1. Matt Anderson Author

    Not sure if anyone knows, but both of them were in "The Way, Way Back"; pretty decent movie, especially Rockwell. (Haven't finished this video yet, as I made this comment).

  2. roxxylala26 Author

    Really Sam?? @ 22:39 It's strange that racism & misogyny still resonates in today's society??(timely) Everything was brilliant till he said that. lol .Still a great actor.

  3. Julie Anderson Author

    The really cool thing is that no matter what happens, Sam will go on looking for great characters and directors and he won't leave the unknowns out to dry. He will actively look for the stories and characters that are interesting and challenging – maybe even overlooked

  4. Ali Riley Author

    I just love them both, and I never knew their names until recently….I guess that s a character actor thing….I so love anything these folks are in.

  5. Johny40Se7en Author

    I've always thought that Sam Rockwell's so under rated, he gets so many supporting roles when he should be the lead, bloody wicked. Nice interview.

  6. Natalie Zayas-Bazan Author

    I saw ‘three billboards’ and I didn’t see the abhorrent behavior everyone was talking about in Rockwell’s character. Yeah he was racist but not ‘a time to kill’ racist. Everyone calm down.

  7. Lee4Eva Author

    Sam Rockwell is probably the equivalent of the british actor Tom Hardy I see similarities in both – quite 'un-Hollywood' but mesmerising !! Alison Janney is like an 'hard edged' Meryl Streep. Great actors both 👏

  8. blair knight Author

    love these two! no matter what movie they are in you are drawn to them… i recently saw the duff on tv and allison was great as mae whitman;s mom… hilarious as can be and well sam i have loved him ever since the green mile… he was nasty and outrageous and you believed it! like you needed to take a shower after watching him. haha

  9. Ricky Spanish Author

    I just love the way she says his first name. 17:54 And that pause… I feel like she's just about to hand in the keys of the house to her butler, grab her bags with both of her lean but capable arms and leave for a Titanic-sized cruise with the New World as its destination, on a journey full of adventure. She’s such a character. No wonder people call her “character actor”. She just brings so much to any role, intrinsically, a certain witty spirit, a mass of unrestrained quirks. A well-deserved reputation that haunts her to this day.

  10. siddharth nagar Author

    It's hard to believe that Allison and Sam were never nominated for the Oscar before especially Sam coz Allison never got (suprsingly) substantial roles in films, she became a great through television and theatre and ofcourse stealing scenes in movies but Sam gave so many great Performances in films especially moon and conviction

  11. hollywoodshopaholic Author

    I've always been SO attracted to Sam Rockwell, I've always felt like he had the entertaining pizazz of Robert Downey Jr. without as much of the confidence

  12. Phillip Lawrence Author

    Allison Janney will always be CJ for me – probably the rock of the whole West Wing
    Sam Rockwell. WE NEED MORE SAM FILMS. A Dangerous Mind is STILL his stand-out performance for me – funny, sincere, confused, louche

    More, please…….

  13. Antony Irvine Author

    Gene Hackman, one of the great character actors, widely underpraised. To my mind, character actors are often better than the so-called Stars.

  14. Johnny G Author

    Oh dear she really is CJ. I had no idea how much of herself was in that role, Allison is such a nice person. Sam is a nice guy but I cannot handle his screen presence in any of his roles something about him turns me off and makes me feel very uneasy.


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