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All Hollywood VFX Removed! What Movies Really Look Like

In the olden days what you’d see on a
movie set would look pretty much the same as what you’d see in the final film
but with modern technology giving us a capability of CGI all you need is a
green screen and a couple of props and because of this movie sets nowadays look
completely different to what you see in the final movie. So here are some movie
clips without the visual effects, for you to see what they really look like Life
of Pi in this movie we see that Pi Patel spends most of his time in a boat
si- oh yeah and there’s a tiger there too except they’re not at sea and
there’s no tiger there nearly the entire movie was filmed in front of a blue
screen and the tiger was completely CGI however for the close-up shots where PI
has to physically interact with the tiger they didn’t use a tiger either
they used a blue teddy bear which badly scribbled on eyes just in America Civil
War this film used tons of green screens for locations that you would have
thought you could get away without having to use it like the fight scene
between team Iron Man and team Captain America that takes place in an airport I
mean is an airport really something that has to be done with CGI apparently so
but the scene where Captain America stops the helicopter from taking off
with his bare hands makes more sense as that was done at ground level rather
than on a dangerous rooftop the wolf of wallstreet you think that being based on
a true story there wouldn’t really be any need for fancy fantasy scenery but
this film was full of it it was used for foreign locations the characters visited
to enhance the beach houses that they partied at and of course for more
obvious things like having a lion walk through the office yeah gravity this wasn’t actually entirely
filmed in front of green screens but in front of TV screens in order to get the
right lighting on the actors faces but yes the majority of the scenery is
computer-generated as so are some of the props as some of the controls you think
they’re interacting with aren’t even there. Not sure if this is clever or just lazy Godzilla! Of course Godzilla was
completely CGI Figures using a guy in a suit doesn’t really cut the mustard
these days but aside from the obvious CGI there is some CGI that might actually surprise you for example when the armies on the coast trying to attack the monsters there’s there’s nothing there! just green screens and a fence and some soldiers Jurassic world of coarse this movie heavily relies on CGI as dinosaurs are extinct and dressing an actor up in a dino suit looks well…we all know what that looks like so as a result many of the scenes look entirely different to what’s seen in the movie and any scene where a dinosaur would appear actors had to imagine there was something there and in other scenes involving raptors for example they had actors with these funny helmets and motion sensors on them for a point of reference and as if creating pretty much all the dinosaurs with CGI wasn’t enough CGI even the scenery was enhanced with CGI made to look even more amazing Batman vs. Superman in dawn of justice most of the gotham city scenery was done the CGI and being a fictional city this was to be expected but what’s surprising is they used CGI for Batman’s powered armor in order for the
actors to be able to move around more freely and for a huge chunk of the fight
it wasn’t even Ben Affleck fighting it was just a stuntman huh what did you
think of these scenes do they look completely different? Let us know in the
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  1. MUDSWAT Author

    2:31 is that a baby Brontosaurus? You would think they would be a little bigger than that… Like the size of a full grown elephant big.

  2. PinkCrystalDoll Author

    Just CGI everything, why do you need actors any more, they are not as useful and impressive and pretty as CGI anyways!

  3. Carlos Lima Author

    Pretty soon you won't need actors. The actors will be blobs that sell their likeness to the film maker which will be a computer.

  4. Daniel Ahmed Author

    Wow what you are showing us is magnificent 🙌👏👏👏👏🙌

    Can I see the movie seen behind "under world" any of the series .

  5. Audio Pervert Author

    Looks less stupid without the tardy effects and virtually predisposed reality …
    A violent society like America is also reflected in its CGI …

  6. michael Scaturro Author

    There should be a little red bulb that lights up on the screen whenever they are using CGI, so that I am more aware of every time that I am being duped by Hollywood.

  7. BluSpykz Author

    "Dressing up an actor in a dino suit looks… well… We all know what that looks like" – 5 seconds later – "they dressed up these actors as half-raptor-half-man-hybrids as a point of reference."

  8. Jay Wu Author

    Special effect team should get pay more than actor/actress, or just get rid off them, make digital actors/actresses. They’re just useless.

  9. Jay Wu Author

    After seeing how movie is made, I lost my respect to actors and actresses, they’re just a useless piece of junk. Just show their faces and make millions of dollars, special effect teams should get paid more.

  10. Mancunian Red Author

    CGI has replaced actual acting and it allows wooden actors/actresses to shine. The fact that a film needs so many special effects is testament to how bad films are these days. It covers the terrible acting. Give me a typical Hong Kong kung fu movies with no cgi and real martial artists plying their trade in a film and actors/actresses actually doing their own stunts.

  11. 赤木一 Author

    When i was very young I thought that everyone is fake, Im the only real person. everything else surrounding me exists because I need them to be there. I don’t know how long this thought persists in my mind but when i grew up i forgot this idea for long time.

  12. the real slimshady Author

    Are you seriously tryna tell us that they had butt naked men in velociraptor suits and then show us another picture with them wearing white outfits with a helmet? I think someone needs to lay of the peyote

  13. Philip 167 Author

    take a look at the start of the starwars movie when it first cam out in 77 look at the storm trooper going round the corner firing his lazier gun notice the lazies lines are no wear near the gun there pointing up wards but it only last about 3 seconds so you'll need to slow it down

  14. saystheman behindthemask Author

    it's kind of sad to be honest. And lazy? I know there is a lot of work going into CGI, but doing as much as possible in camera is pretty much out the window. Singers don't need to be able to sing, film makers don't need to be able to film! GREAT! Actors though… yuh I do feel sorry for them having to imagine 80 % of what is happening in a scene.

  15. Vaasha Author

    are you serious? they couldn't just use the airport for days. there are people working, and planes flying. it isn't jsut any airport, it's a specific one. god damn


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