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Baby Girl Was Acting Strange, So Her Mother Planted Hidden Camera And Captures A Nightmare


  1. Emo Gacha Author

    Who would do that to a baby (kinda a toddler to) jeez if I saw that babysitter I would punch her! I feel so bad for that sweet little thing!

  2. Kyra’s GLMV Author

    I never had this or a nanny cus form the age of 7 my mom left 5 max and said stay and I did so age of 8 half 9 10 and 11 I could stay alone in my both house

  3. BEATZ4DAZ Global Author

    Damn what about all the black peoples been in slavery last 200 years A lot of trauma from the black race not knowing who there are stolen history rape etc!

  4. Roblox KillerYT Author

    i think i know why the parents where acting worried on the first day there child was home alone with the babysitter they had that parent instinct and felt that there little bundle of joy was being harmed but they though it was some stress but NOPE i believe its the parent instinct that most parents have

  5. Layla Reeves Author

    Ugh this is horrible. My nanny was a family member (with other family members filling in if she was ill) and she was loving but a bit lazy. When I asked her to babysit for us for extra money on Saturday Nights for date night, she brought her boyfriend over without our consent, turns out 6 months later he was arrested for armed robbery and murder! He was convicted and she was fired.

  6. buzz bang Author

    The behavior and mentality of these young kids/teens and even some young adults are a pathetic excuse of a living being. A piece of advice for the younger responsible adults who need babysitters these days. Screen the hell out of the potential, new babysitter/nanny that you may hire. To be safe, you really need to psychoanalyze these people down to the core before hiring them to babysit your baby(s)/children. It's a damn sham that you have to go to these extremes. Questions mainly for teens really. First ask about their hobbies, what are some of the things they like to do, and what places they like to go and hang out. What music they like. Do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend and try to find out what kind of person the boyfriend/girlfriend is. The boyfriend of the babysitter may be a nut. That's a problem. Look into their friends and family too. Do this if this person is going to be a constant babysitter for you. Remember, your child's welfare/life is at stake. You need to interview these people today as if they are applying for a job at the white house. Don't take chances. Remember it's baby junior or junior-ette we love and care about the most. Good luck New parents, you'll need it.

  7. buzz bang Author

    LOL look at this cute baby girls hair…4:16. Some of the reference clips and pics, (random photos) people use in these types of videos are funny. God bless the babies. ALL Babies.

  8. RAGE REE Author

    So the baby was left in a jumper for 2 hours straight even when she was hungry. Also the nanny spanked her when she cried. She got arrested thankfully.
    Your welcome

  9. Provocative Ramen Author


  10. Licensed and insured A Author

    No jail time????? That's why people take matters into their own hands because the justice system fails, someone did this to my child I would be in prison for their murder.

  11. Sarah Kreller Author

    All these people saying that they thought the video was going to be scary… wtf this IS scary! Can’t trust anyone, poor little baby.

  12. a croissant Author

    Here's a summary for everyone that doesn't want to watch the video:

    The camera showed that Melissa was keeping the baby in her jumper for the entire time, with no food, water or toys. Whenever she cried, she was spanked. After watching the footage, they gave it to the police and took the baby to the hospital.

  13. Alexus Murden Author

    How many of y’all came from the dumb ass click bait website because you couldn’t stand to keep clicking and being freaking baited 🙄?!

  14. bestgameplays2 Author

    Love the videos, Managed to get this, undoubtedly changed my life style. Haha, I desire had more like this. I still like it

  15. cristian trabaninos Author

    how many of you guys are saying "how many people went straight to the comments or how many people went to the comments to see if this was scary "

  16. kitty4god Author

    I hate people that hurt babies/ children and claim to be good caregivers. 😢👎🏻😭 they give us real and loving babysitters/ nannies a bad name. 💕👶🏻💕🙏🏻

  17. Tamena Hamze Author

    What a disgusting human being…how fucken dare she abuse a innocent child!!! Fat fuck u should’ve been taking care of her…come care for my cat 🐈 i bet my cat would scratch the fuck out of u even if u looked at him the wrong way u fat ugly low life tramp!!!
    I’m so angry right now and can’t believe how I’m thinking it’s so out of character for me but my heart goes out to the child and the parents!!!


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