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Billa Telugu Full Movie || Prabhas || Anushka Shetty || Meher Ramesh || Mani Sharma

iDream We could’ve got this
stuff from anyone. But your life can be
taken from you only. That’s why we trapped you. Billa. lndia, Russia, UAE,
Thailand, Malaysia. Police of more than 1 1 countries have
lost their sleep because of him. With Malaysia as the base, he deals with drugs,
weapons export, bomb blasts. He is one of the
international courier of crime and is into many such illegal activities. We tried many times
but couldn’t catch him. He keeps dodging us everytime. Even God would’ve appeared
if we had chanted his name. Ranjith, he is next to Billa. For the past 2 years l & my informers
have left our country & family, and have tried a lot to catch him
and break his network. But he knows about us
even better. iDream We will have full support
from the Malaysian police. Yes Janaki. The prayer is over. Listen to the bell sound,
chant the God’s name & pray. Oh God! ls it necessary? Don’t say ”Oh God!”
Say O my Lord Rama! O my Lord Rama!
– Eat on time. Andhra meals not burgers & pizzas.
– l will talk to him. Mother will make you cook on phone also.
– Yes. Give it to me. My sister has got an alliance.
Next month is her marriage. You’re the eldest son-in-law,
you must look after everything. l’m offering special prayers
to Lord Rama in Bhadrachalam. On my behalf,
seek a boon from Lord Rama. A boon that l must catch
the evil Ravana known as Billa. Who is Billa?
l know Ravana. What’s your personal opinion about Billa? l like him very much. He was born somewhere in Andhra,
grew up as an orphan, and has become
a Don of crime world. The truth is, if he isn’t there, policemen of
1 1 countries would’ve no work. l’ll catch him soon. But we must be careful. Because Billa makes fear to panic. Can l talk now?
– What’s the matter? Can we meet somewhere?
– No. l can’t come now. There is a man who commands Billa. Who?
– Devil. Devil? This name is not in our list.
Where is he? l don’t know where he is and
how he looks like. He talks to Billa and
Ranjith on phone only. They are planning something big. One more important matter. There is a computer in Billa’s
personal chamber. lt contains details of their plans
and details of his entire network. Can you crack the code and
send me the details? lt’s not so easy.
That computer has a password. Only Billa & Ranjith know that password. l came to know about
the contents of it. So, l’ve saved it in a memory card. Send it fast.
– Rest in person. Devil…! This guy must be inspired
by the old movies. Billa shouldn’t ever miss the target. Similarly, Billa should never
become anyone’s target. But for the first time,
police have targeted me. Billa, will meet you tomorrow. He was my trusted informer.
Billa has killed him too. How did Billa know about him? There is a mole in our department. He must’ve got sold for money. lt’s a nice watch. Timex…? No sir. Rolex.
– Rolex…? Must be very costly? You get Rs.20000 less than me. lt was a gift.
– Gift? ls it worth Rs.1 lakh?
– Rs.5 lakhs. lt seems there will be seven people
like you in this world, But in this country,
everyone look the same. Ranatunga…
– Coming. Come here.
– Boss, he ate our upma last time. He likes it very much.
He ordered Upma for 100 people. You’re feeling as if you’re
going to cook now. Yesterday’s upma is in the fridge.
Heat it & serve. Greetings ACP sir. How are you? How are you Shankar?
– Fine sir, with your grace. lt’s been nearly a week
since you came here. What would you like to have?
– Grass. Grass…? We go from pillar to post
to catch one man. But to eat Bajji or to have lunch,
yours is the only place in Kualalumpur. Your mercy sir. Bring hot idlis
and fresh sambar for him. Apart from the small gangs,
nothing big. What’s the name you said now?
– Billa. l couldn’t get his details.
– He will get caught. By God’s grace, he’ll be caught. iDream Do you need a weapon even here? l use weapon & woman the same way. There is risk & kick while using both. Risk…? l’ll sacrifice my life for you, know that? Please… Do you trust me now? You’re still alive because
l always trust you. l trust people but not
the beast inside them. These are our passport & tickets. The flight is at 2 O’clock tomorrow night.
Come here an hour before. l’ll come there directly, okay?
– Why can’t we go together? Joining Billa’s gang was tough.
Leaving his gang is even tougher. Even if they know that
l’m leaving them… Don’t even try to call me. Will you come? l’ve information that
vikram is leaving us. Let him go. Let him go? Do you know the reason
why he is leaving? How could you send him,
let the reason be anything? Let him tell me the reason first.
Then l’ll decide where to send him. There is one language everyone
in this world understands. vikram, we were together
for 7 years. Why this decision all of a sudden? Love, escape. Once you’ve decided to leave,
nobody can stop you. l thought of telling you this on phone. No…only Billa. Billa, l want your help. lt’s something only you can do it. iDream l’m a statue of Ellora…
…coming for you… l’ll give you a feast
of my beauty… l like your power
which stunned me… Your arrogance sparked
the flame of lust in me… So, like a lightning,
l spun a net on you… Fall on me like a thunder… lt’s madness…
l want you… Shall l lay the trap for you?
l swear on you… Shall l tie myself to you? iDream You might rule the world,
but shall l throw a challenge at you? l’m the hunting deer…
Shall l trap the lion? l’ll use my beauty to target you…
l’ll sacrifice my beauty for you… You’re the man my heart yearns…
l’m a snake with vengeance… iDream My heart is waiting for you…
Embrace happiness… My desires are crossing the limits… Accept my invitation and
get caught in my beauty… l’ll pour all my beauty on you… l’ll show you heaven on the bed… For good or bad,
let desires rule our lives… Let our hot desires
get solaced today… Billa, come & surrender. lt’s you the police are welcoming. They are not new to me. l called them here. l suspected that when you
gave that meaty shake. Do you know why? You have your own reasons. You killed vikram who wanted
to share his life with me. For that. Was it you he fell in love with
and tried to run away? There is not much difference between
death or escaping from Billa. ls killing people your business? There are no bullets in it. l don’t trust men & women.
But l trust guns & bullets. You should’ve removed the gun too. We’re meeting the first time. You will be with us forever. You’re the best among those who
l’ve come across. l’ve the experience. The girl’s life is at risk. Priya called me after removing
the bullets from the gun. You sent a deer to hunt a lion. lf you point gun & don’t fire,
Billa doesn’t like that. iDream Yes sir. l’m sorry to say that you haven’t
dealt Billa’s case properly. You couldn’t catch him till now. Your police department can’t do it. May be you need the
help of the lnterpol. We’re handling it better than anyone. lncrease security to monitor Billa
and his gang members. Steve, come fast before
police comes here. Give me the car, briefcase
and run away. Did you risk so much
for a simple thing? Join our gang. She is Maya.
She killed 3 officers infront of me. She will be useful to us. She is just not a girl.
She is lady Billa. l like weapons & women. You’ve come to the right place. What does that mean? lt means ”good bye” in Spanish. You’ve taken a wise decision
to leave Billa gang. Billa, ACP Krishnamurthy is
working more for his salary. He is laying a much bigger trap. l’m not a small fish
to fall in his net. Steve gang wants weapons
delivery tomorrow. He has decided the place & time. But he wants a container load. That’s too much. Looks like little risky.
Do we have to accompany you? Tell him that l will be there on time. We’re going to an important
place tomorrow. Steve, l think everyone
is new in your gang. l couldn’t trust my old men.
– Even you’re my old customer. What’s the value of it? As per your requirements. Billa, what you spoke has
been recorded. There is no much difference
between you & them. You’ll know the difference
if you try to escape. There are around 550 million
illegal weapons around the world. Which means 1 among every
12 people have a weapon. My business is how to sell weapons
for the remaining 1 1 people. Do you know how many people
you’d killed in this business? Nothing wrong. History taught us only one thing. For us to live, we can kill anyone
or any number of people. You’re talking too much.
– l’ve seen a lot. Look at your guns.
very old model. l’ll give you a gift. You are our gift. Look at my weapons. Keep this in your collection
or sell them. That’s yourjob. Because you’re a criminal
and l am a police man. A little difference. You need me alive. But l don’t need anyone of you alive. iDream Leave nothing. Come Adithya.
Coffee is too good. Take it. Why didn’t you come in the morning? l wasn’t feeling well. The chase here was also upset. You’re co-operating
with Billa very much. The other day when Billa was taking
that girl as an hostage, l wanted to gun him down,
but you refused. And today, you were absent. Take it. ls it necessary now? lsn’t his phone working? Okay. Have you arrested Billa or not? We are still searching. Ask our help if you want. He is asking if we need any help. Tell him to send torch lights
to search him. Sir, that is… Don’t stop the car. l should put that question to you. You’re wounded. lf a bullet has hit Billa,
it must from be from your gun. Only you have the guts to gun me. Billa, surrender yourself.
l’ll take you to hospital. Tell me, who is Devil? Turn yourself into approver. You join hands with me, ACP. Then, who will catch us?
– Try to understand. Billa, please listen to me. Look at you.
You’re not in good condition. What’s wrong with me?
l’m like an emperor. l’m sitting comfortably
while you’re driving the car. Billa, please listen to me. When l cried in hunger as a child,
nobody responded. They gave me nothing. l took it forcibly. They feared me. And l kept taking things forcibly. From then on, l created everyday, every hour, every minute
and every second, and every currency. Billa, tell me what their plan is. Who is Devil?
Tell me, Billa. Good bye. l thought of reforming you. iDream Greetings sir. Why did you call me urgently? Was he shot in an encounter?
– No. Help me. Who is he?
– Billa. Billa? l used to pray God to catch him. l planned to catch his
entire network through him. But… He is dead now.
Why are you secretly…. His gang, his boss & my department
must believe that he is still alive. They have planned something big. lf they come to know that Billa is dead,
they will get alerted. His men are in the police too. He should commit a mistake hoping
that he’s alive, and he’ll get caught. Can l see Billa’s face who
traumatized the police? Ranga! He is my friend Ranga not Billa. Cutting Ranga. He is from my place vizag. He looks exactly like him. What does he do? iDream Stealing is my profession…
lt’s troubles… ln this profession…
Nobody can upstage me… He’s the master thief… O Ranga! You’re great!
– You’re fantastic! iDream lf l see it’s troubles…
Beware people! lf he comes,
your valuables go missing… He’ll steal the shine
from your cheeks… lf you get charmed by him,
you’re finished… You share the birth date
with Phoolan Devi… You’d be friend of Shobhraj
in your previous birth… lf coffee is served to you,
cup and saucer go missing… Purses in the pockets
shiver on seeing you… Locks open up at your sight…
Safes open on it’s own… O Ranga, you’re a King… You’re a master thief…
– You’re trouble… iDream Women are after you…
They jump walls for you… They will not mind
if you touch them… There’s no difference
between big and small… One rupee or hundred rupees
doesn’t make any difference… You take whatever
you lay your hands on… O Ranga, you’re sharp… You’re strong…
– You’re a thief! What will happen if you’re not there? When things request you to lift?
– You take pity to steal… Once into this world
you got to do something… l’m doing what l like and
what l’m good at… For good or bad,
one needs a reputation… O Ranga, you’re an expert… Pick pockets easily…
– Don’t think about anything… Safety pin or pistol,
chocolate orjacket… Broom or fish basket,
arrack sachet or diamond locket… Spoon or grinding stone or Lord Hanuman’s
tail, he’ll not spare anything… To hell with these ATM machines. May the people with
credit cards get diseased! What happened?
– A big zero. We’ve been pick pocketing since morning.
And we haven’t even made Rs.1000. l need to share it with you too. Carrying credit card in wallets
has become a fashion. Leave all these.
Let’s loot a bank itself. Who stole it?
– Myself. You don’t know the difference
between gold & fake chains. Will you loot a bank? Brother… Hide it all.
– Brother… Yes Miss Doctor & Miss Engineer.
What brings you here?- Doctor? lf you don’t pay fees
before quarterly exams, our principal said that
she’ll expel us from school. We’ll pay it once we
get our salaries. Whatjob do you do to get salaries? Salaries for the people, not for us. Ranga will make you an engineer. Same problem here also. Take this money and
buy books first. Somehow, l’ll pay the
fees next week. Take this & have biriyani. Okay.
– Okay brother. You are more worried
about them than yourself. l’m just a lonely man.
But l’m everything for them. Don’t you have any big desires?
– Nothing big. l want to wear a suit, goggles.
There must be 4 men behind me. And 40 men behind them.
And a dozen cars behind them. A big bungalow.
And beautiful dolls. Dolls? Will you play with dolls?
– l meant girls. They won’t be ordinary girls. Our uncles? Here they come for their share. Hey Ranga…
– Hey Shankar… lt’s been a long time since we met. Where were you?
Malaysia or Mylavaram?- Why? Your pockets are empty. l emptied my pocket knowing
that l am coming to you. How are you guys? You’ve become wiser
after going to Malaysia. Did the Malaysian police arrest you and
handed you over to the vizag police? No. A senior police officer has
come from Malaysia. He wants to meet you.
l’ve come to take you along with me. Why did he send you to me? l’m his informer in Malaysia.
– Why does he want to meet me? Are you coming or not?
– Actually…. Ranga is here, sir.
– Greetings sir. There are many cases against you.
l’ll have them all withdrawn. You need to do a favour to police.
– Definitely, sir. What should l do? You need to act like someone. What acting? Like who? Like him. Are you making fun of me? This is me. Put on a suit using graphics.
How do l look? Who do you think he is?
He is not looking like you. lnfact, you’re looking like him.
You’re a pick pocket. He’s a big don. What?
– He’ll explain you the rest. lt’s not you.
He is Billa. Bomb blasts, weapons dealing,
drugs smuggling, murders, international terrorism. Are you going to send me
in place of a notorious criminal? What if they kill me? No. He is in my secret
custody in Malaysia. Nobody knows that. You put him in jail,
why are you taking me with you? You must take the place of Billa,
give me all the information l need, and help me in catching
his gang & his boss. Sounds like a James Bond film.
How can l change like him? l’ll take care of all that. lnstead of spending your
entire life in jail, get settled in life by being
little intelligent. l’ve two dependents. Lakshmi & Sreenu. Their parents died when their
huts were gutted by fire. l’ve the responsibility to make
them as engineer & doctor. What if something happens
to me there? Leave that to me.
You act like Billa. We are leaving to Hyderabad. Sir, l can’t go to school now & study.
This is not fair. Brother… Uncle got us admitted here.
– This school is very good. l got them admitted in the school
where my daughter studies. lt’s my responsibility to make them
as engineer & doctor. There is a hostel here.
– Why live in hostel? Let them stay with Chinni here.
What do you say? l thought you were big people.
You are big people with big hearts. Boss, l’ll do anything you say. Ranga, you must become Billa
from today onwards. What training? Sword fighting, kung-fu, horse riding…
– Don’t talk loud. l’ll learn.
– Tiger is there. Ranga, could you tell me
how many rods are here? Planning to kill me right now.
– Tell me. Stop counting.
– No? No need. 76 rods, 6 gates, 18 windows. lf it was Billa, he would even tell you
the number of bricks over here. That’s Billa.
To hell with you. He can tell that.
But can he tell that boss has a wallet, the wallet contains Rs.10600,
a photo of a baby, and a few credit cards too.
He can’t. l stole it to stay in touch.
Forgive me. Everyone has his own talent. You need to forget that you’re Ranga. You have think that you’re Billa. And no one to command you. You’re boss to yourself. You rascal!
– lt time to move on.- Get lost. Listen to no one.
Trust no one. A voice from your heart
is your conscience. Trust that voice only. You scoundrel! You must know to cheat. And also find those who cheat you. You must commit murders.
But never get caught. The best part l love in
my training period. Do we need that chases, risks, training in
Malaysia instead of eating these delights? Can’t you sit in AC room
and work happily? lf l don’t do justice to this nation and
it’s law as a dutiful officer, l can’t eat. Hubby, please come forjewel selection,
l can’t decide without you. l’m not able to shop. Madam! Please give me an opportunity
to repay my gratitude. Ask sir to turn that side
for an hour tonight, l’ll have all jewellary shops
in your place. You can select from them here.
Please allow me to show my talent. Please get permission from sir. He says about his talent,
please allow him to show it. Please don’t discourage his talent,
you come sunny, let’s go. Janaki, you cool down. What happened to him? Billa knows very well about
every weapon in this world. You must also know it. Concentrate on the aim. That’s nothing, l shot many
balloons in carnivals. lt went through the same hole. Not the hole but
missed it by yards. He’s sleeping sir,
give him a punch. That’s it! You must know everything
about computer. This is pen drive,
you can save information in this. iDream Now l’ve only one job,
take Billa to Malaysia, and ensure you’re caught
by local police there. When did you come sir?
– Today morning. lnterpol officer Dharmendra
is here for you. He’s waiting. He wants to know
why you went to Hyderabad? He’s asking too many questions about
Billa’s case files and it’s progress. We didn’t know how to answer him. l heard a lot about you. You’re handling Billa’s case,
and you’re handling it very well too, but he gave you a slip.
– He’s very smart. Why did you go home on leave when
handling such a sensitive case? My sister-in-law is getting married,
didn’t you inform him, Adithya? l’m the eldest son-in-law,
it’s my responsibility. Marriage! Entire department is here,
just l was not here. Now, you’re also here. From now onwards,
l’ll handle the case. l want to see Billa’s case file. l’m handling Billa’s case,
l put in a lot of hardwork also. l mean…
let’s do it together. Arrange for a press meet.
– Okay sir. According to the information we got, we arrested Billa while trying
to sell weapons, he escaped in the shootout. But we confiscated
a big cache of arms. lt’s value could be 20 million US dollars. ls Billa alive or dead? He’s not dead. We’ll catch Billa at the earliest. We need people’s support also. lf you know anything about Billa,
please inform the nearest police station. A sweet news for you! iDream His condition? Scanning reports suggest
he has memory loss. l think he has forgotten his past. lt means he has become like Ghajini! What to do now? When will he be normal?
– Can’t say. May take a week or two weeks. He may get back his memory
in next five minutes also. lt mean…we’ve to wait till then. Police can’t harm Billa. But Billa mustn’t be in police custody.
Devil wants Billa. Rashid deal is more important. Only Billa can do it.
How? l’ll get him. l’ll get Billa.
– How? Today is my wedding anniversary. No sir, such a day should never
come back in my life. How did it happen? ln broad daylight, on a road,
amidst tight security? How could they take him away?
– lsn’t it surprising? You mustn’t say that. lf you police had been little careful… A small correction. lf we had been little more careful, Billa’s gang wouldn’t have attacked and
took him from lnterpol custody. Without a leak from our side,
it’s impossible to attack and take him. How long Adithya has been with you? Ever since l took up Billa’s case. We must be careful! Why are you looking as
if it’s a new place? This is your place.
Your island. Can’t remember anything? l’m Ranjith, she’s Lesa, that’s Maya,
you praised on meeting her, can’t you remember anyone? Can’t you remember me also? Can you atleast remember
people you’d killed? Who is he? l don’t know who l’m, who is this guy now? Our boss Devil. You still have time for Rashid’s deal. We are shifting from here
after this deal. l don’t know who l’m! Let him relax! Girls are very hot! ln a way life is good, but there’s tension
about lurking dangers also. How long should l’ve to
bear this torture? That elderly man got me
into this mess. When will he meet me?
How will he meet me? Oh my God! How did you come in sir? How’s Billa’s life? lt’s like eating ice cream on hot sands
of desert without slippers. But girls are great! Have they accepted you as Billa? Trust me? Lesa is throwing
herself at me. Never allows me to go to bathroom also,
l’m scared of getting caught. Next is Maya, first time l’ve fallen for
a personality rather than purse… Okay…come to the point. l talked to Devil.
– When and where? Didn’t meet but talked
to him on phone. Told me take rest as there’s
time for the deal. This is the right time for you to
get back your lost memory. You make a call to me when they
take you out next time. How will l get back my lost memory? lt’ll come back as you had lost it. How will you go out sir?
My people are waiting outside. Sir…sir… Sir…sir…where did he vanish?
Sir…? He’s more dangerous than me. Billa, Rashid’s phone call. He’ll not speak to anyone
else other than you. Who is Rashid? We are going to have
a big deal with him. He doesn’t know about
your memory loss. Manage him well. Talk to him. Oh Lion Billa! How are you doing?
– Fine. lt’s been long time
since l heard your voice. l’m sending the first installment
tomorrow with Jimmy. Are the goods ready? Deliver it on the fixed date. Bye! Bye! What is this goods? How long do l know Lesa? Can’t you remember me, Billa? We are living together for 4 years. lt means brother Billa is having it with
her for 4 years, l don’t want her. Maya…? She came here just a day
before you went missing. She’s mine! iDream We are going to meet Rashid’s assistant
Jimmy, very dangerous man. He’ll talk to you only,
manage, you remember everything. Do you see any difference in me?
– No. Then he’ll also not see it. You’ve changed. You’ve changed. You’re Billa! Rashid bhai has sent
the first installment. Goods will be delivered
on time, right? You go away,
we’ll take care of them. Ranjith, l remember everything now. Got back my lost memory. Hello madam, l’m Ranga here. Ranga?! How are you? l’m fine.
How are my kids? Your kids have become my kids now.
Talk to them. Hello brother, we are fine,
studying well, playing too! They will stay with us only from now,
how are you doing there? l’m having a great time,
living like a King in palace. Okay, bye. When king is not here,
l’m the king… When Billa is not here,
you have a party Ranga! He got back his lost memory. He’s behaving strangely, he claims
to have got back his memory, but can’t he remember me? l remember everything. l remember everything. iDream Oh God! Billa, we are delivering powder for
a million ringgits to Kevin gang. Details are in the computer. Somebody has changed the
password in my absence. No one will touch it
other than you and me. You might’ve typed
the wrong password. Are you coming to this deal? What’s this darling?
You said l’m back. You said you got back
your lost memory. Can’t you still recognize me? Can’t l scratch your memory? iDream You’re a cracker, l’m all yours… My beauty, my youth,
enjoy it… Kiss and have me… Can’t you atleast prick me
like a honey bee? My heart is yearning for you… Come to me happily
without teasing me… See me sharply… Attack me… Assail over me… iDream Nobody ever swept my feet
off ground like you… l can’t list out the things
l like in you… You’re one of a kind
in this world… That’s why l can’t live without you… You’re an enchanting fruit…
You’re a soft pillow… You’re the king of
my kingdom of beauty… iDream Your eyes have struck me
like arrows of flowers… l’m lost in an unknown
bliss of pleasure… There’s an intoxication in
beauty and youth… l’m burning with desire… We are flint stones,
caress my waist to light fire… Let’s go to lonely place
to make love… Tell me, Ranga. Are you sleeping happily sir? l’m working in office.
– You carry on working. They are making me
do everything here. Tell me the matter. l copied complete details in the pen drive
about Billa’s gang and Rashid’s deal. When are you giving it to me? Come now, sleep here tonight,
have breakfast tomorrow & take pen drive. How do l know when will
they take me out? l’ll inform when l know it. Lesa torture on one side and these suits
on the other side are killing me sir. l want to watch a good English film
on home theatre wearing a dhothi. Do you’ve any James Bond CD’s? No CD’s, no girls,
why this nasty dress then? Billa, meeting with Jimmy
tomorrow at 1 1 am. Have to give plan details. l’m also coming. l’ll go with Billa. You can come. iDream Any message for Rashid? Details are in it. Delivering the goods next week, right? Would anyone saying can can
is Billa to you? You’re going to die. Are you testing
if l’m real Billa or not? Oh my God! l delayed it for you to regain
your lost memory. You must know
why l want to kill you. You killed my brother vikram & Priya.
You remember them? Oh no! This looks like a tale of
flashback and revenge. Maya, it’s an illusion
that l’m Billa. l don’t know who are vikram and Priya. You’ll meet them in heaven.
You’ll remember then. l swear on Allah, l’m not Billa.
Trust me. Sir, you came in the boat
at the right time. lf you’d come in car and
got stuck in a traffic jam, she would’ve killed me by now. Why do you want to kill Billa? Tell her first that l’m not Billa,
she’s determined to kill me. He’s not Billa, he’s Ranga. Where is Billa then?
– Billa is with me, he got seriously injured
in the police attack, l’ve hidden him in a secret place.
He’s dying. To catch Billa’s gang and Devil,
l made Ranga to impersonate as Billa. Aren’t you a member of Billa’s gang?
– l acted like that. l entered his gang to avenge
the killing of my brother. That’s the matter.
l’m not Billa, l’m Ranga. Here’s the pen drive,
all the details are in it. Other than we three nobody else
must know that he’s Ranga. l don’t have anything to
do there without Billa. Your sudden disappearance
will raise suspicion. Till now it was your personal revenge,
now it’s about security of our country. Yes, we need your co-operation. Sir, please be careful with Billa, if he comes out, l’m dead. l got carried away by your mini skirts,
are you a killer lady? You would be dead by now.
l missed target three times. l appear like Billa but
l’m very innocent. That’s why l fell in love with you. Don’t you wear saris? lt won’t look good to see you
in such outfits in vizag. People may give bad looks.
– Why would l be in vizag? Don’t say like that, once Devil’s dead,
we are not needed here, you too don’t have anyone, let’s go back to vizag and
settle down there. You appeared like James Bond film’s
heroine to me, l’m known as James Bond
in my place, that’s another thing, don’t say no to me,
we’ll make a great couple, say okay. Let’s go. Has she understood me? Oh God! You got her boy! You’re great! This is fine! Fence for audience
and romance for us. We’ll be caught. lt’s enough if l don’t get caught
with that fat girl. ls it wrestling to win? Devil has arranged a meeting tomorrow
with all members of the network. Why? Rashid bhai is paying the
final installment. Tomorrow is our final deal
in Malaysia. ls Shangrila hotel okay or
is there any problem with police? Let’s meet tomorrow. Ranga, you’ll be free. Sir, l can go back to vizag. Tell me the matter. Billa is meeting with all his
international contacts tomorrow. Devil is also attending. How do you know this? Devil himself called to inform me. Meeting is at 9 pm tomorrow.
– Where? Shangrila hotel.
– l’ve been waiting for this. Listen carefully, Devil is more dangerous
than my expectation, he got hold of undetectable
explosives from Russian army. He’s selling them to Rashid. lf it’s used, few countries will
disappear from the world map. Equivalent to nuclear bombs.
– You take care of it sir, don’t barge in like lndian police but
slip in silently like English police. But come with a big platoon. But you’ll come and
surrender to me only. Okay, you slip in silently and
finish yourjob silently. Why are you behaving like this? You’ve changed. You’re not the old Billa l know. You’re staying away from me. lsn’t it for her? Who?
– Maya! You’ve fallen to her charm. Billa, we are not going
to Shangrila hotel, we are going to Park hotel in Putrujaya.
– Why? We’ve information that police
is going to raid there. How do you know it? We do know the movements of police. Who changed it? Why wasn’t l informed? l’m informing you now, right? iDream Tell me. Sir, don’t go to Shangrila hotel,
location is changed. Why? Where now? Putrujaya Park hotel.
– Why there? They know about your coming. Devil’s informer is in your department. First find that black sheep,
l’ll manage here till then.- Okay. l heard your talk. Who are you? You avoided my advances, l got a suspicion that
you’re not Billa, who are you? Don’t come near me. lt happened unwittingly,
l didn’t fire wantonly. Where is my Billa? What happened Billa? iDream l’m a style icon…l’ve grown like a dictator…
The world bows to me… l’ll never tread the same path
l travelled earlier… Nobody can everjudge
my next move… When l spread net,
the world falls into it… When l walk,
it’ll create tremors… l’m a one man army…
Lightning Billa… l’m a walking lightning… iDream l’m death to my enemies…
l’m terror to them… lf l face fear, l’ll play with it…
Bury it deep down in earth… My step will send shivers down
the spine of thunder… My weapon is my breath… Thunder Billa… Who will dare face me? Tiger Billa… When l pounce,
nobody can escape… iDream l don’t trust men…
l don’t think with heart… l watch myself as shadow… l’m always alert…
Never allow danger to near me… l’ll win over death… My past is over with yesterday… This moment is with me,
tomorrow it’s past… Deadly Billa… How will you stop the
flow of molten lava? Nobody knows my next move… l’ll talk to you later. We are celebrating your
birthday here. l’ll talk to you later. Cut the call. l’ll talk to you later l say. Cut the line. Sir…sir…what happened?
What happened sir? Devil…don’t spare him…don’t… Sir…sir… iDream l’m not Billa, my name is Ranga. Native of vizag. ACP asked me to impersonate as Billa. Trust me sir.
– No, you’re Billa. You killed ACP. ACP himself came to me and
trained me to act like Billa. Why would l kill him? That means Billa is a good actor too
along with smuggling and killing. After the accident,
ACP has hidden Billa somewhere. How do you know the party place? How do you know it was changed?
How did police arrive there? l informed ACP about the meeting. As you know about police movements,
we too know your movements. l don’t need to tell you that. lf l assume you’re right, why would ACP need to
infiltrate Billa’s gang? To catch Devil, Billa’s boss
and his deal with Rashid. Forget it, tell me one thing that
can prove you’re not Billa. l gave a pen drive to ACP
with complete details of Billa’s gang. Where is the pen drive now? With ACP.
– Check his flat. Adithya, please check it. He’s lying.
He’s trying to escape. Please stop sir, he’s telling you,
please search sir. Don’t put me in this cell! Stop play acting and tell me,
where is Billa? My foot Billa! lf we fight him, police will come
to know he’s not Billa. lf police find that pen drive,
you’ll go to the jail for life. l can go out free. Even foreign jails don’t have AC cells. Ranjith, order a good tea for me. No need, l can’t have it after
seeing your dirty face. We didn’t find any pen drive
as you told us. Didn’t find sir? So, there’s no evidence to prove
that you’re Ranga. Sir, l suspect him. Hey! Do you know the
biggest mistake of your life? lmpersonating as Billa. You fooled us all. Are you lAS officers if not fools? Are you dons if you’ve
few boys in the gang? Bloody idiots! What about you man?
Who cut your hair? You look like a dirty beggar. And this guy feels it is goggles
using lorry window shield. Dirty face! Moreover tattoo marks
all over the body. Bloody shit face! Come…come… You’ve an idea about Billa, okay, but l don’t know how l’ll beat you.
l’ll thrash you! Mark, you’re a cross mark. Bloody garbage seller. Why are you staring at me? Won’t you ever smile?
What’s in your mouth? Nail? Always with a sullen face! lf we hurt you now,
they will know you’re not Billa. You’ll escape! You impersonated as Billa,
so die as Billa. After reaching central jail. No…no man…you don’t have
brain or any sensitiveness. That’s not your fault. Just a second. He’s laughing, you know what l told him,
you’ve too many daddies. iDream Escape easily! l’m sure he’s Billa. Already we’ve issued
shoot-at-sight orders. Don’t kill him. Arrange police pickets. Check every place. Ranga and ACP fooled us. Don’t know where they
have hidden Billa. We must find Ranga and
he’ll die in my hands only. ldiot! How would we know
where is Billa if you leave Ranga? We must wind up Rashid’s deal
by tomorrow. l want that pen drive,
else we’ll be in risk. What happened? They know l’m not Billa.
– l know, poor ACP! Don’t know who killed him, shoot-at-sight orders have
been issued against you. Ranjith gang is after you.
– l know. First l must find the killer of ACP. Police want me as Billa,
Billa’s gang want me to find their boss, they didn’t suspect you, did they?
– No, they trust me. What if l inform police that
you’re Ranga and not Billa? No, l don’t want you to face
any problem because of me. There’s a mole in police, you must be with the gang
to keep me informed. What are you going to do now?
– Come. l must call lnterpol officer Dharmendra, only he believes me after ACP. Just a minute. Ranga here.
– Tell me Billa. How many times should
l tell you l’m not Billa? lf not then surrender immediately. l’m not scared to surrender, l don’t trust anyone in the
department other than you, sir. lf l’m in jail l can’t prove
that l’m not Billa. Why did you call me then? Come tomorrow to Aerobridge at noon. Come alone! You be careful there. What to do now? l didn’t do it wantonly. Seeing police here suddenly,
l reacted unwittingly. This was wantonly. Wantonly! iDream O hot girl! Let’s have fun,
would you like to come? Will you kiss me hot
to make chilly chill? Will you come even
after l refused you? Will you leave taking
my refusal as an answer? O Bommali!
l’ll not leave you… Let’s tie the knot first
and have fun later… Where’s the sacred thread? l want to make you my wife… Marry me…
My life is empty now… O mischievous boy!
You’re an adventurer! Will you enjoy the fun?
Will you make love? l’m not so adventurous… Will you enter into a relationship
and fulfill my desires? l’ll mesmerise you…
There’s good times ahead for us… iDream Caress my lovely cheeks… Will you allow me to rock you?
Would you like to taste the bliss? l’m a tender flower,
lay siege on me… Will you give your heart,
body and soul to me? lf you’re excited by my gestures,
have a go at me then… iDream O hot girl! Let’s have fun,
would you like to come? Who is it?
Lord ventakateshwara? Pardon me lord!
Malaysia Subramanya Swamy. l mistook you for Lord of Tirupathy. l escaped from police
after having your glimpse. My love issue is also settled. Godfather sir is no more,
l don’t have anyone other than you. what should l do now, Lord? Where am l to go?
Show me the way, lord! Let bygones be bygones… Met you after long time,
where did you go away? Do you know they killed sir? l know it, that’s why l got drunk
after closing the hotel. Tell me where is Billa hiding? Malaysia police is after me. Hold this?
– Hold it! Come, l’ll show you. Be careful. Where are you man?
– You keep quiet. ls he in this room? lt’s very cold. This is very large fridge,
it’ll be very cold. Where is Billa? Hello Billa! Get up…get up… He won’t get up, he’s dead. After he died, ACP trained and brought you
from vizag to Malaysia. Fearing you may back off,
he didn’t tell you. lt has come down fully. How come you gave the
bad news so coldly? Who told ACP about me? l gave him information about you
and l’m his informer. lf l don’t do justice to this nation
and it’s law as a dutiful officer, l can’t eat. Poor man! He died serving the country. What’s your plan now? l can’t trust police anymore, l’m going to meet tomorrow
lnterpol officer Dharmendra, only he can help me. iDream Tell me. ACP asked me to act as Billa. He’s no more,
only you trust me now. That’s why l asked you to come alone. Like l was ACP’s informer in the gang,
there’s a mole in police also. Where’s the pen drive
you gave to ACP? Tell me where is Billa?
Otherwise you’ll go for good. You’ll be the real Billa. l’m not Billa, l’m Ranga. Listen… Ranjith and his gang are here. l know you’re not Billa,
nobody knows Billa more than me, Where is the pen drive?
Where is Billa? That means…you’re the Devil! Only you knew that l was coming here. Who is the man with Ranga?
– Devil! Yes, l’m Devil! l killed ACP.
He knew my true identity. Where is Billa? Lover? Listen to me, l know you’re Ranga
and not Billa. ACP told me everything
the day he died, l’ve the pen drive you gave to ACP. Why are you following me then? To find Devil and arrest him. Devil is none other than
lnterpol officer Dharmendra. Yes, Dharmendra didn’tjoin
with ACP to arrest Billa, but know whereabouts of Billa, he killed ACP also, his gang is after my life,
now that l know the truth. l can’t believe Dharmendra is Devil, how can the police department
believe it? We must do something. lf not ACP’s death would’ve
no meaning. He would’ve caught this gang easily,
his aim was to stop the Rashid deal. l’ll send you safely to vizag.
– l’ll not go sir. What will you do then?
– Give me your cell phone. Tell me Ranga. lt’s a danger to your life. Just do as l say.
– Okay. We must catch Devil at any cost,
and stop Rashid’s deal. Please do l told you sir. Got information that ACP has hidden Billa
in an Andhra restaurant near temple. Don’t tell anyone about this. You go there alone. Don’t leave Ranga, Billa is in an Andhra restaurant
near the temple. Kill Ranga and bring Billa
to Subhan hanger. Adithya will come. iDream Where is Lesa? Billa, he cheated us.
He impersonated as you. He killed Lesa too. Where is Billa? The explosives Billa promised
to deliver you is ready. lf you transfer the final payment
to my account, you can take the delivery. Who are you? l’ll talk to Billa only. l’ll deal with Billa only. l asked Billa to deal with you,
l’m Devil. lf you’re Devil,
then l’m a Demon. What happened? We found Billa. We killed Ranga. We are coming there. Tiger has arrived! Have you come here to seek revenge
for killing your brother and Priya? lf one from every family l killed
comes seeking revenge, it’ll form a new state. Hey Tiger! Don’t know why,
but you make me feel great! Your undetectable Russian explosives
are in that cargo plane, Take it to any country,
do whatsoever you want to. Take whatever you want, Tiger. Transfer money to my account. The game’s over! Tiger! Let’s meet again. Bye!
– Bye! l’ll deal with Billa only,
remember it. l waited till now for this deal only, l’m helpless without you. You went missing,
l got scared of getting caught. You were required for this deal only. l ordered you to kill ACP. l decided then to kill this killer fish. What do you think of yourself? You’re just my mask! l made you! How dare you try to dominate me? Ranjith will replace you from now. Devil will not kill Billa,
lnterpol officer Dharmendra will. You gave me Billa’s place. Please give me the chance
to kill Billa also. iDream lt’s not Billa who shot you now,
Ranga from visakhapatnam. Got it? We know you’re Devil. This is Ranga’s plan,
he fooled you all as Billa. Billa’s dead body too
helped him in this. He fulfilled ACP’s wish of
apprehending Rashid. lt’s all recorded. You thought it was Billa, right? l couldn’t get you without taking risk. You gave me a big shock. Pack your bags.
Let’s go to vizag. Will you buy clothes for me there? Buy? You don’t know
about my talent. l’ll steal. We are like this for
not attending school. Let’s build a good orphanage
and a good school. No fees, it’s free. lt’ll cost Rs.1 crore.
– No problem. Will just a school do? What about college? Let’s build a college too.
No fees, it’s also free. lt’ll cost us Rs.2 crores.
– No problem. How come? Apart from the government reward, l stole four suitcases
full of cash from Billa. Once the cash is over,
what will you do?


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    This film is similar to the film Don "King👑 Shahrukh Khan"

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