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Another World – Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Full Movie


  1. ricky barlow Author

    How many different ways can you make a fuckin zombie apocalypse movie? After I saw my first one back in the 60s, the rest just don't mean shit to me. It's the same ol crap, only in a new box. Beating the same dam dead horse over and over again.
    "Zombies from mars"
    "Zombies from outer space"
    "I was a teenage zombie"
    "Zombie strippers"
    "Zombie land"
    "Zombies from the deep"
    "Zombies from hell"
    World war zombies
    I can go on and on.
    Give me a fuckin break. The people being chased never run out of bullets. There's thousands of zombies and always only six to eight, maybe ten people that get taken down one at a time until at the end of the movie there's only the two main characters left alive by some miraculous event. I mean shit, you can almost tell who's going to die next.
    Crap get's very old after while. How about zombies in Congress, oh shit! we already have that one. Dam! I know, I know, "Zombies on ice." That wouldn't work, to cold to much blood cloting. How about this one. "Zombiebabymonkey" "Zombiebabymonkey"
    Or, "Zombie transvestites from Cali." That's got a ring to it.
    "SHIT eating zombies."
    "Zombies from New York."
    "I married a zombie"
    "Zombies escape from Alcatraz"
    "Godzilla v Zombie strippers from hell." Shit, I think I got something here. What do you think guy's??

  2. BEN BENJAMIN Author


  3. One4utwo Author

    Well outside the Olympic track Stars!" for that time, you got endless rounds of ammo, running water,food, medicine, running truck's,, and a enemy that doesn't shoot back, two willing women,,! In those circumstances life could be worse!.

  4. Joe Shmuck Author

    9k likes. I'm sure I'm wrong to put my trust in the "like" counter again. But oh well. Here I go. I bet I'll be dissapointed…… Again….

  5. Joe Shmuck Author

    This is actaully a decent movie for "infected" or "zombie" genre…. Even for youtube. But ive watched this before somehwere. I'll pass.

  6. John Scott Author

    If I'm close to be eaten by a zombie one of those chick's maybe both are giving it up. But on to another subject, how can I get one of those guns that make their own bullets.

  7. etylexus _ Author

    lasted to 7:01 and clicked the X. Electricity in the garage, none at the apartment, food out of cans without labels as if what, they decayed? Shooting 30 feet away need to walk over to see the same pile they just racked. Never reloaded, turned around shoot two bursts from the hip while running backwards, drop two moving zombies. C'mon, whoever did the technicals on just that much of this film should have been fired, if they even bothered to hire anyone.

  8. Richard Sainz Author

    If that man is invisible to the zombies, then how can he lead them to the survivors if they can't see him. Makes no sense.

  9. Allan Panoy Author

    Fast fast fast forward again.. Mmhh inantok😴😴😴😓😓😓
    Its not exciting.. The best is Cargo i hunting the full movie .

  10. spicecrop Author

    You can always tell when dip shit wannabe actors have never actually fired a rifle in their life. The only thing good about this movie is the beautiful brunette.

  11. marquis vonner Author

    If you really think about it.. if they were to create something that infected people it would be a major blackout just because the plants need people there to keep it running keep power on so it would definitely be no running water but the best way to survive is to hunker down. Get as much ammunition as possible and fight it out raid houses nearby in a 10 mile radius

  12. Tiam Tiam Author

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  13. Billder Inbaja Author

    Why are the survivors in these zombie movies always shooting on full auto? Even a person who has never used a gun would know it is less accurate on full auto (recoil throws off aim), and that ammo is the most precious commodity in the zombie apocalypse (next to food and water). I appreciate efforts at adhering more closely to reality… select single fire, always. PS: The cute girl in the red shirt is a seriously frisky little vixen… I like her.

  14. M. Upshaw Author

    Wait a minute this guy started it all and they treat him like a hero with honors really. The other guy was right and the silly girl shoots him.


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