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Black Widow Movie – Iron Man Cameo BREAKDOWN

I think the bottom line here is does the
Black Widow movie need Ironman and while it’s a simple question I believe the
answer to be complex because I do believe that she needs a Avenger right
there’s no shame in that she famously helped cap and Winter Soldier that was a
turning point for the character some of you like First Avenger but most people
did not it was not good but Winter Soldier I mean the Russo brothers were
helpful of course and they help they helped redefine Black Widow herself that
was really actually such an important movie in the MCU
but it wouldn’t have been as good if it wasn’t for her involvement right a Hulk
helped Thor in Ragnarok and that was also that’s also pretty famous as an
assist and Scarlet Witch will help Doctor Strange in 2021 and people are I
think more excited for her involvement in that movie than the return of Doctor
Strange but he doesn’t have to feel bad about that in fact the rumor is he’s
gonna get a whole lot of help in that movie and I think the Benedict
Cumberbatch would just welcome making all that money at the box office and
that’s at the end of the day what’s very important especially as every Marvel
movie starts to make a billion dollars she would hold off you don’t want to be
the one to not make a billion dollars and Black Widow has always had a little
bit of a problem unfortunately some people have a real problem with the
character I don’t know why I think Scarlett Johansson does a great job and
I think that she has tremendous unrealized potential to be the female
Captain America people forget she’s just as juiced up well maybe not just as
juiced up but it’s close but anyway I just feel that Iron Man is the wrong
Avenger to help Black Widow now before we get to the right Avengers that could
help her first I’d like to add that it really bothers me that this might not be
a fresh scene with the rumor that it scraps from Civil War a scene cut from
the end of the film that’s apparently been shown in a few places where Tony
tells Natasha to run which means this prequel will take place right before
infinity war right which makes no sense because she started that movie out on
the run with cap and Falcon but first she had her own
I’d adventure right and then dyed her hair and her eyebrows blonde I would
like to see that happen though and what inspired that crazy
I mean Scarlett Johansson said it was supposed to be a nod to Yelena Bulova
who’s now finally showing up his Florence beYOU but I’d be like why the
eyebrows like facial recognition technology is gonna pick up the other
features you’re not gonna throw them with the blonde eyebrows it was a it was
a mistake but we love Black Widow again even though Scarlett Johansson makes it
so hard to love her sometimes herself is an actress but we’ll take this rumor
with a grain of salt that that’s the footage that’s that’s the nature of the
Cameo because you know what I was also thinking about it and they could be like
in Avengers heaven right looking down on earth and this is your
life scenario and that I have to say I might actually be okay with because that
sounds pretty cool they’re the only two Avengers to actually die during a end
game you know cap you know just aged up so that would be actually really cool
but I have to say no matter even what we want is a fan no matter what this scene
is if it’s fresh or if it’s recycled it will significantly undercut the
emotional weight of Tony’s sacrifice and Avengers endgame to see him again so
soon not to mention because the cat’s already out of the bag and they’re gonna
have to promote it because that’s the whole reason they’re doing it to sell
tickets that’s gonna be going on during the Oscar campaign for Robert Downey jr.
and I think what really hurt it just as that Justice League movie Kayode Wonder
Woman’s Oscar chances it was worthy of nominations I know some of you don’t
agree Wonder Woman has why some of you have such a problem with these female
heroes even just being in in competition right I’m didn’t say that Wonder Woman
needed to win but I thought Gaul Godot did an amazing job making her character
likable to both men and women and I think patty Jenkins really really stuck
the landing do you know helping to make that happen
behind the camera and I think both deserves nominations quite frankly I
thought the script was also incredibly good but nothing nothing at all and it’s
Justice League’s fault some of you haters I think – all right
so I wouldn’t breath I personally wouldn’t bring Toni back until about
doctors in 2021 like from a different earth in
the multiverse right or maybe as an artificial intelligence that he started
going before he passed away that sure he’s able to complete in black panther 2
in 2022 oh maybe I would do both those things but you know I think it’s a
little too soon for Tony to come back and I don’t like him coming back under
these circumstances in a flashback so back to what Avengers could offer her
and assist with her solo movie and there’s a lot of pressure with a may
release date but again there are better and far more obvious choices than Iron
Man like Hawkeye so we can finally see what happened in Budapest if you’re
gonna do a Black Widow prequel how do you not show what happened in Budapest
not to mention they’ve already teased that location for this movie a prequel
with Black Widow and Budapest Hawk I better be standing next to her
Clinton dad have always had a special relationship but it is still not been
really explored her explained since it was introduced way back in 2012 and I
have to say it’s a credit to the two actors Johansson and runner that we
bought it considering they’ve never actually done the work to make that
relationship – you know to establish it Man Captain America Winter Soldier
established a complex relationship between these two a special relationship
with Hawkeye a complex one with Captain America they are an unlikely duo the
shadowy spy and idealistic soldier right yet so alike in their loneliness and
sacrifice they’ve had so many touching moments throughout the movies even an
end game when they were both you know maybe gonna split that PB&J sandwich I
mean she ultimately sided with him during Civil War I’d also like to point
out that’s very nice and important that both these relationships are platonic
showing that men and women can be very good friends and peers out there in the
soup so to speak and any chance to highlight that again would be a welcome
one at least in my opinion I know some of you are haters on this alright so
Natasha that although did have a brief romance and while a lot of fans didn’t
appreciate this Joss Whedon shipping I thought it had potential but never
realized and Feige pretty much wiped it from
existence rather than trying to fix it it was still touching to see Bruce so
emotionally affected by her death some closure here back when she was still
alive would be nice right but unfortunately Bruce was likely
offworld when this movie takes place or they hadn’t gotten involved yet and you
know what I have to say Bruce banners Hulk seems like such a nice guy but when
you think about it he was actually a really bad boyfriend and natasha is a
saint for never to never sending anything to him about it maybe she
didn’t we didn’t see it I wonder how they got to that kind of good place that
they were at an endgame all right so anyway I’d also like but there was also
a little awkward that was bad it was bad all right so anyway I’d also like to
point out that the Black Widow movie is coming together very nicely all by
itself we’ll finally learn all about the Black Widow program with Rachel White’s
being involved will potentially get a new Black Widow for the MCA with
Florence pew-pew I can’t help myself every time to view a visual I wonder if
that’s gonna happen to her in real life it’s so funny it’s fun alright so anyway
a visually thrilling villain with taskmaster who can copy any physical
move he sees I can’t wait to see that and the fascinating idea of Russia’s
Captain America who didn’t go into the ice but might as well have right and
David Harbor who could play that in his life so yeah I can see throwing in one
Avenger as a safety net to make sure Natasha’s box-office mission is a
success but again Ironman is simply the wrong one plus he was already all over
far from home Robert Downey jr. did you learn anything from your previous
overexposure muscling your way into Civil War I know that lots of you don’t
like to believe that there’s proof I have the evidence down below in the
video description but they wanted to make a cap centric civil war movie but
Robert Downey jr. was like I think I should be co-starring and you know it
ended up really good but even though Robert Downey jr. you know he co-opted
caps third movie right and then he also was in homecoming all over the place now
I enjoyed all this Tony Stark Ness but a lot of people did not there was a
backlash and that’s why there’s still team cap and Iron Man two
this day even though they’ve personally shook on it right people are still you
got you got a pick a side it’s the new Batman and Superman which makes me kind
of sad that Batman and Superman have been replaced by Marvel characters you
know you’ve talked to some people who aren’t comic book fans they actually say
that they say oh you know I’m not into Batman and Superman minor Iron Man and
Captain America and on that note that means Black Widow should be freaking
Wonder Woman and so I hope that she can maybe at some point get to that level
but Robert Downey jr. love people miss you then you can come back to open arms
because I have no doubt that Robert Downey jr. will return to the MCU
so what do you think what do you think about Robert Downey jr. iron man being
in Black Widow and what do you think about the Black Widow movie on its own
and what do you think about the eventual return of Iron Man how would you handle
it you know what movies are on the horizon share your thoughts again down
below be sure to hit that subscribe button and of course as always you can
check out some more videos right now


  1. Beyond The Trailer Author

    Article re Robert Downey Jr at first having a small role in Civil War:

  2. James Jenia Author

    While I was anxiously awaiting the "Black Widow" Movie, as it turns out Disney/Marvel has told the Fans "ALL" of their Movies going Forward will be based on Virtue-Signaling over content.

    I cannot state Emphatically Enough, that Those currently "In Charge" at DISNEY/Marvel have Lost their Collective Minds!

    And will be "Directly" Responsible for the Millions they are going to lose!

  3. Robert Davis Author

    I am suffering from Iron Man fatigue … Time to let these other characters shine without RDJ … His presence now is casting shadows and not shedding light

  4. Russian Romanoff acc. Author

    I think overall Black widow doesn't need iron man.. scarlett johansson can more than hold her own in the box office and on the big screen + the plot is interesting itself

  5. Chop Suey. Author

    I hate this idea too because if incase the movie grosses over $1Billion, RDJ will think its because of him.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Russian Romanoff acc. Author

    I don't think Johansson makes it hard for us to like black widow — she always seemed to advocate for the character and her importance in the mcu

  7. Great Stone Dragon Author

    Wow. Definitely hope it’s not Avenger heaven. Yeah, I do feel a little over saturated with Iron Man given his presence in both recent Spider-Man movies. I think it’d be better to let the finale of Endgame be the last word.

  8. the Swan Author

    When Cap's team and Banner reunite in Infinity War. Falcon mumbles in the background "this is awkward" to Wanda and Vision's curiosity. This could only imply that Cap and Nat are in a relationship. There's no other reason for that line. But nothing comes of it.

  9. William Quemuel Author

    "Black Widow" movie is set after Civil War, but before Endgame. Tony Stark was missing after Infinity War, but before Endgame. Tony will be probably appear in a video "will" as he is presumed to be dead or dusted. His "will" will probably have a message to the remaining Avengers in the event of his death. People had to move on from the events of the Infinity War. His company and estate had to be settled. Remember, it was 5 years before event of Endgame. That is a long time waiting for Tony to show up. His video "will" probably was shown after a year or two after Infinity War.

  10. Dave Lyon Author

    Prequels rarely work. I really really hope they don't show the events of Budapest. They don't need to spell out every bit of a character's backstory (cough cough SOLO). Some incidents should be left to the viewers' imaginations.

  11. Cosmo Author

    First Endgame was supposed to be Starks big finale, then Far From Home felt less like a Spider-Man movie and more like an Iron Man tribute movie, now he's in Black Widow, they're seriously milking this, completely undermines the ending to Endgame, honestly wouldn't be surprised if he has another "final appearance" in a future MCU movie

  12. 197508300610 Author

    I assume Tony's there because Iron Man 2 brought her into the MCU. AND as much as I love and appreciate Natasha she is far from being close to Steve Rogers.

  13. theylied1776 Author

    You're crazy insane. Let's be honest, Captain America: The First Avenger was poorly written and directed. The Winter Soldier is a master class in action direction and pacing. You could have inserted Shield Agent Carter 2.0 in instead of Black Widow and it would have been just as exciting. The Russo Brothers were the secret sauce that perfected that recipe.

  14. Will Author

    You just dissproved your statement from another video saying Feige is comics accurate. Window nor Fury have their serums in the MCU. Also Hulk didn't give Thor an assist. They jobbed him, and gave his story to Thor.

  15. Benimation Author

    On the other hand, I think Iron Man and Thor are the only original avengers which she hasn't had that many interactions with.. And Thor recently had his team-up with Hulk. Although, I don't think many people would be against more Thor..

  16. Brianna Hall Author

    My guess is they hav built up budapest too much to show us what happened they can't live up to the hype they created so the movie will probably end with her n hawkeye arriving in budapest going into battle n the credits will roll 😌

  17. Ivory Jones Author

    Black widow did not start the movie infinity War on the run, she was already years on the run before the movie began. So it makes perfect sense that this movie will introduce that adventure before infinity war. Its already been confirmed that Black Widow will stay dead in the universe for now. Also I don't see Iron man hurting this movie at all if anything it will help the movie a lot.

  18. Unreversall Author

    Give us some Cap or Clint ! They would be a perfect fit and if they were no available for some reason, Wanda would work better than Iron Man. At least we'd see some Natasha interacting with another female Avenger (for a change).

  19. Steph Willer Author

    I would have preferred Bucky or Hawkeye to be in it. I thought this was supposed to be a PREQUEL, as in before she became an Avenger or super SHIELD agent. How would Tony's presence make sense if this is pre-Iron Man? Either way I agree it would destroy the emotional stuff surrounding Tony's death.

  20. Gary Walsh Author

    Great video Grace. I agree with you about RDJ – he is brilliiant in the part but he is a very strong presence that can overwhelm others. I will go see black widow and I would be happy with Cap America and Hawkeye being the only avengers in this movie

  21. Kroesis Gaming Author

    I love RDJ as Iron Man, he was perfect for the role and as much as I want to see him in future movies, somehow, I must agree that they need to give the character some air and space for now.

  22. Jesse Vlogs Author

    I loooooove the female heros the most! I can't wait for the Disney+ so that I can binge all the goodness! I'll definitely be seeing the Black Widow movie day one!! Woot Woot!

  23. The Mad Titan Author

    What help are you talking about he'll only be in for a cameo and even a small role than his homecoming one and reportedly not even an original scene.

  24. Yeetimus Prime Author

    It just seems wierd.

    Kill Iron Man in Endgame.
    Then slap his name and face everywhere in FFH
    Then have him cameo in Black Widow.

    Even when they fucking kill him off he's still everywhere, just let him rest.

  25. Debo4735 X Author

    In the comics The Black Widow had a little super soldier serum, but that has never been shown or even talked about in ALL of the MCU. Also, this movie is a PREQUEL, so Tony Stark can make an appearance in the Black Widow movie.

  26. AzakaBlue Author

    Truthfully i wish they wouldn't add a Iron man cameo. It think after all these years the move should be about just Black Widow. I love Iron Man and all but lets just focus on Nat

  27. 2008topshelf Author

    Marvelites. I need your help. Which of My Avengers movies has the scene of panning past all the Avengers uniforms as if they were hanging in a closet in Avengers headquarters? I can't remember where I saw that.

  28. Javiera Tobar Soto Author

    Wonder Woman is good, but that third act killed the movie for me, with everything I enjoyed at the beginning, I left the cinema thought: "mmm … how ridiculous was that"

  29. JORGE LIMAS Author

    There is no shame on that? really? sure? I mean it`s her movie and "she needs an avenger" SHE IS AN AVENGER! but hey! nobody knows what`s gonna happen and Disney looks like is scared or unsure about this. And it`s fine, it`s ok. Who cares! but sounds weird coming from you Grace I don`t know

  30. Nick Pritchard Author

    3:50 there’s no problem with female heroes. I just don’t believe that Wonder Woman was good enough for oscars! It’s just a fun action/adventure movie. It’s important, sure, but it’s not a Standout film. I would say the same for black panther. I don’t have any problem with female heroes though, I think it’s good representation.

  31. John Castle Author

    I agree that it makes no sense to have Stark pull a cameo in this particular movie just because he first met Romanov in Iron Man 2. You'd think if he'd met her even briefly before that, in Iron Man 2 he'd have been like, "Oh, it's you, how've ya been?"

  32. TechYK Author

    I remember Grace saying in the recent QA "Feige will find a reason for you to watch the Black Widow movie". Well here you go, Feige knows that RDJ was a big deal in the MCU (everyone's tears on the final "I am Iron Man" confirm this)

  33. theresa rhoguns Author

    Tbh it kinda makes sense to have iron man in the movie especially if it’s going way back before captain America. Hawkeye is probably in the movie tbh, that’s a given.

  34. Elizaveta Uvarova Author

    Listen, the only avenger I need in this movie is Clint Barton ’cause it’s about time we find out what happened in Budapest. And maybe a Winter Soldier cameo/mention if they show us some Red Room stuff


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