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Best Portable Ice Maker Review

After spending more than 50 hours making ice,
measuring it, and recording its production and melting times, we’ve determined that
the Della is the best portable ice maker. We recommend it for its clean and simple design,
efficient ice production, and affordability. Here’s a list of the top three best portable
ice makers: #1 Della – 048- GM-48186 #2 Avalon Bay – AB-ICE26S #3 NewAir – AI-100BK How did we test? First, we had to test the ice makers’ ability
to make… … ice! So, we calculated how much ice each machine
could produce in 24 hours. Then, we analyzed how well-insulated each machine was by examining how well it kept ice cold. Next, we tested the storage capacity of each
machine by measuring how much ice its tray could hold before being emptied. After that, we measured the dimensions of
each machine to not only test ease of portability, but considered the amount of space needed
on your countertop as well. We also measured the wattage use and sound
levels of each machine. And finally, we took a look a look at the
quality of the ice that each machine produced, including its dimensions, taste, and how effectively
it cooled down a glass of water. Before going over our top picks, you can check
out links in the description below for more detail on each portable ice maker. There’s also a link there to the full review
on our blog post. It’s also worth noting that despite thorough
testing, we didn’t find many flaws with our top contenders. All of the ice makers on our list function
essentially the same, varying only slightly in ice production and size. So, the Della was the clear winner
in our tests. It was the most effective and affordable of
all the ice makers we tested — making the most ice the quickest. In fact, it’ll produce enough ice after
seven minutes to cool your drink by 15 degrees. And it’ll make 26 pounds of ice in one day. It has a clean, minimal design that’ll look
good on your countertop. Plus, its see-through lid means you’ll always
know how your ice is coming along. Coming in at a super close second, the Avalon
Bay has a remarkable production capacity at 25.6 pounds of ice per day; just 0.4 less
pounds than the Della. It’ll produce enough ice in seven minutes
to cool your drink by 13 degrees, and it has a clear display screen that uses words rather
than symbols. Happily, it also comes in three colors and
has a production cost of less than two cents per pound of ice. Our third place pick, the NewAir, made our
top three for one great reason: it holds a lot of ice! It can store two and a quarter pounds before
you need to empty the tray, which is nearly double the amount held by its competitors. It can also produce 26 pounds of ice per day. One quirk we don’t love about this machine? Its drainage system is not very convenient,
especially compared to our top two picks. Nothing ruins a party faster than no ice for
the drinks. Invest in one of these handy little machines
and check one more thing off your hosting to-do list! And again, at the end of the day, any of these
three ice makers are a great choice for your home. Choose the one that fits your personal aesthetic
and ice-making needs. Like the video? Have any questions? Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Current subscribers have the chance to win
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  1. Your Best Digs Author

    Our picks for the best portable ice maker:

    1. Della – 048-GM-48186:
    2. Avalon Bay – AB-ICE26S:
    3. NewAir – AI-100BK:

  2. GereDJ2 Author

    The units in your test are all made by the same company. The also make Dometic and Igloo and about 6 more. And, they all perform nearly the same.

  3. butterfly29022 Author

    I don't care what you say about the Newair, I LOVE my Newair ice machine!! My ice machine makes very large ice, and that's what I love the most!! It doesn't make any noise at all either. Just LOVE it!!!!!!!


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