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Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise [DeepFake]

Here’s the very funny Bill Hader,
ladies and gentlemen. [Applause] You know, um, it seems like every movie I saw in the last several months,
you were in it. – [Bill laughs]
– And I… – And good for you, that’s just great.
– Oh, thanks, buddy, thanks. And, uh, I was wondering about the one, – the, uh, the Tropic Thunder…
– Yeah, Tropic Thunder, yeah. ..With Tom Cruise,
you’re working with Tom Cruise. What was that experience like? Uh, it was amazing.
Like, we got to dance together. Uh…
[He laughs] It was amazing. We had, like, uh… You know, when you do a movie,
you do table reads, you know, where, – like, all the actors get together…
– Oh, at the beginning of the production. ..At the beginning, before anything, you get together
and you read through the script. And, um, so it’s, like,
all these heavyweights, like, you know, Ben Stiller,
Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, everybody, and at the end is,
like, me. Like, you know, “Hey!” – [Laughter]
– “Just happy to be here, guys!” [Laughing] You know? And some other supporting guys,
and then Tom Cruise walks in. [Dave] Oh, my God. And even those guys are, like, “Whoa,”
and he’s super stoked to be there, you know, just, like,
“Yeah! Oh! Boom!” [Laughter] – You know, like…
– [Applause] – He’s, like…
– [Dave] Wow. – [Dave chuckles]
– He’s…just immediately excited… – Um…
– [Dave laughs] ..When he walks into a room.
And, uh… And, uh, so, he comes over and he sits next to me, and I think he’d been briefed
on some of the supporting guys, but he was, like, trying to place me? [He chuckles] You know? So he sat down next to me,
he’s like, “I, uh…” [Laughter] – “I love your work.”
– [Laughter] And I went, “Oh, thanks,
I love your work too… “Tom Cruise.”
[He laughs] – You know, like, “Thanks!”
– [Applause, he laughs] And, uh… And, uh, I go, “Yeah, I’m friends
with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen “and they went to your house,”
and he went, “Yes. Yes! Yes! – “I, uh, they did come to my house.”
– [Dave laughs] And I said,
“Seth Rogen was, like, you know, [Seth Rogen voice]
” ‘It was amazing, he has, like, you know, ” ‘a bike track in his backyard,
it’s phenomenal.’ ” And I did a Seth Rogen impression
and it was like I did a magic trick. Tom Cruise was, like, “Ah-ha!” [Laughter] [Dave] Wow. – And he points to me…
– [Applause] And he pointed at me and he goes, “You do impressions
and you’re on Saturday Night Live.” And I went, “Eh!”
It was like he won a game show. He was, like, “Yeah, Tom, yeah!” [Laughter] [Bill chuckles] And, uh, that kind of enthusiasm
from that kind of a star, obviously a little intimidating,
a little overwhelming? It is a little overwhelming, yeah!
It was pretty amazing. But you were able to work out
and everything was fine. – Yeah, everything was great.
– And when it was over, it was all good? Yeah, it was great.
At the premiere, he gave… [He laughs] At the premiere,
he came up to me and he goes, “Can you believe we were IN that movie?” I was, like,
“I can believe YOU were in it!” [Laughter] “You’re Tom Cruise!” [He laughs]
I was, like, “Yeah!” [Applause]


  1. Flora Geanes Author

    aqui é o Merrômere o esposo da Flora sou Cristão. Mesmo que for um ser fora da terra ele é mais animado que muitos seres da terra que tem um mal humor. Que que tem não foi Deus que criou todas as coisas a visíveis e invisíveis? Também os criou, tudo Deus criou para sua Glória ou para o dia da ira do Senhor. Quem somos nós para questionar a Deus. Nada. Glórias a Deus. Aba pai.

  2. gunther giesl Author

    Omg…he actually looked like Tom Cruise when he did his impression of him…holy moly that was intensely strangely scarey …wait could bill harder be an actual live shape shifter?….lol

  3. Kenneth Hallquist Author

    How… do you do this? I mean, it's probably pretty easy considering the technology we have today, but…'s just phenomenal! I'll keep watching……

  4. Harrison Author

    Even for that one word, his face morphed into cruise at 1:38. It doesnt make sense, his eyes change shape, his brows perk straight, his nose moves and his whole face even for a few seconds becomes Tom cruise



  6. Caroline Ryser Author

    Oh man, i've seen this video on instagram few weeks ago and was scared how Bill Hader could change his face into Tom Cruise so easily. And now, I feel stupid cause it was deep fake. I truly believed he got some super powers or something.

  7. Guy du Bas-Tyra Author

    If I could do that I'd of forgotten what my old face looks like.
    The applications are endless.
    But all I can think of is Tom Cruise porn parody movies.

  8. Simon Lee Carachure Author

    Deepfake is a ploy to desensitize viewers of media from realization of the prevalent infestation of shape shifting extraterrestrials that have infiltrated our media

  9. 1Kackow Author

    lol damn man here i was thinking this guy is super talented not only could he mimic the voice but he could control his facial muscles to mimic the face mwuhhahaha mind blown!! thats some creepy effects man mad props!!


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