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Bob’s Burgers Season 4 Episode 5 with Live Voice Acting

Dad, why are you massaging the turkey now? Maybe it’s tense.
I’ll make it some tea. I’m doing
a three-day salt rub. I call it Father
of the Brine. Huh? Ha!
Thank you. It’s special since
we’re having Teddy, Mort… (barking)
…and your
Aunt Gayle over. I don’t see why Gayle
and her cats have to stay with us all week. She had to vacate her place
because of the fire, Bob. She put her dental dams
in the dryer. What are dental dams? Nothing.
Forget it. Don’t say it at school. Didn’t she used
to only have one cat? Ah, she adopted one
last week. And then she found one
on her way over here. She’s a cat magnet.
Oh, it was so sad. He was just sitting… on someone’s porch,
poor little guy. Just sittin’ there. Just sitting there
in the sun.
Aah. (sneezes)
Ugh. Ugh, cat hair. Take one of the allergy
pills I got you! Well, Dad, I hope
you’re not allergic to melody and rhythm
and sexy lyrics, ’cause our guests are gonna
love my Thanksgiving song! Ugh. Every year,
I try and tell you guys that no one really sings
Thanksgiving songs. You bite your tongue!
Think about it. Why aren’t there any
Thanksgiving carols? I’m gonna write a classic
and make a million dollars! And then I’m
gonna buy a car! I believe in you, Gene. I’ll be in your…
¶ Song…! Great, but you don’t
get any of the profits, and I’m going to
be very critical. Ha! I love it! (keyboard plays gentle tune)
Well, good luck with your song. And don’t be offended
if everyone’s talking about how great my turkey is
while you’re trying to sing. Sounds like someone’s
afraid of being upstaged. (meowing)
You are. You are.
(sneezes) Oh, God.
Get out of here! Bob, stop hitting my cats!
And God bless you. I’m not hitting them!
I’m petting their rear legs. TINA:
Whoa! I need your opinion
on something. Ooh, I love it! Braveheart meets Coco Chanel! I need to decide
which color I’m wearing when I sit at the adults’ table
on Thursday. No, no lipstick,
Tina. You’re-you’re
too young. And you’re sitting
at the kids table like you always do
when we have guests. Yup, we sit on the floor
at the coffee table and put our vegetables
under the couch. You should look
under there. It’s fascinating now! But I bought pantyhose! And I’ve been working
on Tina’s talking points. How’s this one?
(clears her throat) “In this economy?” Oh, provocative!
That’s it. I… You know, I’m in charge
of Thanksgiving. Gene, Linda,
no song. What?! Tina, no adults table.
Aw! Louise, whatever
you’re planning,
do not do it. I need some peace
and quiet. I want to focus
on the turkey. Everyone, just
go to bed. Bob, it’s 6:30. I don’t care!
Just go to bed! You love that turkey more
than you love us! That’s right! I do! I love turkeys! Okay. Now go! (dog barking) (grunting) (birds singing) (muttering) (door squeaks open)
What the…? Oh, my God!
No! Lin! Lin!
What? What happened?
What happened? Wha…? The turkey–
it’s in the toilet! What are you talkin’ about?
You had a bad dream. Go back to sleep.
This is not a dream.
This is happening. (Tina yells)
Tina! There was something in the
toilet, and I sat on it. It was cold, and now I don’t
know if I’ll ever be able to go to the
bathroom again. Oh, my God,
the turkey’s in the toilet! Get off of there!
(yowls) What the cuss word?! Who pooped that, and may
I apprentice with you? What is this,
a pee-pee party? You people are fun,
all going at once! Oh, God. Oh. Aah! Aah!
Ugh! Ugh!
Get it out of
their litter box! Quick, Bob!
They’re vegetarians! Oh, my God, I’m gonna
barf. I’m gonna b… Oh, my God,
what is happening?! Okay, so really?
No one is going to confess? Louise? It wasn’t me! Louise? It wasn’t! Fine. So, no one,
including Louise, wants to admit
that they did this? I’m giving you guys one more
chance to confess, and then I’m grounding everyone,
including your mom and Gayle. Bobby!
No, it’s fine with me. I don’t have any plans. Bobby, it wasn’t us.
It was Louise. Come on. Or, uh, maybe Gene. (gasps)
How dare you?! I put food in the toilet
the way God intended. It had to be Louise. Unbelievable.
Does everyone think I did it? (all voicing assent) Well, then, I
must be guilty. That’s how it
works, right? Yup. Perfect
system. Well, I have to go
get another turkey. Which means I can only do a two-day brine, which is not as good
as a three day-brine! But I’m not forgetting this. I will figure out who did it. Even though I’m pretty sure we all still think
it was Louise. Make sure you save
room at Thanksgiving for the words
you’ll be eating! Wait. Are you gonna
throw that one out? Yes, Gene, it was soaking
in toilet water. And rolled
in cat feces. Oh, God,
I’m gonna
barf again.
No, no, no. Lin, please!
Oh, my God,
I’m gonna barf! Ugh!
(retching) GENE:
Come on, Mom, Gayle, focus! We’ve only got two days left to make a Thanksgiving song that will be passed down
for generations. And a one,
and a two. Anyone mind
if I turn on the news? Aah! I’m okay. You fell like a real lady. Thank you,
young man. (clears throat)
Hello, hi. Hi.
Hi, Gayle.
You look great. Louise,
look at you. Did you do
your hair?
No. Love it.
Hi. What a nice shirt
you’re wearing. Thank you.
Excellent. I just want to say
that I’ve calmed down from this morning, and
in the spirit of the holidays, whoever did this,
I am granting you a full pardon. Oh, I really thought
that would work. Seriously, who put the
turkey in the toilet?! (laughing):
Oh, Dad. If I may. I’ve taken the liberty of
drawing up a little chart here. Let’s review our suspects. Tina. She’d stop at nothing
for some grownup stuffing. Did her table envy drive her
over the edge? No. Gene. He thinks there’s only room
for one bird at this table. A song bird. (gasps)
Do-re-me?! LOUISE:
Or was it Gayle? Dad went after her cats,
she went after his turkey. Classic revenge tale. Classic. LOUISE:
Or maybe, maybe Linda. Oh, sweet Linda. A long-suffering wife stuck
in a bad marriage. Aw, poor
Lin! What? I got caught up in
the story. She’s good. And that leaves Louise, who had no motive at all.
Thank you. The end. Thank you. What an imagination
on this one, huh? Kids. Mmm. So, do you know
who did it? Oh. No. Uh-uh. Then what’s the point
of all this? Hold on. I just had an idea. Was it you, Gayle?!
Huh? Confess! Damn it, Gayle!
(screams) Or you?! Confess!
You’re guilty as hell!
(grunts) Louise?
Stop. Why?
This isn’t
working. I guess I’ll just never trust
any of you again, forever, for as long as I live. Another great family meeting!
Good night, everyone! Good night!
Good night, Bob! Night, night!
Good night, Dad! Do you want my charts to take
into your room for review? No. Just go to bed then. (grunting)


  1. Ransack _Girl Author

    The narrator should have shared with Eugene. Bob,Linda and Tina sharing really annoying the whole video. Loved the video though

  2. Amanda Teoh Author

    me waiting for that one guy to speak so i can recognize his character
    "She had to vacate her place because of the fire, Bob"


  3. Jeff Porcaro Groove Author

    DUDE…this rocks so hard! One of the best episodes…great job! Lot of effort to do this…if you could have killed the audio from the clip all the better…homework for the next one! lol Perfect casting with Megan as Linda's sister!!! Love ALL her episodes…

  4. Texasgrrl Author

    I absolutely LOVE LINDA! My daughter says I remind her of Linda because I’m constantly breaking out in song. Ha! I love this show I watch it all the time especially when I’m down or depressed. It cheers me up. Anyway they are all great voice actors!

  5. Bill T Author

    1) GREAT JOB building this video. I love the matching table read with the actual animation.
    2) I am amazed how many people did not know Tina and Linda are voiced by men. Yes – Louise is the only character actually voiced by a female. (In the original proposal Tina was supposed to be a boy. They changed the sex of the character but not the voice actor.)

  6. Kelly S Author

    I've read the credits before I came here and wanted to see the men who did the female voices for Tina and Linda…..Too funny.  I love this show!!!!!

  7. HollyPollyDoodle Author

    I love John Roberts so much. Huge crush on him and sad he's gay but love him still 😢 He brings me so much joy 😁. #Linda

  8. Marc Maravillas Author

    I stumbled upon this episode while scrolling thru channels. This was the episode that started my obsession with Bobs Burgers lmao

  9. Moon Child Author

    I just wanna sit and watch them act 😩😩 I'm so sad this vid ended I am obsessed with this show it's literally the only show I keep on top of

  10. I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?. Author

    John Roberts is a legend in my opinion!. He does Linda's voice so well that I often forget that it's done by a man lol. Same thing about Tina and Gretchen.. And for me it's so hard to pick a favorite character because they're all so great really!. I hope that this show will stick around for a long time!. The show is relatable in many ways and not just the dysfunctional family part. 😂😂😂

  11. Tori Gibson Author

    Linda's voice actor looks nothing like how his voice sounds, it literally just looks like he's lip-syncing to someone else's voice it's crazy

  12. Raven Profit Author

    Kind of bummed you never really see Megan doing live VO's. Understandable though, with the Will and Grace reboot, so I can't complain since I see her all the time on TV and rewatching the series over and over 😅


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