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Bill Murray Ambushes The Ed Sullivan Theater With T-Shirts


  1. Flaccid Ego Author

    Uncle Sam outfit
    The name game they played ; bill 9 kids, Steven 11
    The cubs won game five as predicted here
    Wtf is going on
    /_ loominartist shot right here

  2. Noelia Jaime Author

    Better than having a nun in the family is to have several AND to be related to Pope Francis.Him and my grandfather are 1st cousins lol.I still can't believe he became a Pope,then again,i can.Noone i ever knew helped as many people .He is selfless and kind and honest.I'm so proud of him.

  3. Duncan McConnell Author

    I love Bill Murray, It'd be great just to hang with to him and have a drink. He's been around and seen it all. I bet he has some stories.

  4. Vidya Sonavane Author

    Rich and powerful abuse the less powerful ones, that's why I don't like when Steven Colbert kisses young men actors or kisses on mouth to actresses.. may be acceptable to them superficially but why do partake such things who may not be able to say no and regret it for not standing upto the person!

    this is how it starts! And why exactly Steven is not taking about Weinstein!

    I lost respect for Steven! Sorry but do not expect hypocrisy from u! And for doing acts of indecency!

  5. Vidya Sonavane Author

    Please don't set the precedent for another Letterman like personality!

    Why men are promiscuous? And what happens with good ones when they just start going on the path of greatness! Guess, the appreciation from audience goes to their head!

  6. vibradiant Author

    I grew up near a city divided between a more privileged wealthy side on the east, and more blue-collar and impoverished neighborhoods on the west, and the latter used "cake-eaters" as a derogatory insult against the former for what was perceived to be their elitist disconnect from the harsh realities of life, and a far nicer high school and academic program. And Bill? Feigning ignorance of the insult's origin is almost as bad as saying "let them eat cake", but I still love everything else you stand for!

  7. joey ramirez Author

    'Cinderella storyyy… Guy comes outa nowherrre , takes Chevy Chase's plaaace… shoots T shirts on the guy that took Lettermann's plaaace' show…'

  8. T Tanizawa Author

    I think I finally understand Bill Murray. He's the youngest of 11 children so of course he's going to constantly want attention. That's what he's been his entire life.

  9. wolverineiscool Author

    TRAITOR!…i never thought in a million years bill murray the first and last guest of dave would ever ever betray him by appearing on his hacks show

  10. applecoreeater Author

    Geez. Murray doesn't offer much does he? Getting him talking is like pulling teeth. Colbert is talented to have got this much out of him.

  11. Toms Done Author

    The 'cake eaters' insult that Murray mentioned is an Italian expression for wasps (the white protestant majority then encountered when imigrating to USA/Canada/Australia). They call them 'mangia cakes' = cake eaters.

  12. Chester Copperpot Author

    FUN FACT: The Chicago Cubs horribly lost game 5 last night to the L.A. Dodgers, thus losing the NLCS and a chance to return to the World Series this season. Drink up, Bill…..ya' lousy douche bag.

  13. Tanya Duncan Author

    Disappointed. Terrible timing for Bill Murray to be pointing a gun at people directly after the shooting in Las Vegas. Poor form Late Show.

  14. Refugio Suarez Author

    Bill Murray said that is a good luck with
    40 years
    Funny 👀😂😂🗽💬🙇
    GhostBusters 1984
    GhostBusters 2 1989
    Dr. Peter Venkman


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