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Actors Who Refused To Kiss Other Actors On Screen

While many of us would love the opportunity
to make out with the most popular Hollywood actors, not all stars share our celebrity-crush
dreams. Whether it’s bad breath, fear of catching
something incurable, steadfast dedication to their religion, or anything else in between,
many actors have straight-up refused to lock lips with their co-stars — even if it meant
that their jobs were on the line, as was probably the case for many. So which actors refused to make out with their
co-stars? Here they are, but we’re warning you: Some
just might even be your faves. Neal McDonough Irish-American actor Neal McDonough isn’t
down with smooching anyone other than his wife, which has often caused tension in his
career. He reportedly isn’t “okay” with blurring the
lines between reality and fiction, according to the Christian Examiner, and, therefore,
he tries to separate the two as much as possible. McDonough told to the publication: “Life is about honoring God and being the
best human being you can be and giving praise to God in everything you do. Killing people on screen — that’s fake. That’s not real. When you’re in bed with another woman on screen
— guess what? That’s real.” Though McDonough has every right to stick
to his beliefs, that doesn’t mean they don’t come at a cost. According to the Daily Mail, the actor was
fired for refusing to film love scenes in the show Scoundrels and was later replaced
by David James Elliott — who had no problem being affectionate on camera. Denzel Washington There are probably tons of people out there
who would have jumped at the opportunity to lock lips with Julia Roberts for her 1993
film The Pelican Brief. After all, the timeless beauty hasn’t been
named the world’s most beautiful woman five times for no reason. However, Denzel Washington apparently had
no interest in smooching Roberts, so he opted out of a kissing scene. The actor reportedly decided not to film the
scene with Roberts because he did not want to play into Hollywood’s biased beauty ideals
and alienate fans. Allison Samuels, a writer for Newsweek and
the Daily Beast, talked about Washington’s decision in her 2007 book, Off the Record:
A Reporter Unveils the Celebrity Worlds of Hollywood, Hip-hop, and Sports. According to Samuels, the Oscar-winner had
this to say about foregoing that cinematic kiss: “Black women are not often seen as objects
of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience.” Candace Cameron Bure You might have enjoyed seeing DJ, played by
Candace Cameron Bure, go back and forth in her love triangle with Steve and Matt on the
Full House revival, Fuller House, but the actress completely hated it. In fact, she’s not into being intimate with
anyone who isn’t her real-life spouse. The reason? Well, apparently, she’s a devout Christian
and doesn’t believe in doing anything too risqué on camera. In 2017, she told Us Weekly: “Sometimes I’m doing my Hallmark movies and
we’ve got a new guy in each movie. I’m getting more uncomfortable with it the
older I’m getting. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to keep doing this!'” Of course, acting pays her bills and kissing
scenes can come with the territory, but she also told Us Weekly that her husband barely
comes to set to watch her film because it apparently bothers him, too. She continued: “He actually doesn’t watch anything that I
do for that very reason. Because it is uncomfortable and I totally
understand and respect it.” Kevin Hart Kevin Hart has starred in all kinds of films,
but there are some roles that are just way out of his comfort zone. In 2015, he revealed that he wasn’t comfortable
with playing either a gay character or someone “real flagrant.” We would guess it’s because he isn’t up for
any potential love scenes with the same sex. The actor told The Breakfast Club back in
2015: “It’s because I feel like I can’t do it, because
I don’t think I’m going to really dive into that role 100 percent.” He continued, “Because of insecurities about
myself trying to play that part.” At the time of this writing, Hart has yet
to sign on for a role as a gay character, but he did, however, deliver a smooch to Dwayne
Johnson for their 2016 film Central Intelligence. Then again it’s Dwayne Johnson, how could
you not? Kirk Cameron After Kirk Cameron married his Growing Pains
co-star Chelsea Noble, he vowed to never kiss another woman, even if his job depended on
it. So, when it came time for him to film a love
scene in the 2008 drama Fireproof, producers were tasked with dressing up his wife as Cameron’s
on-screen love interest and filming the shot in silhouette. When speaking with Today hosts Hoda Kotb and
Kathie Lee Gifford back in 2008, Cameron opened up a bit more about his commitment to his
wife, saying that he wanted to uphold marriage ideals as much as he could. He said: “In a day and age where marriage is falling
apart, we want to make movies and projects that really uphold and have a high view of
that which is beautiful and wonderful in our culture.” That’s all swell and dandy, but Cameron’s
also told the Christian Post: “Wives are to honor and respect and follow
their husband’s lead, not to tell their husband how he ought to be a better husband.” So take a any marital advice from this guy
with a grain of salt. Janet Jackson The 1995 romantic drama Poetic Justice boasted
undeniable on-screen chemistry between Justice and Lucky, played by Janet Jackson and Tupac
Shakur, respectively. But things were a different story behind the
scenes. Before Jackson would kiss Shakur, she reportedly
demanded that the rapper get an AIDS test. In an interview with The Source, the “All
Eyez On Me” rapper said he turned down the request. “It’s just, to me, like an insult, you know,
just to ask me that.” Even if Shakur had the disease, the only way
Jackson could have contracted it was if both she and the rapper had deep cuts in their
mouths — not just by a simple peck, as demonstrated in the film. In Jackson’s defense, however, AIDS was a
controversial disease at the time, and there was a huge amount of stigma surrounding it. But, fortunately for us Poetic Justice fans,
with Shakur’s refusal, the singer was forced to film the scene anyway. Fawad Khan Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan reportedly
refused to kiss Alia Bhatt in the 2016 film Kapoor & Sons in an effort to avoid compromising
his chastity. Bhatt later opened up about her experiences
with Khan on set, claiming that he’d often been jumpy and uncomfortable during filming. In early 2017, the Deccan Chronicle reported
that, even though the two decided to “cheat-kiss,” Khan still seemed uncomfortable when Bhatt
closed in on him. She said: ” … every time I would go near his face,
he would flinch. I had to keep reassuring him I wouldn’t compromise
his chastity.” Though he refused to make out with Bhatt,
the site reported that Khan appeared to be open to the idea of being intimate on camera
in the future. He explained: “You never know. I never say never. I’d rather walk the unpredictable path. Besides, I’d never like to throw in something
titillating, just to spike and spice up a film. I kind of like the idea of virgin romance
to just show the couple’s feelings through words and gestures, and then leave the rest
to the audience’s imagination.” Looks like his fans will just have to wait
and see what happens. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan was reportedly supposed to kiss
Charlie Sheen three times in one scene for the 2013 film Scary Movie 5, but the actress
refused to go through with it. According to reports, she had concerns over
the actor’s sketchy partying history. TMZ noted that Lindsay had told producers
that she wasn’t comfortable with the scenes ahead of time. However, the script wasn’t changed until the
very last minute — perhaps in an effort to get Lohan to change her mind. Still, when it came time to shoot the scenes,
a body double was called in to accommodate the actress’ demands, and other parts were
entirely written out. Later, she reportedly started to feel bad
about the situation and attempted to reach out to the actor to apologize, but, according
to the Daily Mail, her phone broke and she couldn’t get into contact with him. There’s clearly no hard feelings: Sheen gave
Lohan a hefty $100,000 to help with her tax debt. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley Nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath,
which is reportedly why there was some friction between Teller and Woodley during filming
of the 2013 movie The Spectacular Now. Apparently, Woodley had been taking Chinese
herbs, but Teller couldn’t bear the way they made the actress’ breath smell. And Woodley, on the other hand, had a problem
with all of the Gatorade her co-star drank. Teller opened up about their behind-the-scenes
drama in a 2013 interview with Vulture. He said, “She would be like, ‘Are you serious? You’re gonna kiss me after that?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I am.’ She would take these herbal supplements, these
Chinese herbal supplements, and they tasted like crap. And she would always eat them right before
we had a kissing scene! We put stuff in our mouths so we could just
offend each other.” The good news is that they were able to pull
off the kiss for the sake of the film, no matter what crazy methods they had to employ
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  1. Jerry Maddox Author

    If more men and women would take the advice of Kirk Cameron seriously instead of with a grain of salt as suggested, there would be fewer families falling apart

  2. CeCe Thomas Author

    Shit as far as Janet Jackson ,she should've been glad to have been in the same movie as Tupak ,with her uppity ass ,and If she wouldn't take an AID'S test , neither should he had.

  3. Janice Author

    Hey, people have lived and died for this country so people could have the freedom to make even decisions like these and be able to live by them.

  4. Shane Graham Author

    Densel you are not only foolish you are a racist. Wait if a white actor said the same thing refusing to kiss a black actor or actress would they be called a racist. Every dam time even worse. It's make believe and I'll bet you've been with a white woman plenty of times. Anyone want to argue lol?

  5. FIDIRONU Author

    Actually, Denzel Washington said that kissing Julia Roberts' character would have been ridiculous, as her character's lover (or husband) had been dead for only three days.
    Google it. 🧐

  6. satnam sandhu Author

    everybody cheat these days, everybody have secret fantasies even we r married, we r humans and we r not perfect, some people r good in hiding or pretending to b perfect. So kissing is nothing.

  7. Michael Milligan Author

    Do we think Kevin Hart is homophobic!!! As an actor you can take on so much… but not play a role because you think “ I cant do it” . Doesn’t that seem a Little hateful. He has played diverse characters, not always the best guys… but playing a homosexual character crosses the line ???

  8. doubleAAbatteries689 Author

    lmao the black women in the comments are pathetic, if you don't want black men to be with white women then y'all need to stop dating white men so much. 🙂
    Also how tf is Julia Roberts beautiful? Hollywood is biased jesus

  9. momo bb dd Author

    i really respect that , in movies its all about sex and kissing and to be honest it's disgusting they do not know each other and also they act like life is all about sex and making out all the time and we are sick of that I think movies should have a message it's okay i'm not judging but i do love the clean movies the family movies they always win the oscar because they actually have a story , and unfortunately i know this is hard and maybe their careers will end so they have to do it cuz people like it and they are actors but i really hate when all of the movie is like that with no story like wtf i'm not wasting my time watching 3 hours for nothing

  10. Daniela Leia Author

    I don't like kissing scenes at all. So unrealistic. Some as sex scenes. They are so many ways to Express love on screen. I'm still mad that Bollywood is introducing Holywoods craps on their movies lately.

  11. Seyi Olotu Author

    But Denzel Washington has kissed Eva Mendes and Milla Jovovich in a movie before in the past so I don't understand why he didn't kiss Julia Roberts.

  12. Pesky Barb Author

    So basically Denzel refused to kiss Julia Roberts because she is white? How is that not facist af? Funny that it's okay when it's going black on white. If A white actor said he didn't want to kiss a black woman because it would alienate his white core audience, they would string him up in this town.

  13. Susan Collins Author

    Huh, have a mint. Get paid. Yea the one of pelican brief would have been too much like Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner so the decision to not kiss was nice. Just like the remake of footloose and other moves. Remember Doris DAY and rock Hudson aids thing. It was a big deal. Aids weren't clear then either. Yea, don't kiss unless you eat or drink the same thing.

  14. Jacob Carlson Author

    LOl Stupid christians, It's 2019 you superstitious buffoons, it's time to grow the fuck up. You can hate on Kirk Cameron, but he's the one that's actually following that absurd holly book, and the bible is very clear: woman are property.

  15. Bill Frater Author

    Actors are pain obscene amounts of money for doing what children did but grew up and stopped. It's called acting, just kiss someone, Act Darlings Act.

  16. Andrew Lauder Author

    So eh denzel Washington’s reason was race related 🤔 huh?

    And The fuck janet Jackson a woman who apparently lost (many) gay friend to aids you’d think she would have been a little more clued up on how it’s transmitted

  17. Andy Winters Author

    Lmao, I’m black and Denzel Washington reason was trash lol,why black girls feels bad when a black dude kiss a white girl on screen?
    I just a movie… that shit is ridiculous

  18. Shawn Strode Author

    I noticed you didn't include Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I guess like choregraphed fight scenes, they needed a lot of "off screen" practice.

  19. Mary Author

    Good for these people I'm with Denzel ! I agree with them all . too bad rest of hwood doesn't do the same I'm still boycotting hwood except for a few .

  20. just some random guy Author

    Actually kiss scene is meaningless in a movie…..
    I don't care if there are no kiss scene or sex related scene in a movie…..
    I would still enjoy the movie without those scene….

  21. Kevin Cox Author

    Are you kidding me. So if they don't want to jump into bed with someone ok i can understand that but, a kiss, grow up, a kiss can be faked. If they don't want to no problem get an actor who will they are a dime a dozen.

  22. Alyssa Alyssa Author

    Denzel just be honest, you just didn't want to kiss Julia Roberts because you didn't like her. Because Denzel you kissed that white lady in the Malcolm X movie.

  23. Mark Woods Author

    If actors or actresses don’t want to kiss or touch each other. I really don’t care it doesn’t make the movie better or worse because it their option to do or not.

  24. Laizza VD Author

    That's why I love watching Dorama series and film! They make a "kiss scene" so innocent.. A very sweet and quick lip lock.. These hollywood sex-love scenes are out of control sometimes! Just saying…

  25. Sam S Author

    @4:25 with Kirk Cameron you can clearly see the Feminist double standard in action. Watch and laugh to your enjoyment. Considered a good moral chivalrous man by all but this extremely biased channel. Congratulations Feminists you ruined it for the rest of us. Couldn't be happy with just equality, had to go for reparations with a generation of males who advocated for your rights. Shame on you! It will bite you back and we're all laughing at your ignorant power grab that makes you undeniably hypocritical. The reasonable public sees this and it's going to classify feminism as the toxic misandrist movement that it is now. Esther Villar (the original feminist cicada. 1972) would've been appalled at what you're calling "feminist values" today.

  26. Pegasus Author

    killing people in movies ain't real but being in bed with someone is real in a movie. Makes no sense, typical American noob, indeed. @lol

  27. Wenchede Wenchede Author

    I do not belive Julian Roberts became the moust beatuful woman t five ime , for a reason . And not for NO reason AS you claim. I know her AS a Big Star for fare long time compare to you . How did NS become a star for no reason ?

  28. Carol Driehorst Author

    I say these actors who won't kiss anyone but their spouses is doing right by their Christian beliefs, I would do the same thing being a Christian myself. Another reason if not Married would be if the actor had bad teeth or bad breath, just give closed mouth kisses anyway.

  29. Jamie Thomas Author


  30. That Guy Author

    I love how, if a man doesn't want to kiss another man in camera, it must be that he's insecure with his masculinity, he's a homophobe, or both. No one would EVER say that to a woman because women get to decide their own identity while men have to adhere to what we're told.

  31. minitwink16 Author

    I love Asian movies and they don't really kiss on screen. These movies are really sexy. I don't get these movies with all the sex put on there. It's not really sexy.

  32. itsmackenzie Author

    I respect actors who don't want to jeopardize their marriages, but Candace Cameron? I even mentioned to my husband when Fuller House first came out that she obviously didn't take after her brother. In one episode alone she made out with two different men.


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