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Baby Alive Getting Ready for Picture Day

In today’s baby a live video Bailey it’s picture day today. Come on Okay, so usually I don’t wear dresses but I think this time it’s very appropriate for the outfit What do you think you’re dressed as a kitty cat? That’s a kitty cat Halloween costume Okay, so um, listen up kids I’m Jackson I’m the photographer and I’m going to take some pictures of you. Okay? Now say cheese like cheese or cheese like you say Today’s baby a life video is a collaboration with the gummy channel head over to their hilarious channel Don’t forget to subscribe to them and watch their baby live video of picture day at school today link will be in the description I’m tired I’m still not used to waking up at school time, but I better get up because it’s picture day today at school I have to pick up my outfit and get dressed. Hey Bailey Bailey you gotta wake up Bailey it’s picture day today. Come on Sorry Bailey are you okay? I had such a nice dream. Why didn’t you wake me up? Can’t you wait to wake me up until the alarm goes but I did the alarm went and you didn’t wake up So I woke you up. Oh Okay,, okay time for breakfast. Come on don’t want to be late for picture day All right Her mood switch is so fast Oh, it’s super sunny today, isn’t it? It’s lovely just lovely Briannaa now, where’s breakfast mommy Mommy, I’m hungry Hi girls, both of you are up really early today It’s picture day today mom. Yes, so but you have to pick out our outfits very very soon. So breakfast, please Okay, how does a muffin sound good? That sounds good. Okay So two chocolate chip muffins. Thank you. Mommy. Thank you. You’re welcome All right, so I was thinking about my outfit today that I’m gonna wear for picture day And I really want to wear something that is, you know, very very me Very Bailey Oh, yeah, like what? Do you already have something picked out? Not yet I have a few outfits in mind But I want to look really good because I want to order like 20 or 30 wallet pictures Why do you need 20 or 30 wallet pictures? Well, I need some for you know, grandma and Mommy and all my friends and siblings So when I’m not there they can look at the wallet picture in case they miss me. Yes, you know, I’m very very thoughtful and I will even sign it on the back with my name because you know one day I’m gonna be really really famous Wow, I can’t wait Right, so I found my outfit did you find yours? No Technically I haven’t because I still need to pick it out But I brought out all the clothes I think could qualify for picture days So I’m just gonna dig through them and have a look, you know Bailey are you serious? We have like only 30 minutes until we have to leave you got a hurry Beyond, uh, Briana Briana, you need to chill looking good. Can’t just happen in a matter of seconds. Okay? I need to take my time and pick out the right outfit. Don’t worry. I have really really good taste. Okay Well, I’m going to get changed and hopefully by then you will have found your outfit Okay, I’m all changed oh your change – Bailey that’s a nice outfit Well it is but it’s not really what I was looking for. I wear this kind of stuff all time Well, I think it looks really really nice on you. Well, thank you But I mean everything looks nice on me, but I want it to be really really special I want to come to school and people be like whoa. That is such a Bailey outfit Well, you need to hurry up because we got to get going soon. So go find the outfit. Okay? Okay, okay, okay Hang on I gotta find something. Oh boy. This is going to take a while. Isn’t it? Ten minutes later? Hey Bailey, did you find anything yet? No. Oh, this is so frustrating I can’t think of anything Oh Bingo I know just what to wear finally Okay, so usually I don’t wear dresses, but I think this time it’s very appropriate for the outfit What do you think you’re dressed as a kitty cat? That’s a kitty cat Halloween costume It’s a cheetah Halloween costume. See it’s got cheetah prints and then when I turn around it even has a cute tail Doesn’t this outfit you scream baby at you. It really does. You really are a cat lady Okay, mommy, we’re ready to head off to school. Oh you guys look so adorable Bailey are you wearing a Halloween costume for picture day? Yes. It’s a cheetah costume And you know what cheetahs are their cats and you know what? I love I love kitty cats So therefore I’m going to wear something that resembles kitty cats, okay Well, you look very very adorable. Both of you do thank you mom Thank you that we know well have fun at school get me some good pictures Okay class I need everybody to sit down I’m about to take attendance Hey Bailey, Bailey. Are you wearing a cat costume? I am it’s actually a cheetah costume because you know, I like cats duh. Oh Well, I like Transformers. I should have dressed as a transformer Yeah, you should us but maybe next time you can dress as Optimus Prime Hey Bailey Bailey. I really love your outfit why? Thank you, Katie I like you a lot too and I like your outfit. Thank you. All right girls back there Can we stop the Chitty chatter? We’re all going to get up in a minute and walk in one straight line through outside or the photographer is waiting Okay, and I want you all to listen and no shenanigans Okay, so um, listen up kids I’m Jackson I’m the photographer and I’m going to take some pictures of you Okay, so you all have to stand and one straight line Oh Nobody’s listening. Hey Jackson Jackson. What are you doing here? Oh, hey Bailey. I’m the photographer What you’re a photographer now, I had no idea Well, I needed a job. So I did apply for this job and they hired me ha ha I mean, I have no photography skills, but I’m good with kids. So there you go They trained me on the camera. Well, that’s cool. I had no idea Well, that’s very exciting that you got a job as a photographer Yep. Hey, are you wearing a cat costume? What? Yes, I am and look when you turn around I even got a tail, huh cute, huh? Yep, that is very very original. Good job on that costume Thanks Jackson. Anyways, I gotta go stand in line Okay, then Alright is everybody ready? One after one come step up to the white wall, and don’t forget to smile Okay Bailey get up on that pedestal now say cheese Like cheese or cheese like you say not funny. I have to take pictures of another 100 kids Bailey, okay geez You blinked say cheese again Okay, good job, I know I always do a good job on picture day oh Man taking pictures of an entire school is exhausting. Hey Jackson, how’s it going? Oh, You know, it’s going I’m all done for the day. Hey shouldn’t you be in class? Well, I thought since you’re exhausted you might want a sandwich and a cupcake I always pack extra in case I need more energy, but you look like you need more energy dude your life saver I forgot to pack a lunch today Well, no problem. Here you go Thank You Bailey. I really appreciated. I’m Starving not a problem, buddy. Any day see you later alligator? Hey messiness. Don’t forget to head over to the gummy channel to watch their picture day at their Baby Alive school link will be in the description. We’ll see you guys later. Bye Hey miss emos. Here’s a trivia question for you. What did Brianna were to picture day? If you know the answer put it down below in the comments. We’ll see you guys later Bye

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