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Adapting the HERCULES Film for the Stage | The Public Theater

(Piano intro of “Zero to Hero” from HERCULES). “Bless my soul Herc was on a roll
person of the weekend every Greek opinion poll These days I’m revisiting
so many of my things from Disney you know LITTLE MERMAID and BEAUTY and ALADDIN.
But I’ve always felt Hercules had this special place in my heart and I think in
the hearts of people who saw it way back then. “Zero to Hero just like that.” When I heard that we were
gonna go forward with a musical of Hercules
my first thought was oh we never had a song for Hades and we need one. (Piano intro for “A Cool Day in Hell”). “A fellow I
know thought he was great with the ladies. Now he’s just a doormat at the
gates of hell. You like my style? A friend of a friend once came to me for a favor.”
I always wanted to have a song for Hades where you know he blows his top and then
okay calm down and he’s cool, he’s cool. “Now he’s doing backstrokes in a deadly sea It’s gonna be a cool day in hell.
They didn’t learn the lesson baby, no.” We’ve rewritten all the songs I mean all
the songs are adapted as you always need to for the stage. It’s a lot that’s new. “It’s a cool, cool day in Hell. A cool day in Hell.” We’ve a new song called “To Be Human,” which
kind of bookends the story. (Piano of “To Be Human”) Hercules has proven he’s a hero and now
the gates of Olympus are ready to open and welcome him back as a God “More than I hoped for
Somehow is mine.” and Hercules has a decision to make. “Does
he become a God or does he choose to remain mortal to be with his new friends
and with Meg? So this is the song he sings when he makes that decision. (Piano of “To Be Human”) “Would I choose a world where I cannot fail?
Or a world where I’ll grow old and frail If you cannot lose then how can you win
Though it hurts to be human count me in” It’s just been a wonderful blend of these two sort of
theatrical worlds between The Public Theater and Disney coming together with
this. And the Public Works aspect of this? The idea that you’re gonna have
like hundreds of people singing “Zero to Hero.” I don’t know what I’m in for. I really don’t. I mean I can’t wait to
hear what this sounds like.


  1. Zachary Malinak Author

    Please give us a cast recording!!! We all would love to see it but a lot of us can't. We'd still love to hear it though, as would the rest of the world!

  2. Manuel Orozco Author

    I live in California but cannot make it to NYC! Hercules was the first of Alan's scores i really enjoyed as a kid. I'm anxious to see if it will be Broadway Bound!


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