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History has been made – Black Panther has
been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture of 2018, making it the first superhero
movie in history to be so honored, an achievement that the film can rank next
to its other myriad records including “Highest Grossing Solo Superhero Film,” “Highest
Grossing Feature by a Black Director,” “Highest Opening Weekend Gross by a Predominantly Black
Cast,” and “MOST individual instances of boring pedantic assholes on YouTube attempting
to sincerely convince… someone that slow-tracking through a handful of frames of less-than-perfect
CGI is definitive objective proof that one of the year’s most otherwise celebrated
films is in fact actually OVERRATED!!!” But yeah! In the grand back and forth of MCU versus
DCEU (or whatever it’s called now) Marvel got to the Best Picture stage first – points
to the filmmakers, Disney and fanboys who’ll use these points to fight too hard about stuff
that doesn’t actually involve them. In all seriousness, this is a pretty big deal,
though – sure, it’s still gonna take awhile before “conventional middlebrow drama probably
starring a White guy” stops being the default setting for “important awards movie” but
“Comic-Book Inspired Afro-Futurist Science-Fiction Epic” now being able to equal “Best Picture
Nominee” is about as game-changing as Academy Award precedents get. Of course the only people MORE second-hand
psyched to have Black Panther among this year’s nominees is The Academy of Motion Picture
Arts & Sciences itself. For years now, the propensity of The Academy VOTERS to fail to ultimately nominate either enough popular movies that lots of
people have SEEN (and thus might tune in to “root for” or see their favorite stars
from) or films of more diverse cast and crew reflecting the evolving state of the audience
itself leading to increasingly declining ratings rating for a show that exists to promote The Academy’s
work in film preservation, image-upkeep and other endeavors has been a big concern to the Academy as a body… so when Black Panther was just burning down the box-office all last year and
this big gigantic cultural phenom was building behind it with multi-generations of families coming out in cosplay and charity drives organizing to bus schoolkids to see it and culture-writers talking about what
a huge game-changer it was (even Spike Lee had only good things to say) the whole Awards
Season… prognosticating… “matrix” could pretty much FEEL The Academy freaking
out about it’s membership’s… “quirks” in terms of “Ah, guys… c’mon… it feels every other goddamn year
people either get pissed off and call us out of touch for not nominating a huge clearly-deserving
comic-book movie or out of touch AND RACIST for not nominating a huge clearly-deserving
Black movie, THIS year that’s gonna be the same f—- movie so can we PLEEEEEASE just
do the right thing… as opposed to that year you snubbed Do the Right Thing?” But… they did. The superhero movie curse is broken, it DID
get nominated and that’s pretty much the “victory” for now in terms of the genre, right? Cus’ this can’t possibly go all the way and… WIN, can it? …well, probably not. It doesn’t have a Best Director nomination
(which is bullshit, but… then again this category is weird this year and I think it’s
going to Spike Lee anyway since this is his first nomination period you wanna talk about bullshit) …but yeah that’s usually the “not a chance” sign for Picture Nominees. Also, it has no screenplay nomination and they didn’t nominate any of the actors even though a lot of people expected Michael B. Jordan to get a Best Supporting
Actor nod which indicates lack of enthusiasm among the actor’s block and there’s more
actors in The Academy than any other group… the usual story for genre nominees (although
it DID win Best Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which… could be significant
he said hurriedly rewriting his script on Sunday night). On the other hand… there really isn’t
a runaway favorite this year and everything that might otherwise be so has big downsides or has developed them, so… it’s worth thinking about at least? Stipulating upfront of course that “Best
Movie” of… any context is a totally subjective thing and that The Oscars have always been
at least (in part) a political institution – not as in, like, government or policy politics (don’t be stupid), but as in “how people and institutions relate to and percieve one another” politics. I mean… they didn’t start The Oscars back
in 1929 because everyone in Hollywood was thinking, “Ya’ know what we’re missing? Trophies!” They started it because the film industry
had been getting it’s ass kicked by yellow journalism tabloid fear-mongering kicked up
around stuff like the “Fatty Arbuckle Scandal” and putting on a yearly awards show celebrating
“The Best Stuff Hollywood Did That Year” was the best way to guarantee movie stars would be seen attending the respectable, family-friendly big showbiz party once a year. So pretty much “by design” ALL the awards
– but especially “BEST PICTURE” have ALWAYS been partly about not only “what we (meaning
The Academy) thought was BEST” but also “what we want the public face of the Hollywood film industry to be presented as.” So, that’s the real main reason most Oscar winners
are big serious dramas and until recently there’s been a perceived bias against scifi,
fantasy, horror, animation, superheroes, whatever – they get up to the line and go “Wait do we
really want The Face of The Medium to be, like… monsters or pie-fights or people in
silly costumes shooting lasers at eachother?” But this year, every major nominee has a downside
that would normally be fatal but it… can’t be for one of them, and that’s kinda
fascinating: Green Book feels the most like a conventional
Oscar Movie (and even though I really didn’t care for it, I think this or Roma is still probably the safe bet), but the last several years of Oscar… “everything” has been about
getting rid of the idea this is still the same Academy that once gave a prize to Driving Miss Daisy (plus one of the real main life characters families is angry about it and
also audiences… didn’t show up to see Green Book, so it’s not like this actually some kind of “middlebrow hit” crowd pleaser anymore. A Star is Born same kind of story, surprisingly mixed reviews, and The Academy seems to be annoyed with Bradley
Cooper; thus, snubbing him for Best Director so that’s probably out even thought it looked
like a frontrunner until it, ya’ know it came out. Roma is beloved but the “Best Foriegn”
category basically exists so that subtitled movies DON’T get best picture and turn off
Joe Sixpack audiences, plus it was a Netflix release and The Academy includes a lot of
old-schoolers who HATE Netflix for the perception that they’re destroying theatrical distribution
as an industry – like that’s a real thing. The Favorite’s whole point is that it only
“looks like” a stuff old-fashioned Oscar Bait movie when it’s actually super kinky
and weird, bound to turn a lot of people off. But, hey maybe that one. Bohemian Rhapsody should honestly be a shoe-in
given that it was a gigantic hit, a biopic and it’s a crowd-pleaser, and it a drama about one of the
only intergenerational popular rock act that Academy Voters boomers AND their grandchildren both agree is good band… But, “Oh, yeah, right. Hey, there multiple sexual-assault-allegation magnet Bryan Singer. Yeah, NOT the headlines Oscar wants the Monday
after, in the age of #MeToo. Plus the movie isn’t actually, all that good. Vice? Eh… Ya’ know clearly, The Academy liked this one more than
I did, but political-leanings of Hollywood even taken into account I’d be
somewhat surprised to see such a blatant and single-mindedly political “takedown”
actually go all the way. BlackkKlansman? Probably the best shot Spike Lee is ever going to have… though it’s not really a conventional drama or comedy, somewhere in between and it’s a little bit edgy still and it doesn’t exactly send you home “happy. And then there’s Black Panther: “Ew comic
book movie sci-fi kids junk gross!” Don’t forget (not that I’d blame you since
everyone else forgot this movie already) in 2014 the Best Picture winner was Birdman
– a movie about how superhero movies are a giant garish spectacle smothering the film industry and how much they suck. The irony (in my opinion anyway) is that if the
genre bias wasn’t a real thing (and to be fair: Lord of the Rings and Shape of Water
won, Avatar, District 9, Fury Road, Arrival, Get Out all nominated – this IS getting better…) I feel like you’d have to actually
call Black Panther the obvious easy favorite regardless of how you feel about the movie. I mean it was a huge hit with audiences across the board pretty
much every demographic all over the world, even people who don’t care for superhero
movies… tended to like this one just fine, it actually has the BEST reviews from professional
critics (by aggregate via RottenTomatoes so… grain of salt, yeah) of ALL eight nominees,
in terms of sustained audience reaction and what the film ended up “meaning” to people
it’s the only Best Picture nominee you could fairly describe as a full-blown “Cultural
Phenomenon” in the style of Titanic or Return of the King since… yeah, pretty much Titanic or Return of the King (I mean I guess Fury Road maybe but you gotta be generous about the actual
audience-attendance on that one…) But moreoever – again, without any prejudice
on my own part entering into the discussion, it’s hard to argue that ANY other film this year
better fits the profile of “The Best Version of What The Hollywood Film Industry Does Best”which
is supposed to be The Oscars whole “deal” remember. When people think about the quintessential
“Best Picture” movies of the past, “The Golden Age of Movies,” etc; it tends to
be… well, you know what it tends to be: GONE WITH WIND! WEST SIDE STORY! LAWRENCE OF ARABIA! BEN HUR! CASABLANCA! THE GODFATHER! Big important stories with the biggest stars
and soaring visuals and gorgeous costumes and dramatic music because that’s what Hollywood
specialized and excelled at – the life’s blood of the whole town. Well, that was then, this is now – and now,
in 2019 (and for a lot longer than that, frankly) films like Black Panther, Wonder Woman, the
other Marvel movies… other good comic movies in general… Star Wars, Pixar… blockbuster franchise genre fare
(for better or worse) is the mainstream American movie industry – is Hollywood – in
the same way biblical epics and costume dramas and lavish musicals were for my parents and
grandparents generations. This what all-demographic, four-quadrant,
mainstream mass-audience filmmaking IS at this moment in time, for better or worse. So if you’ve got a nominated movie FROM
that same pedigree, one that’s also one of the best entries in it’s genre, a massive hit
with audiences, the best reviewed film out of all the nominees AND it’s also apart
from that a landmark moment for representation of Black actors, Black filmmakers, crew, designers,
etc AND it’s a film of genuine social importance that uses it’s blockbuster to speak thoughtfully
to major world issues? I mean, since “objective best movie” is
otherwise impossible to determine… what else do you give out this trophy for? As I said: The MAIN cool, historic thing is
that it got nominated – the door’s been kicked it, bandaid’s ripped off, it will
now be that much easier for more boundary-expanding genre films AND films of all types with diverse
casts to get in the future going forward… all good things. But to the extent I’ll root for anything,
I’ll probably root for this one – because I just don’t know how you get to “this
can’t possibly WIN Best Picture” and still say that “Best Picture” really still means anything
anymore – or at the very least that it’s in any way fulfilling the purpose “Best
Picture” was ever meant to. I’m Bob and that’s the BIG Picture.


  1. thelinedrive Author

    To me Blackkklansman is the favorite. It hits all the points Black Panther does without the comic book baggage and the third act that sort of falls apart after repeated viewings. Roma, while loved and culturally relevant is too pretentious for its own good. The others I don’t really need to repeat their issues.

  2. Josh Thompson Author

    I don't think it's fair to say that so many people just freeze-framed a few shots of sub-par CGI and used it as objective proof of it being 'overrated'. Granted, I'm sure a few did, but let's not pretend the film doesn't have a few objective flaws and questionable moments beyond that and boil all its critics down to being pedantic babies. That said, you did make a good case, so I'll put down the pitchfork.

  3. Rayce Archer Author

    I think BP deserves a director or actor nod WAY more than best picture. It's just okay as an overall film, but the core cast performances were stupendous.

  4. Andrew Harding Author

    The nomination is a desperate attempt for ratings. If it wins, I would be genuinely shocked, and not just because the movie was so middle-of-the-road.

  5. John Doe Author

    Before even watching the video: No. Black Panther should not win (and should not have been nominated for) best picture. Infinity War was a greater cinematic achievement.

  6. Daniel Laszlo Author

    Saw it opening week, I was entertained enough, but I honestly haven't felt an urge to see it a second time since. When the villain started getting interesting, the movie ended in a typical dumb action sequence; just another superhero movie barely scratching the surface of interesting ideas, let alone fleshing out said ideas. Out of the other nominees I've thus far only seen 'Black Klansman', and that alone is already a significantly stronger film despite a fraction of the budget.
    I still need to sort through my thoughts around this, but it seems kind of racially condescending to put a film on a pedestal for it's skin pigment. It's neat they incorporated various African cultures into the art direction; but at the end of the day, it is a Disney Marvel film, so all white CEOs making bank off of African culture. So it's somewhat shallow and murky using the film as a trophy for cultural progress and racial inclusivity.
    More people saw Black Panther because it probably had thirty times the marketing budget of any of the other nominees, and It most likely has the safest least challenging subject matter for audience consumption. Each Transformers movie has grossed over a billion dollars, so the quantity of people seeing a film doesn't automatically determine the quality and artistic achievement of a film. I'd say at least give All the other nominations a watch, before being outraged the one film you watched didn't win Best Picture that year.

  7. Gin Argent Author

    One complaint, it’s not slow tracking through less than perfect cgi, it’s watching the movie and thinking “holy shit, this cgi sucks-ass.”

  8. Tzumao Author

    Aquaman was better. Both are great only in the "yet another dumb superhero movie" category and objectively speaking decent flicks at best.
    Calling every critic of this movie a closet racist is utterly hilarious though and a good reason why Movieblob should go back into his hole.

  9. Mr.13 Author

    It was a good movie. Does it deserve best picture?
    Well when has it ever been about "deserve" in the first place? Ergo I couldn't care less what a bunch of self-obsessed Hollywood snobs have to say about the quality of a film.
    I thought into the Spiderverse was a better film overall; and I wasn't that big a fan of miles in the comics so its saying a lot that it made me genuinely want more of him by these writers. I already like Black Panther and my military history boner was tickled pink by all the Shaka-Zulu references in the film but ultimately I didn't come out of it thinking "Wow, I want three more of these!"


  10. platypuspracticus Author

    Best Picture? No. Best Director? Yes. The writing for it is good…but there's just some holes and some parts that make it underwhelming at times despite how good the rest of it is. The movie has great cinematography, directing, acting, lighting, effects, fight choreography…but the writing itself stumbles at parts (including pacing) and the core of a best picture should be the writing (in my opinion). I think it should be included with the nominees but I don't think it's quite "best picture". It's definitely a lot of "best ___" everything else, though.

  11. Hapa Siuhengalu Author

    Dude Birdman was fantastic, and I think a big reason superhero/comic book movies actually don’t (necessarily) suck nowadays
    I don’t think it won simply because it criticized comic book films in a way that represented the values of the academy at the time, and I don’t think it represented those implied values at all
    On the surface, it’s a movie about an actor who most people recognized as, and reduced to, the media property he portrayed a few decades ago, made all the more intense by the similarities between lead actor and protagonist
    Its criticisms aren’t only with Superhero movies, and it asks some pretty important questions related to all types of narrative performance art/media, the communities surrounding the art, and the resulting cultural impact (is it right to sell spectacle over substance? Is it possible to have it the other way around? Is it right to sell emotional authenticity at the detriment of your performers? Isn’t that just a different kind of spectacle for a more pervasive audience? Is there less artistic integrity in a statement designed for mass appeal, or one designed for critical acclaim?)
    Even though none of those questions are unique to the movie, it presents them in suc
    What made it so interesting was its examination of the surreal nature of the actor-character relationship, both on and off stage

  12. Chris Sutcliffe Author

    I felt Birdman was more to with the pretentious position of theatre as a medium when compared to other popular arts. We see an actor made popular in the superhero films fail to move that audience to the seats of theatre because there's an arrogance in theatres, with critics and artistic directors alike, which prevent more chaotic and cinematic pieces being created. This is reinforced when the critic likes it for what appear to be even more pretentious reasons in the end!

  13. formless777 Author

    Should Black Panther win best movie? Absolutely not. Its pap. It isn't even a particularly great superhero movie as far as superhero movies go (which, be honest, mostly isn't far). And Suicide Squad should have won a mouthful of tide pods, not an Oscar.

  14. JPD Man Author

    Hey Bob now that Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu have labelled The Escapist as Gamergate Trash when are you going to be stepping down in solidarity with the oppressed minorities that Gamergate works so diligently to harass?

    Or are you not an Ally?

  15. Benjamin Davis Author

    I’m looking forward to the riots when black panther doesn’t win.

    I’m also looking forward to the riots if it does happen to win (like whenever the Lakers play).

    Either scenario will be more entertaining than the film in question.

  16. niki nikolov Author

    Seriously Bob you have gone full libtard on us. The movie is overrated not because of the shit CGI. It is a mediocare story with a bland main character. Only interesting character gets killed halfway through the film and replaced by a comically evil to the point of stupid antagonist. People got annoyed because any time you had any criticisms about it you are labelled as a racist.

    This is not the first black cast super hero film. It is not the first black cast film.

    Also again stop straw manning and address the very valid critisisms several of your superior peers have made.

    Avengers infinity war is the far more superior and interesting movie.

  17. DrownedInExile Author

    Thank you for the shout-out to "Fatty" Arbuckle. He did not deserve what happened to him.
    I can't say that I care much for the Academy Awards. It's nice that they've nominated BP, but I'm not going to jump for joy over it either.

  18. Hopingover Leavesinfall Author

    I'm pretty furious that despite the acclaim it received, no one has come to this film's defence, no one is thinking about how good it is that Superhero cinema will probably be taken more seriously as a result and that everyone is forgetting the thematic weight of the story in order to call it another generic marvel movie. I didn't love it as much as many other people but I fucking loathe how universal the response to the nomination has been. Weren't all of you critical of the "Best Popular Film" award because it pushed mainstream cinema away from being on par with the most honoured films of the year? Fucking Hypocrites!

  19. Weather Vein Films Author

    I disagree with most of what you're saying, but it's good to hear the other side of the argument and you always present well.
    Couple of thoughts
    -The Oscar ratings plummeting is mostly down to their refusal to show it on anything but cable.
    -Red Tails did nearly everything you're claiming Black Panther did seven years ago, but no one noticed or gave a shit.
    -Calling the people you're trying to convince 'boring pedantic arseholes' will cause them to turn off and turn your video into an echo chamber.

  20. Matt Evans Author

    Black Panther will only win if Hollywood goes full virtue signal mode, which is possible. As you said, while cliche, Vice might also be in with a chance, simply becuase it's Hollywood.

    Personally, if you want to stand up for diverse films, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, would be a much better option. There was no pandering about the importance of black people, Miles was black, no one cared, and the rest of the movie was enjoyable becuase of it.

  21. Charles Smith Author

    Funny how there are elements that deny the connection superhero Cinema has to epic films line Lawrence of Arabia & the ten commandments. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  22. That Other Guy Author

    It will probably win, but not because it's the best of the ones nominated. It's going to win so Hollywood can cynically shed the OscarsSoWhite stigma. Hollywood wants to have the final image of the night being all those non-White faces up on stage holding the Oscar for best picture, so that the next day they can get on with business as usual. And when women/minorities/"Outsiders" keep talking about how "White" Hollywood is, Hollywood will point to Black Panther and say "Nope, we're Diverse now!" and the media (hoping to keep a pipeline to Hollywood) will go along with it.

    It's Image and Politics.

  23. R.E.Z Author

    Its alright, not great. Hell, plus I’ll say a bit of its success was just based on “cause black”. Anyone who said the movie was anything but great, was deemed racist or some other shite. I watched it, thought it was ok. Logan was a better movie than BP and you didn’t see that get nominated.

  24. Nate L.V. Brown Author

    The Title of this had me worried. Usually when Bob using that kind of sentence construction he is pointing out “No, People, it’s not good enough, and this is Why”. Glad I was wrong (I agree that “meh, it’s the one that best fits the profile”).

  25. illmadeknight Author

    My personal thoughts were that Black Panther got nominated just to get more people to watch the awards. I wouldn't give it a chance in hell of winning, but you make some good arguments. In a weak year for movies, it probably has a good a chance as you mentioned. Personally, if Super Hero movies want to be nominated, they need to be Better Movies and not just hyped up Saturday Morning Cartoons. Black Panther was great. No big Shiny Glowing thing to get. No big Quest. There was actual story, but the ending still failed. It is still a Marvel movie. The Comic Book movies that have gotten attention in the past like Dark Knight and Logan were simply better movies and hence got a win for Best Supporting Actor and a nom for Adapted Screen Play. Comic Book Movies need to raise the level of the game. Maybe the Big, Popular Movies aren't getting nominated in general these days is because the Big, Popular Movies are just child like kitsch.

  26. Thomas Pierson Author

    I'm really torn on black panther, one one hand it's a great film with a lot of meaning, on the other hand it's an action packed Lion King (well a cross between the Lion King and Simba's Pride with some King Lear thrown in for good measure). I don't care about social issues as a rule so that part of it didn't impact me and, at the same time, I'm largely immune to fandom because I can decide for myself what I like and peer pressure is just a myth (I know because I'm not vegetarian or religious). So, yeah, I think it's great that it got nominated but I don't think it will win; as pointless and redundant as the academy is, I can't imagine them actually going through with it.

  27. Semantic Dragon Author

    I didn't think it was very good, and I certainly would prefer it loses, since people are already up their own ass about how great this very run-of-the-mill superhero movie is. But, I don't care, it's just the Oscars, which always end up being bullshit.

  28. camethedawn Author

    It doesn't need to win, the nomination alone is enough. Enough to cause the small number of closed minded PoS on the internet to have a melt down that is.

  29. channel5980 Author

    No. It wasn't even the best superhero movie of the year or even the best Marvel one. It was nominated for best picture just because it is about black people and idiots took it as more than just an average flick. The same thing happened with Moonlight, which won alongside another movie just because it had black people who were also gay. Fuck this SJW society in which we live.

  30. Nightmare2018 Author

    I mean black panther was ok. I don't know if it was deserving of best picture though. With infinity was being in 2018 I think it's not even the best super hero movie 2018. The only big reason it got thrown into a cultural zeitgeist was because there was a lot of people that don't watch those movies coming out of the woodwork to watch it because of the setting and characters.
    However of what is nominated it's clearly the best.

  31. marcusmalone Author

    I'm sorry but, as a broad progressive, this film doesn't deserve this nomination. It was fun, prob better than many other marvel films (though thor 3 was more of a revalation in some ways) but panther is simply not THAT good. Guess oscars have always, at least over the last 3 decades, been about agendas, awarding people for their previous films etc.

  32. Daniel Thorne Bille Author

    If Killmonger was the main character I would be totally be on board with the Oscar thing. T'Challa was er pretty boring written character. On conflict or growth

  33. Nicholas Baum Author

    Sorry, I tried to like it but it….. sucked. Good effort but it still sucked, but almost all the superhero movies suck so no stretch there……

  34. magicoA Author

    I like that the emphasis at the end made it sound like he had a lot of takes where he said best picture instead. Or maybe just that he said best picture in the sentence before,either way it was some fun word play

  35. WhiteTigerShiro Author

    0:31 Because, you know, heaven forbid that some people just didn't like the movie. Funny part is that at roughly 3:17 he basically says "everyone is entitled to their opinion".

  36. Joe Blazer Author

    Answer: fuckno.

    The movie sucked. Have you not noticed the general "meh" reaction to it?

    Stop shillin, folks. Your channel is DYING. less than 5% average engagement of your subs, and falling fast.

  37. David Moore Author

    The only reason why Black Panther is actually nominated is because there's so many black people in it, which gives many 'progressive people' a raging boner, other than that the movie is pretty average. The best super hero movie; The Dark Knight; wasn't even nominated for best film in 2008, which makes the nomination for Black Panther just one big political joke.

  38. Nimbus811104 Author

    Gamechangeing? Pleaase. It was hardly the best superhero movie of 2018. Hell its just bearly beat out Incredibles 2 at the boxoffice. The only reason its up at the Oscars is because the ratings are shit because off all the grabage boring movies that are nominated and they had to spice things up and BP is the one that is most palateble to those virtue signaling lackwits. Not to say BP wasn't a good movie, but its hardly the best of anything of 2018.

  39. Tom C Author

    Two things can be true: 1) hateful, reactionary bigots will find any and every reason to tear down a movie like this. 2) The CGI was, in fact, dodgy as hell and the final battle scene was laughably bad right up until the Wakandan sunset scene, which redeemed it totally.

  40. ti inu Author

    How the hell did this movie get nominated for best picture? It was ok at best and when it came to super hero movies it sucked! I just saw Aquaman and thought it was ok but compared to Blackpanther it is a lot better.

  41. Themost Dop3 Author

    Into the Spiderverse "deserves" the nomination more than Black Panther if this is supposed to just be awards for good movies, not counting all this flimsy virtue signaling and obsession with identity politics.

    To just flat out say Bohemian Rhapsody is not a good movie but in this same video imply that Black Panther was good is pretty hilarious. And no, that is not me arguing in favor of Bohemian Rhapsody being good, it's just funny that you can then imply Black Panther was anything but mediocre at best. I didnt really like either these, and to reiterate, i think Spiderverse would have been a better break down of barriers as a multi-cultural cast, an animated movie, and a super hero movie. It would have done more and should have gotten more recognition.

    Also, you know just being a better movie than Black Panther.

  42. James Neave Author

    Tolkein dreamt of resurrecting the lost art of the heroic myth telling our (British) history.
    Ours is lost to the mists of the dark ages.
    Africa still has hers, but there's a shit bit in the middle (sorry, partially our fault).
    This feels similar to tolkein, but a new myth for Africa. One where they do it themselves with pride of purpose.

  43. Sam sineath Author

    Look the way I see it Star Wars literally changed the entire film industry, when it came out. It was nominated for best picture and best script and got neither, but won I think 6 oscars for sound and effects. Mostly because of Industrial Light and Magic, the CGI part of Lucasfilm basically. Anyway point if Black Panther wins, you need to consider was it actually the best movie that came out this past year? Or was it hyped up to the point multi-media outlets grabbed at the changed to promote it to get views? I personally thought it was pretty good if just ok, it may have something to do with how many movie centered around comics there are rn, its easy to get burnt out on the story. In a few years it will be easy to look back and say a lot of the dialogue is cheesy, which it kinda is, similar to if you went back and watched Star Wars, however that doesn’t mean it is bad. But back to Star Wars. If BP wins it is a slap in the face to many movies that have been greatly snubbed for no better reason, than they weren’t what the Academy wanted to win. Which is why Black Panther may have been nominated in the first place, to garner viewers who believe the #oscarsowhite, which I guess has some merits. Basically I think that if this movie wins it is a great step in the right direction for higher amounts of diversity in casts, even if it is being used as a publicity stunt and the side effects is why didn’t they do this sooner, the shockwave that is Star Wars is still being felt to this day, and is arguably the most influential work of Fiction ever made.

  44. protato911 Author

    The answer is no. It's not even that good of a movie. A below average script, good acting but bad characters development, ok world building, inconsistent CG (some looks pretty good while other is just embarrassing), ok soundtrack and serviceable cinematography. I have no problems about a superhero movie winning best picture, but this is not the one, not even the best superhero movie this year. I have way more fun watching Deadpool 2, Infinity War and Aquaman.

  45. Fantallana Author

    These cancer cells in the comments sound like they didn’t even watch the video, lol

    I also love how the people trying to play down this movie, it’s quality, and its significance… are almost certainly the same people who bring up Black Panther in order to put down Captain Marvel. You know, the comments of “this isn’t gonna be a phenomenon. Black panther was. It was progressive. Black Panther this movie AINT” that get hundreds of upvotes from people who are desperate to insult the movie, but are also probably supporting those Black Panther hating videos that Bob mentioned. Yep. They’re the same fucking people who insult Korra from the Legend of Korra, but then turn around and use her as “this is what She-Ra should have been!” Fodder. “See? She has big tiddies! Why doesn’t SheRa have big tiddies?!?!”

    They have no principles or consistency. Only hate. They’ll use media starring women and minorities to drag down other media starring women and minorities, to make it look like they aren’t motivated by bigotry or entitlement. But it’s pretty transparent.

    Please note: there’s noting wrong with simply not enjoying these properties. That doesn’t make you bigoted. Im talking about the hypocrites and absolutely OBSESSED people who fill comment sections with hours of whining.

  46. Hunter Hancock Author

    Black Panther is over-rated because most of the MCU is over-rated. How many times can we retell the basic premise of Iron Man 1 over and over again? As many times as the audience will let us!

  47. Ryakki Author

    It was painfully mediocre. Cliche characters, bad CGI, cringey dialogue carried by high budget spectacle. The race of the cast was pretty much the selling point, and it's decades late for first-black-superhero so… weird. I gather Black Panther was popular as a backlash to Trump, not because of Black Panther. It might deserve an award for capitalizing on political angst, but not for making a movie.

  48. Conor Eiffe Author

    I think Killmongor represents the liberals and SJWs of today. He felt that his people were being oppressed so the solution was to hate back at them and even potentially kill them if he got the chance. This is what's going on with Black Lives Matter, not murdering but just pure hate to people who don't support them. In a way he did have a point, helping other countries is right, he just went about in the wrong way. T'Challa in a way I find releatable, in the sense that he felt that Killmongor had become the very thing he was trying to stop, which is what I think of the Liberals, SJWs and Black Lives Matter crowd. So for me, this movie has the most to say out of all the nominees this year. In terms of themes, it speaks volumes on the problem with society today. Even without those messages it is still a great movie and will be remembered for its cultural impact whether you liked the film or not

  49. Dusk Debonair Author

    The fact that you spend the first half ranting about why it deserves to win the award simply for having a predominantly black cast makes me realize you aren’t much of a “critic” at all

  50. Mr. J _ Author

    Almost 10 minutes of making every argument known to man to justify a middling Marvel movie should win movie of the year…yeah no. Christ they should have just given Transformers all the Oscars because it made a shit ton of money so it's what Holly wood does best…talk about arguing backwards from a conclusion.

  51. Jean-Philippe Doyon Author

    Best picture means nothing anymore for a long time…to me it's since last year at least when Blade Runner 2049, the best movie of 2017 was snubbed for being a genre movie…it would have won too…what will it take for Denis Villeneuve to get an oscar ? Doing more of the impossible ? Like Dune ? Maybe…Still that stance against genre movie is killing the Oscar big time..they failed…

  52. Blade_des Author

    I actually fell asleep during this crap. Then actually tried watching it again at home, and just couldn't, turned it off half way through. It's so damn bland. Does absolutely nothing objectively better than Infinity War, but Infinity War has an objectively better main character/villain (Thanos), fight scenes, effects, pacing, story, logistics behind the movie, budget, box office performance, etc. It's literally better in every regard, except if you're some Black supremacist.
    Black Panther is at BEST a 7. But Infinity War, at WORST is a 9. Even Spider Verse is at WORST a 9.

    To say BP is the BEST comic book movie of all time is such a fkn joke

  53. Adam Basinger Author

    "an anti colonial meditation in the form of a comic book based afro-futuristic science fiction superhero movie" is possibly one of by favorite descriptions of a thing ever.

  54. Ultimate Warrior X2 Author

    Black Panther is the best movie of all time. It was created by black for black with black and represent what Africa would be without the white patriarchal man enslavement of the superior black people then stole all our technology or at least that's what i have been told.

  55. Allen Blaise Author

    Annihilation. Annihilation. God damn Annihilation. CRUSHED everything in 2018, Was the best Sci Fi movie in years, had a deep and metaphorical plot that could easily be taken in multiple positive lights, and had a largely female cast. Nothing nominated was even half as good.


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