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  1. Ileanna Ramirez Author

    Well I haven't seen this movie since I was a little girl. & Grace really gets on my nerves now that I'm seeing this as an adult! She gets disappointed every time she forcefully invites him. She was disappointed waiting for him to get his skates. She was disappointed when he didn't show up on time for dinner when he clearly told her he wasn't going to go. I wouldn't say "we'll see" as accepting an invite. This was me & my moms favorite movies to watch together, we had it recorded on VHS. I felt like my mom related to Grace since she was heavy set herself (RIP mama). But still this girl needed to be shaken a couple times lol.

  2. Amy Gonzales Author

    I like this movie but he's cheating. He could have dumped his gif when she came back, then started seeing Grace. But that's how the movie goes lol 😉😉

  3. Gembong Baskoro Author

    I saw that movie when I was teen on television but never know ending the story until you tube channel bring the whole story, thank God I still remember its title….

  4. Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior Author

    I love this movie! He’s so cute! They are so cute together! #LoveIsLove No Matter What Size you are! He doesn’t care what size she is he fall for her loving heart!

  5. Morgan Author

    The stalking isn't a good look, neither is the cheating. Grace also seems to go for Rob just based on his looks, at least at first. She's very insistent about trying to lure a guy away from a partner, and she's not good at taking no for an answer.

    I thought it was interesting that she wanted literally the most athletic person there, someone who could move so easily. Maybe Grace desired Rob and also desired to be like him. Almost reminds me of Lukas desiring Fabio in Romeos in that dual want you/want to be you type way (obviously for different reasons).

    I felt like Rob also romanticized Grace because she was the other woman and he didn't have to deal with the monotony of daily routine with her. I empathized with Grace though, for sure. I thought the movie had some pretty powerful moments of her learning to love herself and being loved back.

    The ways that the others degraded Grace felt pretty true to life. I'm undecided about the ending. On one hand, I wanted her to end up with the guy because she felt so unworthy of that, on the other hand I felt it might be best if she didin't. Maybe all 3 should end up single. I also felt for Olivia even though the audience wasn't supposed to. When Olivia confronted Grace at the party she went straight for the attacks on Grace's body. To Olivia, Grace's body made Grace beneath her. It came off as her being angry that Rob cheated on her with a fat woman, rather than that he cheated on her. This made her come off as arrogant & bigoted to the extent that it dulled the audience's feeling that they hurt her. We know that this is such a painful point for Grace that's it's easy to forget her culpability.

    Rob also just stands there while Olivia straight up abuses Grace, which is what you'd expect if he just got caught with a fling who he didn't actually care about. Rob might not even have actually left his fiancee at the end, and Grace unfortunately still didn't value herself enough to ask if she was still the other woman. That's another way to devalue yourself, accepting one's place as a secret lover only. She got herself out of feeling like she wasn't worthy of being with anyone and went straight into intentionally making herself the person on the side. Maybe that's why she pursued him after knowing that he was in a relationship originally, she was sabotaging herself.

    Yes, Olivia was generally given unpleasant sounding lines, which makes for an easy excuse for Rob to cheat on her. IRL, people that cheat often have similar sounding excuses regarding the way they say their partner acts. Also, it's easy to come off as not as fun as a long term partner where you deal with the often not fun realities of daily life together.

    Rob isn't faithful to Olivia, and he never comes in clutch for Grace. He acts like he's not interested in her in front of his friends, even ones who would prob not tell on him. I think it might have been better if Grace still got into cosmetology school, but it ended with her beginning something with someone new…Or maybe Carrie finally confessing her feelings to Grace (which she def has). Carrie had some very questionable moments as well though.

  6. Debbie Alford Author

    Gosh this brings back lots of memories but good memories! Right Bernie!? 😉 Great idea….wedding @ the supermarket where they met.

  7. Theresa Morrison Author

    Because, it's not creepy and weird at all for the woman from the trains station to turn up with your skates, knowing your name. And then she just happens to be in the right place at the right time all the time. Stalking is totally normal, especially when you work in a funeral home. But, aside from all that, why would you want to get with a man who's willing to get with someone else when he's supposed to be engaged?

  8. tralfaz Author

    I thought I would share this. In case you didn't know, Wanda, the evil stepmother is played by Betty Buckley. She was the gym teacher in the movie Carrie (1976). She had a number of roles in Broadway musicals and she introduced the song Memory (from the musical Cats) to the world.

  9. L99K Author

    LOL Rob is a big kid still & his fiance is a grown adult which is why their relationship is the way it is. Either Rob needs to grow up a bit or his fiance needs to loosen up a bit~

  10. Thalia Liddell Author

    This movie is just so cute!! Yes Ricki Lake was a stalker but who wouldn't want to go after Craig Sheffer? He's beautiful and so is she. Graces' problem was low self esteem and she stepped out of her comfort zone to find happiness. I'm glad that the plus sized girl got the thin handsome guy!! A cheesy love story but still one that I enjoy!!

  11. Marilyn Parker Author

    If I was Grace wouldn't go to her Dads house since they treat her like crap Her Dad seemed to care nothing about her.. It is nice Rob liked her for herself, but he should have taken up for her agaisnt Olivia. Olivia seemed like a self centered & selfish person  as most are who are born one of the lucky ones.Carrie was mean and spiteful telling OLivia where Rob was at and not much of a friend.Grace shouldn't have forgiven her.

  12. Marilyn Parker Author

    There should have been more of an ending. I would have liked to see how Wanda reacted if Rob & Grace got married. Or at least ended with them getting married. Did he leave Olivia after telling Grace he loved her?  Maybe even a sequel.

  13. Jade Green Author

    I like this movie but 2 wrongs don't make a right. Grace should had never stalked Rob and he should never cheated on his finance. At 1:16:50 was she was laughing or crying? I couldn't tell? And if I were Grace, I would never be friends with Carrie again. I can understand she was pissed for feeling left out by Grace when dating Rob. However but she had no right to tell his finance about the affair.

  14. Marilyn Parker Author

    Rob wasn't happy with a nag who constantly critized and had no sense of humor. Grace was pretty even though she wasn't skinny and beautiful inside. I just wish they had shown more of waht happened to Rob & Grace.

  15. Robin Brown Author

    I just noticed that Craig Sheffer used the same line about Grace being a friend of his little sister as Some Kind of Wonderful

  16. Bryan Moss Author

    You can either just have preferences which there is nothing wrong with at all or you're shallow/superficial, it's a thin line. I used to have long hair and a fit body and had so many girls after me, then I was injured at work to where I am now below average build and I cut my hair, girls don't even look at me whatsoever now! It seems in society for many, even if you're a good person, if you're not a Barbie or a Ken doll you're just a piece of shit who doesn't get acknowledged and are alone for years. This movie has a happy ending for the 'fat' girl because it's a fkn movie! People suck!, lol.

    I wish we were all so evolved as beings to where we are all just beams of light and can only be judged by another on our consciousness (who we are inside). That's only millions of years away!

  17. And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Mister Carlton Author

    1 Of My All Time Favorite Movies I recently Started Watching Over & Over, My Assessment Of This is: Grace Was A Mortuary Cosmetologist Who Was Lonely And Developed Love At First Sight For The Handsome Transportation Engineer Rob Who Was In A Relationship With A Woman That He Wasn't Happy with. Grace Father And Especially New Step Mother Weren't As Empathetic To Her Sensitivities And She Felt Left Out of Her Family, Her Friend Seemed Lonely As Well But Was Afraid Of Life caused By Phobia's. But In The End Rob Became Her Handsome Prince Charming And I'm Glad They Made It 😘😘😘

  18. Hilary Osborne Author

    I love this movie! Watching it in 2019's political climate is interesting though. She'd be labeled a stalker and rapist nowadays.

  19. Luna Pyrope Author

    I'm glad I live in an age now where there is much trendier clothing for a big gal like myself. We still have a long way to go, but thank god I'm not shopping in 1989.

  20. Dominic Chester Author

    Can’t believe rob didn’t defend Grace. If that were me I would of told my fiancé I’m not happy and I met someone who makes me happy. Goodbye we’re not compatible and we don’t have nothing in common you try make me be something I know I’m not. Were not right for each other. Poor grace!!

  21. Coco Diva Author

    Jealous ass plain looking friend hanging with the big girl with a cute face and fun personality. Plain Jane couldn’t stand Grace being happy


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