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Actors Reveal Who They Liked Kissing Most On-Screen

For Hollywood actors, kissing other movie
stars is just another part of the job, not that you can’t have some fun with it. The following celebs were more than happy
to kiss and tell, with some actors even revealing which makeout partners were better than others. Here are some Hollywood hotshots who revealed
their best-ever on-screen smoochers. Kate Hudson: Heath Ledger rocked Hollywood suffered a major loss when Heath
Ledger died at the age of 28 in 2008, shortly after completing his Oscar-winning work as
the Joker in The Dark Knight. He’s remembered primarily as a dramatic actor,
so it’s easy to forget his excellent work in other film genres. One of Ledger’s first major roles was portraying
a handsome British officer in the 2002 period war drama The Four Feathers. His love interest was played by Kate Hudson,
and it sounds like she remembers that performance very well. In fact, she says her kisses with Ledger were
the very best of her career. “Are they really going to send you?” In July 2014, she told Andy Cohen: “My favorite one was Heath.” “Aww.” “Ya.” “But that was, I would say that he was, that
was, that was pretty excellent.” Bryce Dallas Howard’s Pratt attack While promoting her 2016 movie Gold, Bryce
Dallas Howard told PEOPLE Now host Jeremy Parsons that there was one specific taste
she got when kissing her hunky co-star, Matthew McConaughey. And what taste is that? Tea: “So it was… it was pretty good.” Actually, she’s discussing the flavor of the
tea-like beverage McConaughey drank throughout the film, because it looked like booze on
screen. “Ya, some sort of, like, good, healthy substitute,
um, aesthetic substitute for alcohol.” And how did McConaughey react to these reports
of tea breath? “Well, I sure as hell … if I, I wasn’t gonna…
it wasn’t real Seagrams I was drinking.” “You wouldn’t have made it out?” “I wouldn’t have made it past lunch.” Alas, McConaughey doesn’t quite take first
place in the Bryce Dallas Howard Kissing Competition. That honor goes to her Jurassic World co-star,
Chris Pratt. “Chris’s breath is like Starbursts.” “Oh it’s amazing.” “He’s perfect.” “Like fresh Starbursts, not, like, an hour
ago.” “Haha nononooo…” So if you ever wanted to know what it’s like
to kiss Chris Pratt, you know what to do. Ethan Hawke: Team Angelina “I have this… this planet of regret… sitting
on my shoulders.” What’s the name of that actor? He’s got rugged good looks and that unshaven
thing going on? Stephen Dorff? No … Ethan Hawke! We forgot his name for a second… which is
exactly what happened to Hawke after he kissed Angelina Jolie in the 2004 film Taking Lives. During a subsequent appearance on Watch What
Happens Live, Hawke let his feelings about Jolie be known: “Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men…
to make them weak.” That’s a lot to take in, right? Well, he’s not quite done. “When she kisses you, you don’t know your
name, all right? And so is that all right?” “Yes. That’s great.” Ryan Reynolds kisses and tells “What the hell is with that mask?” “Came with the outfit. Cool, huh?” Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds met future wife
Blake Lively on the set of another, far less popular superhero film: the 2010 action flick
Green Lantern. The couple wound up getting married in real
life and became one of the most adorable Hollywood couples. So in March 2015, when a Twitter fan asked
Reynolds to recollect a memorable screen kiss, the conversation immediately turned to Lively,
right? Wrong. The fan asked: “What is it like kissing the amazing Anna
Kendrick??” As you may recall, Reynolds and Kendrick locked
lips in the bizarre 2014 horror-comedy The Voices. “Oh thanks Jerry. Jerry was just uh…” Reynolds’ reply was kind, to say the least. He tweeted that their on-screen kiss was… “Like taking your face to Awesometown.” Kendrick acknowledged the praise with some
of her patented self-deprecating humor, writing: “That IS the Kendrick-train guarantee. With local stops in Awkwardville and Tolerableshire.” Penn Badgley’s best and worst We were just talking about Blake Lively, weren’t
we? Well, her former Gossip Girl co-star Penn
Badgley also revealed his best and worst-ever on-screen kiss… and they both happened to
be her. When asked on Watch What Happens Live to describe
his most memorable workplace smooch, Badgley didn’t have to think too long before answering. “Onscreen kisses are not really that real. I’ll say best… I’ll say it was Blake because we actually
had a relationship at the time.” “Right.” “Everything’s going to be fine.” It’s not, though… because here’s who Badgley
thinks was his worst on-screen kissing partner: “Maybe Blake after we broke up.” “I would think that would be really hard–” “Yeah, yeah” “If you break up with someone and you’re still
playing love interests.” Now let’s compare and contrast. They shared this kiss in Season 1, while they
were still dating. And here’s a kiss they shared in Season Six,
after they were no longer an item. It’s called acting, people. Look it up. Keira Knightley digs James McAvoy Gripping cinema, isn’t it? Well, at least there’s one bright spot in
the relentlessly bleak 2007 drama Atonement. The movie required star Keira Knightley to
smash lips with fellow attractive British actor James McAvoy … and she found it to
be a simply sublime experience. Giggling profusely, she told People magazine: “James [McAvoy] is the best kisser ever!” It’s worth noting that Keira Knightley sounds
really into her movie makeout sessions in general. She certainly enjoyed kissing Johnny Depp
in the creaky 2006 adventure Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. In fact, Knightley told TMZ: “I couldn’t ask for a better kissing scene
with Johnny Depp actually, I think my 14-year-old self was yelping with pleasure.” Zac Efron praises Zendaya He’s been a hunky romantic lead so many times,
Zac Efron is basically a professional kisser who does a little acting on the side. He romanced Vanessa Hudgens in three different
installments of High School Musical. And he totally taught Taylor Schilling how
to love again in The Lucky One. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s been so long…” With so many partners to choose from, it’s
quite the compliment that Efron told People kissing Zendaya in The Greatest Showman was
something of a career highlight. “This might be my favorite kiss, I think ever.” But when Gay Times asked Zendaya about the
kiss, she said it was strictly professional: “Listen, that’s part of the job” “Yes” “Ya know, um, it wasn’t a tough job but…
it’s part of the job nonetheless.” Sorry Zac. But there’s always other fish in the sea. Oprah’s unforgettable smooch Myth: Standing within a five-foot radius of
Oprah will cause any mere mortal to instantly turn to ash. Humans are actually quite capable of withstanding
Oprah’s force field, provided they’re a charming, Oscar-winning actor who really knows how to
kiss. In the 2013 film The Butler, Winfrey plays
the wife of the White House’s butler, who’s portrayed by Forest Whitaker. During a 2012 interview on CBS This Morning,
the media titan and actress discussed her work on the film. And when the subject of Whitaker’s kissing
skills came up, Oprah bestowed kindness and mercy across the land. “Did you feel all tingly?” “Uh, I felt pretty good about it, let me just
say. Forest is a good kisser… how about that?”


  1. Michelle Bottone Author

    Call me either someone with a penchant for older men, or just a woman with good taste, but Forrest Whitaker does it for me. I imagine that man making my toes curl.

  2. oOoOosparkles Author

    I don't exactly know who Zendaya is, but I have heard the name {most notably when Melissa Rivers said that her hair smelled like "weed and patchouli," and so many snowflakes got offended} … I thought it was pronounced Zen-die-uh though.

  3. Vincent Leone Author

    Biggest reason I wish I were an actor. Lol Anyone wanna reply under here, who are your top two celebrities you would love to kiss in an acting role?

    Mine are:

    1. Karen Gillan
    2. Emma Stone

  4. thelonious monk Author

    i knew it was my reaction to keiras comments because i mean ofcourse its written all over him in the way he acts. So wish keira could have had a thing with mcavoy before she was married and after he wasnt but alas. mcavoy has been longtime crush but ive wanted to kiss ethan since foreverrrrr his kisses have so much going on like its the first time and your the only person in the world he would ever want to kiss.

  5. Impulse Author

    do people actually give a shit, wow, actors are just other people you know, just because they are seen by a lot of other people doesnt mean shit….

  6. Reapersmovies Author

    IF "it's all Just part of the job", then why is this question even asked, much less how Often it's asked? Not to mention why do so Many "actors/actresses" who are "Acting" end up cheating on their spouses, or leave their spouses for costars(coughRyanReynoldsKatharineMcpheeBradPittcough)??
    That job is(well SHOULD BE) just like any other job/situation! IF you're Not single, then your dumbass shouldn't be doing kissing/sex scenes with ANYONE!!! Acting or not, a Kiss is Still a Kiss, when you Act like a serial killer in a movie you don't go out and Actually kill a bunch of people do you?? It's pretty pathetic how kissing and having sex scenes with someone who's not your spouse are "acceptable acts(all just because those sexual situations gets ALL our fires lit)"…smfh!! Sheep just don't have any respect for morals and/or values today! Especially when money gets involved!…Job title: Actor/Actress or Showgirl/Prostitute?? Hmm…

    Yes, if you have 2 single consenting adults who want to pretend/act like lovers that's fine, not because then it could acceptably lead to something in real life, but because it wouldn't be harming something in real life!!! If you can't tell the drastic difference, and importance, in those two meanings, then Guess what category you fall in…#Baa #Baa #Baa!

  7. Lynn Middleton Author

    Who can 4get howTony Goldwyn almost swallowed Kerry Washington n their smooches on Scandal. They were magic on screen. They showcased their acting skills/talent & have been unmatched n my view..
    They r masters of the A listers & no 1 yet has surpassed them IMO; but I'm still waiting & watching.
    The reason u don't hear their names under this category is because its entangled w/Racism instead of skill level 4 their performance n the profession. They should never experience unemployment.

  8. cOmInO Author

    Pffft of course angelina jolie seems like she kisses like a lord born to kiss and those lips 😍 and my God that kiss of Keira Knightley with Johnny Depp back then was the bomb i mean everybody wanted her to end up with Jack Sparrow and not Orlando bloom her and Jack had a great connection on and off set.

  9. paper doll Author

    Heath awwwe 🖤….He looks like an incredibly passionate kisser……I wanted 2 kiss Angelina Jolie since I seen her in Fire Fox 5 Ethan knows what he is talking about she would make forget my address….my panties

  10. Gyubler Author

    And James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie kissed in Wanted. I always thought that that one of the best kiss scene I've ever seen on movies.

  11. Tahir Ahmed Author

    Kisses are blisses….its not easy to give a warmy wetty and delicious kiss to partner who remembers for decades yes that was a great kiss…Great actors great kisses and smooches which makes us so romantic and even know and learn how to have good kisss…But amongst all these great actors and actress kisses on one side and Angellina Jolie lips just made for a kiss as said said by Ethan Hawke she is a born kisser and you forget your name…sweet and delicious lips she has and naturally as she has big lips her kisses are long-lasting and very, very sweet, sour, rough, smooth lucky Hawke is who enjoyed them a lot…..Great actors all are whose love in movies make us their great fans and their wonderful love roles we enjoy a lot…..

  12. P.F. Cooper Author

    Just a heads up……James McAvoy is a SCOTTISH actor who lives in England. It’s considered an insult for a Scot to be called English.

  13. Ms.Scorpio Erica Author

    I'm so surprised they didn't mention Angela Bassett's account on Kissing Ralph Fiennes in Strange Days she said he made her weak in the knees! Lol I believe her😂😂😂

  14. Juditha Echivarre Author

    For Jolie is used to be a flirt n lured men who were her co- stars . What Jolie wants Jolie gets but no guy will be perfect her much due to her being so wild n weird .


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