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Being an acting student | Programme In A Minute

As a screen actor myself I wanted to be exposed to more screen acting and to learn more from it. Unitec teaches you the basics of where to start, and how to create really wonderful relationships with the screen arts students, so you’re equipped for the future. For my secondement, I am interning at a casting company to see the inner workings of how is that you get cast in the industry. So I expect to see some harsh realities come out. [laugh] We also have agents who come and watch our shows So there’s a lot of exposure for us. The best thing about the screen acting here is that they get you ready for the industry. We have a good foundation that they teach, four both voice and movement, and it just so comes into play with everything that you do. But it’s learning how to listen, and how to work with all these different people, that’s just really amazing.

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