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Back To The Future (1985) Theatrical Trailer – Michael J. Fox Movie HD

Steven Spielberg presents: Back to the Future a Robert Zemeckis film. Marty lives an Ordinary life. No McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley. Well, history is gonna change. And 1985 is not his year. But Dr Brown is about to change all that. Are you telling me that you built the time machine – out of a DeLorean? He’s sending marty 30 years back in time. It worked! It’s a flying saucer from outer space! Now he’s trapped in the past… This’s gotta be a dream. …about to meet… Chocolate! His future father He’s a peeping Tom. And he’s making an impression on his mother. He’s an absolute dream! And he can sleep in my room. And if you do cause serious repercussions on future events… Now, he’s got to make his mother and father fall in love. I haven’t even been born yet. And only Dr Brown… …can help him get… …Back to the future. Do you mean this sucker is nuclear?! Precisely! Michael J. Fox Wow, this is heavy. Christopher Lloyd There’s that word, heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull? Back to the Future


  1. docette2015 Author

    It's always so weird to hear Doc called "Dr. Brown." I mean, I know it's his title, but — it just doesn't sound right, you know?

  2. D. E. Author

    OK, I have to state the fact that besides the age and a few wrinkles Lea Thompson is still hot. No, honestly… she's really hot besides being 57.

  3. Awesomegabe14 Author

    marty lives an ordinary life. no McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley. Well history is gonna change. And 1985 is not his year. But Dr.brown is about to change all that. Are you telling me that you built the time machine out of a DeLorean? He's sending marty thirty years back in time. This's gotta be a dream. He is about to meet…chocolate…his future father. He's a peeping Tom and he's making an impression on his mother. He's an absolute dream! he can sleep in my room. if you do cause serious repercussions on future events. now, he's got to make his mother and father fall in love. I haven't even been born yet. and only Dr Brown can help him get back to the future. Do you mean this sucker is nuclear?! precisely! wow this is heavy. there's that word, heavy. why are things so heavy in the future? is there a problem with the earths gravitational pull? BACK TO THE FUTURE

  4. Sky Henry Blue Author

    November. 17

    Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Our. Lives. Wasteing. Following. The. Goats. Turning g our. Paradise. Into. A. Desert

    Awesome. Good. Incredible. Cow. Boy. Gray. movie. Pict. And. Some. Wisdom

    First. Though. One. Best. Acting. Performances. Ever. Ever. Ever. Seen. By. Far. Michael. J. Fox. Star. This. Awesome. Watch. Cow. boy. Grady. Dove. Consult

    Did. Episode. On. Show. Family. Ties. He. Starred. In. Friend. Of. His. Long. time. In. Life. He. Loved. Cool. Guy. to. Him. Dies. How. He. Reacted. deals. With. It. Amazing. Bitter. sweet. Thing. Beautiful

    Bravo. Michael

    Serious. Humblement. Ti. this. Actor

    Had. Same. Nike. Shoes. Loved. Them. As. Movie

    Other. Performance. Amazing. Beautiful. Beautiful. actor. Actress. TV. Show.

    Paul. Reiser. Made. Mad. About. You
    Helen. Hunt
    Paul. Reisser. Has. Couple. Awesome. Parenting. marriage. books. Wise

    Helen. Hunt. wants. So. Bad. Her. Neighbors. She. Doesnt. Even. Like. Like. Her. Hurts. Her. Hurt. Me. She. Hurt. Lots

    Amazing. Performance.

    Hellen. Bravo
    Both. Amazing. Treat. Blessing. For. This. actor. To. See

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    Michael. J. Fox. In. This. Movie. Has. Friend. He. Likes. Old. Dude. the. Doctor. To. many. Yo. me. Not. Cool.

    Older. friend. Cool. Cant. Go. There. Not. Cool. Or. Burning. sexual. Insecurity. Of. course. Only. Reason. I'm. Like. liking. Hanging. With. Young. Person. Or. Older. Person. because. I'm. sleeping. wiyh. them

    Duh ! Award. Ur. Not. Cool. Cow. Boy. Grady

    Older. People. Younger. People. Often. bring. Great. blessing. Just. Be. around. their. Joy. wisdom. Life. Duh !

    That's. real. Cool

    Think. About. it. In. Life. Movies. Etc

    The. Cool. The. Real. Cool. Were. Are. Always. Like. That !

    Not. you !

    Yhe. Real. Cool. Being. Secure. In. Who. You. really. are !

    Long. Hope. Dream. Inspired. by. Movie. Raiders. of. Lost. Ark

    When. if. Can. ASAP

    I'm. Adopting. Chinese. Child. Boy. Sorta. Five. To. Sevenish. Want. Gutter. Snipe. most. Can. Find. Orphan. Be. His. Ward. Be. His. life. Long. pal. friend. Provide. excellent. Education. American. And. Chinese. Education. And. Culture. God. willing

    Teach. him. Stay. Up. All. Night. Play. poker. smoke. cigarettes. Drink. Whiskey. Mix. my. drinks. For. me

    Love. And. spoil. Amazingly

    Hope. get. bunch. in. room. adopt. one. just. likes. me. most.

    Hopefully. Long. Time. Goal. Dream. hope. First. Of. Many. Children. I. My. Wife. Will adopt. Love. Spoil. Not. Rotten. Big

  5. The Famous Eccles Author

    Saw this film in a sneak preview with zero knowledge or expectations back in 85. Can't think of another film that I went into cold like that. What a game changer. To Live and Die In LA was another enduring favourite released that year.

  6. AntoNeo1 Author

    The film is so well made that the Camera quality is still good today and the trailer is no way good as the film, one the best films ever, even quality of production. Are they sure they made it in 1985?

  7. john ricciardelli Author

    Growing up I had a lot of teachers, and I had a college professor who use to quote this movie. I was the only one in class who got the reference everyone else didn't get the reference. I was born in 1993. I grew up with this movie, and other 80's movies, shows, and music pop culture.

  8. Julio Augusto Author

    I wouldn't mind if they made a new BACK TO THE FUTURE movie where someone from the present goes back to the 80's to show all the garbage we've accomplished and then decided to continue living in the 80's in the end.

  9. Rajeev singh Author

    anyone tell me a movie name in 80s 90s time travelling. a girl goes to past for her professors love from time machine invented his father. after his father also goes to past. its a kids movies when i saw i am 10 years old

  10. Sammy Biswas Author

    Hello fellow 80s people. I'm a future human being from the year 2019. Yes people are gonna still be dumb in 2019 and they'd be fighting over some virtual platform called YouTube over who's gonna be on it's throne.

  11. Zachary Pollack Author

    it is so ironic I learned not too long ago I found out that bananas are radioactive and in the end of the movie doc Brown is putting banana peels in the reactor to make it go off. Still don't know why something told me to watch it… Lol

  12. Blueberry40 Author

    I don’t care what Endgame says. Great movie, but I still love this one. I think Doc makes more sense than hulk but hats just me.

  13. Karend Vanessa Herrera Pinilla Author

    'Back to the future' is an excellent movie, it has a gripping story since the beginning; also it is though provoking so you start thinking about the future and also the past. And if you are bored I recommend you to watch it because it is really entertaining.

  14. stryker1121 Author

    No movie's perfect but BttF comes close. It's hard to explain if you're not an 80s kid, but this movie encapsulates the decade's pop culture, and frankly, reminds me of a time that I now miss dearly.

  15. Vishwajeet kumar Singh Author

    I remember i was watching this movie at late night 1 o' clock and it was raining outside and i was amazingly connected with this movie and that 2 and half hours was so beautiful i can't explain that feeling when it was over i slept but after waking up i was thinking about what was that feeling at night i was in the zone
    I can't forget that memory of this film 😘😘i am still feeling that moment ! 11th june 2018 it was the day

  16. charronfilms Author

    The time travel in this series makes little sense if you think about it, especialy when compared to Bill and Ted and Endgame, each of these films following their own rules.

    Still, BTTF 1 is a masterpiece, like top five favorite films.

  17. DAMIEN MILLS Author

    This trailer sucked.
    It did not make me want to see the movie. It just looked like low budget garbage. It didn't even play the kickass theme.


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