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Attack on titan voice actors singing opening(Eren,Mikasa,Connie) Yuki Kaji,Yui Ishikawa,Hiro Shimono

bair–>bait But i think this part need to have practice. So we look at this lecture and sing it Eren: Let’s do it ! Eren: “Guren no Yumiya” START! All: (*^*&%%#$# (ALL MESS UP) XD Eren: NOOO! STOP IT! Eren: The beginning ‘[email protected]%#$….Jeager!’ Connie: I was shocked by myself. Mikasa: That’s was great Eren: Definitely no one could find this version from the Karaoke Eren: Ishikawa-san . How do u feel? Mikasa: OMG ! That was so much fun ! Mikasa: My first singing performance with the 104-th squard. Eren: Yeah..Three of us together Eren: But Armin’s absent. It’s only Connie. Connie: (LAUGH)that’s right! Connie: I’m sorry. There was a bareheaded singing with u two. Eren: NO! It’s OK Connie: I’m sorry i’m sorry. Eren: That was fun Eren: So Revo-san. Hope u enjoy it and come to our show! Eren: Please! Connie: Please! Mikasa: Please!


  1. Aoi'z ArtStylez Author

    apparently i googled it and the voice actor for eren (is also the voice actor for meliodas and todoroki and many others) is actually a singer if im right i bet he was just slacking off today

  2. Alois Trancy Author

    3:29 if i translate it in german it would be 'seid ihr der bär? nein, wir sind die jäger!' but that is not it. the real lyric: 'ihr seid das fressen und wir sind die jäger' or something like that😂

  3. ちゃこ Author

    The meaning of the lyrics
    I used a translation app

    I don't even know the name of the treaded flower
    Birds that fall to the ground wait for the wind
    Nothing changes when you pray
    What will change now is the fight

    A pig that laughs at the will to step over the cage
    Livestock well-being false prosperity
    Freedom of a hungry wolf who is about to die

    Captive humiliation is the beginning of a counterattack
    JAEGER hunting prey over the wall
    While burning the body to the urge to blow
    GUREN NO YUMIYA piercing the twilight

  4. Cathy is an Army of BTS Author

    I laughed and burst out loud when they were all ready but the tone of the very start of the intro got messed-up 😆.
    I'm really embarrassed because I'm at a restaurant…

  5. Jacqueline Torres Author

    I'm crying tears 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣 That was the best thing I've ever heard. You can totally tell which one is Connie and I'm dying😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Harmony Verana Author

    Closing my eyes, listening to them this happily speaking to each other, imagining them as Connie, Mikasa, and Eren. If Hiroshi-senpai is there, my life is complete!


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