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Actors Who Were Forced To Take Roles They Hated

At certain points in their careers, actors
no longer need to audition for the roles they take. Eventually, if they’re good enough,
studios offer them roles, and they can pick and choose as they please. However, the inverse
of that happens too. Sometimes actors are forced to take roles they don’t want at all.
Here are some of the worst. Channing Tatum As the star of Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street,
Channing Tatum is probably one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. So it may come as
a surprise that he hated acting in one of the movies that helped him become so well
known: G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In an interview with Howard Stern, Tatum admitted
that he was pushed into doing that movie. Tatum went on to say that, although he was
a fan of the cartoon growing up, the script was not good. He also really actually wanted
to play Snake Eyes instead of the lead character. But he does admit that he felt blessed for
getting the work, even if it didn’t open up the doors he would have liked. Ed Norton Primal Fear was only the first film in a three-picture
deal that Ed Norton made with Paramount Studios. It initially wasn’t a bad deal, because
the film got him his start, and an Oscar nomination too. Soon after being noticed, numerous studios
offered Norton parts in their films, and he never got around to making another movie for
Paramount. Finally, Paramount took action, and in order for Norton to appear in Fight
Club, he had to negotiate a new deal with the studio. Another three years passed, and
Norton had yet to agree on a film he wanted to do, so the company offered him The Italian
Job. After Norton told the studio that he didn’t want to do the film, the studio politely
informed him that he had to do it, or they would sue. Norton complied, taking the role,
but he refused to do any promotional work for the film, obviously a bit angry about
the situation. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Natalie Portman By the time Natalie Portman agreed to appear
in Thor, Marvel Studios already had big plans. They were signing just about every actor who
appeared in their movies to multiple-movie contracts. They had even signed Samuel L.
Jackson to a multi-picture deal, and his first appearance as Nick Fury was only a cameo after
the credits of Iron Man. Portman must have missed this part of her contract, as she later
wanted nothing to do with the Thor sequel when it came time time to film it. Of course,
we can’t blame Portman for not wanting to appear in Thor: The Dark World. When development
began in April of 2011, Portman was still pregnant, and she had made it known that she
wanted to take time off from film work to care for her child. In addition to that, Marvel
fired Patty Jenkins, whom Portman had recommended to direct the movie, so that didn’t sit well
with the actress either. While there’s ample evidence to suggest that Portman didn’t
want to do the film, she has since denied that she was forced to appear in it. Emily Blunt After appearing in Fox Studios’ The Devil
Wears Prada, many studios sought out Emily Blunt for their films. Even Marvel Studios
wanted her to appear in Iron Man 2. However, Fox Studios preferred that she stay with them
and appear in their remake of Gulliver’s Travels instead, starring Jack Black. Luckily for
Fox, and unluckily for Blunt, her Prada contract had a clause that required her to star in
another Fox-made movie. And they used it on a movie that wound up becoming a critical
and financial bomb. Fortunately, Blunt’s career wasn’t damaged too much by this movie, as
she has gone on to make many successful films since then. Keanu Reeves The Watcher is proof that not all of our friends
have our best interests at heart, as Keanu Reeves learned. In this case, the so-called
friend was Joe Charbanic, the director of The Watcher, who had also filmed Reeves’ band
Dogstar while on tour. Shortly after Reeves’ huge success with The Matrix, Charbanic allegedly
forged Reeves’ signature on a contract to appear in his serial-killer flick. Rather
than deal with a long and costly legal dispute, and unable to prove the forgery, Reeves appeared
in the The Watcher. Once the movie was released, Reeves did nothing to promote it, but for
12 months, he was contractually prevented from talking about how he got involved in
it. However, once that contract was up, he didn’t hold anything back, saying, “I never
found the script interesting,” and revealing his damaged relationship with the director. Whoopi Goldberg After her success with Sister Act 2: Back
in the Habit, Whoopi Goldberg was riding high when producers approached her to star in their
movie Theodore Rex. At the time, Goldberg orally agreed to appear in the movie, but
over the next two years, something happened to change Goldberg’s mind. Our guess? It was
probably the animatronic, talking dinosaur: (weird dinosaur sounds) She attempted to back out of it, but a previous
court case involving Kim Basinger backing out of Boxing Helena created a precedent that
would have made it very expensive for Goldberg to duck out. The actress relented and appeared
in the movie. The movie did so horribly on its test run that it was released direct-to-video,
and has the distinction of being the only direct-to-video movie to earn a Razzie nomination.
For obvious reasons: (weird dinosaur singing) Val Kilmer Surprisingly, Val Kilmer wanted nothing to
do with Top Gun, the movie that arguably shot him to stardom. It was all the result of a
three-picture deal he signed with Paramount. He had completed the first two films of the
deal, Top Secret! and Real Genius, and owed them one more. In order to get his agent off
his back, Kilmer went to meet with the film’s director, the late Tony Scott. According to
Kilmer, he went and had the meeting and then attempted to leave, but wasn’t immediately
allowed to: “Tony ran after me, literally ran after me.
He got in front of the elevator doors and said, ‘You’ve gotta do it man!'” Scott knew he didn’t want to make the movie,
but Kilmer took the role anyway. We bet Kilmer’s glad he took that role now. Kilmer worked
with Scott again in True Romance. The Entire Cast of Movie 43 Considered one of the worst movies ever made,
Movie 43 has a stellar cast that includes Bad Catwoman, 300 Abs Guy, House Bunny, Wolverine,
Jackass, McLovin’, Stifler, and Titanic Lady. How the producer Charles Wessler got
all of these A-List stars to agree to such an awful movie is a bit of a scandal. Wessler,
responsible for lowbrow films like Shallow Hal and There’s Something About Mary, somehow
managed to sign Jackman and Winslet and film their scene sometime in 2009. Wessler then
used their involvement to sign the rest of the cast. But when the other actors learned
what they were involved in, they tried to get out. Some, like Colin Farrell, and the
creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, did manage to get out of their contracts.
And it’s been reported that George Clooney was able to get out of his contract as well,
apparently by telling the producers to, and we quote, “F*** off.” The rest of the cast
was not so fortunate and were stuck on the film… allegedly, working at scale rates.
Is there any crueler fate? Maybe just having to actually watch Movie
43. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
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us know which star you think got the worst deal…


  1. Nick Stevens Author

    Another that comes to mind is Sylvester Stallone and the villain in Spy Kids 3. Not sure if he downright hated the part, but I remember he spoke of it as a low point in his career in an interview about The Expendables. But he was really good in the part anyway, or I thought so when I was a kid.

  2. Natha Lie Author

    Tbh sometimes I'm just wondering why production companies think that making some of these movies is a good idea… a movie with a talking dinosaur in a show costume? Sounds like a blockbuster, right?!

  3. Zachary Murley Author

    They could have always just not did the roles… nobody can force you to work a job you don't want, you just won't get paid! It's just that simple.

  4. erica mmm? Author

    You know, i gotta be honest … when my kids were little we loved Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels. It was just a fun, goofy, ridiculously silly family movie – which is EXACTLY what most kid/family friendly movies are … but this one was actually funny in some parts … so i dont know if it deserves all the hate

  5. Desi O'Connell Author

    I agree with Val Kilmer. If he didn't do Top Gun… It wouldn't have mattered. But he was the only actor that made it tolerable.

  6. user_mac01 Author

    I consider Keanu Reeves more talented as a comical actor than action hero. But his major roles are fantasy/scifi action figures. In earlier action movies his fight movement was kinda stilted, rehearsed and wooden. It mighta been the ropes and wires hooking him up. Not everyone has a background of conditioning to the brink of their mettle moulded into the psyche. How we have been conditioned by our lives is visible in the physical performance of human movement, and how one carries themselves.

  7. Gert Pacu Author

    I actually liked Movie 43 because it was SO BAD… It's one of those movies where it's hilarious to see well known actors doing crazy shit.

  8. Angel Castelan Author

    Looper can suck my DICccc movie 43 was great and recently got added on Netflix who ever doesn’t like this kinda humor are some weirdos

  9. Michael Elsy Author

    I don't care if these actors hated being in these movies half the time they know jack shit about good movies anyway. I'd appear in any movie good or bad with the money there paid. Michael Caine has the best attitude it's a job you have good movies and bad ones get over yourselves.

  10. MahdiRanger Author

    Im I the only one who doesnt like Emily blunt. To say she has successful film career is a bit jarring. Most of her big films all bombed or did ok at the box office, never enough to get a sequal. Then she does Quiet Place and has a hit Finally. I guess Girl on a Train did well too. Ikd, maybe its just me.

  11. omega con4 Author

    Meanwhile, there are actors and actresses in LA would die for roles in these movies so that they no longer have to go out on escorting outcalls.

  12. Sterling Crockett Author

    George Clooney was let out of Movie 43 because the directors wouldn't let him reprise his most iconic role, Sparky the Gay Dog from South Park. This is also the reason Parker and Stone also bailed. That's how it went down. Honest!

  13. Thomas Smith Author

    Kilmer would have been fine skipping Top Gun. Yeah he did well in it, but he would’ve maybe otherwise shined in the comedy world. Real Genius was such a smash, would’ve liked to see him go down that road rather than all the drama. Ok maybe Willow he was funny in it, but besides that was just serious roles.

  14. cory ddp Author

    Hollywood please force me to make to make millions of dollars for crappy movies. I'm your Man, just tell me where to meet you. NBA, I'll be happy to sit on the bench and come in in the last 30 seconds of a game for the league minimum and that goes to any other major sport like baseball or football. Just point me to the job that pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and I'll take them.

  15. Not-so-smart aleck Author

    Big deal, a normal person in a normal job always has to do some thing(s) they don't like. Why should show-biz be any different?    BTW  I had never seen "Channing Tatum" before, and for some reason I thought that was–um–a woman's name(?)… I guess like Stockard Channing, Tatum O'Neal, …..

  16. Una Salus Victis Author

    im not crazy thinking the cotumes for that goldberg dino movie look like the tv show dinosaurs, that was damn good…fuck i hate that they killed it..

  17. Dayday Chyna Author

    Idk but I liked movie 43, maybe not every single thing about it but there was a lot I found hilarious & RIP my best friend but the "I'm a pretty girl" line was our shit lol

  18. Sam Kresil Author

    Actors are just usually forced into these films because studios are often surprised with how much money they made in their last films and because of their star power and popularity, as well as watching and reading stories and TV shows of their own films when they were younger.

  19. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that Author

    In my opinion, Mike Myers had the worst role as The Cat In The Hat. That was a stupid idea idea from the get go and he didn't even want it.


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