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Airaa (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Nayanthara, Kalaiyarasan, Yogi Babu

Sir, why are we going towards Bilaspur? Why? What’s wrong? Sashi was posted there last month. His dead body was
found outside a mansion. People suspect that a
witch lives in the mansion. There’s nothing called
ghosts and spirits. It’s the doing of the humans. Isn’t it, Bhonsle?
– Yes, sir. Who’s supposed to be
on duty in Bilaspur today? The weather forecast stated
that there are chances of .. ..heavy rainfall and storm there. Sir, here begins our bad luck. O God, keep the gates
of the heaven open. I’m coming. Shut up or I’ll throw
you out of the car. Got it, sir. We’re going to be in deep trouble. Please save us, Lord. Control 2 on static walkie talkie. Who’s on night patrolling
duty at Bilaspur today? Please respond. There’s emergency there. Madam, Sathyamurthy speaking. I’m fine. And you? What?
– Nothing, madam. Tell me. Are you in the area?
– Yes, madam. A man named Adi called
me from that area. Yeah. Good. He said that there’s ghost there.
The ghost has killed somebody. Okay.
– What’s okay about it ? Reach there quickly.
– Okay, madam. I’ll reach there immediately. Please go and check the situation.
Inform us if you need backup. Don’t speak too much.
– Okay, madam. I don’t know how long
I’ll stay a bachelor. If I was married a beautiful lady
would’ve made tea for me at home. Sir, you’re bothered about
drinking tea made by a beautiful lady.. ..and there she’s waiting
to drink our blood. Shut up, unlucky fellow. Okay, sir. O god! This is the same mansion. It’s haunted. Let’s run away from here. Kandva, shut your mouth. It seems that nobody
has been here for months. Sir, nobody wants to die. Sir, let’s go from here. We’ll lie that we didn’t find anything. Sir, let’s go back. A scared man is as good as a dead man. Sir, I’m already scared.
Shall I go home? Stop your nonsense and come with me. Stay here.
– Okay, sir. I’m trapped. Bhonsle, I’ll be back with the ghost.
– Okay, sir. Call them. Witch, please open the door. Loudly. Open the door quickly. Wait. I’ll open it in my way. Glory to the lord! Open the… It opened. How did the door open on its own? I don’t know. Who’s inside? Come on.
– Sir.. sir.. Glory to Goddess Kali.
You’ll answer my prayers. Take away sir’s life. Shut up and chant something else. Which one? Anyone. I’ve forgotten everything out of fear. Sir.. sir, I’m feeling scared. Keep quiet and come with me. Who’s inside? Answer me. Don’t come out. I’ll break your teeth
if you speak too much. I’ll get dentures. Sir, please go back
for your mother’s sake. Stop your nonsense. For the sake of your father.. Swear on your dad. Come on.
– I don’t wish to be an orphan. O God! Sir, the sound came from the wardrobe. O lord, please get rid of evil powers. O lord, please get rid of evil powers. Open the wardrobe.
– No, sir. Open it or I’ll suspend you.
– Okay, sir. Open it quickly. Glory to Lord Hanuman, the learned one. The one who’s worshipped
in the three worlds. It’s a cat. Shut up. You unnecessarily scared me. Sir, don’t go ahead. Sir.. Sir, please stop. Sir, it’s the witch.
– Shut up! There’s nothing called witch.
Come with me. Okay, sir. Witch, please don’t harm us. Sir, why is she laughing? Go and ask her. go.
– No, sir. I don’t wish to die. It seems that somebody
switched it on just now. Who could’ve done this?
– The witch. Listen.. call the police station.
– Okay, sir. Stop! I know who you are. You are not a ghost. You’re an imposter.
– Don’t go, sir. You want to scare me?
– No, sir. I won’t spare you today. Sir, please stop.
– Stop getting scared and follow me. Sir.. Sir, you’ll break athlete
Milkha Singh’s record. You should’ve participated in Olympics
instead of taking up a job as a police. Keep your mouth shut and find him. He’s hiding here. Got him. Butterfly? How did the butterfly come here? Sir.. sir.. Sir.. Sir.. Sir something is definitely wrong. Sir, please don’t go. Sir.. sir.. please don’t go inside. I beg of you.
Please don’t go inside, sir. Sir..sir.. Khandva, what’s all this? Even I’m scared now. I think I’ve wet my pants. Sir, I had told you to get out of here. Sir, let’s go. Call the back-up quickly.
– Okay. There’s no signal here. What shall we do now? What shall we do now? Leave me. Leave me. Help! Khandva, where are you going? Why did you leave me alone? Please take me with you. Hurry up. Start the car. What about the ghost? Let’s get out of here or we’ll be dead.
– Okay, sir. C’mon hurry up. Go. Hurry up. Go.
– Let’s go. Hurry up. Hurry up. I won’t spare anybody. I’ll kill everybody. Traffic jam and the ruckus
created by these children. Let’s do something daring today. Butterfly, this is my vehicle. You need to pay for a ride. Where are you wandering? Go and enjoy the nectar of flowers. Get lost. Are you crazy? This one’s after me. Oh no, my bus! It bumped my car. Hey! What are you doing? It’s not my mistake. It’s his mistake. Hey! Why did you bump my car?
– Sorry. Are you mad? They’re abusing me because of you. Sorry sister, it’s my mistake. Dad, where are you?
– In the restaurant. Which floor?
– 10th floor. Okay. She has come. Be careful. our plan will
be spoiled if she loses her temper. Don’t worry, I’ll handle her. What’s the matter?
– So, you’ve come? Have a seat. Why did you urgently call me here? Do you remember my friend Som Sekhar? He has a son named Adi. He’s a very nice guy. He has recently come
to India from the U.S. We have planned a meeting with him. I’ve told you not once but several
times that I don’t wish to marry. Don’t you understand? Hello, uncle!
– Welcome, son. What’s up, guys?
– Come. Come. Hi! Have a seat.
– Hi! Aranya?
– Yes, she’s my daughter. We didn’t tell her about you.
So, she’s little surprised. Little surprised? So what? Life becomes boring
if everything goes according to plans. Yes.
– You’re right. Son, I just remembered some work. Both of you can chat. We’ll leave now. We’ll leave now.
– Mom.. All the best Aranya. Bye, Adi. Aranya, talk nicely to Adi.
– C’mon, let’s go. Okay, bye.
– Yeah. See you. So Aranya,
tell me something about yourself. Look Mr. Adi,
look at your face in the mirror. I’m not interested to marry you. Even the peon in my office
is more handsome than you. Would you’ve married me
if I was handsome? Look Aranya, marriage is just a certificate
to spend your nights with your partner. Why should we spend all
our nights with just one person? If we’ve multiple partners
people will criticize us. Therefore, we get married and tell
the society that we’re decent people. Then enjoy life on your own terms.
What do you say? Thanks for the suggestion.
But it was a very bad offer. Shall I say something? Girls are always criticized
for men like you. And if you ask me about marrying then.. ..I’ll never get married to you. I’ve seen your social media account. You were sticking close to
your male friends in the photos. Generally marital family
has a problem with such things. But, I’ll never stop you.
It’s a golden opportunity for you. Did your mom do the
same after her marriage? Why are you dragging her into this? Hey! Why are you showing
off so much attitude? You’re in media industry. Right? Did you reach this far in your career
without satisfying your boss and client? Why are you pretending to be pious? If it wasn’t a public place
I would’ve slapped you so hard.. .. that you would’ve started treating
all girls as your mother and sister. People with degraded thoughts like you
are the like pests in our society. You should be killed with a pesticide. Filthy man, do you think it’s your
right to ruin other people’s lives.. ..just because your father
has given you freedom? You think you’re a big shot
just because your dad is rich. I won’t even keep a pet in your name. What happened? Why are you silent? Learn to speak respectfully about woman. You won’t keep a pet of my name.. ..but you’ll definitely
have me as your husband. Stupid! Open the door, madam. Hi, madam. There’s another woman
in my boyfriend’s life. Okay. She’s beautiful, slim and trendy. She has cast her magic spell on him. Okay. This other woman in his life is none
other than his new mobile phone. What? No.. I don’t understand what
kind of mails people send these days. Whatever the case,
we can’t ignore the customers. What happened? Where are
you going like a wounded tigress? What’s the matter? People ask strange questions
these days and just make me go crazy. Please allow me to work
in some other department. I’m really tired, Ravi. I don’t care if you go crazy,
this is our fate. Accept it. I’ve gone through a lot in this job. You’ve to do the same. Try to convince them.
– What are you saying? Trying to reason with
them is just useless. Even if we try hard they
won’t understand anything. Ravi, why don’t we
start our YouTube channel? We’ll upload horror
stories in the channel. For example ‘Lame Kallu walks slowly’. ‘A witch without hair.’ ‘The favourite dish of the ghost.’ ‘The running ghost lost its underwear.’ ‘Awesome Cemetery’. What do you say? Do you wish to go and lie in your grave? It’s just for time pass. People upload any nonsense on YouTube. Ravi, it’s not that difficult
as you think . Believe me . Stop it, Aranya.
YouTube is fake. Crows sing here, lame people win races,
donkey become tigers.. ..and fools make movies. You can’t do these crazy things here. Hello.
– Can you come home early today? For what?
– There’s a surprise for you. Okay. Fine. C’mon, go ahead. C’mon, move. Go ahead. Hurry up. He killed right before my eyes.
– Everybody has to die one day. Let’s go. Move. Move.
– Let them go. Congratulations Aranya! Congratulations, my dear! C’mon have sweets.
– Congratulations, Aranya. What are the sweets for? Adi has agreed to marry you. We’re proud of you. He said that he was
looking for a girl like you. He told me that you
cast a magic spell on him. What did you do? What kind of magic spell
did you cast on him? Tell us. Your mom and I are very happy today. Now I can get my daughter
married before my retirement. One more surprise. Adi is very eager to get married. He wants to get engaged tomorrow
and get married on day after tomorrow. We’re very happy today. You’re also very happy. Right? That’s great! We’ll organize a grand wedding now. Finally our daughter gave
her consent to get married. I’ll feel at peace
after getting her married. Wake up, dear. Won’t you go to office today? Aranya, wake up. Come here quickly. Where could she go? I’m worried for her. I think she must’ve
gone to her friend’s place. Don’t worry. She’ll be back by evening. Why have you kept my dues unpaid? Give me my money. Get lost. Don’t ask for money.
Finish the job first. There’s still a lot of pending work. Oh no! where am I trapped? Why are you troubling us?
Does anyone colour the roof? You think we’re fools?
– Right! Don’t shout before him. he’s deaf. I’m Mehra, old lady. You called me old again? Wait, I’ll show you my youthful moves. The previous contractor fooled you. He came and deceived you. He’s a nice person.
People like him are rare. You’ll be ruined if
you pamper these people. I’ll talk to them. keep your mouth shut. Why are you disturbing me?
– Keep quiet, old lady. Grandma, I made a mistake by taking up
the contract to paint this house. This stout fellow
is deaf and you’re blind. What’s the use of painting the house? Please give my money and let me go. Give him hundred rupees
and ask him to leave. What? 9 rupees?
We can’t give anyone only nine rupees. Then how much shall we give him?
– At least 900 rupees. And 1100 from my end. Okay? Is 2000 rupees okay?
– Yes. What are you doing?
I’ll be ruined. I’ve saved money after much difficulty.
– Go and enjoy. I’ve won a lottery today. Put on the hearing aid quickly.
– Okay. Hurry up. Old lady, remember something. Always try to win the heart of people. You can’t see him but
he blessed you and ran away. I pray that everybody
gets a deaf man like you. Shut up! I told you
to give him hundred rupees.. ..but you gave him 2000 rupees. Did I make such a big mistake?
– yes. I forgot to wear the hearing aid. I lost 1900 rupees
because of your mistake. I’ll deduct it from your salary. I’ll deduct 1500
rupees from your salary. You’ll give me 400 rupees
and work without pay. You’re unlucky. Why didn’t you die after you were born? I would’ve at least got rid of you.
– Shut up, old lady. There’s a cemetery in the backyard.
Go and lie there. The ones who tried to take
me to the graveyard have died. Are you planning to
take me to the graveyard? She’s blind but she
spitted at the right place. It seems that my bride
is coming towards me. If I get married to her we’ll have
a cricket team of our own in few years. Hey you monkey! What’s going on? I was planning to marry you and
you’re insulting me before everybody. Don’t you feel ashamed to
call your future husband monkey? Don’t you think you’re talking a lot? I won’t say such things after marriage. If I tell grandma,
she’ll hit you with her slippers. C’mon, hold my bag . What are you staring at? One wasn’t enough and we’ve
another one to suck our blood. I’m already anemic. Ball.. give me the ball. Hi! Everything is imported. Has she come? My granddaughter has come. I missed this home badly. Grandma!
– I was so eager to see you. How are you, grandma?
– You can’t see with your eyes. But, the eyes of your
heart may be keen to see her. You changed sides the moment
your granddaughter came here. You’ve forgotten me, old lady. Hey fatso,
shut your dirty mouth and get out. Tell them to send
two cups of tea for us. I’ll tell them to add poison in it.
– You can drink that tea. Grandma, do you still do embroidery? I keep my hands busy in my free time. She not only keeps her hands
busy but her mouth is also busy. She is a pain in my neck. She speaks so much that
my ears don’t function well. Hey! Daughter, did you tell your
father that you’ve come here? He’ll soon find out that I’ve come here. What happened? Did you quarrel with him? It’s a long story, grandma. Forget all this and
give me something to eat. Give me a couple of minutes.
– Okay. So you pick pockets. Listen to me carefully. Give him money and send
him back to his native place. Don’t call me again for such petty things.
– Okay, brother. If you act smart, I’ll kill you. Take him out. You’re lucky. Come after every fifteen
days to give your attendance. Or I’ll come to your place. Okay, sir. Bye, sir . I won’t spare you, murderer. I’ll kill you.
– What are you doing? Scoundrel! Back off. Leave him. What are you doing?
– Sir, how could you release him? I haven’t released him. He’s going out on bail.
– How can he be allowed to go? He killed my fiancée
and you’re allowing him to go. I understand your problem,
but we’re helpless. A court case will be fought. Go now. Come on the
day of the court hearing. Why are you standing here? Go.
– Okay. She can’t see properly but
her pancakes are always round. Even the moon is not so perfect. He agreed to get married
despite hearing such rude words. That’s strange. I was also wondering about the same. You think too much. Do you know how hard
it is to get married? I was rejected by 32 girls. But, did I give up? Just be positive, old lady. Give me pancakes. Fatso, stop your lecture. You’ve already eaten
fifty-six and half pancakes, If you ask for more
I’ll hit you with the pan. The old lady can’t see
but her counting is perfect. Doesn’t matter. I’ll leave now, but I’ll be back later.
– Get lost. Keep the leftover pancakes in the freezer.
– Get out. I’ll come back and eat them. Will you leave or shall
I hit you with the cooker? What are you saying, grandma?
– It’s the love we share. I don’t feel at peace
if I don’t abuse him. I’m done. I’ve over-eaten.
– Stay here. What are you doing, grandma?
– I’m taking off the evil eye from you. Spit on it. Treat it as a spittoon
and spit on it. Desserts are always welcome after food. I’ve kept something
on the table. Eat it. No, grandma. I’m on a diet. I’ve seen many people diet. I would eat 15-20 flatbreads
as breakfast when I was your age. Enough, grandma. Go to sleep now. I’ve to go for jogging tomorrow morning. I’m talking in my sleep. Aranya.
– Yes, mom. Where did you go? Stop drinking now. Where will I go if anything
happens to you? Please forgive me. I didn’t kill them intentionally. The woman and the child
were killed in an accident. I swear on you. Believe me. I won’t touch liquor again. I’m speaking the truth.
C’mon eat now. Aranya.. I’ll run so hard that I’ll
defeat athlete Milkha Singh. Hey you idiot!
– Who’s shouting? Good morning. What’s all this drama for?
– I’ve filled the water tank. A monkey may try hard to look
smart but he can never be a hero. And you look like a big gorilla. From head to toe.
– Yes! A cat would come here daily. I gave it milk to drink. Yes. Hey you.. Idiot! She wants to eat sweets. Hi! Good morning. How many times will
she wish me good morning? Okay. Good morning.
– Go to sleep. Is she talking to ghost? Let’s go.
Let me tell you that I run very fast. Don’t mind if you’re left behind. Okay? Hire an auto or cab and go home.
– Okay. Let’s go. Don’t worry.
Your grandma is a rich lady. The grandma speaks a lot and
her granddaughter runs very fast. Aranya.. Aranya.. enough. Are you tired? Run at your own pace.
I’ll go ahead. Okay? Hello Aranya, one second.
– Yes. It’s better to walk when
the climate is so pleasant. Let’s walk and enjoy the scenery. Fatso! Aranya, if I go to the city… ..will I get the role of hero in films? You? Have you ever seen your face
in the mirror? You look like a mongoose. What’s wrong with my face?
I look like a hero. I enact roles in the village plays.
– Which role? Ravan’s role. Aranya, will I get married soon? After seeing how you
look I don’t think you will. What’s there in a face? I’ve a house,
car, bank balance, everything. All those things belong to grandma. She knows everything. Smart granddaughter of smart grandma. She has all the information
just like Google. You may try hard but
you’ll always do menial jobs. After all I’m fit for it. What’s your name? Bablu. Where are your parents? In the city. I live with my maternal uncle. Maternal uncle? You mean Aditya? With whom is she playing? I must say that she’s unique. She kicks the ball.. ..and the ball comes back to her. If she was in Indian team
she would’ve won hundreds of medals. Hey Chaitanya, open the door. Hey Chaitanya, can’t you hear? Open the door. If you don’t open the door,
I’ll break it. Hello, sir. Where were you last night?
– At home. Was there anybody with you?
– No, I was alone. What happened? The truck driver with whom
you had a tiff yesterday has died. When? How? His neighbours said that
he fell down from the terrace. It looked like an accident
but we suspect your involvement. That’s why we’re
here to interrogate you. If you know anything then tell us. It’ll be good for you. If we find out anything later
we’ll teach you such a lesson.. ..that you’ll always see our faces. Listen to one thing carefully. Unless we are sure if
it’s an accident or murder.. must come to the police
station whenever we call you. Okay, sir.
– Come, sir. A truck driver fell
from the terrace and died. Why do people go to terrace? What have you applied on your face?
– Face pack. For what?
– To get a fair skin. Girls love fair boys. Are you doing the painting job here? Grandma won’t pay you. Hey! Stop your nonsense. I forgot why I came here.
Oh yes! Where did I kept it
after washing my face? What are you looking for? I’m taking bath after a month. I don’t know where I kept it.
Oh, there it is. The scrubber. I’ll scrub and have a nice bath. Bye. I’ll bathe with cold water.
– Stupid! I don’t know how he fell
down from the terrace and died. I just heard the sound.
– Yes, I also heard the sound. I don’t know how it happened. What’s your name?
– Gita. For how many years
have you been working here? Over two years. Did Mohit Agarwal often come here? Yes, he would often come here.
Just a minute, sir. Excuse me. Don’t worry. You’ll get
the PF money in a couple of weeks. What happened?
– Don’t you know? No. Room number 701 Mohit Agarwal has died. He fell down from the balcony
in a drunken state and.. ..died on spot. He was the owner of
a renowned beer company. The witnesses saw him fall
flat on the ground from the terrace. Thank god he’s dead. He always
looked lustfully at our female staff. It’s rightly said that
as you sow so shall you reap. Just look what happened. Are you okay? Ms. Gita, excuse me.
– Coming, sir. Excuse me. How come there is blood here? Dear, you didn’t sleep yet? Come and sit next to me. I’ll share a secret with you. Before I go to sleep I switch
on this video of yours every night. Your uncle is holding
your hands and teaching you.. to burst crackers. You were very naughty
when you were small and.. ..your dad was very short-tempered. He’s no more short-tempered. How can a father be
angry with his daughter? When you were born our
house was filled with joys. All of us were very happy. Then an ominous thing
happened in the house. Villagers believe that
your uncle was killed by a witch. Grandma, it’s a superstition.
– I also said so. But, your dad didn’t listen to me. He started saying that
this house is haunted. He went away and never came back. Forget the past. It’s my responsibility
to bring him here. I promise. Now cheer up. You have a CCTV connection?
– It’s imported. But, you can’t see. It’s for our three tigresses. These cats are now your bodyguards. Grandma, you’re a genius. The cats never cry like this. Please check what’s wrong? What happened, dear? Did the cats scare you? They’re pet cats. Aranya, they won’t harm you.
Don’t be scared. Why aren’t you saying anything? What’s wrong? Aranya.. Aranya.. Where did you go? Why don’t you say anything? Nothing, grandma. You shouted as if you saw a ghost. Sir.. Sir, I want to meet Mr. Yogesh. Which Yogesh?
– SI Yogesh? He has not come to work today. Pandey, has Yogesh sir come to work?
– No, sir. He’s not here today.
Do something. Come tomorrow. ‘Listen to me carefully.’ ‘I won’t repeat myself.’ Sir, Yogesh sir fell down
from the terrace and died. What are you saying?
– How could this happen? We had tea together last evening. Confirm if it’s our Yogesh. Stop! Rewind it Aranya. Look there’s a ghost behind you. This is terrifying. It means what the
villagers said was true. Old lady, give me my dues.
I’ll leave your house and go. I’ll do anything but I
don’t wish to die a bachelor. I’ll break your face.
– Aranya, please try to explain it to her. The ghost will kill
you before you harm me. So, you got scared. Right?
I also had the same feeling. But, it was a mistake. It was not a ghost, it was my shadow. I’ve got an idea. If we make fake horror
videos and scare people then.. ..we’ll get a lot of views. I didn’t get you. We’ll shoot horror stories
and upload them on YouTube. YouTube?
– She always keeps spitting on me. Why do you both always fight? Grandma, internet is a rage these days. People love watching weird videos. For example if you talk about
aliens and dinosaurs without.. ..having any knowledge about them.. If you show them weird
things that can’t be proven.. People watch anything
to pass their time. How will we get anything?
– We’ll shoot it. Use your brain once.
– Impossible. If we upload horror videos
on YouTube and if it becomes a hit.. ..then we’ll become famous overnight. Once we become famous we’ll earn a lot. Okay. I’ll dip my hands
into the money first. Get into it completely. I hope it’ll be enough for my size. How is the plan? It’s a good plan but I’ve a condition. I’ll dress up grandma as the witch. Is it okay, grandma? Are you ready? Okay. Let’s make videos and earn money. You’re greedy for money, old lady. Like and subscribe to the
horror channel. Press the bell icon. Press it. Superb! Villagers, narrate horror stories. She was dangerous.
– She was terrifying. Lord Hanuman, please save us. Next. C’mon, start. The witch climbed the
wall with her head upside down. Her hair was blowing in the wind. One night my daughter was
putting her daughter to sleep. She suddenly saw a hand on the floor. When she bent down to check,
she saw a doll. The witch was right next to her. I swear on my mother. May I be punished if I’m lying. It’s believed that
she’s wandering even today. Stop the car. I just saw the ghost. We’ve escaped narrowly. Do you believe in ghosts? Do you know what’s the
special gift of God to us? It’s our brain. To unravel mysteries and
to create things that don’t exist. The other animals don’t do this. Sometimes our curiosity
becomes a curse for us. For example if we think
of a spirit the very next moment.. ..we feel that the spirit
is standing right in front of us. It’s a strange situation. It means the shadow I saw
at home was just a misconception. Yes. just like your fake videos. Everyone think it is real. Keep going. But, don’t get confused. And don’t worry about anything. Why can’t I see him in the mirror?
How is this possible? Is Bablu a ghost? Yes! What wrong with you? Don’t you’ve a brain? Did you all go missing when
God was giving brain to everybody? I know the ghosts very well. One of them stays with me in my house. She’s no one but my wife. Who’s killing them? Are they suicides or murder? Brother, give me some. Where do I go? Whom do I ask? I’m confused. I must find out the truth. Now the TV will help
us and not entertain the cats. I want to know about two
people who come here daily. Many people come here daily. How can I remember everybody’s face? Their names are Harshal and Sandeep. I don’t remember anybody by name. I only recognize money. Don’t come again later. What’s happening? From where is the smoke coming? What’s this? Is this depicts the presence
of supernatural powers? What are you doing? One more. Hey Adi! This is the latest hearing aid. What will I do with it? It’ll help you hear
the sound of your heart. Today a grandson wants
to bless his grandma. What are you doing? I’m telling you the truth.
There is a ghost here. If you don’t believe
then see it with your eyes. What are you doing here? I am having banana. If you don’t believe
then see it with your eyes. Blood oozes out of
this haunted wall often. Come, let’s kill the witch.
We won’t spare her. ‘She can’t escape today.’ Come here. Don’t be scared, I’ll handle him. Come. Aranya, help. Witch! Well-done, grandma. Aranya, come to me. Aranya, come to me. Come with me. What’s all this? From where did so many butterflies come? I can see nothing in the camera. It’s quiet outside. I’ll check here. This place is also deserted. From where did the butterflies come? Grandma.. how did she go there? I left her in her room. What’s going on? Ghost! Is that the ghost? There’s no one outside. How can grandma climb
the stairs when she can’t see? Who is it? Who is it? What’s happening? Grandma. Aranya!
– Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!
– Aranya! Grandma! What happened, grandma? Grandma.. Help! Aranya! Aranya! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! A man named Adi had called. He said that there’s ghost there.
The ghost has killed somebody. Okay, madam. I’ll go there. Okay. Go and check.
Inform me if you need backup. Okay, madam. Dad.. Is grandma okay? Yes. Grandma.. Grandma.. Are you okay, my child? Sorry, grandma. Please take me home. I don’t like to stay in the hospital. I don’t wish to die in the hospital. Nothing will happen to you. You’ll be absolutely fine. Son, you’ve finally come back. I hope you’re not angry with me anymore. Dad is not angry with you. He has come to take you with us. Sorry.. sorry.. I’m very sorry. Brother.. brother.. What’s the matter? You come here daily. Buy a bottle of liquor
and go away without drinking it. What’s your problem? Do you know anybody who loots
auto drivers and beats passengers? Their life is in danger. You mean Harshal and Sandeep. Right? I know them very well. Aranya, come to me. Aranya, come to me. Harshal! Sandeep! Open the door. Your lives are in danger. Somebody wants to kill you. Why isn’t the lift functioning properly? Why is it going up and down? What’s happening? Please help me. Help! I’m leaving all of you and going to God. Grandma.. Forget me. Grandma.. Grandma! Grandma.. Grandma! Grandma! Why are they getting killed? Who’s killing them? Why can’t we see the murderer? Grandma.. Grandma.. You can’t leave us and go. Grandma.. Bhavani! We already lost a family
member because of the spirit before. Now the ghost has killed
mom too because of all of you. Why did you make horror videos? You all made a very big mistake. Aranya is immature. But you and mom should’ve stopped her. The spirit has come
back because of you all. Calm down, Sobha. I don’t think mother
will ever forgive us. What happened, Bablu? You weren’t just to Bhavani. All of you killed her.. ..and me too. All of you are guilty of murder. And you’ll definitely
be punished for it. All of you’ll die. Everybody is crying for grandma today. They’ll cry for you tomorrow. After that it’ll be
the turn of your parents. Bablu.. Aranya.. what happened? Bablu! Bablu! Aranya!
– Bablu! What happened, my child? Bablu! Where is Bablu?
– What happened? What happened?
– Where is Bablu? Why are you shouting?
– Where is Bablu? What is the matter? Tell us. Bablu..
– Who is Bablu? Who’s Bablu?
– Where is your nephew Bablu? Who is she talking about? I don’t have a sister.
How will I have a nephew? I’m talking about your nephew Bablu.
– I don’t know any Bablu. Which Bablu are you talking about?
– Yes, tell us. Where did you see him? What has happened
to her all of a sudden? Is there anyone called Bablu here?
– No. It’s an illusion. You must’ve seen a dream. There’s no Bablu here. I think you’ve got a big
shock due to grandma’s demise. Go inside and rest. It means it was Bablu’s
ghost who played and talked to me. I was the only one who could see him. Mom, there’s ghost in this house. Let’s go back to the city. Let’s go. After elder brother’s demise
I told mom to come with us to the city. But she wasn’t ready to shift. You were small at that time.
Therefore I had to shift to the city. Perform some rituals
and lock the house. Got it? We’ll go away. Listen, you also go away.
– Okay. Go back to your village.
We’ll meet later. The truck driver with whom
you had a tiff yesterday has died. Lorry driver James fell
down from the terrace and died. Mohit Agarwal. He fell down
from the terrace in intoxicated state. He died on spot. SI Yogesh also fell down
from the terrace and died. Yogesh sir fell down
from the terrace and died. Harshal and Sandeep
died in a similar manner. I must unravel the mystery. What’s the name? Bhavani. Lift both your hands. Close your eyes and concentrate. Think only about Bhavani. Her face, her smile,
her activities, her behavior. Think only about her. Let her engulf your being. Bhavani.. Call her again. Bhavani.. Bhavani! Bhavani! Why didn’t you come
to meet me for so many days? Please tell me that you still love me. I’m your Chaitanya.
Have you forgotten me? Break your silence once. Yes. I do. You gave me all the
happiness in the world. But somebody snatched it from me. I won’t spare them. This is not right. Revenge gives pleasure to petty humans. Why are you doing this? Bhavani! My revenge will be complete
only after I kill her. Revenge? Who do you want to kill? The person who snatched you from me. I will kill her. I killed her grandma. I’ll kill her family. No one will be spared. Who are you talking about? Aranya. Aranya.. I’ll kill all of you. I won’t spare anybody. All of you will die. No one will be spared. Aranya, open the door. Help us.
– What’s happening? Aranya! Save us, Aranya! Help!
– Open the door. Aranya! Mom.. Dad..
– Open the door. Mom.. Thank God that my parents are alive. Why are you after me? What did I do? Sir, please tell me what you want. How will I search if
you don’t tell the name? Aranya. I want to find
the girl of this name. Okay, tell me. Full name. Address? Age? Sir, this is internet and not a
magic bag that you’ll get what you want. It’ll be difficult to find
without proper details. Play this video. This one? Did you get it?
– She’s the one. She’s the girl. Sir, she’s famous. She makes horror videos. She is a crazy woman. She lives in a haunted house.
Look at this. You weren’t just to Bhavani. All of you killed her. Take this. Take the body in the morning. Hello, sir. Madam, her husband had
taken her dead body that day. This is the name
and address of that man. Take this.
– Thank you. Thank you. Tell him to come and take it. I’ve informed them.
They’ll come in the morning. – Okay. So, you’re Chaitanya. Right? Aranya. Stop this, please. Control Bhavani. She’s torturing me. Aranya, believe me. I was searching you. I want to save you and your
family so that Bhavani can’t kill you. I want to save your lives. And you’re suspecting me? Tell me something. Did you know Bhavani? Did you ever hurt her
unintentionally or unintentionally? What nonsense? I’ve neither met her
and nor do I know her. I don’t know who Bhavani is. I don’t know why she’s after me. This isn’t a coincidence. I’m sure that she knows
you and so she’s after you. Chaitanya.. Chaitanya.. I coincidentally met Bhavani one day. Why is Bhavani after you? It’s a mystery for me. You’ve to meet a person
to unravel the mystery. You may go now. Bhavani is back. Call me if you need any help. I’ll be there for you. The villagers say that
a witch killed your uncle. Your grandma has also died. Why is Bhavani after you? It’s a mystery for me. I think you should
interact with Bhavani. I hope you didn’t hurt her
intentionally or unintentionally. You’ve to meet a person
to unravel the mystery. We can call her on a new moon night. Are you ready to meet her? There’s only one way
to control the spirit. We must worship Kaal Bhairav. Only then you’ll get rid of this spirit. We’ll chant the mantras at
the place where the spirit lives.. ..that is your house. The spirit is very
powerful and can kill you. When we chant the mantras
on a new moon night.. must take out
Bhavani’s dead body.. ..and attack her body with a trident. When her body gets destroyed.. ..bury the trident at the
place where her dead body was buried. After that we’ll bring her spirit
under control by chanting mantras. Remember that the
spirit is very powerful. One mistake and it won’t spare anybody. This is the only option
we have to overpower the spirit. If you win, she’ll be in your control. But, if she wins,
no one will be able to stop her. Aranya, where did you go? We were worried. You should’ve informed us before going. You’re in great shock
after your grandma’s demise. You can go out on
a vacation if you want. If you need counseling you can tell us. We’ll arrange everything for you. Please don’t stop talking to us. We don’t have anyone except you. Please speak with us. I’ve got an interview call from Delhi.
National News Channel. I’ve to go today. She won’t go anywhere. Is it necessary to
give in to her demands? Okay. You may go if you want. Do what you think is right. But, take care of yourself. Thanks, dad. Thanks, mom. Listen Chaitanya, start the work. ‘You’ve to destroy Bhavani’s dead body
on a new moon night.’ ‘After that we’ll chant mantras
dedicated to Kaal Bhairav..’ ‘..and bring her spirit
under our control.’ Why are you after me? I know that you had a tough childhood. But, everybody does
not get everything in life. Should you kill people for it? I always longed for
happiness in my life. When I was about to get my joys.. snatched it from me. When a baby is born people celebrate it. But, I was born a cursed girl. It’s a girl.
– He’s unfortunate. He married again to have a son. But, she also gave birth to a daughter. Oh no! A thunder struck him. I was termed unlucky
without any fault of mine. Even my own mother hated me. Mom, she’s crying. Please take her. Mom, the baby.. She killed my husband
the day she was born. I don’t wish to see her face. Even during my school
days I faced only problems. We targeted you. Wash your face. You’ll look fair. What happened? Got scared? We’ve heard that the person
whose path you cross dies. Bhavani, stop. How long will you keep crying, Bhavani? Stop crying. I like you, Bhavani. The family that wasn’t
happy when I was born.. ..celebrated my 16th birthday grandly. But.. Oh no! Give her water. Oh no! What’s wrong?
– Are you okay? Come.. Sister gave birth to a still born baby. I was blamed for that. Bhavani.. Look what I’ve brought for
you from the city. It’s a gift. Open it. The red vermilion looks good on you. Shut up, unlucky girl . You killed your father
the day you were born. You’ve been ruining
our lives since then. What have we done? I’m going to Delhi to study. You also come with me. It was a big thing that my
family sent me to school to study. Come here. Romeo, did you find only
her to fall in love with? Come on. For the first time in my life
I was happy because of Chaitanya.. ..but the ruthless world
snatched him away from me. When I grew up many people
came for matrimonial match. Her features are beautiful. But, she’s so dark
that nobody will marry her. She’s good looking. I wish she was a bit fair. The villagers say that you’re unlucky.
Is it true? Do you like the girl? No, I don’t like her. Let’s go. They rejected me either for
dowry or my complexion and looks. I was alone despite being with people. My brother-in-law tried to molest me. Stop crying and tell us what happened. She’s continuously crying.
She isn’t saying anything. What’s wrong with you? Will you tell us? If you can’t tell me then
at least share with your sister. Brother-in-law tried to molest me. What did you say? Molest you? I didn’t force her.
She was ready for it. Now she’s trying to land me in trouble. This happens when somebody
doesn’t get married. Now she’s putting the blame on me.
– No. How dare you..
– I’m speaking the truth. ..blame my husband? Have you forgotten
that he runs the house? You’ve always ruined lives. Now you want to ruin my life too. Get out. Get out of here. Get out. You think we’ll accept
your false accusations. I’ll break your legs if you come back. Get out of here with
your unlucky face. Get out. Please stop her. Get out. Will you leave or not?
Get out. Leave us alone. Get out with your unlucky face. Or I’ll hit you with my slippers.
Go and commit suicide. Don’t come back. Mom.. mom.. open the door. Mom, I didn’t do anything. Where shall I go? I’m feeling scared. Sister.. I came to the city. I survived for two years doing odd jobs. Then I met Chaitanya again at a hotel. People forget the culture
and tradition of their country.. ..after they go to a different country. But, even today Indians in Canada
want to teach Hindi to their kids. We’re offering you
a 10,000 dollar salary.. ..and a good stay in Canada. Chaitanya, how is the offer? You can tell us if
you’ve further demands. Sir..’s not for money. I want to work for my passion. Do you know that your books
are very popular in Canada? People want you to teach them. When are you going to
bring your family to India? I’ll bring them here some day. But, I suggest you also get married
and come to Canada with your wife. Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir. Extremely sorry, sir. It’s alright. It was my fault. Hey! Go from here.
– Sorry, sir. It was a mistake. Sir, I apologize.
– Forget it. It was my fault. My hand knocked her when
she was cleaning the table. It’s okay.
– It’s okay. It’s okay, it happens. That day when I was crying
alone at my helplessness.. ..Chaitanya came to meet me. Hey! Why are you crying? It was my mistake. Doesn’t matter.
I’ll speak with your supervisor. Come. Please come with me. Chaitanya.. Bhavani? Come in. Where were you all these years? Did you marry? Who’ll marry an unlucky girl like me? Where did you go? I was selected for army when
I was in final year of college. I’ve witnessed bloodshed,
dead bodies, everything. I resigned and went back to the village. But, I didn’t find you anywhere. The villagers said that you were dead. But, look at the turn of fate.
You’re with me today. Who were those people in the hotel? They were offering me a job.
Come with me to Canada. We’ll start our life afresh. Chaitanya, you love black. Isn’t it? Here you go. What have you done? Bhavani, take this. Come to my wedding. And then came the most
beautiful moment in my life. My wedding day. I got ready and was
going for my wedding.. ..when my joys were
shattered because of you. Everything was ruined. What’s the matter, Bhavani?
You’re glowing these days. Are you going for a wedding? It looks as if it’s her wedding. Madam.. Madam.. Open the door, madam. If you had stopped
the lift that day then.. ..I wouldn’t have had
to walk down the stairs. And the mishap wouldn’t
have happened with me. My beauty queen, where are you? Bhavani.. Hello. I had told you about
the guest at room number 701. The owner of beer company. He’s calling me to clean the room. But, your shift is over. Isn’t it? Come on. Get out of there. I’ll clean the room in
five minutes and be there. Okay. Come quickly. What’s the matter? Where are you going all dressed up? Your sari looks nice. Listen.. will you stay back for a night. C’mon tell me. I’ll make you a queen. Hey! You’ll come back to me again. Brother, will you go?
– Yes. Where will you go?
– To registrar office. I’ve taken an auto. Bhavani, after our marriage
vacate the hostel and shift to my house. I can’t stay away from you anymore. Chaitanya, do you remember the gifts
you would give me during school days? I’ve brought a special
gift for you today. You’re my gift. I don’t want anything else. Stop teasing me. Okay. What gift do you’ve for me? That’s a surprise. Come out. Don’t touch the auto. Come out. I told you several times.. Hello. Bhavani..
– Chaitanya, there’s a problem here. Two drunkards are snatching
money from the auto driver. Is there anybody else with you? Just a second.
Hold. Let me see. Hello. Take out money or we’ll kill you. Brother, please leave him. Take money from me if you want. Bhavani, what’s happening there? Why are you interfering? Don’t interfere.
Go and sit in the auto. No! Please don’t snatch my bag. Please leave that.
Those are my wedding rings. Brother, please.. please leave it. Please don’t take it. please return it. Our life is set. It’s a gold ring. Please return it. We can buy a month’s liquor with it. Brother, please give it. No.. no.. please leave it.
Leave it. please.. Get lost.
– Please give it. Return it. Who is going to marry you?
– Shut up. Let’s go and drink.
– Why did you show them your bag? Bhavani..
Bhavani.. what happened? Tell me. The drunkards snatched
away the gift I bought for you. Doesn’t matter, Bhavani.
It was just a gift. We’ll buy a new one later. Are you okay?
Now stop crying. Where are you at the moment? I’m about to reach. I’ll call you after I reach. Okay. Take care. Hey! Where are you running? I won’t spare you?
– No, sir.. I didn’t do anything. You are lying after stealing.
– No, sir. You’re mistaken. The thief ran away. When will she come?
– In five minutes. Madam, how long will it take? My husband is waiting for me.
Please let me go. Stop your nonsense. Do you think I’m a fool
that I’ll listen to you? I know people like you very well. This drama won’t be fruitful before me.
– No.. You’re into illegal business
and now you’re lying. Shut up! Or I’ll hit you hard.
– I’m speaking the truth. I’m going to get married today. Sir, she’s not the woman.
She’s somebody else. The thief has been caught. What are you saying?
– Yes, sir. I told you that I’m not the thief. Oh! You should’ve told me before. Come on, go. Go in, I’ll be there.
– Okay. Come soon. Hello, Bhavani. A policeman arrested
me and beat me badly. A policeman beat you?
What are you saying, Bhavani? Please tell me what has happened. Why do I always have to face all this? Bhavani, where are you? I’m coming. I’m nearby. I’ll reach soon. I’ve reached. Come quickly. I’m waiting for you. Excuse me, sister. Will you please help me cross the road? Hey! I told you not to call me. Hang up. Useless woman! Stop that truck.
He has killed both of them. The child is also dead. Call the ambulance. Call the police. Hurry up. Call the police. Call the ambulance. All of you are the reason
why my life is ruined. Therefore, I decided to
take revenge against all of you. I killed my mom,
sister and brother-in-law first. Then I killed Mohit Agarwal. After killing SI Yogesh
and the lorry driver James.. ..I killed Harshal and Sandeep too. I killed your grandma too. If you had stopped the lift that day.. ..I would’ve been alive and
my love would’ve been with me. I wouldn’t have gone
through all the problems.. ..and I would’ve been happy in life. How do I repent? What do you want? I want you, Aranya. I want to live my
incomplete life through you. I couldn’t live a good
life as long as I was alive. But, I want to live a good life now. You’ll have to sacrifice
your life for me. You could’ve done it earlier. Of course, I could. But, how would you find out the truth? Why did you trouble me? You couldn’t tolerate this much problem. Just imagine how I spent
my entire life mired in problems. It’s your turn now. Now you’ll face the
problems I went through. Every day, every moment you’ll suffer. Hello. Tell me, Aranya. Chaitanya, stop. Come back. ‘You had snatched away
my Chaitanya from me.’ ‘Now you’ll have to
bring him back to me.’ ‘I’ll get Chaitanya through your body.’ These flowers, the decoration..
Anything special, Aranya? Bhavani is coming back
in your life through me. This is wrong. This is against nature. I’m the person responsible
for the accident Bhavani faced. It’s so strange. Some people get everything in life
while some people are left empty handed. They get only pain
and sufferings in life. I wonder if the Almighty who’s
the creator is unaware of these things. Or is he testing us? I’m going to return the joys
that the world snatched away from her. I’ll end the story that I had begun. I told you.. ..that I’ll come back for you. My prayers have been answered. Now you’ll be mine. I wanted to marry you before everybody. But, doesn’t matter. Today we’re going to get
into the holy bond of matrimony. But I feel something is missing. Black mark. No one should cast his
evil eye on my Chaitanya. I’m very happy today. Are you happy? This is not right, Bhavani. Why? It’s not just and right to ruin
somebody’s life for one’s happiness. It’s absolutely wrong. What are you doing? Fate has given us a chance.
Don’t reject it. I did it for you. But, I didn’t ask for this. Stop! Why are you going away?
She agreed to do this. Don’t waste time.
Come on. Leave me, Bhavani. Do you remember when we were in school? I used to stare at you from my window,. Your simplicity won my heart. My Bhavani never harmed anyone. I don’t want this Bhavani. You’re not the Bhavani I loved. You’ve completely changed. Chaitanya, Aranya got everything. Parents, education, happiness.
Everything. But what did I get? What’s wrong in asking for her body? We should not decide
what’s right and wrong. Some people labeled me
unlucky without caring for me. Wasn’t that wrong? Aranya is one of them. You may say anything.. ..but I can’t do it. Whenever I look at you.. ..I can’t see my Bhavani in you. I feel as if Aranya is staring at me. I can’t do this injustice. I can’t accept you in her body. So, you don’t want to be mine. Okay. Aranya will not be
able to marry anyone now. This is wrong, Bhavani. Leave Aranya. She’s innocent. What was my fault? If you don’t agree I’ll kill her. My Bhavani was not like this. I loved you. I wanted to spend my life with you. You’re standing before me
in somebody else’s body. How can I accept you like this, Bhavani? I’ll betray you along with me. Please forgive me. What have you done? Why did you do this? Chaitanya.. Chaitanya.. why did you do this? Don’t cry. I’m coming to you. We’ll be together.


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