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Baninay & Bont in Dramatic Short Film 😂 Tagalog Acting Game YouTube Pop-Up Space Manila

Hey…why are you crying, SHI? SHI, why did you walk away? Why? Sorry… My tears started to fall. Let’s go again. Go go go. Bont. Hi, Direk. Baninay. Good to see you guys. Thank you, thank you for coming. I have a favor to ask from you. What is it? I like how hard he’s trying to speak Tagalog. But now I can’t choose what language to reply in. I want to make a short film on this YouTube Space set… …but I still have a hard time writing in Tagalog. Can you guys help me with the Tagalog? Of course. What is the Tagalog of “can you guys help me?” “Can you guys save me?” “Help.” He said “save…” So it’s okay? Yes. Game. But I’m nervous. It’s his first time. Oh, right. It’s his first time here in the Tagalog Acting Game. I’m already a master at this. Yes, you’re the master today. Okay, game. Okay, first word, I need… …a male stranger. Brother. “Hoy.” Fine. “Hoy.” But that’s not what I say in real life. Okay. “Hoy.” How about a female stranger? Hey. Sister. I usually say sister. “Hey, sister!” Right? Sister. We’ll go with sister. “Hoy” and sister. Give me a number. Four. 24. In Tagalog. Isn’t that Spanish? Spanish Acting Game!? Are you Filipino? No, I’m from… …Spain. Give me a surprising animal. Frog. Let’s go with frog. I fear them. Now a body part. Waist. Yes. Good. Waist. What is that? That is this. A long male name. Okay, fine, but as one word. Yes. Nolimetangere. One word. One word. Now a short female name. Shi. Give me a job that can make you famous. Now, a job with a lot of travelling. Now give me a country you’d like to visit. Okay, let’s say it together. It might be different. That’s right. Me too. Me too. No, it’s true! I don’t know why she said it first. Last…give me a type of vehicle. Is there a Tagalog word for that? Okay. Thank you guys so much. We’re done? Can we go? No wait, hold on. I have one more request to ask from you both. Because now that the script is finished, you both look like you can play the characters. How much is my talent fee for this? I don’t work without a talent fee. Do you remember the number you said? Yes. That’s how much. 24. I’ll work with that. Deal. 24 pesos. Direk has a lot of budget. High budget. They are now gonna play the Tagalog Acting Game in… 3…2…1…action! HOY…how much is one water bottle? HOY! Oh…um…24,000 pesos ma’am. Oh no… I only have one peso. Okay, that’s fine. Here. Thank you. Are you okay, HOY? You look like you’ve seen a FROG from the way you look at me. I’m sorry, SISTER. When I first saw you… …my heart beat faster. And my WAIST started tingling when I started staring. You might wanna get that checked by a doctor. Oh, uh… Don’t be nervous. You can laugh. Go. Oh, my name is NOLIMETANGERE. How about you? What’s your name? SHI. Your face looks familiar, SHI… …are you a vlogger? No. Just a REPORTER. Oh! A REPORTER! So does that mean you travel often? Where are you going next? To SPAIN. I’m supposed to go tomorrow, but it might be cancelled. That’s unfortunate. Why not? I’m supposed to have a travel partner, but… …I can’t find him anymore. And he doesn’t answer my calls anymore. Don’t worry, SHI. I’m sure you’ll find him again someday. How about you, NOLIMETANGERE? Are you with anyone in your life here? None. For now…I’m just on my own. Hey! Why are you crying, SHI? SHI, why did you walk away? What? Sorry… My tears started falling. Okay go again. Go go go. SHI, why did you walk away? Again. I can’t turn around and look at your face right away. Last time. Last time. SHI, why did you walk away? What’s wrong with you? Last time! Last time! SHI, why did you walk away? Sorry! Sorry! SHI, why did you walk away? Did I say something wrong? NOLIMETANGERE, you really don’t remember me? Huh? Look at this phone. When was this taken? Why can’t I remember this? You were in an accident, NOLIMETANGERE. You were ran over by a SIDECAR… …while you were trying to rescue a FROG… …in the middle of the road. Because of that, your WAIST underwent surgery. And you also lost all your memories. You forgot me. How long have I been like this? A long time. 24 years. Why did you just tell me now, SHI? Why did you wait to visit me until now? NOLIMETANGERE… I visit you here everyday. I tell you the same story everyday, and you forget about it everyday… …because of your amnesia. Can this still be fixed? Will there be a day in the future when I will remember you again? I don’t know, NOLIMETANGERE. But no matter what happens… …I will always visit you here. I will always remember you… …and wait for the day that you will remember me too. Whether that day will ever come. SHI. NOLIMETANGERE… …do you remember me now? Yes. Everything we went through. Every day you visited me in the last 24 years. But how? The most important memories are not found in the mind, but in the heart. SHI… …I found you in my heart. Let’s go to SPAIN. Let’s go.


  1. Jai Maribao Milner Author

    Eyyy Guys! Ang Galing naman ni deric. hehhehe Galing gumawa ng short film na ganun kadali.

    Syempre din magaling din kasi naman nila Bon and Baninay… Ang cute tala ninyo. nakaka kilig. nakakawala sa problema. super.nakakawala ng antok. lalo nat inaatok ako sa office madalas. hehhehhe>>

    keep it up guys. Hopefully makita ko kayo at masama sa isang project. 😉 God bless you both. #BaninayFanatic

  2. #Chinito Financer Author

    Nakakaiyak 😭😭😭

    Super nadala ako medyo nkakatawa ang script but the acting skills ng TeamLove😍😍😍
    Parang hndi baguhan super nakadadala keep it up 😍😍😍


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