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114 there’s hot. Wake up, Ed. Leave me alone, Prince,
I’m dreaming. There a cop on our tail. I know we got a cop on our tail, we always got a cop on our tails. Part of the territory. Now, let me go back to sleep? This is a bike cop
and he’s pullin’ us over. Okay. Get your log
and freight bills ready. Let Eddie silver-tongue
do the talking? Be careful with that gun. Good evening, officer. I know what you’re gonna say,
we were goin’ too fast. If I told him once,
I told him a thousand times, “Watch those damn straightaways,
they’ll get away from you every time.” Give us a break, he’s a good kid. I’ll look after him, officer. – Please.
– It wasn’t your speed. You blew out a retread… left rear tandem. Really? No kidding? Hey. Oh, man, look at that! Jesus! You saved… Officer, you saved us
a heck of a bad time. Up against the truck. Hey, that’s for my protection. Protection from what? Come on, answer me. What are you hauling? I said, what are you hauling? Open it up! Now, open it! Shit. Okay, okay, relax,
I’m opening it. – Eddie!
– Oh, Jesus! Eddie? Prince… I’m sorry. – Eddie, Eddie.
– Sorry. Hang on. Unit 211,
motorist needs assistance. Wellman Anthony Santee, State of California finds you guilty
of the murder of Highway Patrol Officer
L.T. Jacobs, sentences you to not less than 20
or more than 35 years in the state penitentiary. You will remain
in prison hospital until recovery then be transferred
to the mens colony at San Gorgonio, there to begin your sentence. Santee, have you anything to say? If I do, it won’t be here. I’ll get rid of him. You keep a lookout. Get up the hill. Piss calι. I just pissed 20 minutes ago. Looks like you’re gonna have
to piss again. Come on. So, where the hell are we? – Down there!
– Jesus. Before Christmas, cop killer! I don’t know if I can piss. If you give me a drink of water… You get nothin’! Hey! Son of a bitch! Fuck! Get the radio, quick! Bet you’d like a bite
outta my ass too, wouldn’t ya? It’s alι yours, pal. I’m buyin’. Gotta go. I’m sorry, it’s just not working. It’s not about anybody else, Michael. It’s not. It’s just that it’s… it’s nice with you. It’s comfortable. What’s wrong with comfortable? What’s wrong with nice? Stay here, Rita. Please? Just wait. I can’t. I just can’t, Michael. Rita, wait! Oh, sit on it. Damn it! Thank you, Mike. Put the nozzle back. Michael! Michael! Freeze! Don’t shoot the girι! Get him! Don’t shoot,
he’s got a hostage! All right, all right,
Sheriff Cepeda’s pullin’ in now. Right, we’re on top
of things… what? What detective?
Yeah, I see him. The LAPD guys,
they’re here now. Bulletin, repeat, all three counties, all available sheriff and local units… Sheriff Cepeda, the detectives
that made the original homicide arrest. Frank Severence, Jack Rudisill. You guys got here fast. Yeah, well, if you knew Santee,
you’d wish we got here sooner. My partner and I are
a little keyed up, Sheriff. The officer Santee killed last June, he was a friend. I understand, Lieutenant,
I’m sorry. The report said Santee
took a hostage. A woman. I got a preliminary ID
from the DMV. Her name’s Rita Marek. Twenty-eight years old,
an address in Victorville. Apparently, she was standing
over by the pump when he abducted her…
stole her vehicιe. Excuse me Sheriff,
we just found the girl’s purse on top of one of the gas pumps. Thought you might be interested, sir. She worked with me in Victorville. Both deputy sheriffs. Hey, take it easy, will ya? You know the desert,
Sheriff, where the hell could he go? All I can tell you, Lieutenant, is there’s 6,000 square miles
of sand and rock out there and God knows how many
dirt roads and coyote trails. The only thing that’s sure is,
if he does get away out there, he can come out anywhere. We’ve been all over
the back roads and we haven’t seen hide
nor hair of him. Hell, we were up Rock Point
and didn’t see squat. Keep on goin’. Okay, good luck to ya? Go ahead, jump. You been thinking about it
for the last 20 minutes. Even if she does escape,
she’s got nowhere to go. It’s 120 miles from there to L.A. And you know him, Lieutenant. Think he’ll try it? I know him enough to know
I don’t know what the hell he’ll try. Well, the press’I keep it off the air. No one’ll know she’s a deputy. No one better know. Because, if Santee finds out,
he’ll kill her. If that son of a bitch
comes out here, he’s ours. Comes out there and he’s yours. Makes no difference to me
who makes this arrest, city, county, anything. All I know is, this man, Santee, has already
killed one police officer and now he’s got
his hands on another. I understand
you’re invoιved personally with the young woman,
with Deputy Marek. That’s right. I don’t know if this helps, son,
but we’re all involved now. It’s… personal for all of us. May I? Want one? What’s your name? Whatta you care
what my name is? Sorry, just asking, forget it. So, what did you do? Your crime, I mean,
something serious? Turned away from Jesus. What are you,
from People Magazine? Keep pumpin’, old man. What else can I get you,
you son of a bitch! Fry you up some eggs? Deed you my ranch? There’s no phone, honey. And don’t even think about runnin’. Show some class, Henry. Oh, a first-aid kit. Goin’ somewhere
where you’ll need it? I see you turned out
exactly like we all hoped. Just followin’
in your footsteps, oιd man. If I leave this woman with you, you’ll just drive her straight
to the cops, won’t ya? You give me a grab
at that .30-30, and I’ll tear you
a second asshole. Could blow the hell
outta your truck, but you’d just fix that,
wouldn’t ya? You’re good at that. Can fix just about anything,
can’t you, old man? Thought I could. But some things just don’t fix. But you tried. I had time. I got time now. Yeah, well, I don’t. Out of respect for your mother, rest in peace. Respect for my mother? That’s good, coming from you. Who was that? Some old jailbird. My dad. Where the hell are we? Shit, my truck! Don’t worry, they’ll find it. By then, we’ll be miles from here. Come on, let’s go. Oh, great. What a way to start my day? I knew I should have worn my flats. Why don’t I ever listen to myself? Mara? Santee, how are you? I’m fine. Hey. Look at this puppy. The pink slip’s
in the glove box. The van came off a storage lot, so it ought to be cool
for a day or two, all right? Why’d you bring the kid? Who do you think ripped the car. You nailed this, right, E.G.? Damn straight, sucker. Shit! She doesn’t move. Come on. Thought you were smart, E.G. That’s a good start, cars. I like that. I did it for you, man. I wanna be like you. Like me? Great. What day is it? What day is it? Tuesday or Thursday. What day, I asked ya? Friday. Welι, I’ll be dead by Sunday. Now, is that smart? – Is that smart?
– No! – I can’t hear you!
– No! – I can’t hear!
– No! Listen… Your father died because I was too dumb
and too slow to help him. I’m not gonna be too slow
to help you. You’re goin’ after her, aren’t you? Santee, please don’t be crazy! Eddie is gone, let them keep
their damn money! It’s not to E.G. and me,
we don’t need it. Please. And what are
you gonna do with her? What size do you wear? Looks like those pants
are a size too small. Who was that woman back there? She’s Eddie’s wife, isn’t she? Who’s Eddie, anyway? We’re gonna meet him too? Eddie Turner’s wife! And you don’t know where she is. Why did I put you out there all night? She gets her calls
through a God damn barbershop. Two weeks ago,
she’s livin’ in a station wagon. We got the stolen pickup, sir. Bottom of a canyon, Riverside. Well, I’m glad somebody
can do somethin’. You wanna come,
I got cars outside. I’m on my way. Come on, Frank, you know
where Santee’s headed? He’s not that crazy
and he’s not that stupid. He’s not? Send a car out there. Tell ’em to stay awake. Otto, come here. Get a couple cops. – Standby, I’ll be in touch.
– Yes, sir. Santee’s visitor sheet from prison. Popular bastard, ain’t he? Detective Chelsey,
I’ve got the report on the hostage. Rita Marek, 28, they call her
Lovely Rita, but she’s no meter maid. She’s a hard case,
a real law and order type. Six years
with the sheriff’s department, DB’d twice for excessive force. This Marek is no cream puff,
Lieutenant. He father was a deputy…
killed in the line of duty, most decorated
in Mojave County history. – Sheriff.
– Lieutenant. She’s got two brothers. One of them’s a highway
patrolman in Alaska, the other one’s a marine gunny
in the Philippines. Sounds like she’s hangin’
a pair of brass ovaries. In other words, she may just crunch
this Santee guy herself. Save the tax payers a lot a trouble. One more thing… this motorcycle cop
that Santee killed, – Jacobs, L.T.
– Right, Jacobs. Give the press something on him… a grieving widow,
kids without a dad, you know. I don’t want anybody glamorizing
this dirt bag, Santee. I want ’em to see the price
he made people pay. Shit. Dead. In your car,
this is a routine vehicle inspection. I repeat, stay in your car. – You’ll be processed as quickly
as possible. – Get out. Ladies and gentlemen,
please stay in your car. – I repeat…
– Don’t make me use it. Come on. Ouch! Bill, I’m tellin’ ya, you can take
that detective exam ’til it’s comin’ out your ass,
it won’t help. – All right?
– Yeah, I know what you’re sayin’. I got ya. Hey, how ya doin’? How’s it goin’? Don’t even think about it. Yeah? Stay cool. Hey, guys, get your butts in gear. We got a live one. That guy, Santee, abandoned
his car on the freeway. – Any idea which way he went?
– That’s our bus. Move. – …patrol on it.
– Okay, let’s go. Look at that. Don’t do it! Get that fuckin’ gun outta there! Come on, ditch ’em! That’s right. Keep the fuck down there,
you stay down there! Get your ass up there! Damn it. Get in. What are you, showing off? I almost smoked those bastards! Where the hell
did you learn that shit? To protect myself. Last seen heading
north on Pinto Basin Road… Come on. Fugitive is armed… Come on, tough broad. With a 12-guage automatic.
Exercise extreme caution. That way. Run. Move your butt. Let’s go. Thank you,
I’ll see you guys later. Thanks. Next time you come in,
you get 10% off on that. – If you spot this individual,
– How you doin’? All righty, man,
let’s start the weekend. So, what’ll it be, boys and girls,
half or an hour? – All night.
– This must be love. But that’ll be 60 bucks. I’d like to address myself… You want to sign in,
there you go, Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Let me get you some change. Miss Marek,
whom Santee holds captive. Do nothing reckless. Stay calm. Police forces from three counties
are converging on you. We will get you free safely. Leave the door open. Why? You gonna watch me? I’ll watch if I’m in the shower,
if you give me any more bullshit. How much longer are we going
to stay in this room? Why do you want to know? So I can wash my panties. So they’ll have enough time to dry. So, what do you do for a living? What? Your job? When you’re not practicing kung fu. I’m a colorist. What the hell is that? I color hair in a salon. Nobody’s seen him,
nobody knows him. Nobody speaks English. Shit! What are you doing here? I wanna help. Sheriff Cepeda got my CO
to cut me loose. Thanks, cowboy,
we got all the help we need. It’s okay, Rudy. You speak Spanish, deputy? Enough to curse in it. Well, start using it. Come on, son, I got a job. See those bean eaters? Start puttin’ their feet
to the fire, good boy. The rest of you get
your thumbs outta your asses! Scour this neighborhood! I want every missing car, bike,
shopping cart, and skateboard! Now, move! I just need an hour of sleep,
then we’ll go. Leave it on. He’s your hero, isn’t he? The outlaw who goes down
with all guns blazing. Why do you want to die? You think it’s romantic? You think some girl’s going
to cry for you? Kinda nervous… hell,
I been waitin’ over an hour. I been waitin’ too,
over eight years. The park’s down there, ain’t it? Yeah, the park. Say, Earl, you feelin’ all right? I will be. Get on the bed. Where the grass is still green,
trees are still growin’. Ice him, buddy. How’d you get shot? Or are you just gonna smack me
and tell me to shut up? Guard tried to kill me
in prison last night. A guard tried to kill you? Why? Somebody paid him. Who? The guy who’s gonna find me
in his face in about two hours. Coppers’ll go to the fire now. Oh, Roy, those boys. Small timers for small jobs. They lost their heads. This one was just too big. Eddie! What time is it? 10:30. Damn it! Come on. Get in. Hey, hey, wait a minute,
where are you going? I thought you said
you would let me go. I am. Where, out here in cow country? It’s horse country,
you’ll like it. Lot’s of rich people’s
make-believe ranches. That’s where he lives. The guy who tried
to have you killed. That’s where you’re going
right now, isn’t it? Isn’t it? You wanted off this ride? You’re off. Where the hell are we now? Your stop. Here? Oh, God. It’ll take me a half hour
to hike back to the road. Come on, what harm
can I do you now? The people you met
on this little adventure, forget every one of ’em. Santee, Santee! God damn it. Well, this is great. Hey! Police officer,
I need some information fast. Are there any ranches
around here? What? Ranches, you know,
where people ride their horses? I got somethin’
you can ride, lady. What is your God damn
problem, buddy? Hey, come here
and put a hurt on me, baby! Hey, do you know of any
horse ranches around here? Just one, straight up
the canyon road. Look, I need your bike,
I’m a deputy sheriff and this is a police emergency. See this right here,
it’s a pussy seat. You know why they call it that? Hey. Yo, what? What… what you doing? Christ, Santee, are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? There are cops outside. – Where is he?
– He’s at work. Where do you think he is? Call Jimmy Shoeshine. What am I, your fuckin’ secretary? I don’t know his number! I don’t talk to that lying Chink. Call him, Esther. Dial the phone. Let me help you, baby. Don’t screw around, Esther. Did you think I could forget you? It was always you, baby. Gimme the good thing, baby. Call Jimmy Shoeshine. Listen to me, you son of a bitch!
Shut up! It’s almost eleven. Be at the warehouse at one… alone. I want my end and Eddie’s. I want it all tonight. Or everyone goes down. Everyone. No! Open the door, Santee! Santee! Who do you think you are? God damn it! Severence. Oh, my God. Open the door, now! What the hell? This is Severence’s house. That’s Severence’s wife. No shit. Here. Introduce yourself. Wait! Shit! Come on, open the fucking door! – What the hell?
– Let’s go, let’s go. So, what kinda bike was it? It was a white Yamaha. This girl wasn’t normal, man. She knew karate or kung fu
or somethin’. She said something
about being a cop. Really, did she say where from? Here comes Smokey. His wife! W-I-F-E. You putz. Now, put me through to him. Name? Yeah, fine. I understand. Frank, he made me call
the Chinaman. He’s going there now, tonight. This is probably nothing, Sheriff, but remember
it was Severence this year who arrested Santee for the murder
of the motorcycle cop? Well, here’s the strange thing… 11 years ago,
Santee’s first arrest for auto theft when he was 17. Severence made that too. You got it. Well, I don’t think
that amounts to anything. No? And baby, he came into our bedroom. He touched me. Thank you, Sergeant. We’ll respond to that right away. Sir, you got something
on the phone just now. It was about Rita, wasn’t it? You got the same dope as everyone. Santee’s on the 14 east. Now, get to your block… No, there was more, you heard more…
I can tell from your face. Severence, God damn it! What do you want, Agnos? You want to get your girl wasted,
is that what you want? That’s enough, Severence. We get the idea. Get control of this cowboy, Sheriff, before another cop gets killed. Let’s move out. Jesus Christ, Frank! We have a moratorium on those fuckin’
dock ropes you been smokin’? They keep me calm,
you should try one. No, my nerves are fine. It wasn’t me who backed off
when we could a closed this shit out. Should a tanked Santee
at the hospital. Minute one, bing bang. The shit is finished. I’ve said a million fucking times… If you’re gonna break the law,
you do it with cops and only cops. We were nuts to throw in
with this… this Shoeshine prick. To bring Santee in to drive… That son of a bitch is spilling
his guts big time right now to that bimbo deputy. No, you’re wrong, Rudy. It’s against his code. Guy like Santee’s
got nothing but his code. You like him? I always liked him. But I’m gonna kill him. It was Severence who tried
to have you killed in prison. That’s what you meant before, right? Why? Because he was in on it with you. Come on. Oh, thanks a lot. It’s all connected to here, isn’t it? Severence is coming here. Christ, Santee, come on! Is there an off switch
to your mouth? You know, you pull this job… Everybody, thankfully
we were out drinking. Get rid of all the cars
except the Rolls. Let me guess, Jimmy Shoeshine? No mistakes
with this son of a bitch. Right. Cars, exotic cars. That’s what you were hauling
the night the cop got killed. Only, you didn’t kill him,
did you? You didn’t kill anyone. You wanna know
what happened then? Watch what happens now. Santee… you could run. Just go. Santee, I can help, I’m… Already there, good. Yeah, I’m here, Santee. Alone. Just like you wanted. I’ve got your money. I don’t want any trouble. Where are you? Almost there. You’ll see my car out front. Come on up to the office. Your car, now, would that be
the Rolls or the wagon? Hey, boss,
the fucker’s in your Rolls! What the f… shit! Come out, Jimmy. All alone. You… and the money. You learned from me. All right. I’m comin’. Stay where you are. Don’t shoot the boss’s Rolls! Get out there, finish him off! I been looking forward to this. Now, don’t underestimate him. He’s dangerous. He’s a driver, not a killer. I’m different! Holy shit! Son of a bitch! Evidently, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Come on out, Santee. Let’s talk, man. Be reasonable. Santee, where are you? Don’t play these chicken shit
games with me. One of those is worth
a half a million bucks! Give me the money, Jimmy. It’s cheaper. Each one of those
is worth one of your life! You won’t make it out
of here alive, Santee! Okay, Santee, okay… quit. Stop, man. Before it’s almost a junkyard. Come out. You can trust me. Son of a bitch! Just a driver? You’re different, you fuck! Surprise. I think it’s time you called
your insurance company. Oh, man. The safe is on a time lock. I can’t open it. Is that right, Jimmy? Tick, tock, tick… Now, don’t be crazy, Santee. Come on, I tried to help you! After Eddie, Severence wanted
to do you right in the hospital! I called the lawyer for you! Tick, tock. Time’s up. You can open the safe
with your balls, or without ’em. First choice. Looks like we missed
one hell of a party. Don’t worry, Rudy, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Severence. Why did you go to Severence’s
house to call me? Why didn’t you just pick up
another phone? I wanted to save a dime. Oh, you’re smart, Santee. See, you learned from me. With that bitch wife,
you knew she’d call Severence. You knew he’d come here. You know the cops’ll be comin’ soon. Relax, duffo, we are the cops. That’s a little more
than your end, man. Call it interest. Let me help you get Severence. Look, Santee,
I’m just as dead as you are. Severence has to kill me too. Don’t take him on alone. Trust me. Learn from me… I did learn from you, Jimmy. I’ll go get somethin’ heavier. Shit, look at this. I’ll take care of him,
you get the artillery. Where’s Rita? Is she okay? Stay back, you stupid fuck! I followed ya,
I figured you needed help. You wanna help?
Get the fuck outta here! Severence! Santee’s in the office! Shoot the God damn window! Rudy, give Jimmy your piece. Kill that guy? It’s a God damn AK-47. What the fuck is goin’ on here? Smart cop. What are ya gaping at,
have you reloaded? Bye-bye, Jimmy. Lieutenant Severence. He’s got automatic weapons,
he just murdered another officer. Take a position
on the other side of the lot. Shoot to kill. What’s this? Fuck. – Where the hell…
– I’m a cop, don’t listen to him. Whatever he told you,
he shot Michael! Michael, who the hell’s that? Severence shot him just now,
ten seconds ago, not Santee! I don’t know who the hell is who. All I know is that is
a LAPD lieutenant. What do you want,
a fucking badge number? You’re gonna be all right… No, I won’t, not if you
don’t listen to me! I’m a cop! Stay down and shut up! Hey! Are you crazy? Get outta here! There’s a chance now,
turn yourself in. To who, Severence? I saw Severence shoot Michael. Someone will listen to me…
I’ll make them. I’ll be your witness! I said get outta here. Deputy sheriff,
you’re under arrest. The fuck are you doin? They’ll listen to me. I’m a cop. I’m one of them. Hold your fire,
he’s in my custody! Come on, move. Get up. Come on, get up. It’s a trick! The bitch is with him,
let him have it! You’re dead! Turning into a major cluster fuck. Do you ever stop bitching! Oh, shit! I’m callin’ it in. Why? Why Michael? Those tin badged dick-brains! If I were a man,
they would have paid attention to me! If I was my father,
if I was my brothers, if I was anyone
with a God damn dick someone would have paid
attention to me! I mean, why’d you have to turn out
to be so fucking innocent? LAPD, officer, everything’s okay,
we got this under control. Severence,
what the fuck is goin’ on? You’re supposed to be
our protection out here. LAPD, it’s under control here. Son of a bitch! We’re doin’ everything
we can, Lieutenant. Yeah, yeah! – We can’t block traffic in every…
– Yeah, I hear you. You gotta give me… Listen to me, you cunt! There are only so many roads and we’ve got only
so many cars, Lieutenant. I don’t care how many roads there are,
I want ’em blocked! We’ve only got so many resources. I don’t give a shit! Santee’s got a head start in a car that’ll do
170 miles an hour! Clear! Sheriff. Santee gunned down Agnos. Took him out in cold blood. Jesus Christ. Go on, check inside. There’s just one place…
one place he’ll go. The desert… Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree. If Santee gets into the backcountry,
he can come out anywhere, you know. Mexico, Nevada. Block the roads to the desert,
’cause that’s where he’ll go. You know a lot
about Santee, don’tcha? He used to talk to me. You been bangin’ him
since day one. Frank. The girl. Get the girl too. Give me your radio. Listen, I need a chopper. Shit, we need the whole
God damn air force. How do you get into this? Take your hat off. Fuck you. Santee fucked your wife, Esther? Many times, Rudy, many times. Just something
wrong about that. Kul Lipski said, “A friend is somebody
who doesn’t fuck your wife.” That lets Santee out right there. I never said Santee
was a friend. I said he was like a son to me. Makes it worse, doesn’t it? Oh, yeah, much worse. Well, I guess they’re printing
a picture for the post office now. Shoulda gotten off the bus
when you could. You still don’t get it, do you? Get what? Nothing. Do we just keep driving or do you have anything
resembling a plan? Yeah, we’re gonna get away. Oh, well, would it be
too much to ask how? It’s a big desert and they got
nothin’ that can keep up with us. Damn! You know, it’s funny… they kind of look like people,
don’t they? You mean the Joshua trees? Yeah. The Mormon settlers thought
they looked like the prophet Joshua. That’s how they got their name. Just so you all know,
this is no longer a hostage situation. So, hostage procedures
no longer apply. A warrant was issued
40 minutes ago for the arrest of Deputy Marek. She is to be considered,
not as an abductee, but as an accomplice. She has the same training
as all of you. She may be as dangerous,
if not more dangerous, than Santee himself. Sheriff Cepeda. Just on a personal note here… Just 12 hours ago
they put a bullet into the head of a Mojave County sheriff
named Michael Agnos, some of you may have known. He’s probably hiding
in Joshua Tree now. That’s his home. Be careful. All right. Let’s move out. You know, for a cop,
you’re not bad lookin’. Thanks. For what? Stickin’ around. You’re not a very nice person, Santee. You slept with Severence’s wife,
you’ve hurt other people. You’ve hurt me. Never said I was running for Pope. Well, I’m not
a very nice person either. Don’t start this, Rita. That’s enough, babe. Dont’ worry,
we’ll hear anything. We’ll hear it. – Hear something?
– Don’t stop me. It’s nothing. – Hear it?
– It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Quick, get in the car. Sure you want to be part of this? Spotted him, on the frontage road
at mile 3-6-0. Looks like he’s headin’
for the old rail road station. Lieutenant Severence. Go ahead. We found Santee, sir. He’s heading for the mountains. Frank, how come
you and Esther never had kids? I told ya…
Santee, he’s like my kid. He was 16, for Chrissake,
when I arrested him. The poor bastard. Imagine having you for a father. Fuck you, Rudy. Unit 211,
motorist needs assistance. Overheated car,
highway 10, exit 122. You guys are lookin’ hard enough. You seen anything? No, sir. Jesus, Mary. Okay, men, steady. Hold your fire. Easy. No, no, just stay. – Follow him.
– He said to stay here. Stay here, hold your positions. They’re comin’ back this way. When we get there,
you go in first. – Fuck you.
– Fuck you! Fuck you. Severence, Severence,
this is Cepeda, we’re on the mountain behind you,
three or four minutes back. Here, light this for me. What are you, fucking crazy? What, do you want me
to be nervous? Oh shit, the fire gate’s down! Come on, Rita, come on. Stay down and you’ll live. Severence, this is Cepeda. We’re behind you,
are you still on the road? Severence, what is your position? Severence, if you can hear me, the highway patrol has sealed
all the roads off the mountain. Santee’s cornered. Can you hear me? Severence,
this is Sheriff Cepeda, come in. Severence, Cepeda here. Santee! Come on out, Santee! Nobody’s going to harm you! Drop it! Damn it! What is this, darling, an arrest? I said drop it. Rudy, this deputy wants
to place us under arrest. That’s funny,
she doesn’t look like a deputy. She looks like an accomplice. Accomplice to a cop. Give it up, Santee! Don’t do it! He’ll kill me anyway! I’m here, Severence! Let her go! Get down here, kid,
and be quick! – You take the west ridge.
– Yes, sir. Let’s go guys, quick! Hello. Good-bye. I always taught you to hang on
to the bitter end, Santee. You’re not giving up
on me, are ya, kid? So long. – Somethin’ up there.
– Yeah, it’s movin’, let’s go. Nice meeting you. Kid… Kid, we don’t need
any of these people, kid. Watch this. Fuck you! This is for Eddie. Go ahead, kid. Then do it. I’d do it to you. – Don’t…
– Hold it, Santee! Do not move! Okay, boys, stand back. Thank God, you’re here. Santee killed Rudisill. You’re under arrest. What! I just saw a video a you shootin’
Deputy Agnos, Severence. You’re goin’ up the river. Fuck you. Guess you didn’t see
the surveillance cameras, did ya? Too bad. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right
to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court a law… Have you heard
from Mara and the kid? Yeah, they went back
to New Orleans. I… I heard they came
into some money. Really? Well, I guess I’d better get going. Old Woody here,
has got a crush on you. Oh, is that right? Yeah, well, he’ll be mad
as hell if he finds out you left and he couldn’t see you. He can count
on me coming back around. There’s a couple of felons
I’m supposed to keep my eye on. – Yeah?
– Yeah. Okay. Well… Next time you 4 by 4… you know who to call. Oop.


  1. PedroVision Author

    Boy, I've seen a lot wrse DL movies…Rita is most definitely some eye candy…and Joshua Tree provides some beautiful scenery as well!! Thumbs up!!

  2. Tryfield Animas Author

    the way how the did shot the movie is real art from back in the day absolutely remarkable . Even its not the best flick its pretty good to watch . grate movie thanks


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