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Bill Skarsgård Teaches Colbert The ‘Pennywise Smile’


  1. Molly Spurgeon Author

    Also, I know the crowd kinda chuckled when he said that he thinks Steve buscemi has one of the best faces in the biz, or like it could have been taken two ways, but I sincerely think he meant it as a compliment and I sincerely agree. Steve buscemi is a legend and has an incredible face. He plays the roles he does now, but there's photo proof that he really is traditionally handsome and was definitely more obviously so in his earlier days.

  2. Danielle Czapp Author

    6:13 is that animal inspiration he noted on that you can see turn like a switch. In that exact moment, he latched onto a focal point and pushed the envelope and absolutely sold it.
    This dude never ceases to interest and amaze me.


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