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All About Picture Framing : Determine What Size Frame You’ll Need for Your Picture

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I am here to tell you about custom picture framing. Now, the
next thing we need to do is measure the picture to find out what size frame that we need to
cut. Some people will tell you that you need to use a wooden ruler like this to measure
your picture. But, I’m telling you to never use a wooden ruler like this to measure your
picture. What you want to use is a tape measure just like this. You can find them anywhere.
What we are going to do is measure this oil painting right here. So, all you do is you
bring it here and I see that this picture is twenty inches by twenty four. So, that
tells me that a twenty by twenty four is a standard size. So, as you saw before, we were
able to find a standard size frame to fit this. But, the next one we are going to measure
is this watercolor right here. Now, this watercolor needs to have a matting on it. So, we have
the matting here that we are going to used for this picture. But, as you see, this is
four inches. We might not quite want four inches. We may only want three inches. So,
let’s decide we are going to use three inches on this. So, what you do is, you add three
inches and three inches, and that comes to six. So, put your finger on the six, and you’ll
see my picture is going to be twenty seven inches by twenty two inches. You never, ever
measure when you are using a mat, you never measure the image. You do not ever want to
know that because you’ll end up cutting the mat and the frame all wrong. So, first determine
what size margin that I want. That size margin is going to be three inches. So remember,
you add the two together which makes six. And your picture is twenty two inches by twenty
seven inches which gives you a three inch margin all the way around this picture.


  1. Joe Joe River Author

    There was really no reason to break a good ruler. That was a bit dramatic and extreme. There are poor children all around the world without rulers!😑


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