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Beautiful Relaxing Music – Peaceful Piano Music & Guitar Music by Soothing Relaxation

Great Spirit Prayer of the Iroquois [ 대정령의 기도 ] Great Spirit Prayer of the Iroquois [ 대정령의 기도 ]


  1. Soothing Relaxation Author

    Thank you very much for listening to my music! You can find more of my work on my channel.😊
    Download this track ("Sunny Mornings"):
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    Visit my website for downloads, sheet music and licensing:

  2. Elena Nguyen Author

    Thanks a lot! I’d say that I’m falling love with “Sunny Morning”, I listen to this every early morning, it put me at ease peaceful mind and calm soul,..Honestly thanks for your beauty of art!❤️

  3. Bạch Trung Author

    Very beautiful!! But I don't understand why everytime I listen this song I often feeling sad and thrill. Hmmm …..
    TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE!!!!! :((((((

  4. RuthMarySepulveda. Author

    I was feeling very stressfull. I found this song and i really love it.
    Thanks you very much for this. The video and the music are perfect
    Very very very very thanks❤️

  5. Emerald Gacha and roblox Author

    Can you spot the letter P?


  6. Maurício Bertotti Author

    Enquanto via as belas imagens e escutava esta música calma, escrevi um texto. E reproduzo-o aqui para quem estiver também neste momento de paz, mesmo que momentânea…

    Eu queria ser como a árvore antiga, centenária…que não se preocupou em crescer rápido, mas cresceu mais do que qualquer outra. Á arvore centenária, pegou muitos ventos, ventanias, tempestades e perdeu muitas folhas e muitos galhos. Mas a cada perda, ela se fortalecia e seu tronco ficava mais firme. Eu queria ser como esta árvore, que na maior parte de sua passagem, foi apenas paisagem, mas que deu guarida à pássaros, transeuntes e olhos, às vezes desapercebidos, outras, estupefatos. Eu queria ser como a centenária, que a cada ano que passava, firmava, literalmente, suas raízes no terreno. Outrora parecia fraca, e hoje, é quase indestrutível, levantando tudo o que insiste em ficar no raio de sua ação. Como a árvore antiga, muitos frutos foram produzidos, alguns aproveitados, outros tantos perdidos. Mesmo assim, fora de seu auge, e talvez já no seu ocaso, a árvore sabe agora exatamente seu papel.

    Eu queria ser igual àquela árvore, colorida no tempo certo, forte no tempo certo, produtiva no tempo certo, ainda que o meu tempo certo, seja muito menor do uma centena de anos, igual àquela árvore.

    While watching the beautiful images and listening to this calm music, I wrote a text. And I reproduce it here for anyone who is also in this moment of peace, even if momentary …

    I wanted to be like the old, ancient tree … that didn't bother to grow fast, but grew bigger than any other. In the centenary tree, it caught many winds, windstorms, storms and lost many leaves and branches. But with each loss, she grew stronger and her torso tightened. I wanted to be like this tree, which for most of its passage was just landscape, but it gave shelter to birds, passersby and sometimes unnoticed, sometimes dumbfounded eyes. I wanted to be like the centenary, who with each passing year literally took root in the field. It once seemed weak, and today it is almost indestructible, lifting everything that insists on being in the range of its action. Like the ancient tree, many fruits were produced, some harnessed, some lost. Even so, outside its peak, and perhaps already at its sunset, the tree now knows its exact role.

    I wanted to be just like that tree, colored at the right time, strong at the right time, productive at the right time, even though my right time is much smaller than a hundred years, just like that tree.

  7. Melânia Binda Carlesso Author

    Obrigado por esses momentos, uma conexão muito forte, nos unimos com supremo, sentimos um bem estar maravilhoso, isso nos ajuda muito, a meditação é única, seu poder é infinito.Gratidão

  8. Альфина котик Тв Author

    Самая лучшая музыка она такая милая красивая спокойная и уютная кажется что ты находишься в этих местах

  9. Мария Доброва Author

    ету музыку можна слушать вечно самая красивая музыка на свете💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. Đạt Trần Tấn Author

    This video is all of things that i need, nature lively pictures, beautiful melodies. i give 100/100 scores. Thank you for made this video.

  11. Rosie Duarte Author

    I love the sound of the birds in the background, i ploy this for myself as well as my 4 month old grand son while he is sleeping to drown out noise that would normally wake him up like dog barking. Phone , opening and closing doors etc so thank you for giving my grandson longer naps 😂😁😁👍👍🙏

  12. анатолий новиков Author

    От Мироздания, как искупление и, как награда за тленность бытия.
    Здесь Человека МИГ, всё остальное – мышиная возня.

  13. ishu ishu Author

    It is so calm…. I loved it….. when my mind and heart filled with worrys or stress … that time I like to hear this music….it gives relaxation to me….and my mind……thanks for that😍😍😍🥰

  14. LegalShield Barbara Author

    Many thanks for such a beautiful compilation of soothing, peaceful piano music which I streamline throughout
    the house intercom system 24/7! I have a devotion and prayer request of all the people who cross my path every day,
    therefore, I wake up at 4:00 A.M. every day to have a devotion with Jesus, thanking him and to pray for all people in
    crisis, the missing children around the globe, those who are suffering from illness, mentally, spiritually, or loneliness,
    homeless people in crisis not only in the United States but around the world! I have a foundation feeding the homeless
    people on the streets seven days a week in Fall and Winter and four days a week during Spring and Summer! I do not receive any help from anyone, I used my own funds for food, water. For items such as socks, mittens, scarfs, shoes, hygiene items, tarps, tents, blankets are given by individual request if they need them! Merci pour le partage! 9/25/19

  15. Elvish Beauty Author

    La même musique pendant 3h…. perso au bout de 20 minutes ça m'a gonflé !! C'est pas cette chanson que je proposerai à mes clients pour les masser. Néanmoins très jolie mais 3h non.

  16. Genely’s Kitchen Author

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful soothing and relaxing mind of music I really enjoyed listening this kind of music. Love those beautiful trees and birds singing.


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