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Anime Voice Acting in Niigata, Japan [Ft. The Anime Man & akidearest]

we’re here at the food shop tomorrow
which is a leech annuity for its Bristol no it’s not restful it’s kind of like a
restaurant it’s a place yeah yeah kinda this is a
place where you can buy souvenirs neig up the specific souvenirs but also if
you go to the second floor which we’ll show you later he can get specific food
that is known in near bonus famous in the yearbook so right now we’re having
some yogurt some need other yogurts and theme right here’s a dongle which is
known in Niigata and right now we’re just waiting for the restaurants to open
but today we’re gonna be doing some more stuff in Niigata so we had a previous
video we just down the description below where we did some stuff here in Utah but
today we’re gonna be going to the manga museum we’re going to be doing possibly
some voiceover works and drawing some manga and one of us is gonna turn into a
boy spoilers it’s not me and also we’re gonna get drunk because that’s what we
do here in neoteny garthe’s known for their sockets so we’re gonna be
experiencing all sorts of otaku possibly nah no taco related things to be more solid and I eat it chewy
I get cool so we’re gonna have fun here good time me speak around for the video
yet jokes we’re actually just gonna go eat really fast before we carry on with
the day sorry guys dream father
I don’t want to grow oh no we just got done eating sushi so
we’re here at the end he got the manga animation Museum
yeah it’s about it like a 15 minute walk from the station and I think here you
pretty much learn a little bit about manga but what are we going to be doing
here today yeah and also any maze on there we are going to do wise acting
voice acting experience there’s like a booth here with two microphones where
you can try out voice acting I mean I’ve done voice acting like professionally
before well in it yeah what you to probably hover I mean what I’ve only
voice acted in a video game coming up that’s it and but not like in a pro
studio so this is going to be played interesting deal so we’re just gonna
play around with it have fun with it and see if we can nail it let’s go the skin sort of got two options
actually but obviously I just want to do fully cooling here so we just have to
select that you don’t know that little to you so next we’re going to show how
to Japanese people do it so sure is gonna be playing note of a boy and I’m
gonna define how to call to go role reversal because this is 2019 so let’s
do it again that can escape don’t like Galileo is Shaniqua Sam busted a
high-stake mistake oh absolutely so this would be Rizzo Oh don’t know so we just finished checking out the
Niigata manga and animation museum we did a lot of fun voice acting stuff and
now we’re heading to Niigata City manga house we’re gonna learn how to draw some
manga it’s just down the road from here as you can see well that you if you’re
there you won’t forget their precious video you might get something good yeah
free t-shirt it’s not a free t-shirt but you can get this t-shirt from the
Niigata mom good animation easy yeah come and visit it but now we’re gonna
head to the manga house okay let’s go there so we just finished doing some
photography to stop some animes stop and now it’s nighttime we are at if you guys
remember from yesterday we went to the oil run experience where you became
annoyed on and now well right underneath that that was on the second floor and on
the first floor is actually a cross-dressing bar where females and
dress up as boys and as you can see Arceus being boy a fine that’s the word
for fine boy yeah it actually took them like no time
at all to put this on I don’t know it’s kind of yeah watch its pop it’s gonna
turn not into a wig like you’re gonna just yet eventually this is gonna look
like that yeah looks pretty good yeah yeah no uh they didn’t even need an
outfit for me they were trying to figure one out but when they saw my out but
they were just like all thing that kind of already works cuz I wear a lot of
unisex clothing so yeah just the Yoli cafe boys like they were real boy Oh
real boys but this is good all this dressed up as boys yeah so the yaoi cafe
those were all like guys like just willing to just work there where they
would just collaborate on you know different skits for whatever this is
just the experience and I think the workers you know just want to Jessica’s
a nice so was that a long day so now we’re gonna wind down with some girls
dressed as boys and drink some booze yeah yes so we just got done at the dancehall
cafe yeah it was really cool the the drinks are really nice the the oldest
staff members were pretty boys and they’re all very very fun one of the
cocktails actually that me and Shirley Jun drank was like a regional sake based
cocktail that one of the boys slush girls made he because I guess the whole
concept for it was Niigata is really famous for its suck it because it’s
famous for its rice but Sokka is like a bit strong for a lot of females and so
one of the staff members in one of the boys / girls here made this original
sake based cocktail and that was really really nice so it’s really easy to drink
but where we going next yeah went to tipsy you keep steep at
tipsy paws so we are going to get drunk I guess so we got the tipsy path with the five
chicken in here one book is a thousand yen only further and they each spot has
a specific number how many tickets you need so all you need to do it just check
the drops okay so it’s like if you go to this particular store and you use one
ticket then you can get one drink and yeah I think that great yeah it’s easy
to figure out it and also you can get a ticket here or what the Thomases hotels
you you stay on here what if you want to guarantee it
together this is the best place didn’t you just use it for all of these stores
down here well there are I think there are specific stores there’s a whole map
oh well that’s pretty in its like Joey said earlier it’s kind of like a jr.
pass but for food yeah that’s a little tipsy pause yeah I need to get Pepsi at
this one and fight until 2020 oh it’s dull for you that’s let’s try let’s try
it so we just got done eating drinking
enjoying the the CPC pass a lot of cool things like we just sure and I just
experienced like the whole like sake tasting thing which is like we learnt so
much about length the deep Waldo soccer like seven yeah we’re but we’re about to
do the last one at the end of this video and so while yeah definitely give it a
go we will end it with thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you next


  1. Rosalba Garcia Author


  2. NaitomeIya Author

    All the food look so delicious! +A+ But I don’t like alcohol (because I have a kid’s palate, though I tolerate some of 1-3% alcoholic drinks), so is it possible to fully experience the Niigata cuisine without drinking sake (or at least not as much as you did)?

    Also, I did voice acting once when my school went to a field trip to a station that aired locally dubbed anime. I was in sixth grade. I remember voicing Sakura from Naruto. The scene I think was the first episode of Shippuden where Naruto and Sakura were frantically searching each corner for Sasuke. I was pretty good in syncing my voice with the mouth flaps.

    Would do it again in Niigata, but oh wait no, I can’t even read kana.

  3. nastjuschechka Author

    Tipsy pass? More like foody pass
    Yu an get a lot of dishes and only one drink. And 8000¥ is inda expensive. My travel budget for a day, the last time I was treveling to Japan, was 7000¥ >×<

  4. Yuri Katsuki Author

    It'll be good if there was a romaji, it's easier for foreign people who wants to experience it but doesn't know kanji and hiragana/katakana. 😭

  5. TopAnimeLoverEver Author

    Dayum those women make some hot men. 😍 I definitely have to try that Oiran experience and visit the Danso cafe on my next trip to Japan. If I could read Hiragana yet I'd visit the voice acting experience but my reading isn't nearly fluent enough. must STUDY!
    Thank you for this video, loved seeing this and getting ideas for my next trip. The editing is great too, I quite like the music choice and the close ups of food (mmmmm) and the clips of everyone just being dorky and having fun.


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