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BOOKSMART | Final Restricted Trailer

Amy, do you know how many girls are
going to be up your vagina next year? Every time I come to visit you, you’re going to be scissoring a different girl. Dude, scissoring is not a thing. -Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
-It’s not a thing. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. What if I don’t use my hands? You can make yourself cum using only your mind?
That’s like the one thing my mind can’t do. No, I use just other stuff. That little elephant? No! Stop! That weird crochet pig? My grandma gave me that! If you don’t tell me what it is, you know I’m gonna get- It’s the panda! It’s the panda, okay! What happened to her eye? That fell off way before anything happened between us. We missed out. We didn’t party because we wanted
to focus on school and get into good colleges. And it worked! We are not one-dimensional. We are smart and fun! Whoo! Excuse me! Oh, oh! We have to go to a party tonight. What? What took them four years, we are doing in one night! -No.
-Nope! -No, not acceptable.
-This is not okay. -Who allowed you to be this beautiful?
-Who allowed YOU to be this beautiful? Who allowed you to take my breath away? Prepare to get bashed! Not in like a violent way. Completely consensual bash. “Prepare to get consensually bashed” that’ll say. I’ll have them change it. This is drugs. Don’t move. Don’t inhale. -Ahhh!
-AHH! My, my, my. (inaudible screams) What the fuck is this? We ask the questions! Tonight is your night. Oh! You’re bringing Ling Ling! Oh, make her feel good. Make it stop. Please don’t put your face on the face. On the head! Make thy plans to attend the drama department’s summer
program, SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK-ing lot. It’s what we did in my summer program last
year in Barcelona, when I lived in Barcelona.


  1. Malfunkshun Magar Author

    Can we just report this Annapurna picture ? Because they are not giving any credits to Real Annapurna Himal in Nepal.

  2. Paul WT Author

    Male privilege is real and it's not having to watch or pretend to like (or, worse, actually like) things like this. I get to just watch and enjoy good movies.

  3. girzwald3 Author

    Just saw an ad telling me to believe the hype, the critics loved it, and rotten tomatoes gave it a 100%.

    So what you are telling me is…this movie is garbage. Got it.

  4. Elusive Gaming Author

    I'm LITERALLY crying JUST from the trailer…superbad is my#2 comedy of all time(second only to step brothers) and THIS truly seems like the female super bad….I need this

  5. b kaus Author

    Contrived and cliche. The girls' interactions with each other was easily the best part of this movie. Otherwise, it was another comedy that tries too hard to be cutting edge funny and more vulgar than the last one you saw. If you're under 18, you might like it.

  6. jvaish Author

    I tried watching this but only got past the first few minutes. In those minutes, the "book smart" characters were basically psyched about their college choices. Cool. Then, they find out all the "partiers" got into major Ivy League schools, with apparently minimal effort. I quit watching after one girl said "Don't judge me, but it was my fifth choice…Harvard." you have to have a bit of reality mixed in there. Bad premise, unrealistic dialogue and just too much Aaron Sorkin type shenanigans. Maybe it's for the kids.

  7. Jay Pee Author

    I heard will Ferrell directed this, and after watching it, obviously he needs to stick to acting. This movie is beyond garbage…

  8. once tw1ce Author

    funny how all the people who are saying its bad are a) nitpicking and literally cant enjoy a film b) mad its with women in it c) havent even seen it yet

  9. Rory Syers Author

    As someone who has missed the teen movies of the 80s and 90s, who loved 10 things I hate about you, clueless, Ferris Bueller's day off and American pie I really really want to see this movie.

  10. Cindy San Jose Author

    This movie was soooo hilarious !!! Everyone was laughing out loud like every minute! I even needed to peeeee soooo bad but didn’t bc I didn’t wanna miss any of it 😂😂 plus Hawt Characters all around 😉😉😉 definitely watching it again lol

  11. Ellie Blackhurst Author

    Living for all the crying little sweethearts in the comments, they really got their feelings hurt by a movie trailer

  12. B0omer96 Author

    Movie got good reviews but is making nearly 50% less profit than expected. Could it be that the director told Trump supporters to not watch her movie? Get woke go broke fam.

  13. measl Author

    This looks awful! Like a pseudo-comedy for "woke" Justice Warriors with too much time on their hands and some rich relative who thought that giving these girls money to document their [numerous] shortcomings, would be anything other than the financial disaster that it turned out to be! (P.S. Rich relative: any normie could have told you how bad this would have turned out! There was absolutely no reason to waste $5,000,000.00 on this adventure in puerile exhibitionism.

  14. Ampadi CR Author

    Just saw the movie. Olivia Wilde directed this. I am surprised . She was great in HOUSE MD but so-so in everything else. So happy she made it big with this one.

  15. Ct wing Author

    This scissoring thing has become such an inside joke. People are for sure confused as to whether it's a thing or not. Even people within the community aren't even sure anymore lol. But, like Molly said, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. 😉

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