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Adding Your Profile Picture In Canvas

In this video we’ll talk about adding a
picture to your Canvas profile page. Adding a profile picture is a good way to
personalize your Canvas profile. It is also a good way of allowing
classmates to see and get to know each other in an online class environment. To do this click on your name in the
upper right corner of the Canvas screen. This will take you to your Canvas
Settings page. Click on the placeholder for your
picture in your profile; this will open up this
dialog box. Click the link for upload a new image then click the Browse button. This will
take you to your computer. You need to scroll through and find the image of the picture that you’re
wanting to add find it, choose it, click the Open button, it will fill it into the fields here,
click the add file button; this will upload the
picture file to Canvas. Make sure you click on it to choose
it, click the Select image button, you have
now added a picture to your Canvas profile page.

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