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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K vs a RED


  1. UNP Author

    Hey potato, I’m pretty much re entering filming after a long hiatus and the only gear I really have access to is a couple old xl1s a gl1 and a jvc something or another. Basically only SD, so I have been looking at saving up for the black magic pocket to be able to relearn and actually make some nice video for my absolutely tiny budget. Should I try to upgrade to that or something else?

  2. SoundSkillz Author

    The original BMPCC was already the best bang for buck camera, even with its shortcomings. The 4K model is to me, the new king. Hands-down best reasonably priced 4K camera on the market.

  3. The Visualist's Guide Author

    Good video. I have a Scarlet and a GH5 and its the same story. Both crazy good and usable. Just depends on resources and the job.

  4. Mike Miville Author

    Hey man, any idea if or how you can run the BMPCC on a DC charge? I can't seem to find any info about this. Just extending with larger batteries and such. I want to use it in a studio setting and not have to worry about changing batteries. Thanks.

  5. Animate Every Day - Ben Gregoire Author

    Black Magic looks waaaay more pleasing to my eye. Tones, detail, shadows- all great.
    DoF looks a little better on the RED.

    Great video!

  6. Michelangelo Torres Author

    A camera that cost at least $ 18000 is better than one that costs $ 1300? Wow! What a surprise! Let REAL FILMMAKERS talk about camera, lenses, and stuff and you come back to Twitch to play at Fortnite: that's the right place for you.

  7. Potato Jet Author

    So Black Magic did just release more Raw options which seem much better than DNG Raw. Not as universally accepted as REDCode as of now but we'll likely see updates on editing software.
    So Raw may now become the common setting for the BMPCC4k.

  8. shekhar arora Author

    Blackmagic already won this game when they released bmpcc….coz comparing such a cheap price camera to professional red and arri….is SOMETHING. We dont compare canon nikon or sony to red or arri…but BM changed the game man….no one cares about that 2-5% shadow and highlight shit… long as story and direction is strong…i have seen a man holding the revolver killing the man with a tank.

  9. David de Juan Navarro Author

    trying to compare a 20k (to be fully operational) cam with a 1.3k on is a little bit stupid in all honesty.
    But I know a few people that can get better footage and make it look better with the BM than you with the red 😛
    so there is that

  10. Benjamin Neate Author

    The reason the Black Magic Pocket 4k has weird greens and magentas is because it doesn't have a built in IR cut filter like most cameras. Slap an IR cut filter and you see a big improvemnet on the color.

  11. Spencer Johnson Author

    It's much easier to get good colors out of the RED. But with a bit of knowledge, the BMPCC4K can shine.

  12. Shahab Mohajeri Author

    To be honest… In my opinion the blackmagic does look even better then the red in some shots. I do not like this saturated look of the green from the red

  13. MatthiasAI Author

    I envy kids today.. I dont remember having a teacher half as pretty as Kari! That or maybe I just got dooped… All my teachers growing up where 45+ or were 2-3 years from retirement.. :'(… ANYWAY Back to the real comment. AWESOME Side by Side comparison!! Makes me love and dream of having a RED even more. One day….. One day….

  14. Ed Top Secret Author

    Hi, I was just wondering about the issue of the crop on the Bmpcc 4k when you film at 120 frames per second, if you used a wider lens would that solve the problem?

  15. Jose Mario Lagos Author

    Maybe the Redish colors are just IR polution i saw a comparation with IRND filters and the camara looks a lot better when needing ND

  16. Ramon Bannister Author

    Since you like the RED more, I'll take your Blackmagic camera off your hands! On another note, I actually liked the look of the RED in dark lighting better than the Blackmagic. But the Blackmagic has a very nice quality to it too.

  17. Ay Star Author

    What sensor is your RED?
    You mentioned it wasn't the Gemini and I'm here because I know my EPIC-X Dragon does the best low-light out of any camera I've owned, but not good enough, especially from what I've seen the BMPCC can do. Big fan of your content, thanks!

  18. mrCarStyling Author

    BMPCC4K is the best camera I have ever seen.

    Keep dreaming about OSMO Pocket and OSMO Action, but didn't bought any of them. Because of this one over here!

  19. S Burgos Author

    Only issue is you won't be able to use those handheld gimbals with one of those monstrous lenses on it, due to the size constraints when balancing.

  20. max bootstrap Author

    I used to lust for a RED. I'd still take one for free. But now I'd rather own a URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 and a BMPCC4K … which makes me realize that [sorry, but] this video should have compared all three cameras. Definitely!

  21. veldy umbas Author

    Im a loyal audience of all your video in this Chanel. I really hope that you can make a real movie (big screen movie) with the most cheapest budget with the good result sort of Hollywood did…

  22. Bobo Baba Author

    Red looks superb in every way but it is heavy ass camera and i personaly would choose something like Nikon Z6 over those 2. Come on we are in 2019 who want to care focus puller?

  23. Michael J Author

    I wish RED would make a camera for us poor folk that looks cinematic. Freaking love the way RED cameras look but damn I can’t afford it.

  24. Joseph Armillas Author

    Hmm, I don't know. To me the Red's are overpriced and beginning to get long in the tooth. Same thing with the Arris, which require tons of additional gear. If BM ever comes up with a $10,000 camera with better specs than the Red and Arri, GAME OVER!!

  25. Anton Zimin Author

    Well, I think the comparison makes sense only if you compare the material in Davinci Resolve. Obviously the colors and contrast are different. These are two different cameras. But I would prefer to look at the parade and picture in Davinci to see how it changes when it is graded. Sorry mate.))

  26. NXN Music Author

    I honestly not a fan of the blackmagic colour, the magenta shift is pretty bad and pinks looked strange. Also looked washed out which was strange, could imagine it’s good if you have the time for editing but for me I need the option to shoot log and good straight out of camera colour for quick turnaround projects. Just my opinion

  27. Steve Palmer Author

    Are you going to review the BMPCC6K vs BMPCC4K? I noticed many online have a ton of viewpoints on the new camera & its limitations on codecs. Thx.


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