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BLODVEGER (Trailer dt/en/no/ru/sb.)

On June 27,1941, we were captured on the border to Poland. I was wounded in the head, was bruised and had lost my left eye. I lay unconscious; when I came to again, I saw two German soldiers beside me. On April 20,1942, the notorious Vujković, head of the Banjica camp, came into our room. He said that everyone that was healthy would be sent to work in Germany. We must always keep in mind, that it is better that these people perish, rather than have our wives and children economise. Well, so now we are Germans then… To be more exact, from precisely 5 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, April 9, 1940… You call it a nightmare? That’s just what it is. Peace – it’s over! No, no – further away from peace than ever! Where are we going to? – To our death, certainly not to a wedding. Lorries unloaded us at the gateway. The green leaves were missing, but the words “Diligent work brings freedom“ were still there. He looked at the bread, then to us, as if he wanted to thank us wordlessly for the Norwegian bread. Suddenly he keeled over and fell to the ground. He died then and there. With the half-eaten bread in his hand. We just stood there, speechless and shocked. And we never even found out his name. And among us it was so, that he who knew that he would die the next day would give away his portion, what else should he do? The original diary of Konstantin Grigorjevitsch Seredinzev (1912-1943) is lost;
it exists written in English April 25, 1943, today is the great Christian holiday. Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Christ. We should first […] The easiest to freeze was the nose. First it becomes white in front, then all over. If someone draws your attention to this, then you can still save it. Otherwise, if you don’t know, because you don’t feel freezing, and you touch it somewhat strongly so as to clean it, or for some other reason, it is gone, lost. Standing in cold water in wooden shoes, ten hours with meagre rations, that was outright murder. My dear mother. All that I can say is: It is beautiful here! You must travel here one day, to some day see the ocean, the magnificent fjords, the Elve (rivers) the wild mountain water with gigantic waterfalls. Yes, our race descends from here, this is our original homeland. Thor and the giants dwelt here, here began the great sagas and the songs of heroes.

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