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“Begnas” featuring Gambang Theater Guild of Cordillera Administrative Region at The TIU Theater

That’s why He loves you… You are really lucky Our place Cordillera Because you believed So, you are being blessed You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why He loves you Mt. Province, Benguet, Abra Ifugao, Apayao, and Kalinga They are all in one because of your name God who are in heaven You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why He loves you Wherever province you came from It should not be a barrier To say the words of God Who is the highest You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why he loves you We, your children Maidens and Gents We grew up as Igorots We will also praise God You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why He loves you You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why He loves you You are lucky Cordillera Because you believed In God who are in heaven That’s why he loves you That’s Why He Loves You Chase me, (laughs) She cannot chase me Don’t worry I will chase you (laughs) You cannot chase me I pity you! You cannot chase me Even if you run I can catch you I will tell mom (laughs) Go tell mom Ouch! (cries) That’s what you deserve (cries) Mom! Go tell it to mom You’re the clumsy one Kids stop playing it’s time to eat I prepared delicious food for you Wow, Mom prepared delicious food Delicious food? Wow! What is it mom? Here! Wow! Delicious food Fried Chicken! Wow! Fried Chicken! Yes! Our Dish is fried chicken! So delicious! And Sweet Potato! Why aren’t you eating the sweet potato? Mom we already ate sweet potato yesterday and now we have sweet potato again? We are tired of eating sweet potatoes mom Kids, Whats on the table you must eat it, and besides sweet potato is nutritious Come, I will tell you a story Wow, mom will tell us a story Mom will tell a story come everyone let’s listen In the olden days, there was a drought Drought? Dro.. dro.. Drought Mom? And Famine! Famine Mom? What about the children mom? It’s like this. The hunters can no longer find wild animals to hunt What are they going to eat then? None Also the rivers and springs have dried up What about the children like us? They are all hungry Also the farmers,their crops were attacked by pests What kind of pests mom? Army Worms! Those army worms are bad! Yeah, Right! Come and I will continue the story Did you see something! None! None! You better come here, they might be scared of you! Okay, you try also So? Did you see anything? None! Nothing! There’s no more animals to hunt! None? Come here then let’s wait If we really can’t hunt anything , then we might as well go home Go home? Let’s go! No! No! We won’t have anything to eat I stil faith that God will give us something to hunt If that’s what you say so then let’s continue Let’s go! Whoo! I’m so tired My Goodness Balayang was left behind once again Balayang!!! Hurry Up!! For God’s sake, you don’t seem to act like a man! Help me! Okay you rest here I’m so tired and yet you keep shouting! You’re not the only one who’s tired My Goodness Balayang!! Where are we going again? My goodness are we going to mine again? Mine? Because yesterday, even if we keep on digging, we still cannot find ore. Oh! Come on Let’s go! Faster! Wait! Iping? Did you see our neighbors kids? They look really helpless Iping, Why are you not talking? Iping? Oh my goodness Iping!!!! What is it? Why do you keep on shouting! Hurry up! You’re really slow Let’s just go home, for sure we won’t find any springs that hasn’t dried up yet Okay then go home then, but do you have any water left in your home None See! Nothing! Don’t be lazy because soon you won’t have any water to drink There is… None There is.. None There is a spring over there! What did you say? Spring! Where? Over there! Spring! Hurry! What happened? It has already dried up No. No! There are still other springs! There are still other springs There are still other springs! Stand up! I’m already very thirsty Stand Up!! Oh! It’s so Hot! Hey! Where are the children? Ikang! Come on, We still have to harvest the rice fields! My goodness, they are playing again Yes mother, we are coming Father, father, I caught a very big spider! What are you going to do with that spider? Let that go and let’s go to the fields Did you forget something? None father Okay let’s go Next time, be early so we can avoid the strong heat of the sun You go first my wife Ok my love Slowly Yes father You go ahead while I fetch our things Ok my husband What happened here? My dear! Why? What is it? Come here take a look at this! How come? It’s all infested by army worms My wife? What is it? Let us check the other fields the crops there might be in better condition Where is my bird? How come she’s gone? Okay I’ll just look for her She’s not here Kitot? I told you to stop playing because you said you were hungry You will starve more if you keep on playing Ok let’s go to the garden and look for sweet potatoes Wait mother, I’ll go and call father Okay, I will go ahead then Father! Hurry! Just a second Kitot! Where’s your mother She went ahead Ok I have to sharpen this bolo so we can cut and gather firewood There go cut that one! Yes father My wife we are already here Okay let’s start digging before it gets too hot here My goodness Balayang, my back is already aching and we still cannot find Ore You’re right we’ve been digging for too long and we cannot find anything! Let’s just go home Go home? What else? No, I still have faith in God Okay, let’s continue then What you said is right Why was it all ravaged by army worms This is all too much! All my hardwork gone! Lord God! What have we done wrong! Father, I’m already starving My children, bear with our situation We have a limited supply of rice back home so we have to make do Father why have we been digging for hours and we still can’t find anything He’s right, my dear have you found anything? None! I have already searched here and there but to no avail My goodness why is this happening? Be strong Kitot! Kitot? Kitot? Kitot? Kitot!!! Kitot!!! Kitot Wake up!!! Help us! Kitot!!! Help us!!! Our father who are in heaven Oh can’t you see Our children are starving And they are thirsty God Have Mercy! Help us There’s nothing to hunt No more food to eat The land is hardened The plants are withered There is no rain Father have mercy Rivers and springs have dried up Our throats are already in pain Oh how wretched Father please help us God, the highest Listen to our prayers Our children are pitiful Please help us Please help us God the Highest listen to our prayers Our children are pitiful Please help us Mom, are they really starving? Yes they went back to their village and told their elder that they cannot find any sweet potatoes, water, rice, ore, and animals to hunt So the men and women blamed each other And then they sang and the men said: Shut up ladies because you do nothing but tend to the children But the women replied: You men shut up because the only thing you do is drink rice wine Wow! What a nice song mom but what is tapey? Tapey is rice wine Ah rice wine! Mom their song is very nice Of course because in our place before, we use to sing a lot Specially if we are teasing one another or in times of courtship While they are singing the elder is also thinking about what they should do Mom, what did their elder thought about? They are going to perform the ritual Begnas! Begnas? Mom, what is Begnas? Begnas is a ritual being performed to stop the problems the community is experiencing, one of the processes of the ritual is cutting Cutting Mom? What are they going to cut off? A tree? No! They’re going to cut off a human head Mom, that’s terrible Don’t worry it’s just a simulation You scared us mom! We thought it was real Okay come here and I will continue the story Elder, we have somesthing to tell you What is it? Can you see that mountain Yes, I can see We went there We went there to hunt What? We went there to hunt for food but there were no animals in sight None? We didn’t see anything Did you open your eyes? Yes We opened our eyes as wide as we can My goodness, what are we going to eat then? I’m already starving How about you? Botlig! Botlig! You tell elder What are you going to tell me? None! I’m sure it’s none again Your’e right We just get tired of digging and yet we did not find any ore None again? So what are we going to trade for salt in the lowlands What are we going to use to make gongs, spears and bolos? Okay, let’s just wait our companions who went to fetch water because I’m thirsty Elder, we failed to fetch water They fetched nothing None? None? None? None! There really is nothing! How is that possible Did you go there? Yes we also went there! And there Nothing! What happened All the springs have dried up! Dried? Did you go to the rivers? Yes, but some of the rivers have dried up or the water there is dirty Dirty? Yes elder What did we do wrong? My throat is already painful Okay, let’s wait for Otse, they might have something from their harvest Elder, we’re here now Look’s like we have another problem Otse looks very sad Otse please talk Elder we have nothing to harvest None! What happened? It was all ravaged by army worms All of it was infested? Are you not attending your fields? We do elder, but we are always late My goodness, okay let’s just wait for your companions Let’s just eat sweet potatoes for the meantime Because you have no hunt Elder! Help us! Help them! Help them! Kitot! Kitot! What happened to him? It’s like this elder, we went to the garden to gather some sweet potatoes so that we will have something to eat and then he said he is hungry and then he collapsed Botlig, go get the remaining water! Faster! Sweet potato? I still 2 sweet potatoes in our house Go get it! Elder, what if my son also collapses? No, I have faith in God that He will not let that happen Botlig! Hurry! Wait..wait…here I come!


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