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Bloodshot Movie Spoilers That Sadly Already Leaked

Already getting pumped for the arrival of
Vin Diesel’s new cinematic universe? We’ve gone and rounded up the best rumors
and spoilers the internet has to offer. These are just some of the leaked details
surrounding the Bloodshot movie. According to Geeks WorldWide, the new Bloodshot
is going to be something of a take on the classic revenge tale. Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a Marine who,
after he and his wife are murdered, is resurrected as a super-soldier. When Garrison’s erased memories return, he
sets out to exact revenge on the man responsible for his and his wife’s deaths. Bloodshot is based on a comic book from publisher
Valiant Comics, which may explain why at first glance the character seems reminiscent of
other comic heroes who have been adapted to the big screen, such as Deadpool, Winter Soldier,
and Wolverine. But former editor-in-chief of Valiant and
co-creator of the character Bob Layton assured Deadline in 2018 that this is a unique project. He insisted that he and Bloodshot writer Kevin
VanHook: “…worked very, very hard to give Bloodshot
a voice that was very different from those other characters.” Layton also said Bloodshot’s filmmakers have
approached the film with the understanding that audiences know comic films. He explained, “The filmmakers are embracing the current
movie-going audience’s knowledge of comic book storytelling and have produced something
very fresh and subversive to the genre.” At the beginning of 2018, DMG Entertainment,
the $6 billion media company which co-produced 2012’s Looper and 2013’s Iron Man 3, took
full control of Valiant Entertainment. DMG founder Dan Mintz announced: “Our priority is to build upon Valiant’s vast
universe of characters from a filmmaker’s perspective. I’m excited to immerse Valiant’s fans well
beyond the stories we tell cinematically, from publishing to gaming to theme parks and
beyond.” DMG and Valiant originally set up a partnership
deal in 2015, which included plans for both film and television. So it isn’t surprising that Bloodshot is tabbed
as only the beginning of a future franchise for the company. Deadline reported that DMG, Valiant, and Sony
had made plans for a five-film series that would include Valiant’s Bloodshot and Harbinger,
as well as a shared crossover film called Harbinger Wars. In a 2017 interview with Den of Geek, newly
tapped Bloodshot screenwriter Eric Heisserer spoke on the importance of not relying on
related films or sequels when approaching a franchise film. Heisserer, who’s also been hired to write
the Harbinger script, said he wanted to focus on the films as though they were self-contained
stories. He dished: “My goal was to make a great Harbinger script
and a great Bloodshot script, and if audiences love those stories, and we were honored enough
to come back and revisit those characters, great.” In his interview with Deadline, Bob Layton
expanded on the idea that Bloodshot wouldn’t just be another comic franchise film, saying, “They’re really focusing on Vin’s character
and it really seems to be a more character-driven movie, rather than just a lot of big explosions…” Explaining how comics films tend to rely too
heavily on third act fight scenes, Layton said the key to a good superhero film is to
keep the focus on the character, as opposed to making it a, quote, “giant roller coaster
ride.” In July 2018, sources told Key Collector Comics
that two villains would appear in Bloodshot. The first to be identified was the computer-obsessed
Ax, who made his debut in Harbinger #3. His thirst for technology would eventually
lead him to seek out Bloodshot in order to steal his nanite-enhanced blood. The Wrap reported that Fantastic Four’s Toby
Kebbell would be playing the character. At the same time, The Wrap confirmed that
Game of Thrones actor Johannes Haukur Johannesson had been added to the cast as a second villain,
although who exactly he would be playing was still unknown. According to IMDb, however, Johannesson is
listed as portraying a character named Nick Baris. Since it’s been established that the film’s
premise will differ from the comics, it’s still hard to say who exactly Nick Baris is
in the Bloodshot universe. When The Wrap first reported that Vin Diesel
was in talks to star in Bloodshot in January 2018, the film had been described as an “R-rated take on the comic adaptation that
will be tonally and aesthetically influenced by high-concept, sci-fi blockbusters of the
late ’80s including Robocop, Terminator, and Total Recall.” That R rating seemed to mean that Bloodshot
would be following in the footsteps of other recent, non-traditional comic films like Logan
and Deadpool. “That does it! Oh! Canada, that’s not good.” More recently, however, it’s looked as though
Bloodshot could potentially be going for a PG-13 rating. As noted by DiscussingFilm, which shared the
film’s first full synopsis in March 2019, a PG-13 rating would allow Sony to reach a
wider audience, as well as a “consistent wider market” for the studio’s planned Valiant Cinematic
Universe. Since the character is known for its “hard
R” persona, the decision to give the movie a more family-friendly edge may wind up backfiring
for Sony. For fans familiar with the Bloodshot comic
series, Ray Garrison’s look is pretty unmistakable; pale skin, black hair, red eyes. He also has a penchant for running around
without a shirt on. So when Vin Diesel posted the first image
from the film to his Instagram account in January 2019, it wasn’t exactly what fans
were expecting. The image, which shows a pretty regular-looking
Diesel in a camouflage jacket, aviator shades, and without any hair, is a far cry from the
Bloodshot of the comics. Diesel captioned the pic: “Ray Garrison is a central character in the
Valiant Comic Universe…And for me personally, one of the [most] complex characters I have
been fortunate enough to play. Hope to make you proud…#BLOODSHOT” Of course, it’s entirely possible that this
first image is of Ray before his forced nanite procedure, and that in the coming months we’ll
be able to see more of the character from Valiant’s pages. But it’s certainly a start. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  2. KEEF DIPPY Author

    Bloodshot needs to look like the comic or it's not going to work. Vin Diesel isn't tall enough for a start. If you haven't read the comics you might have some interest, otherwise, expect to be very disappointed.

  3. Slappysan Author

    Bad feeling about how it'll turn out. Only read 3 or do trades, so not a big fan, but Vin doesn't fit for me. The changes will be plenty, especially the look.

  4. Frankie grimaldo Author

    Please buy a chance I'm begging make please make this movie this book I really admire this client book a lot Blood start till this day I see my most favorite comic book character and be honest I think Vin Diesel be perfect for the part he's my favorite

  5. J M Author

    Vin Diesel will never have a hit outside of the F&F franchise and he knows it, that’s why he’s so desperate to keep pumping out those shitty movies! He doesnt even have the star power to carry the franchise by himself, that’s why he needs Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham! 👎🤡👎

  6. thevendetta6891 Author

    Mark my words, this movie will fail. Vin Diesel has the range of a generic nerf gun. The whole PG-13 rating is just a joke. People who are even kinda familiar with the comic know this won’t work. Scrap it and save the studio some money.

  7. Victor Creed Author

    They finally made a valiant comic movie its about time being waiting for this for years make some room MCU Universe,Valiant Universe is coming aboard 🙂👍

  8. Couldnotic Author

    I can say that the DC live action films are gonna fall behind if the Valiant Cinematic Universe is successful, which personally i hope it will, because i really want a Shadow Man film.
    I can't believe there hasn't been any news about the Bloodshot film, like Sony dipped out of Comic con this year.

  9. Reginald Andrews Author

    So it seems Valiant Comics may want to start a cinematic universe, initiated by Vin!!! Cool, Valiant Comics has got some pretty good titles!! I wish IMAGE comics would do the same!! (I wonder what The Rock thinks about this, 😆😆)

  10. Reginald Andrews Author

    Unfortunately, the PG-13 rating is already turning ppl off!!……Also, Sony's trying to get big, with Venomverse in Marvel, and taking on Valiant comics's material (pfft) good luck!!


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