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  1. Nadim Mahjoub Author

    Crap. Somewhere there is someone doing something for the poor. That makes the west feel good about itself. — Christopher Hitchens.
    The movies is full of good statemenst which reflect the big game and how Hollywood manufatcture "heroes" who fight crime. This also makes the viewer feel good.

  2. willyD200 Author

    Bahahaha….tossing around huge bars of gold like it was cotton candy ! Do these script writers have any idea what one of those bars should weigh ? Ridiculous gaff turns this into a comedy for adolescents…seems like this is the normal crap out of Hollywood these days ! Dumb down to the point of absurdity !

  3. Maria Fadli Author

    THE SAINT (2017) Simon Templar (Adam Rayner) is The Saint, a modern-day Robin Hood who recovers ill-gotten wealth and redistributes it to those in need with the help of his crew – The Saint movie, is the remake of the classic tv series from the 60's, 70's and 80's. – Asilocreo-

  4. Philip Dawes Author

    P.S. It was a great touch at the end of the film with the short appearance of the mature and original Simon Templar, The Saint, Roger Moore.


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