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Back To The Future | Cinema Secrets

Hi I’m Jamie from All time Movies and today
we’re heading all the way back to the 1950s… and back again. Yep it’s time to uncover the
secrets of one of the most loved films of all time, Back to the Future. The original script was rejected by studios
over 40 times. The bosses really wanted it to be a raunchy teen comedy like Porky’s or
Fast Times At Ridgemont High – but writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis had
other, sweeter ideas. That’s partly because Gale was inspired to
write the movie after seeing his father’s high school yearbook and discovering his dad
had been class president. Gale hated student government, which got him thinking- what if
they’d been at school together? Would he and his dad have got along? Cue time travel movie! Universal Studio’s CEO Sid Sheinberg wanted
to call the film ‘Spaceman from Pluto’. Luckily Steven Spielberg stopped that from happening.
Phew! Casting Marty McFly was a notoriously difficult
task, with nearly every 80s teen actor considered for the part. Johnny Depp, John Cusack, Charlie
Sheen, and Robert Downey Jr were all discussed, before the role was awarded to Eric Stoltz. But Stoltz spent only five weeks in Hill Valley
before his serious take on the role got him fired. Zemeckis and Gale had wanted Michael
J. Fox in the role all along, but getting him out of his contract on TV show Family
Ties wasn’t easy. The TV producers wouldn’t even let Fox see the script. Eventually Universal
did a deal that Fox would work on the show from 9 am till 6 in the evening, when he’d
head over to the Back to the Future set where he would film till two in the morning. Fox wasn’t the only change to the cast. Einstein
the dog originally started life as chimp named Shemp. However Universal boss Sid Sheinberg
ordered the animal to be replaced, claiming that no movie with a chimp had ever turned
a profit. Guess he never saw Tarzan. Or Planet Of The Apes. OR Is that really true? As for the time-travelling Delorean itself,
the iconic car was originally going to be an era-hopping fridge! Bob Gale decided to
make it a car after getting scared that young viewers would copy Marty and lock themselves
in fridges. No one was happier about the change than the car’s creator John Delorean, who
wrote to the movie makers thanking them for immortalising his dream as Doc’s incredible
invention. Speaking of Doc, just in case you’ve ever
wondered how the eccentric scientist came to be such good friends with Marty, Bob Gale
says Doc Brown hired Marty as his assistant when he snuck into his lab as a 13 year old.
Not creepy at all. Despite the huge success of the first film,
Robert Zemeckis had no interest in creating a follow up. He generously decided to join
the sequel when Universal told him the films would be made with or without him. Still,
he and Bob Gale were clever enough to secure the rights to any and all sequels, so there
won’t be a Back To The Future 4 unless they say so. Still, they set themselves a hard task with
Part II. The ending of the first film was meant to be a joke. If they’d have known that
they would be forced into producing a sequel, they would never let Jennifer into the car,
which is probably why she’s knocked out so early on. The world of 2015 Hill Valley is full of in
jokes and easter eggs. From the doll of Roger Rabbit in the window of a store, to Spielberg’s
infant son working his way into the final cut. It also offered a big clue as to what was
in store in Part III. Look carefully at Doc Brown’s shirt here and you’ll see it’s covered
in trains and cowboys. Oh and just in case you missed it, long before
he made his way to Mordor, Frodo was hanging out in diners . Here’s little Elijah Wood,
making his film debut. Every actor from the previous film returned
to the franchise, with one exception. Crispin Glover was dropped from the films after arguing
with Gale and Zemeckis over money. They’d already had disagreements over the ending
of the first movie, which Glover saw as immoral for promoting the idea that money could buy
happiness. So when Glover later demanded equal pay to
Fox, they ditched him and cast Jeffrey Weissman, who wore a latex Glover mask and hung upside
down during filming. This explains why George is quickly killed off in the second film,
and why Seamus McFly is played by Michael J. Fox in part 3. Someone else who turned down a role in the
final movie is American President Ronald Reagan, who was offered the part of the town’s mayor.
Though he did quote the movie in his 1986 State of Union address, stating “”where we’re
going we don’t need roads””. Part III was shot consecutively with the second
movie over the course of 11 months. With just 3 weeks between filming the second and third
movies, Zemeckis was editing the second film at night while filming the third during the
day. That’s why there are a few plot holes and pacing issues, although it bothers Bob
way more than it bothers me! It could have all ended horrifically though,
when tragedy nearly struck the set of the final film. If you’ve ever thought Michael
J Fox gave a particularly good performance in the scene in which Marty is being hung
by ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen, turns out he wasn’t actually acting. Fox missed the hand placements which
would have ensured the noose didn’t do any damage, and ended up asphyxiating and passing
out. He ended up swinging from the rope unconscious before the director realised something was
wrong. So there’s just some of the secrets from the
behind the scenes of Back to the Future. Let mw know in the comments if I missed anything.
See you next time!


  1. Isaiah Author

    It's pretty funny that this was uploaded…
    I Just seen this movie for the first time in 6 years… O.o
    It was great and it's a classic 😀

  2. Undertaker9711 Author

    a couple of things you missed. 88 miles per hour being the speed for which time travel is possible was just a convenience, it was easy to remember. and for how they pronounced "gigawatts", they honestly thought thats how it was supposed to be pronounced

  3. PanicButton V2 Author

    I remember watching a video or reading somewhere that in the beginning of the movie the mall is called twin pines and when the delorean goes back to the farm it knocks over one of the two pines before breaking the fence, when Marty returns back the mall is called lone pine mall.

  4. Wayne Daly Author

    yep the Indy fridge thing is a nod to the orginal BTTF script, the time machine was a fridge and the used an atomic blast to send it back to the future

  5. Liam Henderson Author

    fun fact, originally the script had them sneaking into a government facility and causing a nuclear explosion to get back to the present

  6. Dan Hayami Author

    When the movie first came out my friends and I went to see it and it turned out that the theater we saw it at was across the street from the mall that was in the film. (Puente Hills Mall)

  7. daedralord1 Author

    Eric Stoltz was NOT fired, he just didnt fit what Zemeckis wanted, trust me, im a huge BTTF nerd, he was not fired. Himself and Zemeckis sat down and agreed that the movie was not for him.

  8. elgigante2001 Author

    Huey Lewis is the guy with the megaphone when Marty and his band are auditioning to play for the school dance. Now I think most people know that, but whats wierd it that in the extras for the movie on DVD Huey Lewis predicted his own fate of his music career. Saying he doesn't want to be one of the music stars that disappears for a long time before coming back. Or something similar to that.

  9. James Ada Author

    3:17 Every actor from the previous film returned to the franchise with one exception……

    That's not right

    "Jennifer" was also replaced
    Claudia Wells plays the role in BTTF1
    Elisabeth Shue plays the role in BTTF2

  10. Tom H Author

    How about the part in BTTF2 where the Marty that is heading out the door , hits the real Marty with it when he opens it and dazes the real Marty….However—-in the first movie'Marty does not open the door quickly enough to hit the other Marty with it

  11. Diggers Down Under The Comic Chef Author

    Thanks mate, great job, I loved it…
    I did notice but that you missed the ironic connection to The Twin Towers and The Twin Pines Shopping Mall with terrorists.
    See how the Malls sign changes its name during the first film and the fact that Robert Zemeckis released his new movie The Walk on The Twin Towers according to the exact settings on the Time machine all these years later. Coincidence, Interesting hey… Is that Marty Mcfly up there!!!, Just a thought 🙂

  12. Moon Author

    And this is why Telltale games doesn't make movie remakes like how Until Dawn did. Also did you ever notice that the first movie of Alien took place in 2005?

  13. ROY FR Author

    DVD extras have all of this…..Maybe I should just make a youtube video that repeats everything from a DVD mini documentary…..But then 'I' know there is no point….

  14. Autumn Leaf Author

    Regarding the "missed anything"
    It's not huge, but it's worth noting. Going back to the Crispin Glover situation, he was the reason that they started certain rules and regulations in the screen actors guild, specifically the illicit use of actors (likeliness in any way)

  15. ScoutFighter #1 Author

    You missed everything important! First back to the future intro pay close attention when the automatic can opener is opening the shitty food for Einstein the dog. The clock is a flat earth map then it looks like the dog food is shitting all over Einstein's food bowl. Next scene mardi is playing guitar and look at his speaker when it explodes. Its Antarctica!!!! Wake up people the earth is flat! Then you missed telling us how this movie is really about the gods! Don't forget prediction of trump and 9/11. This movie is amazing!!! They even predicted the movie the walk would come out 2015 about 9/11 and look at mardi's clothes and look at the actor in the walk. The exact same! People there are so many clues I can't list them all in this movie!


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