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Being “The Pretty Girl” Isn’t Always So Pretty In Hollywood: Caitlin Stasey


  1. Nathan136 Author

    The trick to reverse this so called oppression is to become a feminist lol you will be 10x less attractive except for the simps. You will start to shave your hair, grow armpit hair and also complain about the patriarchy 😂😂

  2. Y6FM Author

    "People think that beauty opens doors, but it opens doors to cliff edges." – Very PROFOUND! Love this quote. I'm going to use it and site it to Caitlin.

  3. J K Author

    I had to laugh at the entire premise of this video.

    If you weren't competing in an industry where looks, attractive or otherwise, is the principal factor in getting work for both sexes then this expose would be more interesting and not come off as, a sort of self aggrandizement. She will call herself pretty then be upset when people call her pretty or when they say she isn't… wow.

    She belongs in Hollywood.

  4. BOX FOX Author

    Wow she have a lot of problems, me at my country work morning to make enough to eat for the day. we see women & men same people struggling to get food for the day. Lucky her got to thing about being pretty is a curse

  5. xavros Author

    She's not BEAUTIFUL, is an average girl that anyone can meet at the Mall or the beach… If she thinks that she has problems being "beautiful" she is so immature that she needs to have a scar crossing all her face or remover her boobs to know how a ugly person really feels to be watched all the time. And how much does it cost a therapy massage with happy ending?

  6. Michael Maddox Author

    She could be right but I am so disconnected from the world if even half the shit she says is true. Ofc the "No one give a fuck about you" is clearly true but some stuff i feel is just in her mind. Of course, i have no idea because we live in entirly different worlds. interesting interview nonetheless.

  7. Mike Provocateur Author

    This is so practiced and stale and what somehow giving us a point for her stripping off her clothes. It is hard on the ears hearing her run over her lines so quick, and even if they were her own. The repetitiveness of her point, just keeps tripping over her.

  8. Bob Stuffguy Author

    Cry me a river. You got amazing genetics, you should be grateful. It's a dog eat dog shark eat shark world. Stop being a pussy and start making some money.

  9. Visp Author

    Seriously? Complaining about beauty… this is ridiculous! This just seems so wrong and dirty to me? A gorgeous woman grasping for any little sort of problem she can use to leech sympathy from others; any problem she can use to say "Wow, youre contemplating suicide because all of society has painted a target on you and every ugly persons back?! Oh, don't worry I know how you feel, rich men and women use my flawless looks and extraordinary body to make me rich and its just so exhausting!". People like her have absolutely nothing to complain about, and for them to do so is just pathetic.

  10. Pretty Awesome Person Author

    Was listening to "old white men" yep feminist bullshit once again. Yea tell me how much better it would be just because a black man wrote the exact same roll as a white man did… oh wait, your argument is invalid, got it. Stupid feminist cunt.

  11. Tesseract A Author

    Objectively, if someone 'owns' something or a position, what should the law say about the person using it for their own ends or means affecting another person? If the other person consents, is that a legal agreement?
    What conditions do we allow that person to use a position for their own ends, and what cannot be allowed?

  12. Ceazar Carr Author

    I like how aware she is. She's not asking for so much, she recognizes her privilege, and she's very rational. A lot of comments are criticizing her for her privilege, but she recognizes it. She's just talking about an inequality that is apparent in her industry, and she does it respectfully and with class. Props to her.
    Also I enjoy her use of the word "fuck"

  13. Rpgamer 05x Author

    My suggestion:

    Man: If your personality sucks, you should do something about it
    Women: If your looks sucks, you should do something about

    Stop complaining all the time and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

  14. kalle hejhoppsan Author

    im not against what she says but saying ''womens body are sexualized and used to sell something'', this goes for both male and females. If you havent noticed that you are just ignorant

  15. jamricsloe Author

    She chose to be offended by the "where do I get one of those" comment. Nothing happens when we're offended.

    Females sexualize and marginalize themselves while they are teens and into their 20s. Then in their 30s they suddenly want to be treated in another way. Guess what, you trained males to treat you a certain way while you were exploring your sexual power as a young female. Fuck off!

  16. Beethoven’s Fidelio Author

    To those wondering why there are so many haters in the comments:

    Getting ugly people to feel sorry for pretty folks like Caitlyn is like getting poor folks to feel sorry for rich folks. It’s impossible to do, and besides, acting like the struggles of being rich/pretty are equal to/worse than being ugly/poor is intellectually dishonest.

    The only people who are likely going to feel sorry for her are pretty people who hate being pretty.

  17. Cyrus 1717 Author

    I’m a thirteen year old girl. I consider myself to be a person of color and identify as mixed race. I have been told that my complexion is light enough that I could “pass” as white. I appear to be psychically healthy and I get above average grades in school.
    Because I appear a certain way or because my family or my parents financial situation appears a certain way does not mean it is as it seems.People assume based on looks what a person thinks or feels or that they can understand his or her struggles but they can’t because they haven’t experienced the things that you have and therefore they do not have a right to comment on your life or your personal struggles.
    I have anxiety. Which has led to frequent panic attacks in school . I hate my school for this reason which I am aware is unfair to the school but when I am there I am unhappy. My parents are divorced because my dad cheated on my mom and he got the other woman pregnant. 10 years later and I have a half sister and my parents can’t be in the same room with out arguing. I have recently started seeing a therapist who after 2months of 2x weekly visits with no improvement has told me and my mother to consider medication. Which is of course a huge problem since my dad is completely against it and would never let me be on meds because his schizophrenic brother overdosed in prison after a guard forced a Benzo down his throat to “calm him down” when he was having a panic attack. Oh and also I’m at that stage in puberty where my acne is really bad . Also I get a period now and cramps really fucking suck.
    Those r some of my problems^ but people wouldn’t know that just from looking at me. And they assume that they know how easy my life is from looking at me. But they don’t . U cant judge this girl because of her looks or because of her problems which you in the comment section have zero fucking clues about. U dont know anything about her or her struggles and u cant pretend that u do or that she shouldn’t complain because you feel your problems are worse or because her life could be worse.
    Leave her be.

  18. slimeballz Author

    Wake up to the deception by the secret transvestites.
    Hating on the real women and men out here, and making us hate ourselves.
    Love and True Light from skåne Sweden.

  19. Teresa T Author

    I don't like people crying around about other people doing everything wrong, like, don't we want to teach young girls that they can influence it by just not giving a fuck about what society tells them to look like? Just take it in your own hands and if you don't like the model industry, well, maybe you should've gone to school a little longer

  20. Rebecca's Sofa Author

    Women can’t win! Objectified for being pretty, ridiculed for being ugly! How about we stop tearing each other down and support each other, now that’s a word I want to live in.

  21. Blue Naiad Author

    I've been an ugly girl and a pretty girl. I was overweight, a dark skinned latina in a school where everyone was white-passing, I was small and chubby, had acne. You name it. One day I started to pluck my eyebrows, discovered makeup, discovered anorexia and bulimia, had my nose done. When I graduated high school I was beautiful. I was thin, my zits were gone and now my face was symmetrical (the only ugly thing about it was my nose really, and the fact that I had a double chin and that stuff from being fat). Nobody used to call me ugly upfront but I knew everyone thought that. The boys I liked always told my friends I was "horrible" and they didn't want to talk to me. But as a pretty girl the problems were worse. I went to other country where everyone is white so I started to stand out. I got cat-called in the street all the time, everyone at my uni thought I was just a pretty face and didn't take me seriously. My family and friends would joke about my body, about how flat-chested I was now. I started to date and obviously I started to have love problems and the worse of it all, I wasn't allowed to complain because I was beautiful for everyone else but myself. So as someone who's been at both extremes, being "pretty" is worse. I'm sorry if you think it's my privilege speaking but it really isn't.

  22. Izzy Dandrea Author

    Some of her points are very good and she articulates herself well so I know she’s intelligent, I’m pretty sure she knows that she doesn’t have the largest problem in the world so you people need to stop picking on her. I may not face the same problems as her but that doesn’t mean that I think her problems are invalid and aren’t real.

  23. yerowww666 Author

    apperently a guy just can't make a joke anymore. yes, he obviously realizes he can't just have a human being as a decoration, he wouldn't be joking about it if we lived in a world where such a thing could happen. so she is basically complaining about not being considered beautiful but at the same time complaining about only being cast as someone who is described as beautiful?

  24. ethan anson Author

    1st world white girl problems explaind in a nutshell, its cringingly annoying to watch. use ur platform to help people facing real adversity everyday

  25. hkr006 Author

    To the butthurt men: She represents what they can't have, so they objectify or try to manipulate.

    To the butthurt women: She represents what they can't be, so they roll their eyes or ignore.

    To the butthurt society: She represents privilege and therefore shouldnt complain, so they mock and belittle.

    That is basically the comment section of this video. 😂

    No wonder she's neurotic.

  26. Justine carrington Author

    She's ok. I wouldn't notice her if I passed her on the street guess she's somewhat above average.i think she's being a bit arrogant. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Some men love Jennifer Aniston and some love Kim kardashian 's looks. .idk

  27. Mac Clift Author

    Constantly berating white men, for mostly this is what the "all men are bad" is about, is just starting to become a huge yawn, and smacks of kindergarten mentality! Confront the men of the culture/group/cult who choose to worship a vengeful, bloodthirsty God because they are vengeful, bloodthirsty men who behead innocent girls like Maren and Louisa who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with those predators! There are those ignorant (or shrewd) people who immediately like to wave the "not all" card about after these killings: thousands upon thousands of killings done in the name of a vengeful, bloodthirsty God! It is not a coincidence that those who wave the "not all" card about with the intention of immediately being absolved of all collective guilt and accountability, are also not very vocal in their condemnation of the perpetrators of those heinous acts! Those who choose to worship a vengeful, bloodthirsty God, do so because they are vengeful, bloodthirsty people: they have created their God in their own image!

  28. Mac Clift Author

    "He's the gatekeeper to these particular artists that we would like to work with." Well, wouldn't we all! The privilege card of wanting to be first in line for privileges, but with no consequences! One of these days the whole house of cards is going to collapse around master manipulators!

  29. røs Author

    I feel like I'm just a pretty face. before you attack me for "at least being pretty" stfu and hear me out. I only get called pretty. I am nothing else. others get called nice, smart, funny, ect. but me? I'm just pretty. and it sucks because it really drains your self worth. like I am nothing else to anyone but just someone who is attractive. I don't get special treatment because I'm not this outstandingly gorgeous girl but just an everyday "attractive" person. like I can't even maybe be a model cause I'm too short and fat. plus I don't even think I'm pretty. but this is all I am to everyone, nothing else, no one cares about you as a person and it really fucking sucks. I still get outcasted and no one talks to me. i just get compliments. I'm not saying my problem is bigger than anyone else, it's just one j can't say without sounding cocky or judged.

  30. THEwhimsical1 Author

    I meaaan…I dont see where she's really all that. She's somewhere in the middle of average looking and pretty; not exactly beautiful. She looks like a average white girl that I would see everywhere I go all over in NYC. What makes her think she's a 10?

  31. Hilde Renshof Author

    All the people who say: "being ugly is much worse, you can't complain." Missed the point of this. Being pretty often feels like a golden cage…. and being ugly may feel like an iron cage. The point is that we are trapped and can't free ourselfes to be who we trully are. I have been ugly and pretty and both hurts as much. And the point she is making isn't pretty or ugly. It is the world who puts labels on us and expect things from us. The point isn't pretty or ugly but our society.

  32. Common Sense Author

    WOW……. who is this women……….such a young person who is so anti-male…….. she essentially stripped off her clothes during this interview……… what's the message here???  who brainwashed her?  She makes it sound like all men in acting or film are out to demean and mutilate women!!  Pretty girls are part of the wider pool of oppression…….. she's an activist!!  Not an actor!!  Even today (2018-19) she is using her body and sexuality to promote herself and make money!!

  33. Neander Doe Author

    Oh boo hoo. Life must be tough for entitled “attractive” white girl. She wants MORE opportunities from America when America doesn’t even give AMERICANS opportunities. Please.

  34. Neander Doe Author

    Only white females can call out white men. Everyone else is “the real racist” when they point out ALL whites are disproportionately privileged and entitled af.

  35. Elena Forschner Author

    You re a great actress Caitlyn! Love your work in "please like me" stay strong! Thank you for speaking up and doing your bit! <3

  36. Reena Roux Author

    Why are you tearing her down? All of us have struggles and just because you’re struggling more than her doesn’t invalidate her own struggles. It’s just kind of sad to see the comments and instead of cheering each other up because she’s also a woman like you, you’re trying to invalidate her own problems.

  37. The Bread Author

    "–but it opens doors to cliff edges." No, it doesn't. Beauty does nothing but show you the doors. It's a mind that walks through them.

  38. aomg random2 Author

    I saw the thumbnail & guessed to be who it is & it's Claire from 'Please Like Me' series. I've also seen her in other series but I can't recall

  39. Ame thyst Author

    Finally a video that speaks to me in a way. Ever since I know of myself people have been treating me differently and only when I grew up and stopped being a happy careless little tomboyish girl did I find out it was because of my appearance all along. My parents were really handsome and both of my brothers turned out very beautiful just as I did. We all have fair skin tones with dark features, long eyelashes and thick eyebrows with chiseled jawlines and we are all tall. My whole life I have been judged to be conceited, spoiled, that my life is amazing and easy. Teachers hated me because I was the best student and also beautiful, I was a threat to all of them including the students. Whenever I would try to stand up for myself it would turn into hell, how dare I stand up for myself when my life is perfect because I'm beautiful… I've had a difficulty in every aspect of my life just because of the way I look. Men would think they are not good enough for me, friends too… other girls/women HATE me and I would always overhear them talking about me at my university/workplace. Had a lot of jealousy and backstabbing issues from my friends… And for what?? Little did they know I might have the perfect body and the perfect face but my life has always been nothing but perfect. I didn't live in a dream world at all, going through many serious medical issues, abuse, continuous trauma… Appearance doesn't make a person, their experience does. So I wish everyone to be kind to one another no matter what features nature has assigned to us.

  40. Geigei Reeves Author

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! SO AMAZING!! 😍 I HAVE WATCHED QUITE A BIT OF THEM THEY ARE VERY INSPIRING VIDEOS!!! 🥂 I love that they all take off their clothes and bare their souls…

  41. K R Author

    Omg I loved her in Regin! I totally feel what she means about being treated like youre stupid with long hair. I noticed it myself…and recently cut a lot of it off just to see if it changed anything.

    But I am so sick of this "white people" thing.

  42. Caroline Kusmanoff Author

    I feel like being ugly is still slightly harder than being pretty. I mean I’m ugly and it makes me super insecure pretty people don’t really have to deal with that.

  43. Stephanie Putnam Author

    I think, the problems we face are still existent because we don't listen to each other. People are so rushed to win a fight of "who had it worse," instead of actually realizing the current system works for no one. It's not about "feeling sorry" for her, it's supposed to enlighten people about how it doesn't matter what you look like because it's all bullshit anyway. You'll never have it easy because no one has it "easy."

    But, if we work together, we can actually change things. It's capitalism, after all. They're going to show us what we buy, what we subscribe too, what we like. Social media has a lot of faults, but these platforms work on algorithms.

    Stop watching, liking, commenting, on the things you don't want to see and you won't see it. Companies, magazines, fashion houses, etc are given the information for marketing purposes. They'll start to see the numbers changing and they'll put their advertisements, marketing, clothing lines towards whatever the majority wants. It's what people are buying.

    I could go on about the fashion industry and how it's a direct reflection of fast fashion, but I doubt anyone is going to read it. It's like she said in the video, "Nobody gives a shit about you." And that's the truth. Nobody gives a shit about anyone else.

  44. Sarah S Author

    Wow, wow. She really said something. I get it and she said it well. Who informs society and why? For what end? Very interesting. Thank you.

  45. EC A Author

    Certainly there's privilege here and I'm sure she's identifying with it as much as is her capacity to… Certainly she's using it to benefit herself which is whatever that is. We all do. Can't throw that out or what do you have, be it something fickle like looks approved by the audience or a skill you were given opportunity to obtain over time? Anything we have we've won through opportunity, first. But I do think it goes to show that there are still ever more layers of undue abuse and oppression and upset regardless of how many rungs up on society's ideal you find yourself and/or climb. It just doesn't seem to stop. Humans harming humans…SMH. 😞


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