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Android Mini Projector – Turn Every Room Into Your Private Cinema

Android Mini Projector – Turn Every Room
Into Your Private Cinema The Haier Leader iSee mini projector is an
Android projector that certainly features a unique design – setting it apart from
all other pieces in the market. Thanks to its beautiful design and outstanding
performance, Chinavasion has chosen this mini projector to be to be this week’s Chinavasion’s
Choice product. Designed by Haier, the iSee mini projector
is a product like no other. Featuring a unique and eye-catching design,
this mini projector can be rotated to project from any angle. Along with its compact and portable design,
the Android projector takes your projection capabilities to entirely new heights. Whether you’re at home, work, or visiting
a friend’s place – from now on you’ll always be able to watch movies and play games
on a large screen and enjoy a truly cinematic experience. Although small in size, this LED projector
truly packs some serious punch in the visual department. Featuring a projection size of 10 to 50 inches,
and a native resolution of 854x480p – you certainly will be able to enjoy all your media
to its absolute most. Additionally, it comes with a high-end built-in
speaker that brings forth amazing sound quality to go alongside with its stunning projections. So much more than a regular projector, this
mini projector runs on an Android operating system. Treating you with the same features as the
ones found on your smartphone, this Android projector allows you to browse the web, play
games, and enjoy mobile applications at any time. Additionally, it supports wireless technology
such as Happy Cast and Miracast to share the screen of your Android or iOS device. With a micro SD card slot, USB as well as
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you’ll find there are plenty of ways to play, share and enjoy movies
with this stylish mini projector. The Android projector comes with its own remote
controller that provides easy navigation options. Alternatively, the USB port offers you the
possibility to use an air mouse or game controller to further enhance your user experience. Whether you like to play games, watch movies,
or surf the web – this mini projector brings along plenty of possibilities. Simply head out to the play store where you’ll
be able to download the latest media and entertainment, and you’ll never have to feel bored again. Do you like it?!


  1. bahhaziz Author

    50" screen is too small for a projector… if I wanna watch a movie on a projector it has to be larger than 50" otherwise I'll watch it on my 65" TV


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