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Animal Planet Live! Show – Universal Studios Hollywood

>>Welcome to Animal Planet Live I’m Matt Gallant, host of the funniest show on four legs, The Planet’s Funniest Animals. Now before we go live sit back and rest your paws and take a look at the wildest channel on TV Animal Planet.>>On Animal Planet every dog has its day but on weekends, every croc, komodo, snake, and Shark gets his share of the spotlight>>Your a beauty! [laughs]>>Look, it’s a bird, it’s a python It’s Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter.>>One bite and I’d be dead twenty-times over.>>Strap yourself in.>>So careful here.>>This guy puts the wild can wildlife.>>Maybe they do bite!>>Then when nature calls, Jeff Corwin answers.>>I’m Jeff Corwin, welcome to the experience.>>This guy reeks of animal magnetism, solid know-how served up with a wicked sense of humor.>>I’m a married man. Oh, stop spanking me. For a minute there, I thought I’d lost my mojo.>>If it slithers, slinks, creeps, or crawls Weekends, you’re sure to meet one face to face .


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