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Bishop Barron on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


  1. Nick Jasper Author

    I do find it a little ironic how Booth is catheterized as a hero, having this great morale ability, can resist great temptation and can control his own passion — lol the guy did kill his wife… he obviously can't control his own passion all the time.

  2. Kevin H Author

    Thank you for your insights on the play of prudence in the film, Bishop. But I would love to hear your take on the other themes of the film – the redeeming power of art (movies/television) in the face of the horror and despair of reality and the spiritual kinship between characters, old and new, real and fictional, on the brink of obsolescence. I think Pitt's prudent display of heroism was in service of these values in what is essentially an adult fairy tale in the classical, pre-Victorian mold (i.e. with a clear moral vision, but not moralizing).

  3. Lilli Brownstein Author

    Haven't seen the film yet, planning to soon. I also enjoy Tarantino. As always, Father Barron speaks articulately, with broad ranging connections and vision.

  4. Nobody4president Author

    I have been a lapsed Catholic for 40 years, and at 60 years old, have been considering returning to the Church for some moral clarity in these tumultuous times. Alas, during my 40 years in the wilderness the Church has changed.
    It now has a Pope more concerned about climate change than the catastrophic social change taking place. A Pope more concerned with preserving the earth than shepherding souls to heaven. Now we have a Bishop with a YouTube channel who loves Quentin Tarantino movies? Egad!! With spiritual leadership like this I think I’ll pass on returning to the Church. They’re more confused than I am.

  5. Marc Hess Author

    Your Excellency, I just saw it encouraged by your wonderful review. One point you didn't address was Clint's relationship with his dog. The fact that Clint lovingly but firmly trains the dog to be both a good companion and an obedient and deadly guard dog demonstrates Clint's fitness to be a free man and hero, even though his position in life is humble.

  6. Santiago Ramos Author

    “Don’t write me letters.” Who is writing them? You should be commended for engaging with serious films in an adult way. Please do more of this, and engage with fiction and essays too.

  7. Nikas Stavros Author

    Very interesting to know Barron`s thoughts about movie "The Highwayman". In my opinion, this picture has similar theme concerning classic virtues of Texas rangers, opposite to lifestyle of popular robbers Bonnie and Clyde. N.B. Both of movies out in 2019!

  8. Alan W Author

    Straight up who cares what a guy who willingly works for a worldwide pedophile criminal ring thinks about anything? Shouldn't he be a critic for the Disney channel programming? They still might be too old to hold his interest.

  9. mathew idicula Author

    This movie was an answer to the age old question, if you could go back in time would you kill Hitler. If you place the Charles Manson family in place of Hitler. Let's just say Quintin Terrentino would be a definite yes on killing Hitler.

  10. Brian Murphy Author

    "The Hateful Eight" was an excellent movie. You need to understand film making and the various genres of cinema Tarantino was melding, in order to appreciate it.

  11. valyngg Author

    Great review! Great scene when Pitt's character attempted to look out for his friend George Spahn at great risk to himself. A real life ranch hand Shorty Shea actually stood up for Mr. Spahn. Shorty was killed soon afterwards b the Manson crew.

  12. Andrei Popov Author

    Cliff Booth is a MGTOW he already knows the outcome of a relationship with a woman, it is not because he is "moral" is just survival instinct.

  13. The Inspirational Sports Teacher Author

    Great channel. I must say, I think you missed that Cliff Booth's friendship was not motivated by money. He lived in a trailer whilst his friend lived next door to the most famous film director in the world.

  14. DirtyDinner24 Author

    This is a shallow view of Cliff Booth. He may be of that older generation with a classical virtue but he still killed his wife. Tarantino included this intentionally to make Cliff a grey character. In Tarantino’s movies the characters most capable of good are always the ones who are capable of doing evil things.

  15. W. T. Jennings Author

    For everyone who disliked this film: try watching it a second time. For me, i loved it after seeing it again, which i didn’t the first time, it’s one of those films.

    It is of course understandable if you don’t like it no matter what, but a film like this, that is largely a ”hang-out” film, that creates its narrative through characters and mood etc. , second watch can do wonders.

  16. One Love Author

    Movie reviews! I have a request. How about reviewing the documentary film MEA MAXIMA CULPA: SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD directed by Alex Gibney (2012). Would love to hear your thoughts on that one. Thanks.

  17. SCharlesDennicon Author

    Great, great video. Not really a review because it focuses on one element of the movie only, and I strongly disagree with Bishop on Hateful Eight (top 3 Tarantino imo), BUT what he says about Cliff Boothe was VERY interesting to say the least. I totally agree. To me, that character is the best part of the movie.

  18. Ziggy In DC Author

    The intellectual acrobatics necessary to see any of these characters as “able to carry a Christian moral message” is astounding. Reminds of the same acrobatics necessary to support, or to not denounce Donald J. Trump. If there is a hell, we will see you all there!?! I hope you are all able to realize this before you expire.

  19. Brutalearll Author

    Cliffs moment of turning down pleasure with the Manson girl for the good of another persons well being was such a great way to get you on his side. What I also loved about cliff and George. Is when he walked up to his house and is confronted by red. The camera is positioned by cliffs hand and thigh, like a western he’s ready to draw. Great scene. Amazing movie

  20. frank spence Author

    ONE COMPLAINT that I had heard going in, was that, some how, Sharon Tate was under-represented.
    Knowing what she is famous for, Tarantino's most brilliant move is giving Margot Robbie's character exactly the amount of attention an up and coming, relatively unknown, starlet deserves, without the stain of history that has been thrust upon her. We actually got to spend the afternoon with her, fresh, full of enthusiasm and ambition, going to the movies. We quietly enjoy a lost moment of her blossoming success and confidence, spared the awful, and unforgettable notoriety that is to come.

  21. Jose Gonzalez Author

    Bishop Barron: "For the sake of conversation, let's just overlook the fact that Cliff Booth probably killed his wife 😅".

    In all seriousness, loved his take on the film.

  22. Mark Parkinson Author

    This is what criticism strives to be, people of various backgrounds, religions and lives all coming together to give their own interpretation to a movie that provides the ability for the viewer/reader to learn and expand their knowledge about the world.

    Of course, not all films seek this accomplishment intentionally but it’s interesting how much a movie and it’s characters can act as a symbol for certain themes, such as justice, prudence and temperance, in this case.

  23. JasonVoorhees10100 Author

    The hateful 8 was good – it brought the north and south together and showed each to be human when facing danger against both of em

  24. Lawrence Bittke Author

    Bishop Barron is spot on with the Brad Pitt character as stunt man Cliff Booth. Booth MAY have killed his wife, but not enough was established in the movie either way. He was evidently cleared or not charged with her death, as he is still free and working with the Leonardo di Caprio character. He is sociable but formidable when he sets his mind to it. He is LOYAL through thick and thin, and his behavior and actions in the Spahn Ranch and Benedict Canyon scenes were admirable. He’s definitely a guy to have beers with. Good movie to check out, especially if you’re a Tarantino movie fan. Loved the nostalgia, as I lived in the San Fernando Valley back in 1969.

  25. Lawrence Bittke Author

    To hear Bishop Barron use the term Aristotelian and cite Plato when describing Quentin Tarantino movie characters was eye opening and mind boggling.

  26. James Lee Author

    I love the scene when Pitts character is about to leave the ranch and all the liberal lefty hippies hiss at him. People like that run Hollywood now.

  27. Carl Harmeling Author

    Dalton is far from being washed up as an actor as is proven by his performance in the scene with the girl hostage as well as the bar scene with Johnny Madrid. Fact is the closer he is to a mental breakdown the better job he does as an actor. The child actor recognizes his talent and tells him that his acting in her scene was the best acting she has ever seen. Booth is not virtuous and forbears with the young hitchhiker not out of virtue but because he doesn’t want to go to jail for ‘poontang’ as he says. Booth is a realist and very possibly a man who has gotten away with the murder of his wife. As such we can view as a repentant sinner in whom Heaven has more joy that in those who never needed such grave repentance. Bishop is roaming far afield and I would like to read the title of the books on his shelf.

  28. Joe Flatley Author

    Here's a connection for you…in Tarantino's film Death Proof, Kurt Russell plays a psycho car driver who's later dispatched by the character Abernathy when she stomps on his head. Get it, yet? The guy who plays "Snake" from Escape from New York has his head crushed by an actress named Rosario. I'm sure that Quentin Tarantino did that on purpose. And, I'm sure that's why you like his films. 😉

  29. Jim Marquez-Medina Author

    Bishop Barron Russia 🇷🇺 has NOT been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart ❤️ Of Our Lady! 100+ years after Our Lady visited the 3 shepherd children in Portugal 🇵🇹. Please petition Pope Francis to Consecrate Russia to the IHOM ✝️ Thank you!

  30. 56pjr Author

    Catholicism IS NOT CHRISTIAN, never has been, nor ever will be a Christian
    denomination! The official dogmas of this religious system deny the fundamental
    doctrines of historic Christianity. These are; Salvation is by Grace alone,
    through Faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, as described in the Bible alone, to
    the Glory of God alone. 

    The Bible is absolutely clear about the Gospel. God is Holy, man is born in
    sin. No amount of “good works”, including giving to the poor, attending church
    services, praying to “saints”, praying to Mary, rosary beads, candles,
    confession, so called “priests”, infant baptism, doing the sacraments, and
    numerous other rituals demanded by the Roman authorities will satisfy the wrath
    of God against sinners.  This false “church” had the arrogance to remove
    the 2nd Commandment in order to justify their pagan statue worship.

    The Catholic
    religion, as defined by its own doctrine, denies many of the fundamental
    precepts of the historic Christian faith. More importantly, the Gospel itself.
    The bible clearly teaches that salvation from sin is by Grace alone, through
    Faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed in the Bible alone, to the Glory of
    God alone. Rome, in several councils including Trent and Vatican
    II, flatly contradict this beautiful Truth. Shall I speak of idolatrous
    statues, prayers to dead people, Mary worship, pagan Rosary Beads, a false
    "priesthood", the "god wafer", and the blasphemy of the
    "mass", and much more.

    as I did, before you die and face God in Judgment for your sin.

    Jesus promised, “you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free” (John

  31. Carol Benson Author

    Enjoyed listening to your review of the movie characters. I usually don't like Tarentino movies but loved this one. Going to see it again.

  32. Video Invader Author

    I would really like to know why you didn't like The Hateful Eight. I'd wager that it is easily Tarantino's most morally complex film. Maybe a rewatch is in order, Bishop?

  33. Star Blazers Author

    Just for clarification. Brad Pitt is 55 in real life, but it doesn't mean he was 55 in the movie. He looks younger and could have been playing a 40 year old for all we know.

  34. Ron Zajac Author

    I'm deeply touched to see that Barron sees something in Cliff Booth. I too think Tarantino intended him to be an important bellwether for morality.

  35. Edgar G. Author

    I got nothing against this movie but please use next time a fictional Asian figure instead of real one. You can mock the he'll out of a fictional Asian but don't mock a real Asian Icon ( Bruce Lee ) and get Shannon Lee pissed. Respect her feelings. It's character of her Dad being laughed at on screen.

  36. Pola Pusta Author

    Hey guys, do you read the Bible? There's this passage I've memorized:

    Ezekiel 25:17

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the
    Inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men
    Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will
    shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness
    for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children
    And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious
    Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
    And you will know
    My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee

    Im pretty sure, Cliff's the guy.

  37. SPK. ch Author

    I see very few movies but saw this one on Bishop Barons rec. I was awed at what I learned. I was stationed in Boscomatico, Italy with a SF unit and one of my close friends, Nadia, was a friend of Sharon who at the time was a model, Nadia's dad was a LTC in the Army and I'm forgetful what her connection other then friend was with Sharon. Anyway we would all meet at the PX in Verona,. (military base) to talk and setup what we would do on the weekend. We would all go to the Dolomites and snow ski (military bus). Ski all day and stayed at the ski hotel one night singing and drinking, some of the best time of my life. I was in Vietnam during the incident with the killing of Sharon but watching this movie and going back and reading all of what had happened makes me sick even now.
    Now remembering her in my prayers, and it"s too bad it did"nt workout like the movie.

  38. Don L Author

    He was going to mess with that girl and didn't do it because she was in the cult. Temperance? I'm a very liberal person but Brad Pitt was dropping acid and smoking weed lol

  39. HP Lovecraft Author

    This movie totally blew my mind. It is Tarantinos masterpiece. The way the scenes are weaved together, the nuances, the imagery, the subtleties will probably go over most people's heads. The sublime coincidences, the pathos, it's too much to take in in one viewing. All leading up to a mind blowing twist that brings it all together. Pure poetry and genius.

  40. Santiago Reynoso Author

    Wow, you made me appreciate artistically a Tarantino movie, Bishop Barron is also a master commentator of the arts!!! Amazing review and thank you for your deep insight.

    It is a good movie and I'll watch it again with these words in mind.
    Thank you and god bless!


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