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Beyond the Reel – The Impact of our Dementia Friendly Screenings – Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

(“Button Up Your Overcoat”) – With going to Broadway it’s all about their dementia and, you know, how to even get there and the signs and the breaks and taking their time and not having to worry about anything So that’s just brilliant – Stimulating people with
dementia is hugely important but when people don’t have the funding and don’t have the money, they’re just not getting that stimulation. They’re not getting what they need to help improve their life. – And it makes a lot of
difference to the carers, to us as well. A lot of difference, you
just wouldn’t believe it. – They’re all the way back on the bus and they’re talking about it. But on the way there they might not have remembered
being at the cinema before. Then when we get into the cinema, one lady actually said, “Oh, we came here last time.” – Thank you for what you do because, yeah, thank you very much. – It’s nice being with people you know? Looking at a film, its really good. And their ice cream. (chuckling) Never forget that do you? (“Button Up Your Overcoat”)

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