Blizzcon 2018 Overwatch Voice Actors

All right, so how about we start with ur mom gayjust let’s just hear your enema creak come out How about that or just going down the list or we go mcreammy It’s greater rip leg shooting fish in a barrel Oh God, no you put this one on the list. I hate you guys so much. I Watched a lot of Old Spaghetti Westerns. I thought my Italian was pretty good bonus and yours and can I get you something to drink Oh Mate you did that to me. I was that was the book. That was the best McCrea line in retribution for sure. Yes It’s in thing, you know, I’m the quick you’re the dead I’m not good. Not bad, but I sure as hell ain’t ugly And the classic new This doesn’t get old it doesn’t get old, it’s too much fun right cowgirl bring it home. All right My name’s ash we’re playing by my rules now They say there’s no honor among thieves But that’s not how things work around here if you cross me or if you break your word You’ll pay the price you can count on it. I Do what I say and this will go nice and smooth and my personal favorite Oh my god, you probably can’t see it But when you break when you turn into ash you get like a little nose crinkle of attitude. It’s a little it’s just Magical, I love it. We talked about naming the old do something, right? That’d be amazing. I watched that last night and that was my favorite line to that bow. I loved it I remember stopping and going that was awesome. All right, Keith what you got taller yarn ready to March? I Have big plans for you Let’s hear those guns Oh neither card on that My Hard work pays off an Oldie a classic oldie now, but goodie remember this come Gator armor He’ll be with us in spirit it’s been retired It’s kind of shocking and freakish to see a voice actor do what they do, isn’t it I mean, it’s like we don’t look like we’re doing that but then we do it. It’s it’s very it’s very odd I really do think it’d be fun to recreate a recording session like have to do some acting on stage Maybe we should you should do that like a radio play with overwatch actor You heard it here, I think this is why we’re not impressive to a little kid because it always happens like You know talked to Timmy Timmy He does the voice like do the voice and you do the voice and the kid looks at you like You don’t look like that thing you’re trying to sound like so I’m not impressed by this at all. It’s it’s uh, It happens all the time. All right. Yes, it does Did it happen today? D-iii I don’t impress my family every day. Actually I unimpressive as well Matilda you ready? I don’t know. Sorry. I don’t know do it girl. This is this is your family here the way Although they’re waving your head there’s someone waving your head right there. I think oh my god Wow, that’s God this don’t worry. I can start off it Brigetta at your service. I am placate the Linton and I will be your shield Patching you up mace to the face Precision Swedish engineering and then oh We can do this next and we’ll just have them read their lines the whole time we’ll just sit here All right wrecking ball will have hamster first. And then let’s Oh, are we are we switching off lines? Oh, I say the line that you were translated Wrecking ball on line The small mammal is impatient don’t anger the hamster Get rekt This is weird, I’ve never done anything like this The hamster sends his regards Vocabulary not found translate impossible I love this. I love this

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