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Actors Who Straight Up Quit Because Of Their Co-Star

When it comes to making a movie, cooperation
is key. But anyone who’s ever had an annoying coworker
knows that sometimes, you just can’t get along with that jerk you’re stuck with. Considering how poorly Sex & the City 2 was
received, it’s a little surprising there were any expectations for a third installment,
but star Sarah Jessica Parker said she was “disappointed” in September 2017 upon the
announcement that Sex & the City 3 wouldn’t move forward. Unnamed sources told People that this was
Kim Cattrall’s doing, claiming that the star was making “outrageous demands” in order to
agree to appear in the third film. Cattrall, however, denied the claims, telling
Piers Morgan in 2017: “I never asked for any money. I never asked for any projects. I’m, ya know, to be thought of as some kind
of diva is absolutely ridiculous.” The New York Post’s Paula Froelich wrote an
article blaming Parker and the other co-stars for mistreating Cattrall from the beginning
of the HBO series, isolating her early on because they were intimidated and jealous
of arguably the show’s only genuine movie star. After the death of Cattrall’s brother in 2018,
Parker expressed sympathy during a red-carpet interview. Cattrall responded on Instagram, writing: “Your continuous reaching out is a painful
reminder of how cruel you really were then and now…You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to
stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.” She ended the post with a link to Froelich’s
story. In 1992, Penny Marshall directed A League
of Their Own, about the short life of the first professional all-female baseball league. Well, wouldn’t you know it: As memorable as
Geena Davis was in the film’s lead, she wasn’t the original pick for Dottie Hinson. That honor went to Debra Winger, who quit
the role two weeks before filming. “You had a little bit of a reputation of going
head to head with your co-stars and kind of mixing up with them.” “Wow, this is just going so bad for me.” “No it’s going great!” Winger, who’d already had a reputation for
not getting along with other cast members, apparently had a problem with Madonna, who
both appeared in the film and provided its theme song, “This Used to Be My Playground.” League producer Elliot Abbott told the Baltimore
Sun that Winger worried that her presence would “cause a circus atmosphere.” It would be interesting to see how Winger’s
career trajectory might have changed if she’d put up with Madonna’s presence. In the years since, she’s so thoroughly disappeared
from the limelight that it inspired Rosanna Arquette to make the 2002 documentary Searching
for Debra Winger. We’ll probably never know exactly what Bill
Murray said on the set of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels that angered Lucy Liu to the point
that he was replaced by the late Bernie Mac in its sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. But the basic gist is that while filming a
scene Murray said something questioning Liu’s acting talent, and Liu responded by throwing
punches at him until the crew pulled them apart. “Well, I’m not surprised because I had a real
long talk with a squirrel one time, longer than I can talk to most humans.” In some versions, Murray simply said, “You
can’t act.” MTV offers an account that has Murray pointing
to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and finally Lucy Liu in succession and saying: “I get why you’re here. And you’ve got talent. But what in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act.” Whatever was said, Murray and Liu reportedly
didn’t get along after the incident, leading Murray to turn down an appearance in number
two. OK, so let’s get one thing straight: Christian
Bale didn’t force Ewan McGregor to quit 2000’s American Psycho. They were never castmates to begin with! What they were, however, were competitors. That’s right: Bale pretty much strong-armed
the Star Wars actor until he yanked his hat right back out of the ring. While good ol’ Leonardo DiCaprio was initially
attached to the project, he eventually bowed out, and Bale was determined to land the role. He even refused other roles for nine months
in order to keep his schedule open, even though the studio was still looking for a leading
man elsewhere! “One part of me wants to take her out, and
talk to her.” “And what’d the other part of him think?” “What her head would look like on a stick.” Eventually, execs turned to Ewan McGregor,
but he inexplicably gave it a pass. When GQ asked Bale if he could confirm rumors
that it was him who convinced McGregor to say no, he responded: “Absolutely. I phoned a few people and let them know my
commitment, let me tell you! I called them all and told them it was my
role. Don’t touch. Step away. Or if you’re not going to step away, understand
what you’re up against.” “I’m a pretty, uhh… I mean I guess I’m a pretty sick guy.” Which means, from a certain point of view,
you could say Batman used a Jedi mind trick on Obi-Wan Kenobi. And that’s pretty cool.


  1. Daniel Fronc Author

    Ya' gotta give Christian Bale his dues. He didn't pusyfoot around, sending messages to directors, producers or studio heads second hand through back channels. He knew what he wanted, knew he was best for the role and did what it took to get it. That's commitment. Personally I'm not a fan of his, don't appreciate him on screen and certainly not his off screen antics but the man walks the talk. I did see most of American Psycho and do agree he was most likely the best choice for his role.

  2. Victoria Zed Author

    O.k Little Comment: Bale and McGreggor have a proffecional past, They were both in a indie movie about Glam Rock Back in the Mid 90`s. They actually remained good friends afterwards. He couldv`e just called a FRIEND and asked him to pass this one. Ewan was already a big star, not uncommon for a friend to help another in his career. Not everyone are Assholes in Hollywood, Ffriendship can happen.

  3. Brian O'Kongkohr Author

    Apparently Lucy Liu is more confident with her "kung fu" punches than her "acting" or clever retorts in response to Bill Murray. He probably can be cruel if he doesn't honestly respect what one is "celebrated" for. He's known to have a bit of an active BS meter and sometimes screws with people to get something he feels is needed from a co-star. But she can't act. Never could. "Acting" is not why she has a career. She can at times deliver flatly like cardboard and throw a little something with if she's lucky – and more so as she's gotten older. She was REALLY AWFUL when younger. Anyway – "truth" hurts the weak, talentless, insecure, the stupid &/or the self humorless. "Luckily" numbers 3 & 5 I think only apply to her. But she's got a barrel of money to "lick her wounds with" – so…

  4. Mark Smith Author

    For one, I'm glad that Debra Singer disappeared from the spotlight. Her voice makes me want to kill myself. And though I love to watch most Christian Bale movies I didn't care that much for American Psycho and wouldn't have waited 9 months for that role. Movies like The Prestige. Exodus, and The Big Short is where Bale shines the brightest.

  5. B Sharp Author

    Christian Bale is only famous for getting really skinny, really fat or really ripped. I get that Bateman was supposed to be this disturbing, nightmarish character you took with you for a few days to a week after watching the film, but has anybody asked why Bale was so perfect for the role and whether or not that is actually a good thing? The guys like a tantrum away from being put in time-out. I’m not saying Ewan McGregor has a lot of depth, though I’ve liked a couple films he’s been in, but Bale ruined Batman. I feel like Toby McGuire in that scene from ‘Seabiscuit’ where he’s yelling “He fouled me, Tom. What was I supposed to do, let him get away with that?! He FOULED me!” And allll these people are like “I kinda liked ‘The Dark Knight’”… well, yeah, cause Heath Ledger was amazing, but I digest… Reign of Fire sucked.

  6. tony castellano Author

    American psycho is one of the best comedies ever. Bale based the character in tom cruse. DiCaprio would make a good serial killer, luckily he is filming a movie about H H Holmes, surprisingly no one made a movie about him before.

  7. Michael Cavanaugh Author

    I gotta say, I love Ewan Mcgregor. I would honestly pay to see him do the exact same role – even if it was the same lines, I'm sure he'd do a great job.

    But I find Christian Bale's ambition to be in this role so in accordance with the character that it was meant to be. I won't lie – Christian Bale as a person creeps me out, he's out there in terms of seeing where this acting thing can go. There's a perfect marriage here for the character. I often wonder if Christian Bale really knew how perfect he was, as if possibly he didn't get the joke. It was supposed to be a parody, but he takes it so method it becomes some new dark form of parody, almost cthulhu level dark parody. He's a ghoul in that movie and it's bloody perfect. Gyllenhaul in Nightcrawler is probably the only person who's hit this level, and I feel it was almost homage to Bale's performance in a way (not to discredit his individual achievements and rigor, he did a lot of work for that role).

    Man, they should get Ewan to do some sampling for the work, even just 1 scene of Ewan's version would be awesome. He's a little less "wiry" these days, but I bet he could've put a kind of serial killer charm on it, so much so the camouflage aspect of Bateman's character would've been portrayed in another way.

    Man. They really knew what they were doing on this set, anytime you turn down Ewan Mcgregor you gotta wonder if you're making the right choice.

  8. LSJ Shez Author

    The Bale entry is bollocks. Mary Harron wanted him from the start, and was willing to let the project go. As soon as DiCaprio stepped away, to protect his niceboy Titanic image, Bale was back in. The GQ quotes were obviously pisstakes by Bale.

  9. JTD472 Author

    I think it’s funny that of those 3 women, Lucy Liu is the one who is told she can’t act. From bill Murray too? Love him but he’s not exactly an acting powerhouse. And what a shitty movie to get hung up on acting chops..,

  10. Samson Crosswood Author

    I love when people who pretend for a living have their publicists (all bad asses have those, even the supermax-level, bad ass Bale) float stories of their badassery towards other actors, who also play dress up for a living.

  11. GrandJediMaster7860 Author

    Batman used a Jedi Mind Trick on Obi-Wan. We later find out that Qui-Gon trained Batman. Then Batman goes ahead and lets Qui-Gon die. 😂

  12. littlesmew Author

    I love Bill Murray as an actor both dramatic and comic. As a human being, however, he sounds like an absolute nightmare. It seems to be a thing with the greats of comedy acting. Stan Laurel, Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld spring to mind as other examples.

  13. Ronin 6 Author

    I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by Lucy Liu's actions on this list.The fact that she started throwing punches at a co-star just because he commented on her acting ability is a bit of a step too far. I can understand taking pride in your life's work, but not enough to physically assault someone, or even attempt it. I don't dislike Lucy Liu as an actor, but I haven't seen a movie she starred in where I felt she performed so stunningly that I would mark her for all time as one of the greats. Bill Murray may not be the most diverse or method-style actors out there, but he makes up for it with his on-screen charisma and sense of humor.

    Even if we set aside whatever comment Bill Murray made, Lucy still acted in an unprofessional manner that went beyond what is tolerable, and when it comes to working with colleagues, or in general for that matter, physical violence shouldn't be a person's go-to response to a verbal insult or comment that can be shrugged off by having thick enough skin. All that being said, I'm glad that Lucy Liu has still been able to have a successful career and that her flaw in her judgement didn't break the rest of her chances at other roles. While I think it was a poor choice on her part and I don't hold her in quite as high regard as I did, I can also allow for the reality that none of us are perfect and sometimes we misstep.

  14. Corvus Crow Author

    …well, depending on the wording…well let's just say that there's a rumor that Bale isn't somebody you want to mess with to the point of actually pissing him off…
    …the same people also say that he's a really nice guy and a professional…

  15. yana romanova Author

    lucy is a fantastic actress, murray is an old fart who play himself everywhere. typical cocaine "comedian" of his times, chevy chase etc, absolute misogynistic dickheads

  16. Luke Jack Author

    Lucy is funny and can act. Kim's beautiful but she didn't need to go bitchy on SJP, it just make her look jealous. Bill Murray is one ugly guy, thank God his acting career is OVA.

  17. Masked Movie Man Author

    Bale was completely electrifying in American Psycho and its one of the best performances of all time. I love Ewan Mcgregor, he's an incredible actor, but no way could he top Bale's performance as Patrick Bateman. Bale was born to play that role.

  18. da96103 Author

    I didn't know that the Patrick Bateman role was so coveted. I thought no one wanted it because the guy was sick and the producers then gave it to Christian Bale.

  19. Corrible Hunt Author

    I'd have loved to see both Mcgregors and DiCaprios versions of Psycho, but Bale was the perfect choice for that role. Neither McGregor nor DiCaprio could be as intimidatingly ripped as Bale, emphasising the drive of a true psychopath, and, I think Bale has a much better, intuitive understanding of what a psychotic murderers mind is like. Leo would have given a similar performance as he did in Wolf of Wallstreet which, while brilliant and intense, is about as intimidating as a cream egg.

  20. Patricia Hopey Author

    Kim Cattrall is Canadian it is no surprise to me that her co-stars Americans would treat her with some form of contempt jealousy Chieers from Canada

  21. My Grandpa Says He's D.B. Cooper Author

    I have no idea why people adore Bill Murray so much. Never liked this dude. …I mean, as far as you can dislike someone you don't really know. Ah, fuck it. I just don't like him.

  22. S Lou Author

    Team Cattrall all the way. I have always been suss on SJP. If you were that close to someone, you would personally contact them to offer your heartfelt condolences. Not comment about it on a public platform! She just did it for attention, and got caught out for her display of faux sincerity.

  23. Julia Mimi Author

    Just one correction, Sarah Jessica Parker was not only a movie star before the show, she was arguably the bigger movie star. She was in LA Story, Ed Wood, Footloose, Hocus Pocus and First Wives Club. All of which have lived on in film culture. I actually remember wondering what she was doing on slumming it on TV when I first heard about Sex and The City (TV was considered a major downgrade in those days)

  24. Patricia Hopey Author

    Just for the record I have never watched one episode of Sex in the City or any other television program that situation comedy Etc. I personally have better things to do with my eyesight and my time over the last 30 years then sit on my ass and waste time staring at a box of people playing drama stories and then debate or discuss the methods of merits of actors or impact on self and others. B. S . On social media.

  25. Tokiofritz Author

    Bale's a bit of an arsehole, but he was the better choice for American Psycho. Ewan's just too charming, even when he isn't trying. He wouldn't be believable as a deranged psychopath. Bale's has that necessary coldness combined with good looks.

  26. Maggie Robertson Author

    After Ghostbusters 2, Murray said he would never make another sequel, and he hasn't. He wasn't replaced by Bernie Mac. He was never going to be in that movie.

  27. Itsjustaride life Author

    SJP is so overrated and envious of what a better actress Kim is. Those movies were garbage and didn't need a third, thank you Kim for stopping that Trainwreck. Should have left it as the series.


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