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Barco’s DP2K-10Sx digital cinema projector is very easy to use

Hello and welcome to this presentation on
Barco’s DP2K-10Sx digital cinema projector. This presentation is about the ease of use
of this projector. This projector is not only designed to be
easy to use by the end users, by the exhibitors but it also has been designed with the integrators
and installers in mind. One of its features is that it’s a plug and
play projector that ships together with an Integrated Media Server so they really are
easy to install into a single integrated unit. The projector has also been designed to be
modular so that it’s easy to service by swopping in and out modules. It is also designed to
be side-serviceable to ease and accelerate the service process.
An important part is that this projector has been designed to be compatible with all 3D
systems, whether internal 3D systems or external 3D systems. This gives the exhibitors and
actually the integrators a lot more flexibility in choosing their 3D technology and also in
retaining the existing white matte screens, when the exhibitors desire to maintain them.
Related to 3D systems there is also the fact that the DP2K-10Sx projector comes with high
frame rates out of the box. These are enabled without any license or additional
costs, both on the projector and on the Integrated Media Server.
Finally, for the exhibitors this projector is really easy to use because we have designed
a new Communicator Lite software that runs on any web browser, including any tablet.
And this allows it to control the projector and we also have the control of the Integrated
Media Server from a web browser. Essentially, this means that there is no software to install
externally, it is all running on the projector making it really simple to set up and really
simple to use also for people with limited IT skills.

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