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Aman (1967) (HD & Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Rajendra Kumar, Saira Banu, Balraj Sahni, Om Prakash

‘Honesty and insult are
the result of your deeds.’ ‘Your shadow will never leave you.’ ‘These are thousands of poor,
homeless and helpless..’ ‘..war affected people, who are
looking for peace and shelter.’ ‘They are moving towards
a destination..’ ‘..which they want but it’s unknown!’ ‘They feel they’re secure
in this wild jungle.’ ‘But they are unaware
that the terrorism..’ ‘..of mankind can
catch them here, too.’ Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Urmila! Madam! Mother! Mother! ‘Today this motherless child
doesn’t know..’ ‘..why does a human being want
destruction for others?’ ‘Why this war? What’s it for?’ Mom! It’s your love that
made my dream come true. I’ve become a doctor. There was a time.. ..when I was agonized,
but couldn’t save you. Now as I stand here,
I’ve the intention of.. ..trying my best to save my
own people and strangers alike. Mom! I know the path ahead
is very difficult. You’ll support me with
your good wishes, right? I’m silly! I posed this question to my mom. Doctor! Dear lord! I read the news. Congratulations. Thank you.
– You’ve brought India to the top. Hello, mother. You’ve got a great son! He’s a star of medical science. Live long, my friend! You’re making news.
They should make your statue. I’m sorry about him.
This Bengali man is very good. Friend! I really regret
that you failed. Is he mad? It’s my father
who has failed, brother. He sends me 40 pounds
every month from Kolkata. I didn’t pass the exam on purpose. If I did, I’d have to go
back to India with you. I’ve been in love with
my Martha for 2 years. How will I get married to her? Sir, when is the party for us?
– Yes, we want a party. We want a party. Ok, we’ll have it.
– We want a party. Of course, we’ll have it. For sure. On the occasion of your passing
and my failure. One whisky, please.
– Thank you. When are you going back to India?
– Next week. All the best.
– Thank you. What will you have, dear?
– I’ll have champagne. One champagne, please. Gautam!
– Yes! The party last night
was really good. The hit of the season. You’ll go away.
Who will throw such parties then? What’s so special, Pancham? Shall I tell you something?
– Yes. You are so lucky. You got a first class
degree in England. In India, you’ve an upper-class,
rich father. Red carpet welcome. A lovely wife, lovely
car and lovely bungalow. O lord! What a future! You’ll become the richest man
of India one day. Panchu, I’ve a dream which
I’ve cherished for many years. If that is fulfilled, I’ll become
the richest man not just in India.. ..but the world. I’ve one worry. I don’t know what
dad will go through. Good morning, handsome.
– Good morning, ma’am. There’s a letter for you.
– Thank you. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning! How’s the weather outside?
– It’s a lovely day. Thank you. Panchu!
– Yes! Look who has called me. I never imagined I would get this
opportunity before leaving England. Dear lord!
A letter from lord Bertrand Russell? You are called for an interview.
– Yes, Panchu. I’d been trying for two years
to meet this great man. This great man is the
only hope of the world. He is like sun in the darkness. What an honor! Wow! Thank you very much, sir. I’ve been a medical student
in England for the last 4 years. And all these years, I’ve been
going through your teachings.. ..statements, writings on world
peace and against atomic power. In fact, your thoughts have shaped
the philosophy of my life, sir. ‘Young man Gautam,
told lord Bertrand Russell that..’ ‘..he was very impressed
with his thoughts..’ ‘..against atom bombs
and pro world peace.’ ‘So he has decided to go
to Japan instead of India..’ ‘..and serve those poor patients
who are attacked by atom bombs..’ ‘..and are suffering from different
ailments without medical care.’ ‘He’ll consider himself lucky
if he could help them.’ ‘He wanted his blessings
before taking it up.’ Well, I’ve been interested.. ..and have admiration and
approval for your project. I hope with all my heart.. ..that you’ll be successful
in finding a cure. The matter remains important.. ..not only to yourself
or Japan, the victims.. ..or previous victims. It remains important
for those who were.. ..and I do most profoundly hope you.. ..succeed in finding a cure.. ..which medical men hitherto
have not succeeded in. ‘The peace leader, lord Russell,
blessed doctor Gautam and said..’ ‘..that his best wishes are with him.’ ‘This problem is that
of the entire world.’ ‘And he hoped he’ll succeed
in this project.’ ‘He liked his thoughts.’ ‘His task holds a great importance.’ ‘And he hoped that all nations of..’ ‘..the world will value
this difficult task.’ Thank you very much, sir. I’m honored. I’m encouraged. The pain of separation is not there,
but in my heart, son. How are you, uncle?
– I’m fine, child. How are you, child? How are you, dad?
– Top of the world. Come. Look who’s here. How are you?
– I’m fine, sir. Tiger! How are you? He’s here. It seems they want to say that this
house is lively again after years. You know how busy I kept myself
after you left, Gautam? I kept busy with court
cases in the mornings. And in the evenings, I played in
the club or had cocktail parties. But I don’t know why
I always found myself alone. Gautam, this loneliness
has made me realize.. ..that there’s a phase in man’s life.. ..when the dearest friend is a son. Thank you, dad. I forgot the cigarettes in the car. I’ll get them.
– Don’t be a miser, doctor. How do you know that
I had cigarettes in my pocket? How can a lawyer’s eyes miss a case? Even if it’s just a cigarette case. The day I received a cable
about your arrival. I bid farewell to my job. Why, dad?
– I’ve earned much fame and money. I turned old staying up at nights. Now I should arrange
for the judgment day. Now you take care of everything. Here are the house keys. Yes?
– I’m sorry. This is your mother’s memento. I’ll hand them to my daughter-in-law. Son. Fulfill this wish of mine. I can’t even think of marriage, dad. What do you mean? An incident haunts me. It happened years back. Tell me clearly.
What you mean, Gautam? Don’t confuse me. You must remember it, dad. It took place in Hiroshima in Japan.. ..on 6th August 1945 at 8 o’clock
in the morning. The atom bomb was dropped and it
killed thousands of human beings. People who dropped the bomb rejoiced
in their act of barbarism. The fire due to the bomb.. ..blinded some people for good. The effect of that barbaric
incident still prevails. Gautam!
– Yes, dad. The after effects of that bomb.. ..are still lurking in Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. Lucky were those millions
of people who died. And unlucky are those.. ..who are still alive but life
is more painful than death. Those incurable diseases
are still agonizing people. Dad, I think.. ..their sorrow and pain is the
biggest challenge to humanity. Yes. And you want to face this challenge? Yes dad. I appreciate your feelings, child. But let me ask you. Is there a dearth of doctors in Japan
that you want to go abroad again? These boundaries of nations
are set by people. The world has become so
small that it’s like a city.. ..and every nation seems
like a street. I agree, but you didn’t answer me. Aren’t there doctors in Japan? Don’t they love their fellow citizens?
Or don’t they know their job? It’s not that, dad.
– What is it? Why do you consider it only
as Japan’s sorrow? What happened in Japan can happen
here or anywhere in the world. It’s the sorrow of every human being. If we don’t accept it,
there will be a day.. ..when a mother won’t pray
for a long life for her child. She will ask the one who blesses.. not pray for a long and
wretched life for her child. That’s right, but.. ..if hundreds of doctors couldn’t
find a cure in so many years.. ..what can you do? Dad. Many people dive into the sea.. ..but only a few find the pearls. It’s no big deal.
Perhaps I’ll be successful. What if you fail, Gautam? You’re saying that, dad? It’s you who taught me
the lesson of the religious book.. ..about doing my duty and
leaving the rest to the lord. So I decided to go to Japan
when I was in England. It’s necessary for me
to go to Japan, dad. Then why did you return here? You could’ve have gone
straight to Japan. – Dad! I gave up all the pleasures
and considered you my world. Don’t you have any responsibility
towards me? Ask yourself. Who has more right on you than me? Pardon me, dad. A gardener gives birth to a flower.. ..but he doesn’t restrain
its fragrance. An enemy has as much right
since I’m a doctor. But I ask you as a father. Don’t I have a right
to enjoy the care.. ..of the son whom I’ve brought up? Do you want your old dad to
keep missing you and crying? Do you want my dreams to shatter? Do you wish for
any joy in the house? Don’t misunderstand me, dad. I wish I could explain staying
away from you is difficult. But I’m helpless. Bless me. Are you upset? I’m upset too. But not with you. With myself. I tried to stop you
from flying high. My love made me selfish for a while. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Dad.. – Your flight is at
9 o’clock in the morning. You’re an angel, dad.
– Not an angel, but the dad of one. ‘Your attention, please.’ ‘All travelers flying by Air
India flight 105 to Bangkok..’ ‘..Hong Kong and Tokyo, are requested
to report to the customs.’ Bye, dad. Do you want to say something? ‘One can’t be sure of life.’ ‘Promise me that when I die..’ ‘’ll be one of the 4 people
to carry my dead body.’ What are you thinking? Nothing. I was thinking
of burdening you. Burden? Sir, you’ll stay here.
– I see. Very good. Rest for now. A car will be sent for you at 3
o’clock to take you to the hospital. Thank you.
– Bye. Bye. Please come, sir. Come in, sir. We’ll have to..
– Excuse me! I am Dr. Gautam.
– Dr. Gautam! Welcome. I am Dr. Batnave.
– Pleased to meet you. Meet Dr. Nibunge. How are you?
– Hello! This is doctor Tanaka.
– Hello. Dr. Ishi.
– Hello. Come. I’ll show you your office.
– Excuse me, doctor. I’d like to see the patients. The ones I’ve known for years,
but never met. – Ok. Thank you!
– Please come. How many patients are there?
– Around 500. Serious patients?
– I think approximately 300. I see.
– This way, please. Thank you. Hiroko! He’s our Indian friend, Dr. Gautam. We’d been waiting for him. You might be waiting.
I wait for none except death. Don’t say so. God has given you a pretty face. Such sad words don’t sound good
from your beautiful lips. Yes! A pretty face! But look at my destiny too. It says that you may try your best
but I can’t be saved. My blood is poisoned. I suffer from cancer, doctor. So what? We’ll treat it.
– Treat it? What’s so funny? When tears dry up, one
uses laughter to cry. When a doctor told me
for the first time that. I could be cured. I was overjoyed. But now these words are
as hollow as my body. Leave me to my fate, doctor. Yukiko! Go to your bed. No! Uncle doctor! Yukiko, how many times have
I told you not to get up? 10 times. How sweet! Who are you? He’s our Indian friend, Dr. Gautam. Indian doctor? Hello.
– Hello. What’s her case, doctor? An indirect case
of addition by birth. No, doctor uncle. I’m so young. How can I be unwell? I’m fine. But they don’t
let me play or move around. Nothing’s happened to me.
Check for yourself. Yes, dear. I’ll examine you today. If I pass the examination,
I will get an off, right? Yes, sure.
– How sweet, doctor uncle! Not that way. Kiss me. No, doctor uncle. They say I’m ill. I can’t love anyone. God bless you. Doctor, the bomb sound was so loud
that her ears couldn’t bear it.. ..and she turned deaf. Can you guess her age? Around 60 to 65 years.
– No, doctor. She’s not older than 40 years. 40 years?
– Yes. After the atom bombs were dropped.. ..20 years of her life vanished
within 3 days. And she got into this state. Will I be ok? Will I recover? But who’ll bring her back? Mr. Homada!
– Yes, doctor. I haven’t come to examine you.. ..but introduce you to our
Indian doctor, Dr. Gautam. Gautam? What a lovely name! Gautam! Many centuries back.. Gautam(Buddha) had brought
peace to our sad souls. And I feel.. ..that our painful bodies will get
a new life due to this Gautam. I wish. I could see him. What happened to his eyes? I’ll tell you. On the morning of that doom’s day. I was coming back
after my night duty. Suddenly I saw such dazzling light.. ..that blinded me. I’m so unlucky, doctor. I couldn’t see my family.. ancestral house and
Hiroshima getting destroyed. If I could see it,
at least I’d be assured that.. I’ve heard.. ..that a nice habitat has come up.. ..on the rubble of Hiroshima now. If possible, give me sight
for 5 minutes, doctor. I want to see how a habitat
is made on rubbles. Mad man!He’s begging for
sight from a blind man . Kunarta! I’m not wrong. If you are blind by sight,
he’s blind by wisdom. He’s come to treat dead bodies here! He’s Ms. Hiroko’s dad. Don’t feel bad about his words. He was a philosophy professor
once and very jovial. But his child’s disease
made him a cynic. He has a strange illness
since a few days. He doesn’t feel hungry.
Don’t know how he’s alive. Good afternoon, Mr. Kunarta. Very sad to meet you, doctor.
– Sorry? I thought some old man was coming to.. off his generosity after
enjoying all pleasures of life. But I pity you after
seeing how young you are. Why’ve you come to this dead place?
For giving life? Corpses don’t have life,
doctor. Go away. Go away. Don’t say so.
– Why not? What’ve you achieved till date
that he wants to experiment again? Young man, we’ve only one cure. Death. Only death. Mr. Kunarta, you’re an educated man. Why do you think so? A person should never lose hope. I’ve taught philosophy
for years, doctor. I’ve been cheated by hope. After much difficulty,
I’ve accepted reality. Don’t give us the disease
of hope again, doctor. Mr. Kunarta, I’ve come to cure
diseases, not to give you one. Wonder how god puts up with
such atrocities on devotees? Don’t you dare say
anything against god! Who can care for people
more than the almighty? Look at me. Atom bomb incident
killed my young son. Do you know what god had in mind? He knew there wouldn’t be anyone
to take care and feed me. So he took away my hunger now. You’re so wonderful,
lord! You are farsighted. I understand your feelings. Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. Allow me to treat you. If you are so fond
of treating others.. ..go and treat those evil minds.. ..that made the atom bombs
and terrorized humanity. Go away. Brother! What’s going on? It’s a game of luck. Try your luck. Thank you.
– Welcome. What a coincidence! Wait! Take your luck with you. It’s not mine. It’s yours. Ok, let it be ours. Please, read it. Listen! Excuse me!
Can you translate it for me? You’ll meet your companion.. ..of many lives in the form
of a stranger today. Dr. Gautam!
– Yes, doctor? The founder of our hospital,
Mr. Akira, has invited you for dinner. Me? Yes, he’s eager to meet you.
Be there at 8 o’clock. Thank you, doctor. Hello.
– Hello. Be seated.
– Thank you. Welcome. Hello.
– Hello. Meloda?
– Greetings. You? You? What a coincidence! I am Dr. Gautam.
– Meloda. Yes. So you made this painting? Beautiful! Marvelous! Dad is waiting for you. Mr. Akira?
– Yes. Please come. Dad! Dr. Gautam is here. Yes. Good evening, sir.
– Good evening. I’m very happy to meet you, doctor.
– Thank you, sir. Please sit down. I’m sorry I couldn’t welcome you
at the airport. You’re embarrassing me, Mr. Akira. It’s an honor for me
that you invited me. Tell me, did you like my hospital? You haven’t left any flaws
in your duty. My test starts now.
Pray that I succeed in it. I’ll consider it the day of success.. ..when this hospital closes down.
– What? Yes, doctor. I’m waiting for the day when
all patients of our hospital.. ..will recover and go home. Then, humanity will never
need this hospital. Your thoughts are noble, Mr. Akira. If you don’t mind, can I ask you
what made you start the hospital? It is set up
in the memory of my mother. She died in the destruction
of Hiroshima. I’m sorry. You know, doctor. We couldn’t cure her
despite many efforts. She couldn’t be cured.
There’s no remedy for this. Then I couldn’t see this
motherless child suffering. I kept wandering around
with her searching for peace. And I found peace in your country.. ..where the angel of peace,
Gautam Buddha, was born. When Meloda saw Tagore’s ashram,
Shanti Niketan.. ..she forgot everything and
dedicated herself to it. She stayed and studied there. I see. I was surprised to see a Japanese
woman in an Indian dress. Not only clothes.
She’s brought many other things too. What? – The culture of that country,
the art and music. Indian music?
– Yes. I’ve a whole library
of Indian music. Play something for him.
He’ll feel at home. Whose music would you like to hear?
– I.. Tagore music?
Or maestro Omkarnath Thakur? Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
or K. L. Saigal? If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear
Indian music from Ms. Meloda. You’ve got her! You’ll have to sing now.
– Oh, dad! Please, Ms. Meloda. Which song should I sing?
– The one I often listen to. Thank you very much. After you, sir. “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “Whenever I see him.” “I offer him the feelings
of my heart.” “Whenever I see him.” “I offer him the feelings
of my heart.” “I dedicate everything to his feet.” “I close my eyes and get
lost in another world.” “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “When I see him from far,
he seems like a dream.” “When I see him from close,
he seems like my own.” “When I see him from far,
he seems like a dream.” “When I see him from close,
he seems like my own.” “I understand the language of eyes.” “My heart has learnt to beat now.” “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “Our story is one.” “Our love is centuries old.” “Our story is one.” “Our love is centuries old.” “My life is dull without him. If he’s
with me, the world is beautiful.” “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “I’m a devotee of my beloved.” “I’ve adorned myself.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” “My beloved has come
to my place today.” God bless you. Believe me, Ms. Meloda,
you sing very well. – Thank you. Excuse me!
– Hi. Dinner is ready. Shall we go, doctor?
– Thank you, sir. Please, come. Ok, Ms. Meloda. Thank you for the wonderful evening. Goodnight.
– Good night. I accept your thanks,
if she doesn’t mind. ‘Good morning. Meloda.’ Hello.
– Yes. May I speak to Dr. Gautam, please? He has just left for the
railway station. – Station? Yes. He is going to Hiroshima
by the 5.30 train. Oh, I see. Thank you. Hiroshima? You? Where are you going?
– Hiroshima. And you?
– Hiroshima. What a coincidence! No. Coincidences can happen
once or twice, not so often. So what do you call it? When two strangers unknowingly
meet so often. I call it a special intention
of destiny, not a coincidence. Was it written in that luck chit? You know it, too.
– No. No? Didn’t you ask
anyone to translate? No.
– Why? Because I don’t believe
in such things. Maybe. But I know those chits
are never wrong. Really? Tell me what was written? I’ll tell you when
you start believing. Ok, suppose I start believing
for a while? Believing for a while is not enough.. know the beautiful things of life. “Look at the picture of
devastated Hiroshima.” “Look at the worst act of mankind.” “We are the first prey
of this atomic demon.” “Life was colorful here once.” “But now we are wrecked.” “Due to this crime of human beings..” “..even the sky bowed down.” “Time stopped where it was.” “These broken hands and legs.” “The rest of the human
form is hanging.” “In these forms,
there were human beings like us.” “The laps of mothers are deserted.” “It turned out to a dark night.” “The habitat of Hiroshima
calls out to us to say.” “May we never go through
what she’s gone through!” Meloda! Look at the changed times. This habitat of snakes used
to be our house once. The most beautiful house
of Hiroshima. Do you remember those days, Meloda? Those days? How can I forget them? I remember I was 4 years old. Dad had taken me to the
golf club early morning. He was teaching me the game.
I was very happy. Don’t know what happened suddenly.
A strong blast! The entire city turned
into a fireball in seconds. When we reached home,
we found mom badly injured. To an extent where it was
difficult to recognize her. I can’t even tell you about
the pain she went through. Life had become a curse for her. I even saw dad praying
for her death sometimes. Brace yourself, Meloda. Try to forget the past.
– How can I forget? I wish I had died with mother. Don’t say so, Meloda. Just think. If we keep on mourning
for the dead.. ..this happy world will be destroyed. Meloda, the past is lost
in the darkness of death. That darkness has given birth
to a new light and life. We’re alive, Meloda. People who are alive have
to make life beautiful. They’ve to make the earth beautiful. Look at those birds, Meloda. We should learn from them. They’ve made home in wreckage
and teaching us about life. Meloda, life is not about
getting lost in the past. Life is about thinking of
the present and the future. Gautam! You’re right. I’d been lost
in the darkness of past. Get me out of this darkness, Gautam.
– Meloda! I? I’ll pray to lord Buddha
to give you peace. I often go to lord Buddha’s temple
for peace. But one day.. ..he brought you before me. Meloda!
– Yes, Gautam. The words in that chit were true. You’re my journey.
You’re my destination. I can’t live without you, Gautam. ‘Meloda!’ ‘I know you were hurt because of me.’ ‘But believe me.’ ‘You were hurt and I
suffered all night.’ ‘Due to my aim,
I remained unaware that..’ ‘..there comes a phase
when it becomes..’ ‘..impossible to reach one’s
destination without a companion.’ ‘I think that phase has
come in my life, Meloda.’ ‘I also feel that..’ ‘..a garden is beautiful due
to colors and fragrances.’ ‘Our existence is meaningless
without each other.’ Gautam! “Such a beautiful face!” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” “You feel the heartbeat
of a dewdrop.” “You feel the heartbeat
of a dewdrop.” “You’re so soft-hearted.
You’re sighing too.” “You’re so soft-hearted.
You’re sighing too.” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” “No one bothers
so much about others.” “No one bothers
so much about others.” “You’ve changed the course
of my life.” “You’ve changed the course
of my life.” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” “I had everything but this
happiness wasn’t there.” “I had everything but this
happiness wasn’t there.” “You’ve filled the vacuum
in my life.” “You’ve filled the vacuum
in my life.” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” “Such a beautiful face!” “You’re so compassionate.
I like you the most in the world.” Hiroko! No! I won’t have any more shots. This shot will relieve you of pain. I don’t want relief, doctor.
I want death. I can’t bear this pain any more. I can’t bear this pain any more. Sister! I said no! Leave me! Hiroko! Hiroko! What? No! Hiroko! Open the door. Hiroko! Open the door. Hiroko! Open the door. Hiroko! What have you done Hiroko? Doctor. Doctor arrange for the operation.
– Yes doctor. Let it be doctor. Let it be. Life had become death for me. And now that death has come as life..’re coming in its way. No, doctor. Nurse! Take this. You’re gone? You were so good, dear. You didn’t burden your old dad. Be happy, my child. Doctor! I thought there was no cure
for our disease. But today I’ve found a remedy. You’re not needed here. Go back to your country. We’ll treat ourselves. Good news, Dr. Batnave!
My new experiment is successful. Looks like our hard work has paid off.
– Congratulations, doctor. Thank you very much. You’ve high fever.
– Don’t worry, doctor. Believe me. I’m so happy today. I must inform Dr. Johnson.
– Don’t bother. Please. Dr. Johnson, what do you think? Nothing serious.
Complete exhaustion. It’ll be good if he takes rest
for a fortnight. Gautam, relax.
– Thank you, doctor. See? Did you hear that? I told you. It’s necessary
to rest while working. Dr. Gautam, I think you should
stop worrying about the hospital.. ..and go to a hill station. Dr. Batnave, you’re unnecessarily
worried. I’m fine. You know I’ve to test
the new medicine tomorrow. You’ve made the medicine.
We can test it. It’ll take some time
to know the results. We’ll send you a daily
report wherever you are. Dr. Batnave, try to understand.
I’m sorry. I can’t leave the hospital. Dr. Batnave, as far as I know.. ill doctor can be on duty
as per the rule. Yes, sir. You’re right. I’m sorry, Dr. Gautam. We can’t break the rules for you. Mr. Akira, please. Very good. Well caught! Thank you very much, dad. “Japan is my country.” “It’s beautiful.
My country, Japan.” “Japan is my country.” “It’s beautiful.
My country, Japan.” “My country, Japan.” “This city is of silver.
Every street is of gold.” “This city is of silver.
Every street is of gold.” “The lanes like diamonds.
The days and nights shine here.” “Japan is my country.” “It’s beautiful.
My country, Japan.” “My country, Japan.” “O beloved, now that you’ve come.
There is beauty everywhere.” “O beloved, now that you’ve come.
There is beauty everywhere.” “It has blossomed even more.” “Look at my garden.” “Japan is my country.” “It’s beautiful.
My country, Japan.” “My country, Japan.” “It loves its guests.” “It embraces them.” “It loves its guests.” “It embraces them.” “Friendship is his nature.
It can even die for them.” “My country, Japan.” “It’s beautiful. My country, Japan.” “My country, Japan.” Yukiko! Can’t you see I’m writing
to doctor uncle? What are you writing?
– Sister!! One shouldn’t read others’ letters.
– Yes! Sorry.
– Thank you. What? There are a few grey strands
in the moustache. I pluck them out. Telegram for sir. Telegram for sir! Sir! Telegram for you. There’s a letter from Dr. Batnave. He’s used my medicines on 3 patients. He’ll inform me on seeing
the reactions. – Really? Whose letter is that? Baby Yukiko.
– What has she written? She’s written that all of them
miss you very much and asked you.. take care of your health
and avoid unhealthy food. And to tell me to kiss you
on her behalf. Very naughty! She’s such a sweet child. Won’t you fulfill her wish? No? Yes. Thank you. No, please. Let me study. No! Now rest. C’mon, go to sleep. Do you know the time? 10 o’clock. Sweet dreams.
– Good night. “What sort of night is it today?
I’m unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” “What sort of night is it today?
I’m unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” “Tonight.” What’s wrong with you today? Brace your heart. “My silly heart is excited.” “It’s stubborn. It’s a big problem.” “My silly heart is excited.” “It’s stubborn. It’s a big problem.” “I can even convince god.” “But I can’t convince my heart.” “See for yourself. Say something.” “I’m unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” “Tonight.” Listen. Will you agree to something? Will you? If you can’t sleep in the dark. I’ll switch on the light. “If it’s dark let it be so.
You’re like moonlight.” “If it’s dark let it be so.
You’re like moonlight.” “You’re the light which
puts light to shame.” “Don’t take your hand away from
my heart. I’m unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” “Tonight.” I’ll beat you. “When two hearts are united
and a lovely song is played.” “When two hearts are united
and a lovely song is played.” “Even if death comes,
I’ll ask it to come later.” “You’re with me for now.
I am unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” “What sort of night is it today?
I’m unable to sleep.” “Come and sit beside me, sweetheart.
I’m unable to sleep.” Meloda! Meloda! Meloda! Meloda! Meloda! Put me down, Gautam. Please. What happened?
– This is Dr. Batnave’s telegram. He says my medicine succeeded.
He says it’s a miracle. Really?
– Yes. I wish I could fly back
to the hospital. Yamasaki! Pack our bags.
We’re going to Tokyo. Meloda! Meloda! Why tears on this joyous occasion? Tears are a strange thing, Gautam. They help humans to express
both joy and sorrow. Meloda! If you hadn’t supported me. I would’ve never had this joy. Gautam! Doctor! You’ve the best
wishes of the whole world. I don’t know what to wish for you. Good evening, sir.
– Good evening, doctor. I was waiting for you. Thank you, sir. So, what’s it, sir? I want to thank you. What for? You’ve brought my moon
out of the eclipse. Moon? Eclipse? I didn’t get you. Meloda is the moon of my world. She’s the brightness of my life. But her life was eclipsed
with old memories. I could see sadness
in every joy of hers. But in the last few days,
I’ve noticed a big change. I can see a real smile on her face,
not a fake one. It’s all because of you, Gautam. Thank you for praising me. I think it’s your love for her. No, Gautam, these are not my words,
but Meloda’s. – Yes? As a dad, I wish her
smile remains intact. Only you can do that. I’m sure you won’t let me down,
doctor. Thank you, doctor. Thank you. Sir! Thank you very much, sir. Sir! Thank you very much, sir. Gautam! I’m proud of
your choice, my son. Bhola. We’ll have a big cocktail
party today. – Ok, sir. Dearest.. Who letter is that? Dad.
– Really? What has he written? It would be better
if you don’t know. – Why? You’ll be hurt. Gautam! I wish we hadn’t written to him. I got it. I already suspected this.
– What? It’s because
I’m from a different nation. No, Meloda, it’s not that. What else? Actually, dad has a particular
image of a daughter-in-law in mind. He wishes that his daughter-in-law.. ..should be very pretty. Even a deer would blush
seeing her pretty eyes. The clouds would burst
seeing her hair. She should have a long
neck and a sweet voice. And she should be so
innocent and foolish.. ..that she’d start crying over a joke. A joke? Of course! Should I hold out a mirror to
show you all these qualities? Don’t talk in riddles.
What has he written? You crook! I won’t talk to you. “You have a long neck
and a sweet voice.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “You have a long neck
and a sweet voice.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “I see shyness in eyes
filled with kohl.” “I see shyness in eyes
filled with kohl.” “I see loyalty in this
innocent style.” “I see loyalty in this
innocent style.” “One can’t see such qualities
in other pretty ladies.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “You have a long neck
and a sweet voice.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “You’re the one
I used to dream about.” “You’re the one
I used to dream about.” “You’re good luck written
in my destiny.” “You’re good luck written
in my destiny.” “All secrets were disclosed
in the very first meeting.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “You have a long neck
and a sweet voice.” “I am proud of everything about you.” “Whichever path I trade on,
you’ll be with me.” “Whichever path I trade on,
you’ll be with me.” “You’ll be beside me
till the end of my life.” “You’ll be beside me
till the end of my life.” “Who can be my companion
other than you?” “I am proud of everything about you.” “You have a long neck
and a sweet voice.” “I am proud of everything about you.” Congratulations, doctor.
– Thank you. Congratulations.
– Thank you very much. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Please sit down. Congratulations, doctor uncle.
– Darling! Thank you very much. You’ll let me attend
your wedding, right? How can it take place without you? Promise? Promise.
– How sweet, doctor uncle. I’ll sing and dance at your wedding.
– God bless you! Yes? Dr. Gautam here. Thank you, doctor. Coming. It was Dr. Batnave. It’s an emergency meeting.
He wants us. Please come. Friends! We’ve got emergency news. There was an atom bomb test
5 hours back in an island.. ..called Yasima, 200 miles
to the north-west of Tokyo. Unfortunately, a boat of fishermen
has fallen prey to the experiment. Report says around 50 to
60 fishermen are wounded. Why delay? We must immediately
leave for rescue. You’re right, Dr. Gautam. But as per the information, no rescue
party can go there right now. Why? There are atomic clouds
around the island. They can rain anytime. It’s obvious that until
those clouds clear away..’ll be dangerous to go there. It’s also possible that we may
save those people before it rains. But it’s not impossible that time
may not permit us.. – Dr. Batnave! Let’s not argue. Please arrange for me to leave. But it’s a question of
life and death, Dr. Gautam. It’s about their life
and death too. I’ll surely go with a rescue party. At least, take permission
from Mr. Akira. Doctor! Duty doesn’t need
anyone’s permission. But tell me why did you let him go? He didn’t listen to us, Ms. Meloda. No! God knows what will happen now. Don’t worry, dear. Don’t worry. We can contact him on the wireless.
Can’t we, doctor? I think that’s right. Let’s try. Come dear! It’s for the first time
I saw man made clouds. They rain death. They look so dangerous. Yes? Dr. Gautam speaking. Hello, Gautam. You shouldn’t have gone there.
It’s dangerous. Come back now, Gautam. Don’t worry, Meloda.
Everything is perfectly alright. I can see the island from far here. The clouds have cleared.
The sky is clear. I’m not convinced. Inform me on reaching there. Don’t worry, dear. I’ll inform you. Come down. Hurry up. Doctor! Dr. Nagoni!
– Yes, doctor? Those who are alive should be
sent to hospital immediately. The patients are very serious. Let’s pick them up.
– Yes, doctor. Hurry up! Nurse! Come with me. Hello. Dr. Gautam speaking.
– Gautam? Where are you right now?
– We’ve reached the island, Meloda. We’ll soon reach the
hospital with the patients. Return at the soonest, or.. Don’t worry, Meloda.
It’s quite safe here. Gautam! Yes, Dr. Gautam speaking. Gautam, according to our report,
it can rain any time now. Please, don’t risk your life, Gautam. Come back soon. Don’t worry, Meloda. We’re going
to leave from here very soon. Hello, Gautam. Can you hear me, Gautam? Hello, Dr. Gautam.
Please, come on the line. Hello. Dr. Gautam. Hello. Gautam! Hello, Gautam. Doctor! Don’t go now.
It’s going to rain. Nothing will happen to me,
Dr. Nagoni. Only one man remains to be brought.
I’ll bring him. Meanwhile, you get ready to leave. Doctor! Come back. Doctor! Come back. Gautam! Doctor! Come back. Hello. Doctor! Come back. Hello. Gautam. Doctor, come back. Doctor! Come back. Gautam! Gautam! Hello. Doctor. Hello. Come back. Gautam! Hello. Doctor, come back. Hello. Doctor! Don’t worry about me.
Start the boat, please. Dad.
– Yes. It’s been 1 day
since Gautam returned. But we still don’t know.. has that dangerous
rain affected him. Please tell him to take care. These surgeries can be
done other doctors, too. Yes, but he doesn’t listen
to anyone. You know his habit. He never leaves his job incomplete. That’s right, dad. But I’m scared. Why is it dark?
Switch the lights on! Lights on! I said lights on! What are you saying, doctor?
All lights are on. What? Why can’t I see? Doctor, why can’t I see? Doctor, why can’t I see? I’ve turned blind doctor. I’ve turned blind doctor. Meloda!
– Yes! What’s the time? 8:30 Day or night? Day. Meloda! Meloda! Where are you? Meloda! Meloda! No, Meloda. Why are you crying? Because I’ve turned blind? Silly girl. I’ll see the world
with your eyes now. In fact, I can see. It’s a lovely day, isn’t it? The sky is clear. There’s light all around. The snow on mount Fuji is shining
in this light. Look, Meloda. A small cloud has settled on Fuji. I’m seeing nature created
by god to my heart’s content. Life is so beautiful and lively. Right, Meloda? Enough, Gautam! You’re unwell. You shouldn’t speak. No, Meloda. Let me speak before god
takes away my voice, too. Let me talk to you, Meloda.
– No, Gautam. No! Gautam!What happened? Doctor! I’m sorry, Mr. Akira. Is it critical?
– Yes. We may face this shock any time. Meloda! Did you hear that? Gautam is much better. Thanks for the false consolation. You heard? Everything has gone haywire! It’s your wedding today. No one knew everything
would be over today. It’s not over. Gautam and I are companions
for many lives. Relationships of many
lifetimes don’t break. Meloda! Yes, dad. Whichever state he may be in,
he’s mine. He’ll always remain mine. Gautam! What are you thinking? I’m thinking.. ..what will happen to you after I die. Don’t say that. Meloda! You’ve given me so much that.. life wouldn’t
be enough to enjoy it. But today I want to ask
for something. Ask for my life, Gautam.
– No, Meloda. Only a vow. Promise me. Meloda! Marry someone. Please, agree to that, Meloda. Please. I promise. You’re so nice, Meloda. May god give you all the happiness! What’s it, Meloda? What are you doing, Meloda? I’ve fulfilled my promise. I’ve put vermilion in my hair
with your hand. – Meloda! No, Meloda! No! Perhaps you don’t remember, Gautam. Our wedding was to happen today. No, Meloda! It’s not a marriage. You haven’t
put vermilion in your hair. Life has held the hand of death.
– Gautam! Yes, Meloda. If you can, please wipe
that vermilion with my tears. May your husband die! Don’t curse my husband. My husband is immortal. The whole world can end,
but not my husband. Meloda! My dear Gautam.. ..please, embrace me. Please accept me, my angel. God plays strange games! When I could see,
I couldn’t read my destiny. Now when my destiny is in my arms.. ..I can’t see her. What a coincidence! “Whichever path I trade on,
you’ll be with me.” “You’ll be beside me
till the end of my life.” “Who can be my companion
other than you?” “I’m proud of everything about you.” Excuse me. Can we see Dr. Gautam
for a while? Dr. Gautam?
I’m afraid you can’t see him. He’s in a very bad state.
– We know. That’s why we’re eager to meet him. Perhaps the few words form him can
give a new light to medical science. Yes, I understand, but.. Excuse me. My husband wants to meet you. Bless me, dad. Friends! Before I die.. I want to apologize.. those unlucky people
whose pain brought me here. But I regret.. ..that I couldn’t find a remedy. If my weak voice can reach those.. ..great men and leaders.. ..who are the masters of
people’s destiny now.. ..I’d like to request them
for the sake of humanity.. stop making atom.. ..bombs for good. And make this beautiful world.. ..of god even more beautiful. Believe me, it can happen. By trusting and loving
fellow human beings. If this hatred and
suspicion continues.. ..there will be day when the human.. ..race will end forever. There would be no one to enjoy.. ..the beauty of nature. Even the creator will
cry over this destruction. But there will be no one
to wipe those tears. No one. God!
– Gautam! God! Gautam! God! Uncle doctor, you never used to lie. You said..’ll take me to your wedding. Why are you going alone today? Did I make a mistake? Doctor! You’re going? At last you did what you said. I wish you had listened to
this silly man’s advice. How will you face your old father? Tell me. God! You’ve tortured me
a lot to make me cry. But I never cried.
And I won’t cry today. I won’t cry. I’ll never cry. Doctor ! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Dr. Gautam!
– Is immortal! Do you hear that, doctor? I wished so much.. see you as a bridegroom of
our small community one day. But I never imagined you’d be
hailed by such a big community. I’m lucky to have you as my son. ‘One can’t be sure of life.’ ‘Promise me that when I die..’ ‘’ll be one of the 4 people
to carry my dead body.’ “Where’s the angel of peace going?” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “Where’s the angel of peace going?” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “He was awake for a long time.
Now he’s asleep.” “He’s lost in thoughts of peace.” “He’s lost in thoughts of peace.” “What a love! What a separation!” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “He has turned away from life.” “Someone convince him.
He’s upset with us.” “Someone convince him.
He’s upset with us.” “Who cast an evil eye
on my dear one?” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “Where’s the angel of peace going?” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “The whole garden is crying.
There’s a cry for help.” “Don’t get carried away in
the feelings of hatred.” “Listen to me. Love each other.” “That is the request we hear
from the burning pyre.”


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