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Bill Skarsgård on Playing Pennywise the Clown


  1. Simon Author

    My good Jimmy Kimmel is such a bad interviewer, it seems like they did zero research on this actor and just tried to improvise some basic casual talk like questions…

  2. Benji Matthews Author

    I don't understand how the look of this guy you know the look of I'm going to touch your kids private parts as soon as you're not looking creep is getting the comments that people are truly attracted to him he looks like a creep hands-down with or without makeup but specially without the makeup

  3. Teresa Bralzick Author

    I was faithful to The Bates Motel but I feel like if they did a remake of Psycho he would def give Freddy a run for his money…. I could see him as a young Ed Gein.

  4. Exigent Circumstances Author

    The new version of IT is as Bad as Disney's crappy destruction of Star Wars,To bad kids will watch anything, Seriously people like the new IT or Star Wars,even Mark Hammill hated it.


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