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BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Alright boys, we got one objective. To loot… Kill… Survive… But most importantly, be the last team standing even if that means it’s just one of us left. Uh…Wait! So um… *confused Ryan* Which objective exactly ? What??? You said we all had one objective but you name like four so… Who is this guy again ? Uh…h-he’s a friend. He just hasn’t played that much PUBG. Yeah this is my first time. *visible frustration* Oh my god… Come on! Great, you brought a noob? There goes our chances…shouldn’t even play! Hey, we were all noobs at some point plus… he’s a gamer he’ll catch on quick. Yeah I play games… You play games ? What kind of games you play ? Well…I I have a level 7 town hall in Clash of Clans Oh my gosh…Clash of Clans??? Are you serious? Alright! Where we going guys? Look at the map I say we go to Novo! I say Georgopol. Guys I don’t really know what we are doing here. Don’t worry! When we drop, just drop! *Loud discussion and arguing about where to drop* Chinki is mah city *More discussion while noobie Ryan sneaks off* We’re half way through the map already. Let’s do Novo. That’s what I’m saying from the start… Wait wait wait…Where’s the noob? NO NO NO *Oops* Huh ? *Ryan flies off* Yo we gotta go now! Let’s go come on! Jump, jump, jump! Where do you think we are? Schools right there. You can see the water tower by Rozhok Let’s loot those house right there. Guys I think we are in North Hollywood because that’s Burbank right ? These places don’t exist Oh… What do you think? Should probably go North, plane went horizontal. Yea let’s go *Intense running* Car ! Oh nice! Come on, hurry up! We have to go! How do I get in? F! F!!! My god… Press F! Get in! Please get in! F ! F, okay let me see…F *frustration* Hurry up- yep, GO GO GO GO ! NO OH MY GOD just press it once, one time. Did I do it? yes. NO. NO. COME ON –oh wait i got it, i got it. –YES YES YES –WHY –NO Hey, there’s nothing in here! JUST KEEP LOOKING Alright, you guys ready to go? Yeah, I’m good I got a scar, grenades, boosts, I’m ready to go. Ryan! Where you at? I’m here, I’m here All you got was a pan? That’s all there was! After this whole time that’s all you found? Yeah, I checked the whole room! Don’t worry about it, there’s gonna be other houses. We gotta go! Let’s go! “Yeah, I checked the whole room” – Ryan Higa 2017 You got pretty good gear. Blue’s about to move so let’s head south. Hey guys, what’s so bad about the blue anyway I mean– OW! What the hell? Just don’t touch it! Hey you never heard the song? Da bu dee Da bu die How much time we got left? The blue’s coming in! Alright well we got ten left and we’re four of ’em so if we stick together we should be– COVER ME *pew pew gunfight* Dude, you just got shot in the face, how are you still alive?! It was only an M16 I still have a level 2 helmet But it’s your FACE! How is that gonna help?! I don’t know if- Now we’re good. All right, let’s go- What do I do? Just shoot something! *pew pew pew* *confused Ryan* Gunfire grenade I got you, stay still! Come on, just go! Five more seconds! Almost done! Oh shi- *explosion* Damnit, I almost had it! Ryan, what are you doing? Dude he’s looting our bodies, go kill him now! GHOSTS!!!!! We’re not ghosts, this is the death cam. Ryan, what are you doing? Yeah? He’s shooting at us because he thinks the death cams are ghosts. And he just used up all his ammo! Listen, Ryan, that’s last guy right there Come over here and revive me, and it’ll be 2 v 1; a much better chance. How am I supposed to get over there? I don’t have a smoke! Look, he’s gonna reload in second all right. When he does, that’s your chance! Get READY! Now! What are you doing?! Sorry sorry! Nice good job! All you gotta do is revive me now. Just press- BOING *people die when they are killed* Is it not the click button Look, forget about it. It’s the last guy! You can still do this! I don’t have any ammo. Just loot my body! Oh right looting. That’s uh- All right, what is the button again? F! press F! you’re pressing Z, you don’t know how to type? No, no what are you doing?? *Intense music* What will happen next? Will Ryan be able to win his first PUBG game? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGONB- TEEHEE What the hell? Dude, that was seriously awesome. Hey, let’s play another one; how do you leave again? You said it was escape button escape button… That explains a lot… Third space… oh I know where it is Alright, let’s go again!


  1. Adlan Kacak Author

    When this video released I haven't play pubg yet but now after I'm already get use with the game now I'm understand, Ryan got it pretty accurate tho 😀😀


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