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Batman (1/5) Movie CLIP – You Can Call Me Joker (1989) HD

[creaking] That you, sugar bumps? Who the hell are you? It’s me… Sugar bumps. Jack? Oh. Oh. Thank god you’re alive. I heard you’d been– Fried? Is that
what you heard? You set me up
over a woman. A woman! You must be insane. Don’t bother. Your life won’t
be worth spit! I’ve been dead
once already. It’s very liberating. You should think of it
as, uh… Therapy. Jack… Listen… Maybe we can cut a deal. Jack? Jack is dead, my friend. You can call me… Joker. And as you can see, I’m a lot happier. Wait. Aah! Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo! [click click]


  1. Fatma Korkmaz Author

    Jack Jack is dead my frendly call Man lam the joker lam hapinner than ever 🤡 hetshot 🔥bang ha ha ha ha ha What but Day bearful movie clımp mee three clımp one put two hot time old town Tony electro shok clım three clımp batman vs joker but mee love play game Jack niclason joker s jeto own very love

  2. Sarcastically Sarcastic Author

    comparing Cesear, Jack and Heath is pointless… Cesear was funny as it was supposed to be.. Jack we sinister and Maniacal.. Heath was manipulative, chaotic and anarchist.. Sorry No mark Hamil as he did the voice acting and not even Jared Leto.. you know for obvious reasons

  3. Michael Cox Author

    The Dark Knight is a good movie,but the first Batman is an even greater movie! Jack’s Joker for example is very close to the craziness of “The Shining”! For parents to think it was alright to bring kids to this movie in 1989 were crazy! There are so much adult situations going on ,along with a whole city of people dying from gas and a man fried alive! Not very kid friendly!

  4. Hitesh Goyal Author

    Never liked this interpretation. It just always seemed like Jack Nicholson playing himself. But Mark And Ledger. They were something else

  5. Quntico Qamiroquai Author

    Jack Nicholson was awesome as the Joker, this movie set the standard for a darker versions of Batman. Prior to this movie we had Batman in a pajama suit and Robin in men booty shorts with corny quotes.

  6. David Kolb Author

    Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker was an all time classic. One of the best performances I’ve seen. Ledgers though caught my eye when I first watched the Dark Knight. The absolute psychopathic and terrifying nature of the Joker was captured pretty much perfectly, and nothing, in my opinion can top that.

  7. Alan Bourbeau Author

    Boss Carl Grissom,
    “Jack, listen. Maybe we can cut a deal.”
    “Jack? Jack is dead 💀 my friend. You can call me the Joker 🃏. And as you can see, I’m a lot more happier!! Ha ha ha ha!! 😂😄. What a day!!” This scenario is a barrel of laughs!!

  8. Picnicl Author

    Jack Palance must have seen a few rattlesnakes (hear its sound at 0.43?) in his career in Westerns prior to this. Rattlesnakes rarely bite unless provoked or threatened (Jack Napier having done that by having an affair with Alicia, Grissom's girlfiend). Unfortunately for Grissom, even if he, as a rattlesnake, attacks (i.e. fires his own gun), if treated promptly, as per Wikpedia, 'the rattlesnake's bite is seldom fatal'. The inside 'joke' implication is that Grissom didn't even get or take a chance to attack but would be going down regardless of what he does anyway. As per Wikipedia, 'rattlesnakes fall prey to hawks, weasels, king snakes, and a variety of other species. Large numbers of rattlesnakes are killed by humans'. Fittingly, the rattlesnake is native to the Americas. 'The rattle is a warning device for predatory animals that might be a threat to the rattlesnake. It produces a signal to drive them away'. Grissom should have done his dirty work himself- it's too late for a mere rattle to win against a man already carrying a loaded gun.

  9. Nicola Ferrari Author

    Nicholson's delivery of "you set me up over a woman…a woman! You must be insane", with that little, softer laugh finishing it, is absolutely amazing, gave me the chills.

  10. Jehová Jesucristo Author

    Más pesecucio es más beneficios y bendiciones y.mas crítica es Rica espiritual la hija reconosidad con Jehová gov job de madera californiana

  11. TheMadRatter Author

    Can anyone name the music int eh background? Sounds like the writer got lazy and ripped off and detuned the Super Mario underwater theme xD

  12. Brian Leetch Author

    Thumbs up if you think Ledger's Joker is HIGHLY overrated. He's only praised for that role so much because he OD'd shortly after and Hollywood loves to glamorize dead drug addicts! There is no way in Hell Ledger wins an Oscar for that movie if he didn't kill himself with drugs like the idiot he was.

  13. Blair Animations Author

    Jacks joker was dark and closest to comics and more historical than the rest
    Heaths was serious and and was more thug than super villain
    Jareds was just a joker used to sell toys and had no personality
    Cesar Romero all time classy guy goes well with the specific 60s vibe
    Joaquin Phoenix is soon that I know he’ll get an Oscar

  14. Felipe Φίλιππος Author

    For me, the best Joker is Jack Nicholson. Look for the face him….hahaha…Nicholson doesn't need the facial features of the Joker…Himself has naturally.

  15. Brolly5 Author

    The look in Grissom's face when he sees Jack for what he has become, epic. In that short second expression he realized he's dealing with a complete madman it's all over.

  16. Lala Girl Author

    The Joker 2019 is most accurately alike to this one. Becuase of the music & in the trailer he wanted to be announced Joker instead of his real name. I love it & cant wait.

  17. Rock Callahan Author

    Jack's joker was jack playing a great role of the joker from comic book.
    What heath did was completely change the joker's perception.
    There was no more comedy with him . Just sheer chaos and madness and …well…fire


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