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Actors Who Treat Their Peers Terribly

We all like to imagine that our favorite actors
and actresses are great people in real life. But if their co-stars are to be believed,
some of Hollywood’s finest actors can be downright jerks. Val Kilmer
For a while, Val Kilmer’s reputation tended to show up in a room way before he did. Starting all the way back in 1995 with Batman
Forever, Kilmer has been known for his attitude behind the scenes. After filming for Batman Forever wrapped,
director Joel Schumacher said in an interview that Val Kilmer was “childish and impossible.” But The Island of Dr. Moreau was allegedly
where Val Kilmer really hit his stride, according to those who worked with him. After making that film, the director, John
Frankenheimer, said: “I will never climb Mount Everest, and I will
never work with Val Kilmer again.” Shia LaBeouf
From becoming Disney’s wunderkind in Even Stevens to snagging minor roles in major blockbusters
like Constantine and I, Robot, Shia LaBeouf seemed set for success, even before he landed
the starring role in Transformers in 2007. That movie and its sequels kicked his career
into the stratosphere. And then …. nobody’s really sure what happened. “…it is because they think sardines will
be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.” He started taking more avant garde roles. He staged strange publicity stunts, like wearing
a paper bag that said “I am not famous anymore” and running around an art gallery … 144
times. Even before that, his penchant for over-the-top
method acting rubbed people the wrong way. He got into a fist fight with Brad Pitt on
the set of 2014’s war epic Fury, although to be fair, the director allegedly told them
to get into fights as a bonding experience. While filming 2012’s Lawless, Shia LaBeouf
tried to get into his character who runs illegal moonshine during Prohibition by guzzling bottles
of actual moonshine. And he didn’t stop there. He carved his name into co-star Mia Wasikowska’s
dressing room door and followed Tom Hardy around the set fawning like his younger brother. From an acting standpoint, Shia LaBeouf’s
craziness seems to be working. Both of those roles brought him praise from
critics. But it can’t make working with the guy any
easier. Alec Baldwin
There’s no doubting that Alec Baldwin is an outspoken man. Whether he’s fighting paparazzi or shouting
slurs, his private life is usually shoved into the limelight on a weekly basis. And then he apologizes and we’re all okay
with that, because, well, he’s Alec Baldwin. As a number of his co-stars have said, that’s
just who he is. Does being that way make him a pleasure to
work with? Not always. Baldwin was allegedly part of the reason Shia
LaBeouf left the Broadway show Orphans in 2013, as the two actors had reportedly clashed
at rehearsals. On 30 Rock, his co-star Cheyenne Jackson had
one thing to say about Baldwin: “What I learned from him was really good comedic
timing and don’t get in his light.” Steven Seagal
Love him, hate him, or just sort of put up with him, Steven Seagal was born to raise
hell. Somewhere between Marked for Death and Out
for Justice, he must have made an executive decision to go from churning out low-budget
action films in the ’90s to churning out low-budget action films all the way through the next
two decades. The truth is, Steven Seagal has been hard
to kill for a long time now, which is surprising, because he doesn’t have a reputation for being
a good man. Countless allegations of assault,
and trafficking have been leveled against him over the years. That includes one by Playboy model and actress
Jenny McCarthy, who said in an interview that Seagal told her to take off her dress during
a private audition for Under Siege 2, despite the absence of nudity in the film. Then there was the incident in which John
Leguizamo claims that Seagal elbowed him up against a wall on the set of 1996’s Executive
Decision, all because Leguizamo laughed at something Seagal had said, thinking it was
a joke. “And he Aikido-ed me against a brick wall
POW. knocked all the air out of me and I was like, WHY?” Mike Myers
It’s almost a cliche now that comedians often have darker sides. And Mike Myers isn’t immune to the pressures
of being a full-time funnyman. Between Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, and
The Love Guru, Myers’ whole brand is over-the-top, outrageously colorful characters, most of
whom he’s meticulously crafted himself. He’s been called a perfectionist on his good
days, and on his worst he’s been dubbed “emotionally needy” and “difficult.” That last quote comes from none other than
Penelope Spheeris, who directed Mike Myers in 1992’s Wayne’s World. Spheeris also told the story of how Mike Myers
stormed off the set once because the caterers didn’t provide margarine for his bagel. Chevy Chase
With something of a reputation as the meanest man in show business, Chevy Chase’s notoriety
has followed him all the way from his rock star beginnings on Saturday Night Live in
the ’70s up to a recurring gig on NBC’s hit show Community. Highlights, or lowlights as it were, include
getting into a fist fight with Bill Murray and suggesting that SNL co-star Terry Sweeney,
who was openly gay, do a weekly segment where he would get weighed to see if he had contracted
AIDS yet. It certainly seems like Chevy Chase has a
penchant for rubbing people the wrong way. He even came clean about it in 2012, when
he said: “Nobody prepares you for what happens when
you get famous, and I didn’t handle it well.” That may be the understatement of the decade,
but really, it doesn’t matter, because he’s Chevy Chase and you’re not. Katherine Heigl
Few people have become the target of tabloid fodder as completely as Katherine Heigl. In 2008, she publicly bashed the Judd Apatow
comedy Knocked Up as “sexist,” despite or perhaps because of her starring role in the
film. She later went on The Howard Stern Show to
clarify her comments, saying: “I liked the movie a lot. I just didn’t like me.” She used the same interview to apologize for
complaining about not getting enough dramatic material on Grey’s Anatomy. She’s also been accused of being a prima donna
on set, with an unnamed source who allegedly worked with her on 2010’s Life As We Know
It claiming that Heigl caused problems during the entire production. On the flip side, Life As We Know It’s director,
Greg Berlanti, had nothing but praise for the actress and said that he’d definitely
work with her again. Patrick Dempsey
The set of Grey’s Anatomy must be the most chaotic, stressful place for an actor to work,
because there’s apparently no end to the drama between cast members. Much like Katherine Heigl, it turns out Patrick
Dempsey has his own bone to pick with the cast of the critically acclaimed medical drama. Dempsey, who played Dr. Derek Shepherd, was
apparently suspended once for acting “like a diva,” and was killed off on the show not
long after that. The report, which originated at celebrity
gossip mag Page Six, also said that Dempsey had clashed with the show’s creator and executive
producer, Shonda Rhimes. Dempsey later denied that there was anything
but goodwill between him and the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy, so in the end it’s
impossible to say exactly what went on behind the scenes at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Bruce Willis
You may remember the time Kevin Smith described Bruce Willis as “soul crushing” to work with
during an interview about 2010’s Cop Out, which Smith directed. Smith went on to say that Bruce Willis was
pretty much his hero until he actually worked with the guy. To be fair, Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis seem
to be complete opposites in Hollywood, with Smith famous for off-beat comedies like Chasing
Amy, and Willis for gritty action films. So maybe it was just a one-off disagreement,
but then again, maybe not. Director Antoine Fuqua also called Bruce Willis
a major “pain in the ass” to work with, and Sylvester Stallone similarly seemed to have
issues with Bruce Willis during the Expendables series, calling him “greedy and lazy”. Mandy Patinkin
You certainly know Mandy Patinkin’s work, even if you don’t know his name, probably
from his unforgettable role as Inigo Montoya in 1987’s The Princess
Bride. “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” More recently, you may have seen him in CBS’s
Criminal Minds and the Golden Globe-winning Showtime series Homeland. With such success in film and television,
you probably have Patinkin pegged as a pretty nice guy, if perhaps a little intense. But by his own admission, Patinkin can be
extremely difficult to work with. Before nearly destroying his television career
in 2007 by suddenly walking away from Criminal Minds and never coming back, Patinkin was
already behaving like a stuck-up starlet. Talking about the hospital drama Chicago Hope,
Patinkin revealed in a 2013 interview: “I never let directors talk to me, because
I was so spoiled. […] I was saying, ‘Don’t talk to me, I don’t
want your opinion.’ I behaved abominably.” Hopefully he’s turned it around since then. Teri Hatcher
From 2004 to 2012, Desperate Housewives was one of the hottest shows on ABC’s primetime
lineup. But behind the scenes, trouble was brewing
almost from day one. Teri Hatcher apparently took the brunt of
the criticism from her cast mates, who felt she acted like a diva off-camera. Hatcher’s co-star Nicollette Sheridan went
so far as to call Hatcher the “meanest woman in the world,” according to Marc Cherry, the
show’s creator. Now that the show is off the air, we’ll probably
never know the true extent of the problems the rest of the cast had with Teri Hatcher. After the final episode of Desperate Housewives,
Hatcher reportedly stated: “I will never disclose the true and complicated
journey of us all.” It’s probably just as well. Some questions are best left unanswered. Jared Leto
There’s no denying that Jared Leto has lived a lot of lives. His career began in earnest with his role
as teen dream Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life in 1994, plus he fronts the pop-punk
band 30 Seconds to Mars, and won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. But it was when he landed a role as a legendary
villain in a comic book movie that he earned a reputation as an extremely intense if dedicated
actor. Leto took his role as an especially nihilistic
version of the Joker in Suicide Squad so seriously that in the name of getting into character,
he reportedly played sick jokes on the film’s other actors, and sent them disgusting gifts. Co-star Viola Davis told Vanity Fair:
“He had a tech man who would come into the rehearsal room, and the henchman came in with
a dead pig and plopped it on the table, and then he walked out. And that was our introduction into Jared Leto.” He also sent along previously used prophylactics
and adult toys to cast members because, as he told E! News:
“The Joker is somebody who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries.” Lea Michele
Singer and actress Lea Michele is well aware of the gossip that she’s a “diva.” Despite the word’s negative connotation as
someone difficult to work with in modern Hollywood, Michele told Allure in 2011:
“I came from the theater world where the word ‘diva’ was awesome.” Awesome or not, one example of Lea Michele’s
diva behavior occurred on the set of Glee when technical problems delayed shooting and
she reportedly snapped her fingers and shouted, “Let’s go. I have plans!” She also apparently developed a nasty feud
with her Glee co-star Naya Rivera. In her 2016 memoir Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera
says that they were once friends, but that their relationship buckled under the weight
of her evolution from supporting character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen
time. Rivera wrote that Michele was very sensitive
to any criticism or notes about her work, and revealed:
“[She] blamed me for anything and everything that went wrong [on set].”


  1. ZenGeekDad Author

    How many times IN ONE VIDEO am I going to have to skip the WIKS website ads? Gee, if only Google had some technology so they could notice that I have ZERO interest.


    Bryan Cranston out-acted all of these people with his multi award winning performance on Breaking Bad and with none of the ego. Maybe big egos are a sign of small talent.

  3. TopHatAndEars Author

    KATHERINE HEIGL was horrible when I met her…I was a stand in for 1 day on Home Sweet Hell (when it was known as North of Hell). I saw Katherine in a robe and her hair in curlers ASK FOR COFFEE and when she received it she YELLED AT THE LADY who brought her the coffee, Katherine dumped the coffee inferring of the lady, and told her that she, Katherine, wouldn't drink it and the COFFEE NEEDED TO BE REMADE…BECAUSE THE COFFEE WASN'T THE EXACT SHADE OF COLOR……AS HER CURRENT HAIR COLOR. Don't know if she was just getting into her character or not..but I didn't want to be anywhere near her that day after seeing what she did and hearing what she said.

  4. Mind Flowers Author

    If you have not seen the documentary about the making of The Island of Dr Moreau you have got to watch it. It is HILARIOUS. Between Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando it is crazy!

  5. George Estremera Author

    Back in the day, they used to say Lynda Carter used to treat everyone on the set badly. I once read something about Lyle Waggoner saying he'd be more particular about who he works with.

  6. magnusm4 Author

    Not getting enough drama on Grey's Anatomy? That show has already so much pointless drama they should paint the backdrop grey just for the namesake

  7. Keela Éire Author

    Wow, I never did particularly like these actors, I just couldn’t see the passion or charisma in their eyes when making a character come to life…it’s no wonder why you don’t see mike Myers around anymore, obviously acting isn’t for them.

  8. Patsy Bailey Author

    lol @ all the people going 'actors are all horrible people' ….dude do you know how many actors exist…. of course some of them are going to be horrible people, just like in every other line of work smh… for every Val Kilmer there's an Ian McKellen as well, luckily

  9. Lorraine Tucker Pitman Author

    I'm not surprised at this list. I never paid nor watched them. As for Criminal Minds, it wasn't until he left that the show got better..!

  10. 8Bit Time Traveler Author

    Thanks for this clip but can I ask you why the heck did you put some stupid boom boom dance music in the background? Are we supposed to dance while watching it? Stupid idea.

  11. Tom Slak Author

    I used to have the hots sooo baaad for Terry Hatcher.
    Mandy Patinkin is one of my favorite actors. First time I saw his work was in Dead Like Me.

  12. alex hernandez Author

    hahahahaha in the theatre world no…divas are not awesome they're fuckin annoying, unlike film there are no multiple takes, we practice until we get it right the first time and if we've got some diva on stage acting all high and mighty for whatever reason it hurts EVERYONE on the cast because when we should be practicing we're all waiting for you to get your shit together. piss poor excuse i'd hate to work with her on stage or set or in general.. not that i ever will hahahaha

  13. eggboi Author

    Mandy Patinkin doesn't treat peers badly. He has a reputation of taking acting seriously. There is no shame in being serious. Hes a great man. And Jared Leto took method acting too far, but dont forget Heath Ledger drove himself almost insane.

  14. Wankshaftsbury Author

    No surprise about Alec Baldwin, but he's such a comic talent people will always forgive his Diva behaviour. I remember disliking Shia Labeouf from a kids tv show he did, then he became a big star, which was mystifying to me, but I think he has issues so I'm not gonna slam the guy. Seagal's always been a tit. Willis has always been known for ego. Jared Leto, that's disgusting.

  15. Summer 4ever Author

    Honestly didnt see the guy in Knocked up as Loveable or Funny. I saw him as a loser in some ways. I think it is weird Katherine relates the film to sexism.

  16. KnowJesusKnowPeace Author

    Any time you hear about Grey’s Anatomy, you hear something bad about Shonda Rhymes. I never liked her because of the audacity of taking up a few seconds of time from every viewer all over the world to post her name at the beginning of each show.
    And she killed off O’Malley just to show who’s boss. Seems discourteous all around.

  17. Eugeniadella Author

    Chavy Chase has alway and always will be a bad vibe asshole.. no matter how nice the movie may be it´s always disgusting to watch him

  18. Jason Gura The Mad Republican Author

    10Val Kilmer
    09Shia LaBeouf
    08Alec Baldwin
    07Steven Segal
    06Tupac Shakur
    05Will Smith
    04Samuel L Jackson
    03Denzel Washington
    02Christian Bale
    01Patrick Dempsey

  19. Adam Luchter Author

    Umm…..there WAS nudity for that role in under seige 2 ya dummy. Watch the movie. Erika eleniak got the role, and went topless.

  20. 21pilots tillidie Author

    Chevy Chase is a huge asshole but can anybody really blame him for punching Bill Murray. Murray is an equally huge asshole, if not a bigger one than Chase. Yet he is beloved by everybody while Chase is disliked by everybody

  21. 21pilots tillidie Author

    Jared Leto is such a pretentious asshole. He should've been fired for all that shit he did during Suicide Squad. I mean his bullshit excuse of "method acting" didn't even pay off.


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