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Actors Who Flat Out Refused To Film A Scene

Just because an actor is contracted to film
a movie, that doesn’t mean they’re forced to do every scene in the original script. From nudes to feuds, here’s a look at movie
scenes that actors refused to film. As super-spy Eggsy in the Kingsman series,
Taron Egerton has skyrocketed from a relative unknown to an in-demand leading man. Despite his worldwide success, a steamy scene
with Poppy Delevingne in the second installment of the spy franchise, Kingsman: The Golden
Circle, was a little too hot for him to handle. In the scene, Egerton’s Eggsy is under pressure
to place a tracking device, uh, inside Delevingne’s Clara during an intimate moment. However, Egerton was incredibly uncomfortable
with the planned scene. “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m in a relationship.” “That’s adorable.” Instead, Delevingne’s real-life husband played
Eggsy’s hand in the shot. Egerton himself seemed relieved, later saying,
“He saved the world.” Back in 2008, Four Christmases sounded like
the best idea since Christmas tree cakes and rum-spiked eggnog. Put America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon
and funnyman Vince Vaughn together as a couple that’s forced to spend Christmas with their
disapproving, divorced relatives and holiday chaos ensues. However, the reviews were abysmal, with many
critics panning the lack of chemistry between the leads. As it turns out, it was a Christmas miracle
the film got finished at all, since Witherspoon and Vaughn couldn’t stand each other. The two were complete opposites from the beginning:
She arrived bright and early to the set; he would wander in looking like he partied the
night before. She wanted to rehearse and block scenes; he
wanted to ad-lib. Their relationship grew so cold that Reese
is reported to have refused a bedroom scene with Vaughn which was ultimately scrapped
from the finished film. It sounds like there could’ve been a better
way for the two co-stars to get along. “Even Santa Claus don’t love me!” “Hey, that’s not gonna bring back Santa, that’s
not gonna bring-” “When he gets to hurting inside and can’t
use his emotion words, he takes to streaking.” If you’ve ever seen Borat, Bruno, or basically
any of Sacha Baron Cohen’s work, you know the dude has zero issues with filming in his
birthday suit. So it’s no surprise that he expects the same
nonchalance about nudity from his co-stars. However, one of his famous female scene partners
flat-out refused to go nude, despite Cohen’s badgering. Rebel Wilson is known for her bawdy, anything-goes
brand of humor. However, she refuses to go nude and it is
written into her contract that her clothes stay on. In 2016’s The Brothers Grimsby, Wilson played
the girlfriend of Cohen’s screw-up turned spy character, and one scene called for full-frontal
nudity, against her wishes. Wilson won the battle, not that many people
would know. The Brothers Grimsby earned an atrocious $25
million total at the worldwide box office, or less than what Borat made in one weekend. Amber Heard has gone nude on film before,
but when it came time to go topless for 2018’s London Fields, she flat-out refused, and consequently
was sued by producers for $10 million. Based on the novel of the same name, the film
stars Heard as Nicola Six, a clairvoyant femme fatale who predicts she’ll be murdered by
one of her three lovers. Given both the script and the novel it was
based on contained nude scenes, producers argued that Heard was well aware she’d be
asked to go nude. Producers argued that her unwillingness to
strip for the film severely disrupted the production and that she tried to pull the
film from the Toronto International Film Festival lineup in 2015. The production company, Nicola Six Limited,
sued Heard for $10 million, or about 40 times what London Fields eventually made at the
domestic box office when it was finally released in 2018. Its $250,000 take makes it one of the biggest
bombs in history. The 1994 romantic comedy I Love Trouble is
most remembered these days for inspiring one of the most notorious co-star feuds ever. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte star as dueling
Chicago reporters chasing the same scoop. Murder, mayhem and romance ensue, and while
the filmmakers were hoping for a Tracy-Hepburn spark, what they got was a Nolte-Roberts dumpster
fire. “Peterson!” “Self-defense classes. A must for a woman in the 90s.” Supposedly, Roberts disliked Nolte’s loutish
machismo so much that she would insult him on set. Nolte grew so tired of this that he’d act
up just to spite her. It got so bad the two refused to film their
scenes together and acted with stand-ins instead. Roberts and Nolte played nice during promotion,
but proving that time does not heal all wounds, they continued to hold a grudge years later. In 2003, Roberts called Nolte a “disgusting”
human being. Nolte responded: “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting.’ But she’s not a nice person. Everyone knows that.” Nick Nolte has been nominated for an Academy
Award three times, while Julia Roberts won one for 2000’s Erin Brockovich. Sounds like both of them deserved an Oscar
for even briefly pretending to like each other. Jim Caviezel became a household name, if not
a Hollywood A-lister, for his role as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s 2003 passion project
The Passion of the Christ. Before going Biblical, Caviezel was well on
his way to being the next big blockbuster heartthrob with parts in Frequency, The Count
of Monte Cristo, and Angel Eyes. It was in the latter two that the devout Catholic
earned himself a reputation for refusing explicit sex scenes. Tinseltown is a tough place for chastity,
and Caviezel raised eyebrows when he would only do a love scene with Jennifer Lopez in
Angel Eyes if she kept her clothes on. He likewise refused to film a scene with his
Monte Cristo co-star Dagmara Domińczyk unless she put something between them. Caviezel has argued that his commitment to
staying clothed is out of respect for his wife and his Catholic faith: “If it is embarrassing for people on set,
if they think you’re a wimp, that you’re an embarrassment, talking this way, well, I’d
rather be embarrassed before the whole country than before God.” Will Smith was riding high in the early 1990s
with a successful hip-hop career and an even more successful TV show, The Fresh Prince
of Bel Air. Before discovering his penchant for making
broadly appealing blockbuster movies, Smith sought to establish himself as serious actor
right out of the gate with 1993’s Six Degrees of Separation. Based on the play of the same name, the movie
has a dense, character-driven plot and complicated themes, and while Smith was willing to take
a risk, the script called for something he refused to do. In the film, Smith’s gay character is required
to share a passionate kiss with his male co-star, Anthony Michael Hall. Smith was uncomfortable with this and sought
advice from Denzel Washington, who supposedly told him not to kiss a man on camera. So that’s precisely what Smith didn’t do:
The shot was filmed from behind, allowing Smith to fake it. In the horror spoof sequel Scary Movie 5,
Lindsay Lohan was supposed to kiss Charlie Sheen three times in their bedroom scene. However, Lohan refused to lock lips with Sheen
out of fear of germs, or worse, from his hard-partying past. Both stars had already signed releases saying
that they didn’t have cold sores, but even with contractual assurances, Lohan still refused
to smooch. While filmmakers tried to use a body double,
they ultimately just dropped most of the kissing from the scene entirely. “Ow!” “Sorry, it’s my sobriety monitor. Charlie, I’m scared.” “Lindsay, sweetie, there’s nothing to be afraid
of.” Although the pair would eventually lock lips
years later on an episode of Sheen’s Anger Management TV show. If you think of Wayne’s World, you probably
think of Wayne, Garth and the gang head-banging and lip-synching to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,”
right? According to Myers, it almost wasn’t Queen’s
masterpiece they sang to, but a Guns N’ Roses tune, courtesy of director Penelope Spheeris. She believed that a modern-day rock hit would
fit the bill better than Queen, and Myers was like “NOT!” Fortunately, he stuck to his guns and refused
to film the scene unless it was “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Despite being his first movie, Myers got his
way, saving the now iconic scene and propelling Bohemian Rhapsody back up to the Top 40 list
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  1. widepeepoHappy Author

    Nude scenes in movies always make me feel awkward and uncomftorable, if i wanted to see boobies and panties i'd go to Pornhub, i alreaddy have my favourite playlist there.

  2. MLASELU Author

    Rebel Wilson refused to appear naked? I imagine once that information was released to the public, we all shared a collective sigh of relief.

  3. razberryclownsac Author

    I believe I heard somewhere that Will Smith regretted not kissing in that scene. Something about it would have made him a better actor or person or something. Can’t remember it now, but remember hearing about it.

  4. BigDaddyJinx Author

    I don't get it – don't they actually read the scripts they're sent? Didn't they see these scenes were included? And yet they agreed? If I were a producer I'd remind them that they signed up for that role as written and refusing is a breach of contract.

    If you wanna play morals, don't sign up for the role. Pretty simple.

  5. B Brunson Author

    If an employer makes an employee take off their clothes then it’s abuse. However, if a movie director does the same thing, then … it’s art.

  6. Bri Burke Author

    I completely understand why Rebel doesn't want to do nude. The filmmakers wanted to use her body for shock value. She's too classy and beautiful to get used like that.

  7. NotoriousNoe Author

    The Hollywood industry is just incapable of wrapping their heads around the idea the someone might not actually want to be nude in a movie. By Hollywood moral standards anything goes and there is no such thing as modesty. They just don't get it and they'll even sue you for it

  8. Crashburn 32 Author

    Maybe Vince Vaughn and Amber Heard should work together. She can tell jokes for two hours while she stands there lookin beautiful, refusing the take her top off, after not realizing it was in the script from day 1.

  9. Chris Cameron Author

    its funny that someone got sued for not getting naked on camera… i know she was under contract and blah blah blah but still, funny shit

  10. Mike Adams Author

    I applaud these performers for their stance. But they did have the obligation to make their stance known before the contract for the film was signed. Seeing the subject of this video apparently this obligation has been overlooked. Or am I wrong?

  11. S S Author

    Contracts are signed and agreements are made. It's the actor's responsibility to read the scripts, know what is expected of them, and know who is in the movie with them. These actors have agents as well to get involved. So why is any of this even an issue?

  12. Insidious*fastidious Author

    Omg… imagine if Wayne’s world hadn’t used bohemian rhapsody?????? That scene wouldn’t even be a scen to remember

  13. Steve Solo Author

    Wow, Lindsy Lohan was a responsible woman, held her ground and did not have to lock lips with Charly Sheen. Sheen, who we learned later in the year, was swimming with HIV. Having AIDS isn't like getting Kooties from someone in the playground. It's refreshing to hear all those stints in and out of mental health facilities has done something positive for her!

  14. Charles Behlen Author

    Thought the Wayne's World director said Myers didn't want to do the head-banging Bohemian scene because he thought it wouldn't work.

  15. Donny Biggerstaff Author

    If these Whoreywood divas can't or won't film a scene, I don't see why they aren't kicked to the curb.
    It isn't like they are doing a real job, just replace them with the next pretty face.

  16. Joshua Villa Author

    Actually it was the director that wanted to do the Bohemian Rasphody scene in Waynes World not Mike Myers. In fact he said repeatedly the scene wouldn't work .

    Actual footage of him saying this in behind the scenes of Wayne's World.

  17. Dbusdriver71 Author

    Reese Witherspoon seems to have a lot of trouble with men lately or so I read. It makes me wonder how truthfull and accurate these clips are.

  18. Dbusdriver71 Author

    I wouldn't shake lindsay lohan's hand much less kiss her. Charlie Sheen is no one to talk but I wouldn't blame him here.

  19. Isabella Hurley Author

    Serious respect for Taron Egerton now and it’s a very nice touch that they had poppy’s husband do that very intimate piece of the scene

  20. T.M. Will Author

    I don't blame Will Smith, it doesn't make you a bad guy to be uncomfortable with gay stuff if you're straight. People can call it acting all they want, but it's YOU being intimate with another person.

  21. Scorched Earth Author

    I'm an atheist, so I haven't got a dog in the "won't kiss because…..Jesus" fight, but I have to hand it to those of the faithful who are actually well, faithful? Too often I see the self described religious doing things that Jesus wouldn't like, their faith seems …. flexible. Not so with Jim Caviezel, no, he's a guy who truly believes and good for him. His wife is a lucky woman.

  22. Sarah-Anne Carney Author

    Amber heard is so boring. She has NOTHING special no talent or even looks. I understand if theres one or the other…but theres nothing…just an empty face….its sad she was cast for anything if Im honest but hey only one non famous persons opinion haha.

  23. Kathryn Newton Author

    I'm truly all for respect to women, but nude scenes can actually be good if it serves an integral characterization or plot point. That one example is Scarlett Johannson in Under the Skin.

  24. Una Salus Victis Author

    lowhan worried charly was gonna give her something…. most guys would be worried he would give them something with all the partying shes done…. pot meet kettle.

  25. Soupy Anderson Author

    I can't imagine if you had Bette Davis and Hepburn working today, there would be no nudity from them. Streep's career is long with no explicit nudity from her.

  26. Steve L. Author

    About nudity: Some actresses like Halle Berry and Blanchard Ryan have done nudity, but admit it's never necessary. I think in order to do nudity, you can't have any moral or body hang ups – and you also probably have to be a bit of a exhibitionist.

  27. Far Que Author

    Cohen sucks and is obviously, like most in whorrywood, a skankhomaster. His movies suck. What does it tell you about whoprrywood these days where they MUST have nudity in order to sell tickets. Kinda funny how how all that garbage started after the 1960's when women found out being total sluts on film got them acting gigs. Fast forward to today; they do this whoe "Metoo" laughable joke while taking it all off on film. Sorry, you act like a slut, you must be a slut.

  28. Rebel Without a Clue Author

    I’m sorry I still have a problem with someone making millions just to play pretend on film, when soldiers are barely paid at all and get crap care when they get home, elaborate please…

  29. Vee Solo Author

    Why does Hollywood think an actors moral must be tossed? Are they pushing the issues because they (so e writers, producers, directors etc want company in dirty scene watching???

  30. Groeup Lay Author

    I don't think anyone wants to work with Vince Vaughn. He's not funny! He talks way to much. Can't stand a man who talks more than sny woman! Just my opinion

  31. Carla Burkhart Author

    Respect to all of them, but I do find it odd to be cast as a "homosexual man" if you have an issue acting out such scenes…
    I know he said he regretted it, so mad props to him for that.


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