Author

    This whole interview, this whole entire interview is so beautiful and amazing and ugh yes. Thank you for getting these two beautiful women together. (also I'm glad I'm not the only one who sits on couches like Jessica Chastain, regardless of the setting.)

  19. Cervantes Alighieri Author

    Yes a lot of my mentality is female
    Because I listened.
    I learnt a lot from you.
    It would seem you didn't value the usefulness of your though process.
    If you're good at something "Never do it for free"

  20. Cervantes Alighieri Author

    p.s The Japanese learnt a lot from you.
    The was a naval British captain who wrote a book about naval tactics.
    It was in the library of every Japanese naval captain in wwii

  21. Yashin Kara Author

    Women repeatedly saying how it is to be a woman (again) is like fucking Peter Dinklage and Warwick Davis talking about being midgets…For 100 years.

  22. Glenn Gulia Author

    Actors love when films are politically preachy. Most fans hate it. But there are some tricks to learn. For instance, Matt Damon and George Clooney clearly make a movie to fill the coffers, then make a movie to tell half the country how much they despise them, then another film to put some more money in the bank, then another one to tell you how stupid you are if you believe there are only 2 genders. They alternate between getting paid (Capitalism) and ramming the leftist agenda down your throat (Socialism). it's both genius and disingenuous.

  23. Matt Hardy Author

    I find it amusing that women act so shocked that they HAD to use their femininity and sexuality over men to gain power, money, and success over men. They’ve been doing it since the beginning of mankind! 😂

  24. MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr Author

    America would be wise to treat me better I don't know why they keep getting everything so fucking backwards they just seem so stupid I've been so much for them and you're done so little for me and that's not the way it works

  25. tiffsaver Author

    Of all Holly Hunter's superb roles, my favorite is still, "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom." Her acting was so bold, over the top, wild, and amazing that I've never quite gotten over it. She was scary good. Watch it!!!


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